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Monday, May 3, 2021

Important Points to Remember -- Call Out to Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are many new people coming into the Assemblies, dragging their indoctrinations and assumptions based on past experience with "government" behind them.
I've been having to reiterate certain basic facts over and over and over for these Newbies, so I am calling on all the Assemblies and Assembly Members to help me out here and make sure that these Important Points are part of the Orientation we are providing new people.
1. The actual government of this country is not a democracy. The Territorial United States Government is a democracy. They work for us, but they are not us. All this stuff you have heard all your life about "our democracy" is in fact "their democracy". It's the form of government that the U.S. Citizens chose to adopt, and has nothing to do with our "republican form of government" guaranteed to us.
2. We don't need large numbers of people, or even a "majority" of people, because we are not a democracy. We don't have political parties, either. No Democrat/Republican divide and conquer allowed. Our government is run at a grassroots level by plain old Americans who don't necessarily use make-up and hair spray. Our actual government embraces people all across the political spectrum who simply want to be free and protected and enjoy their constitutionally guaranteed Natural and Unalienable Rights.
If you want to be a conscript in a military at "perpetual war" --- that's the Other Guys running the British Territorial United States Government and representing the U.S. Citizens and their dependents.
If you want to be a slave for the Pope and the City of Rome, that's another group of Other Guys. That is a foreign plenary oligarchy that rules over the Federal Civil Service employees and their dependents, who are known as "citizens of the United States".
These other foreign governments are under contract to us. Their contracts are spelled out as "The Constitution of the United States of America" and "The Constitution of the United States" -- respectively. These are the only contracts we have with them, and they are obligated to perform.
3. Over 90% of the Federal Code does not apply to us and never has.
The part that does apply to us is recorded on the Federal Record.
The part that doesn't apply to us-- which is the vast bulk of it -- appears on the Federal Register.
There is no reason for an average American to study the Federal Code. The only thing you have to study is the two (2) aforementioned Constitutions, which define your relationship with both Federal Service Providers.
Unless you regularly travel and conduct business on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, or choose to participate in interstate commerce as an incorporated entity ("commerce" is defined as business between two incorporated entities), or are engaged in the manufacture, sale or transportation of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms, or have cause to conduct business on Federal Property, such as Naval Bases, it is unlikely that you, as an American, have any reason to know anything about Federal Code at all.
4. There are two basic forms of law --- Public Law and Private Law.
You, as an American, stand under the Public Law, which includes the Constitutions, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation (once we finish the Reconstruction), The Northwest Ordinance, the United States Statutes-at-Large (the Unrevised Version is still in effect), and The Ten Commandments.
If anyone hauls you into any "district court" all you are actually required to reply is --- for an example: "My name is Mildred Honeycutt. I live in Millford, Oregon. I am an American and a member of The Oregon Assembly and I stand under the Public Law."
Any district judge who proceeds to act against you after hearing this simple declaration is standing in the shadow of the Admiralty gallows.
Average Americans are not required to know or stand under any foreign law. Foreign law includes State of State Statutes, the bulk of Federal Code, Public Policies, Administrative Code, and all Regulations. See Amendment XI.
5. Unknown to you, other countries around the world have thought that your actual government was "gone" ---- "missing in action, presumed dead" ---"in interregnum" and otherwise "absent".
That is because our actual State Assemblies have not been in Session for a very long time.
Our Assemblies appeared to be replaced by "District Assemblies" ---- either Territorial District Assemblies populated by our Military Employees and their families, or Municipal District Assemblies populated by our Federal Civil Service Employees and their families.
These U.S. Citizens and "citizens of the United States" may have been born in this country and may consider themselves as American as you, but they are occupying a different political status which obligates them to serve a foreign democracy [Territorial] or a foreign oligarchy [Municipality], respectively.
For the duration of their Tour of Duty, and for as long as they continue to adopt foreign citizenship, they and their direct dependents stand under the Private Law of the foreign corporations which employ them.
They are the ones that the 90% of the Federal Code applies to, all the State of State Statutory Law applies to, all the Noahide Laws apply to, all the Administrative Codes apply to, all the Agency Regulations apply to..... and so on.
6. During our American Government's purported absence, our Territorial and Municipal Employees have assumed a Public Trust Interest in us and our assets. Now that we woke up and rebooted our actual State Assemblies, there is no reason for them to continue to assume any such custodial role--nor any merely "presumed" authority related to us and our assets.
This news and realization is just now trickling out into the vast spider web of "federal" and "federated state of state" organizations and officials, so it is our responsibility to speak up and tell them and to fully inform all the other national and international governments, to dispel this long-held idea that we and our American Government just disappeared over the horizon and never came home again.
7. By declaring your birthright political status, recording it, and joining your State Assembly, you are setting yourself apart from your Employees and their duties, and accepting your Public Duty instead. Your Public Duty is to uphold the Constitutions and the Public Law.
As mentioned above, your foreign Employees are accountable to the Federal Code appearing on the Federal Register, the State of State Statutes, the Administrative Code, the Agency Regulations, the Public Policies adopted by the foreign corporations that employ them, etc., etc., etc.
Their respective Territorial State-of-State Governors or Municipal GOVERNORS can violate their Natural and Unalienable Rights as a condition of employment, and they have no constitutional guarantees.
This is the "Secret" to why you have been abused, too.
Because your Federal Employees are miserable and unprotected, they have shared the cup and included you as one of them.

Please take note that among the injustices that must be addressed, the mistreatment of Federal Employees is also on the list.


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  1. there is also the laws of nature and natures creator that man cannot touch, manipulate, or modify.

    they apply to every man and woman, that is:

    1. dont harm another man or his property.
    2. if you do, you are responsible for making him whole again.

    all man-made laws have to first fulfill these two laws.

    there are no slaves.

    Public and Private anything are commerce.

    men are not obligated to live under authority of "Public Law" unless they joined that Society and agreed to those Laws. there are no slaves.

    no one is obligated to live under the Declaration of Independence either if they choose not to be part of that society.

    but all men and women are bound to the laws of nature and natures creator unless they think its worth it to break those laws, and trespass on the rights of other men and women.
    if they do that, they forfeit their own rights.

    no man is authorized to speak for any lawful and peaceful man without his freewill consent.

    there are no slaves.

    1. They don't care to follow the righteous laws.

      They follow their paid Tribunal system, known as Legislations.

  2. 😃😄😅 W H O D I V I N E D W H O ?
    Folks, Anna kept doing her nonsense on the left, you guys kept doing / feeding /playing the Vermin / Robbers MIND GAMES on the right: propelling their coverup of their secret money making, tied to their past 85+ years of the UK_US.INC_FRANCE_etc_commonweaths Gold THEFT & COVERUP _ known as HIDDEN CREDITS games. A.K.A fictions, Strawman, etc. You imagine money can be made from thin air, such theory is too fraud to survive, if true, many other countries should be able to do the same thing, and they aren't able to. You fight in vain. Bc you ignored the secret CIA 85 year wars, their Gold rush in the jungle, their Tragic mountains.. Etc..

    Proof of Anna irrelevant nonworking thin_air theory:

    In 2018, Anna claimed back irrelevantly for $1 quadrillion siphoned indirectly to UK, they done in retaliation of her AMR_BONDS. But the queen responded that they're not subject to Anna selfrighteous narrow view. They're not obligated to reveal the details of their joined ventured Gold theft of the last 85 years.

    You have no controls of the army, not on their IOU_moneys, nor on their haywire operations. They full controls. Don't be too naive that they will allow your assembly to end well.

    Why you guys are too stubborn, calling others as paid misinformed ? Don't be stupid to die for their Rothschild Kgdom again in their WW3.

    1. Again, you can only dream, you have no controls of the army, NOT on their IOU_moneys, nor on their haywire operations. They're in full controls. Don't be too naive that they will allow your assembly to end well.

  3. For your consideration and study:
    Come and gather together for the supper of the Great Yahuah,
    to eat the flesh of the sovereigns, and the flesh of commanders, the flesh of strong ones, and the flesh of horses and those who sit on them, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, both small and great."
    paperwork, mans ideas, and traditions?
    free and slave?

  4. How can you join the state assembly when they won't respond to email?

  5. Dunn and Bradstreet says Biden is:

    "Government of The United States"
    dba U S Government
    Key Principal Joseph R Biden Junior
    Company Description:
    The US Government is headed by the President, who along with the Vice President is elected for a four-year term. Presidential elections have been held in an unbroken sequence dating back to 1788. The executive office of the government is known as the White House, situated in the heart of the nation's capital. The president's cabinet of top officials is chosen by the President, conditional upon the US Senate's approval. Besides the various departments led by Secretaries, other agencies such as the Office of Management and Budget, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Council of Economic Advisers report to the President. In case of the President's death, the Vice President succeeds to the office.

    Municipal governments provide services to residents, formulate and enforce local laws, make infrastructure capital improvements, and provide local planning. The US has about 36,000 municipal and township governments, 3,000 county governments, and 38,000 special purpose districts with combined annual revenue of about $1.8 trillion.