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Sunday, May 2, 2021

I Cannot Over- Emphasize for the Military Veterans

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you wish to serve as actual American County Sheriffs, or wish to become members of the lawful State Militias, you must send the head of your branch of service a letter notifying them that you have left Federal Jurisdiction and returned home to your birthright political status.
This is necessary in addition to receiving your DD214.
If you were an Officer in your branch of service, you will need to surrender your Commission held in the U.S. Armed Forces, and retain your Commission in The United States Armed Forces.
This clears up any ambiguity created by the similar names. Be sure that you say, "The" United States Armed Forces and include "The" as part of the name.
This simple notification process and proof that you sent it actually completes the discharge process. I recommend sending such important correspondence via Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested.
Do not use Certified Mail for this. Certified Mail is a special class of mail between government offices and government officers. If you are not acting as a Federal Person of some kind, you should not use Certified Mail.
Changing your political status back to your birthright political status as an American does not change or endanger any pensions or other benefits owed to you as a U.S. veteran.
With respect to militias, the only militias recognized under the Constitutions are the "well-regulated" militias operated by the State Assemblies. This is important to know, because unless you are operating as a State Assembly Militia, you can be "mistaken" as a "rebel" (I guess they assume that you are at least 174 years old and still a threat?) or "insurgent" or "insurrectionist".
Please do not jeopardize the legitimacy of your claim to your constitutional guarantees by back-sliding and failure to declare your identity and political status as an American State National or American State Citizen.
Help us all out here by joining your official State Assembly Militia and putting an end to any supposition about who you are and what you are doing --- and your right to keep and bear arms in your own country.
The greatest threat to our Constitutional Guarantees, including the right to keep and bear arms, is our generalized failure to declare and record the fact that we are Americans and are therefore owed those Guarantees.
Think about it. There are Certificates of Live Birth identifying you as British Territorial United States Citizens, and there are BIRTH CERTIFICATES identifying you as Municipal US CITIZENS defined under the Diversity Clause, but where is there any Public Record of you being an American, born in Akron, Ohio?
There isn't one until you create one.
That oversight on your part is what has allowed your Public Employees to abuse your rights and prerogatives: you have not been identified as an American who is owed the guarantees of the Federal Constitutions.
You have been deliberately misidentified as a Territorial U.S. Citizen (like someone born in Puerto Rico) or as a Municipal US CITIZEN like IBM, INC., instead.
This is also how they have assumed a Public Trust Interest amounting to custody of you and your estate and your estate assets.
So put an end to this infringement upon your freedoms and your contractual guarantees and put the politicians in their place.

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  1. Sounds preposterous but this whole world we live in is insane .
    Government sanctioned maritime courts in 100 % capacity.
    The CIA = cocaine import Agency
    Self appointed world policeman
    Unconstitutional Stripping of god given right fake 9/11 nonstop false flags.

  2. It does sound preposterous, but not when you consider that the military has been operating under General Order 100, aka, Lieber Code, aka Hague Conventions since 1863. Our soldiers have been kept in a state of “perpetual war” and the only way you can have freedom or peace is by “returning” home and leaving the foreign federal jurisdiction.

    1. goodE-- WTF are you talking about,,! ! Did you even read the article? ? Your Entire comment is out of context..
      PS DWad, I,, am one of the veterans Anna is referencing and I DID what she has recommended and,, Oh Yeah,, I took the time to actually READ a large portion of her postings and am better off having done it..
      I have learned more than enough to see through controlled drones such as you... go tell your boss you've been outed..

    2. good E2boots-
      It"s my understanding that Anna knows no one ever left. It appears to me that she is just using a type of euphemism. She is telling us we need to tell "them" that we are on to their scheme and we know that we never left and know where we were born on the land; that we are not "lost at sea".

  3. There are professional trolls here who are PAID to do nothing all day but spread doubt and disinformation and fear and discontent. These people make it a practice to tell lies and deliberately omit information — such as the PURPOSE of rechartering all these corporations, which is to bring them back under the Public Law so they can’t make money causing harm to people. Duh. You folks already own these corporations and you are paying for their liability insurance and their bankruptcies and taxes and everything else—- does it make sense to you that it is in your best interest that these organizations be forced to operate lawfully instead of legally???

    You have seen what happens when they operate “legally” but not “lawfully” already— and here is Shelby Know Nothing Numbnutz complaining about the cure to this situation?

    Here you all are, locked down by corporations. Having your most basic rights denied by CORPORATIONS—- but we as the actual owners and as the actual government of this country should do nothing to define and control the activities of our Employees who are clearly running wild and exercising authorities we never gave them?

    Nutcases abound, but I am not one of them.

    TROH thinks it owns The United States of America because it bought a copy of The Articles of Confederation at a Naval Yard Auction.

    Say what?

    All those people are elitist whack jobs in my experience of them, so what do you expect when they abuse our goodwill and come in this forum to post their nasty illogical comments?

  4. Our Military personnel have been lied to and abused. It’s important for them to be enabled to enjoy the freedom they fought for instead of leaving themselves eternally conscripted by foreign powers who will use that uncorrected status to harm them some more.

    Anyone who misadvises them on this point needs to get off this page and stat off.

  5. The grade school type responses and writing skills is a dead giveaway of either cyberbots, paid foreign shills (not proficient in English) or just plain ignorant/angry souls who spend more time attempting to debunk Anna's work (very poorly I might add) instead of doing the work and providing others with verifiable answers, research, information, and common-sense solutions they know are better.

    One must be intentionally obtuse to continue espousing the verifiable lie that the process that Anna presents involves using the B.C. for identification purposes or to prove "WHO THE HELL WE ARE". The witnesses that know you testify as to "WHO THE HELL WE ARE" because… THEY know who you are.

    The B.C. is presented as evidence of a crime - falsification, theft, unlawful conversion, piracy, etc., NOT evidence of who you are. That is not a difficult concept to grasp for those who wish to grasp it or have the mental ability to grasp it.

    The idiotic claim that Anna is instructing anyone to lie is just plain dumb. You can't just snap your fingers, or click your heels, upon the realization that you have been mis-identified since birth and just think you are "out" - doesn't work that way Dorothy.

    If someone tangles you in a net or web against your will and consent, you cannot just realize it, snap your fingers and be "out". You must take the time and do the work to untangle yourself and break free from the entanglement. Depending upon how tangled you are, it may take much effort and time to escape. There is also a strategy to untangle yourself otherwise you may thrash around and get nowhere.

    Anna is providing the strategy to get loose of the entanglements. "Coming Home" is an analogy for breaking free from the foreign "net" you were entangled in since birth. There is a process to breaking free and it involves how you first got entangled and then reversing the "path" that placed you in the "net" to begin with. Otherwise, you may know you do not belong in the "net", but you will thrash around and never get out.

    If you believe Anna's Process is the wrong way to untangle yourself... GO AWAY and get out of the "net" on your own, and please; show the rest of us “liars” how it’s done.

    1. Maybe because you are the only one who thinks there are 2 cancellations - why should anyone answer a a non-sequitur?

      I am not convinced of anything other than NO ONE has presented a better solution than Anna so far.

    2. You made the claim - you show the proof.

    3. Your question is moot unless you show proof of what you claim. I have done my due diligence and find your rantings ignorant, exhausting and with little to no value.

    4. It appears that time is what you do have, in abundance...

      Perhaps you could take some of that abundant time you have and add a little effort so that you may find the answers to your questions which have already been available?

      Found at this link / site:

      I doubt you got this far in your extensive research rendering your feeble accusations quite embarrassing.

    5. Repeat:

      I know the answer because I can read and comprehend - the fact that you don't know, or recognize, the answer doesn't mean the answer doesn't exist.

      I am not here to answer all of your questions - If I choose to ignore you, it is my right. You are not my master.

      I never said the forms do not exist - I refuted your claim that there are duplicate cancellations of Power of Attorney. Please pay attention and read thoroughly.

      I asked you for proof of what you claim that there are duplicate cancellations of Power of Attorney which makes the second cancel out the first.

      You made the claim that Anna's process has duplicate cancellations of Power of Attorney and that the "second" cancels out the "first". That is NOT a question, it is a claim which you do not understand and cannot prove.

      I do not "circle Back" or "obfuscate" - if you cannot comprehend basic concepts, you can't blame others who can. Take responsibility for your own shortcomings and accusations.

      Describing someone's behavior and inability to comprehend basic concepts does not equate to "name-calling". The only "name-calling" that occurred was YOU calling Anna, and people who use her process, "liars".

      Your inane opinions and accusations are utterly refuted.

  6. 😃😄😅
    Folks, Anna kept doing her nonsense on the left, you guys kept doing / feeding /playing the Vermin / Robbers MIND GAMES on the right: propelling their coverup of their secret money making, tied to their past 85+ years of the UK_US.INC_FRANCE_etc_commonweaths Gold THEFT & COVERUP _ known as HIDDEN CREDITS games. A.K.A fictions, Strawman, etc. You imagine money can be made from thin air, such theory is too fraud to survive, if true, many other countries should be able to do the same thing, and they aren't able to. You fight in vain. Bc you ignored the secret CIA 85 year wars, their Gold rush in the jungle, their Tragic mountains.. Etc..

    Proof of Anna irrelevant nonworking thin_air theory:

    In 2018, Anna claimed back irrelevantly for $1 quadrillion siphoned indirectly to UK, they done in retaliation of her AMR_BONDS. But the queen responded that they're not subject to Anna selfrighteous narrow view. They're not obligated to reveal details of how their joined ventured Gold theft of the last 85 years.
    Why you guys are too stubborn, calling others as paid misinformed ? Don't be stupid to die for Rothschild again in their WW3.

  7. Watching the way the Black nobility chosen work it same process .
    Bribe key politicians and or compromise them .
    Civil war Reuters international created in1865 just in time to controld world opinion . To quote Gen Sherman I should be tried for war crimes.
    So thair matrix fog machine covers up all thair crimes .
    Unfortunately for them we can read and do our own research.
    That niche the sold to British get the Americans in WW1 for price of stealing Palestine.
    Oh yeah now there worried so we get as Obama touted a civilian military force just as big as armed forces .
    Homeland security my ass standing Army .
    Created national guard in place of militia.
    Stripping away controld of the people’s common law Grand Juries .
    Lot of attorneys in all movements and they act like obstructionist and everyone want to protect the attorney for the think they can get help .
    In fact thair the main facilitator of the big
    Or as David Straight called them “the Army of the banksters.”