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Sunday, May 2, 2021

For Linda and Other Critics of My Leadership -- Judge for Yourselves

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have the money, Linda— or rather, the assets that what passes for money depends upon. We know how the scheme works. We are not going to be ruled by our employees anymore and that’s been decided. The horrors that we are now experiencing are proof enough of how power corrupts.
Linda— I was lied to by omission. I was not given mission critical information that was prejudicial to a correct assessment of the situation.
I was told that this was a grassroots effort by Robert and Sasha—- not a Hollywood production that is 60% owned by Juan O’Savin and being “porked” by the Bush Political Machine.
Remember how I told you that the Brits are at the bottom of every dog pile? If I had had any idea that a Brit was bankrolling this to the tune of a 60% majority interest do you think I would have agreed to participate?
No, I would have politely declined and that would have been that, which is probably why I wasn’t told.
You and some others are still making assumptions based on your experiences in the world of the “US Democracy”. Your assumption is that we need to recruit and move massive numbers of people and play politics to succeed.
To put it bluntly, you think that I need to be a politician, put on my make-up, etc., etc., etc.—- and that I and our movement will fail if I don’t provide the kind of “leadership” you are used to in the corporate world of the US Democracy.....
But our government isn’t a democracy.
Our republican states don’t function that way. We don’t need vast numbers of people to do what we need to do—- we just need qualified people who have the right provenance and standing.
Read that: we already achieved critical mass. If nobody new joined our ranks, we would still have more than enough Americans to do the job.
In fact, the only reason that we spend our time and energy trying to teach and reach other Americans is for their sake, so they can live decent secure lives and not have to be afraid of their own employees and be plundered in their own country.
Right now, with all my “deficits” I am engaged in all four of the highest courts on Earth slogging it out to save your life, your freedom, and your inheritance.
What, really, is RDS doing—- ? Talking.
Talk is well and good so long as someone has truth and goodwill to share, but at the end of the day, you have to have the actual knowledge of the problems involved and also the skill and the will to act.
So you think RDS is going to win these cases? You think he is going to provide you with a new sane banking system and secure your assets and make sure that you and your family are going to be set free and enabled to access your pre-paid credit?
Is he going to build an effective protective shield of peacekeeping forces to keep your country from sinking into lawlessness? Who was that five years ago setting up the lawful framework and starting the Continental Marshals Service? The Peacekeeping Task Force, too?
Where was he when I started The Living Law Firm?
When I published the first books in the mass market that actually step-by-step explained the history and brought forward the public records to prove what has happened to this country?
When I analyzed the corruption of the courts, wrote the Jural Assembly Handbook, and penned over 3,000 Articles?
“Leadership” Linda, is in what you do, not in what you say, and not in how you look on camera.
I pulled out of the tour because RDS didn’t fully disclose — and after what we have all suffered as a result of non-disclosure in the country, I am a tad bit sensitive to that issue.
I also pulled out because our actual government doesn’t need to be presented as a back up act for our employees. Our employees need to be our back up act.
So much of what we suffer is because things are upside down—- the tail wags the dog, the employers are enslaved to feed the employees. Why perpetuate any more of that paradigm?
I also pulled out because political parties and even special interests within political parties were getting involved — and our government is not about politics. We don’t have political parties. We don’t have corporate elections. And that’s a good thing. Why muddy the waters and confuse people — leave them running around in that mindset?
They have to learn the truth about their own government and it is actually quite different than anything they are used to.
Finally, I fail to see why you think that I was so wrong to say what I said — which allows that Robert and Sasha may have had nothing but good intentions—- yet you don’t see anything wrong about RDS calling me “menopausal” and “unhinged” and “drunk” and a “non-person” over this?
Who really took a lot of personal abuse here for no good reason?
Who actually made a sound decision not to involve our Assemblies in an operation that was not fully disclosed and not shaping up to be an appropriate venue for us?
And who actually overreacted and stomped and stormed and raged and name-called like a two year-old? And then, too, why should our withdrawal from the program be any cause for that kind of hate-speech and slander?
I will tell you something more, too. After we tentatively agreed to participate, and were told we might get five to ten minutes of facetime on stage in each State, RDS casually mentioned that he’d need our Assemblies to raise $500,000.00 for this great opportunity.
Well, that right there told me this was no grassroots production and it should tell you the same thing, too. If something costs that much for “maybe” five or ten minutes on stage in each State—- it’s being funded by Deep Pockets.
Oh, and there was no whisper of sharing any proceeds from the box office to recoup any of this investment, no stakeholder share in exchange for half a million dollars.
Instead of berating me for being a “bad leader” maybe you should look around the corner at the deal we were actually being offered?
For $500,000.00 I can offer people something a lot more valuable than a five minute cameo in a night of entertainment.
For example, for that same amount of money, I can equip 500 Continental Marshals with pistols, tactical jackets, ammo, duty fuel and food stipends.
I can buy computers to run our banks’ security system.
I can host meet and greet meetings with the Assemblies in every state of the Union.
I can do professional grade video teaching programs — lots of them.
So what in your opinion, Linda, is the wise thing for a real leader to do?
Five minutes on stage as part of a traveling show? Or three days to visit with every Assembly? Or ten more Continental Marshals active in every State? Or fifty fully produced video lessons?
Our actual government isn’t glitzy and glamorous and image conscious. Our real government’s job is to protect you — directly and indirectly. And we have a lot more things to spend money on at the moment.
So— still think I was the problem?

Maybe it was the whole set up that was a problem.


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  1. Wow! Well Put and I like your idea better for the $500,000.

    I like this comment from later last week
    it was from - Lowcountry Patriot Action Group

    Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

    I'm seeing this kind of bickering a lot in groups fighting for the same things.

    Is this the enemy dividing us?

    If we're on the same side we need to act like it or guess who loses?

    David - said the above Perfectly.
    If we truly all are on the same side we need to act like it!

    1. GOODe.. when some thing is identified as a foul poison,,.
      It makes no sense to keep taking it..
      You have played both sides of the fence to often to be anything but duplicitus and untruthful ,,.
      If your posts actually are being removed,, that is a service to us all..

    2. michael: 6 kingdoms off the top of my head:

      there is old test "the lord"
      there is new test
      and there is revelation/apocalypse/ezekiel/isiah that tries to overthrow them both -- Apocalypse 6:14

      (previously, when you prayed to "our lady" the angels would surround you and praise you, but the wells are mostly poisoned nowadays, heaven is mostly closed/out of order/technical difficulties nowadays)
      new test doesn't do the fake unity thing. noone goes to the father except through christ.
      old test doesn't do secret books of kabbalah/prophecy of ezekiel/isiaiah/revelation/apocalypse:
      How old the Cabala is, may be inferred from the fact that as early a writer as Ben Sira warns against it in his saying: = "Thou shalt have no business with secret things" (Ecclus. [Sirach] iii. 22; compare Ḥag. 13a; Gen. R. viii.
      their "worldly kingdom" is on hold because worldly israel jumped the gun:
      actual catholicism/new test doesn't do any of the worldly kingdom nonsense either:
      Widely known in the early Christian ages and frequently quoted by the Fathers (especially St. Ambrose), it may be said to have framed the popular belief of the Middle Ages concerning the last things

      The last chapter (xiv) narrates how Esdras restored the twenty-four books of the Old Testament that were lost, and wrote seventy books of mysteries for the wise among the people.
      it is interesting perhaps people nowadays get the "idiot version" of isaiah/ezekial/revelation, but really the "secret books" is what the higher ups use. forked tongue.

      you can see why new test christ bemoans the scribes who enter not in themselves, but take away the key of knowledge.

      let us not get into masonry "father in heaven"

      that gives 6 kingdoms right there:]
      old test
      new test (catholic)
      new test (protestant, keep the jesus hold the sacraments/church)
      masonry's father in heaven, all men are brothers
      revelation/apocalypse/isiah/ezekiel bible-based kabbalah worldly kingdom
      non-biblical kabbalah
      new test doesn't do the fake "unity" thing. actual old test does not either.

      there is, however, one guy who does have a worldly kingdom:

      light must still alternate with darkness, but where is the conspiracy can pull down wisdom from her throne?
      to avoid apocalypse/revelation just pray to "our lady" then the angels of revelation/apocalypse surround and praise you.

      note she basically took over/transformed solomon's throne and psalms, who had some kind of 666 talents of gold thing going on.

      again, 2 different kingdoms there. the 666 worldly one, and the heavenly one. so apocalypse is certainly "divided" too.

    3. "idiot version" is how the talmud IIRC refers to the mainstream bibles -- they had a feud with "samaritans" so the majority of bibles are the "idiot versions" for samaritans

      "good samaritan" is because basically the talmudists didn't think any of them were good. so that was noted as an exception, anything is possible. even a broken clock is occasionally correct.

      there always will be 2 kingdoms -- a heavenly and a worldly.

      when there is only worldly, then the devil wins and becomes a "god" because everyone is deceived. one kingdom is not a good thing.

      this is also the loosing binding thing

      Matthew 16:19
      as above so below
      when there is only "one kingdom" the keys to heaven are lost, it is hell on earth. that's bad.

  2. Linda Who.....??? Must be pretty important to get all that attention.

  3. So far you make a alot of sense and that is more than anyone so far.
    It is time to let go of the shock and join the solution. You have nerves of steel and patience galore. I understand it is not easy helping us understand the situation we do not see clearly the diabolical play.
    You are inspiring..Take care of yourself.

    1. Well said Indrani...Anna’s had our backs from the beginning. I’m 100% with her! Thank you Anna for fighting the fight for all of us. God speed woman🙏🏻

  4. I have answered every question presented here multiple times and Newbies really DO need to do their homework before commenting, please.

  5. RDS & Sasha Stone - yeah long ago many of us posted voraciously on our absolute discrediting of both, especially the ITNJ scam.
    As goodE2boots posted, WE POSTED THE SAME QUOTE years ago too:
    "that there will be no punishments or penalties and so forth given to those who have harmed others."
    Can't find the article now, a plea by an original starter of ITNJ saying they're taking over, making shekels, highly financed by nefarious entities as being the same ones we're fighting.
    RDS is a GRIFTER, PONTIFICATOR, SOAP BOX SUDS, CARPET BAGGER, period. Sasha is a latch-on due to his acquaintances in the echelons. RDS said he's Latino & for Latinos, against Whites, he's for Mexico's capture of American lands. (by the way, that Mexico scenario is turning out to be false, FAKE HISTORY, a psy op to promote Latino domination over White America, just like everything else the jew touches). We think he's a jew, dang sure acts like one.

    Most unfortunately Cynthia McKinney joined in, seemingly RDS enticed her, since she was pushed out of America by jews becuz she exposed CONGRESS CONTRACTS with JEWS to make ISRAHELL 1ST & a JEW is assigned to insure compliance!

    McKinney did that & has suffered ever since. YES Congress signs a contract to make IsraHell 1st before America, a jew is ASSIGNED to insure COMPLIANCE & they get the $hekel$. Refuse it, & you get the JEW BOOT.

    Well, hope McKinney finds her way out of their slime cocoon. As for anyone else
    being so mistaken about RDS, he has NO place in "leadership" for America.

    "Leadership" is talmudic... Do Folks see this? Anyone who promotes themselves as Leadership hasn't gotten the point, including Anna.
    Anna is NOT to be in 'leadership', no ships, no leaders. What else do we call it, then? Followship? Fiduciary is NOT a leadership, its an employee! What do Americans need done, when, how? Get Over this need to have leaders, WE ARE TO LEAD & those who have expertise direct with the people/People made aware of strategy, effectiveness, efficiency, goals, quagmires, enemies, ... NO FRIGGIN LEADERS.

    Good Folks, right now, researching Continuing Education, say for Nurses Doctors Real Estate Agents, BAR etc, they emphasize 'Leadership', somebody ELSE makes decisions, NOT US. Then we find the info, books, material LOW & BEHOLD its JEWS, JEW authors, jew publishers, JEWS as our leaders jew jew jew = Tikkum Olan = subjugation of all non-jews to serve the jews, each jew gets 2800 goy slaves And jews brag about it, especially IsraHelli jews - they are soooo damn stupid its unbelievable.

    thanks & stay sane

    1. goodE2boots - For Folks to see ITNJ in question:
      Where do all the 'DONATIONS' go? pITNJ = shekel-shaker?] Sacha Stone, RDSteele, ITNJ

      Just looking at this stuff, searching for ITNJ, RDS... not a good vibe at all, not one of truth, regeneration... its heavy, weighted, negative. Shhhhsh.

  6. i was following RDS but I'm very disappointed now with him. I prefer much more your take on this situation. Thank you for being a real American Anna. You remind me of my mother, just tells it how it is, doesn't back down to the A-holes out there. i havde some more questions for you, is there way i could ask you but out of public eye??

  7. Anna. I love this. :) Just needed to say that. Bless you.

    1. 😃😄😅 W H O D I V I N E D W H O ?
      Folks, Anna kept doing her nonsense on the left, you guys kept doing / feeding /playing the Vermin / Robbers MIND GAMES on the right: propelling their coverup of their secret money making, tied to their past 85+ years of the UK_US.INC_FRANCE_etc_commonweaths Gold THEFT & COVERUP _ known as HIDDEN CREDITS games. A.K.A fictions, Strawman, etc. You imagine money can be made from thin air, such theory is too fraud to survive, if true, many other countries should be able to do the same thing, and they aren't able to. You fight in vain. Bc you ignored the secret CIA 85 year wars, their Gold rush in the jungle, their Tragic mountains.. Etc..

      Proof of Anna irrelevant nonworking thin_air theory:

      In 2018, Anna claimed back irrelevantly for $1 quadrillion siphoned indirectly to UK, they done in retaliation of her AMR_BONDS. But the queen responded that they're not subject to Anna selfrighteous narrow view. They're not obligated to reveal details of how their joined ventured Gold theft of the last 85 years.
      Why you guys are too stubborn, calling others as paid misinformed ? Don't be stupid to die for Rothschild again in their WW3.

    2. Think deep deep of the GREAT DEPRESSION, THEN 1930_32 G20 BANKRUPTCIES, 1933 Gold confiscations, prompted to 85+year Gold Theft.. Then GREAT FRAUD..

  8. People seem trained on the "magic bullet" idea that things can be fixed by getting up off our butts, getting to work and finally fixing it. This fixing is necessary and came due to laziness in doing out part in keeping it simple and corrected. I keep seeing people or hear them using idea that once fixed problem goes away. Again lazy and want to toss in to "fixed"pile like it will never change or seek to escape. People for a cookie will sign several pages of agreements, contracts often by "just sign right here" and expect the magic bullet has come and no need to even look at what you just signed or what you just had your mommy/daddy system do for you so you have an easy life. Illusion, laziness and slothfulness are evil in nature and will destroy you , your family and all around you if you allow it. And its a daily chore to keep your eyes open so these things like today in our times do not happen