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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Field McConnell is back and here with Juan O Savin

Juan O Savin & Field McConnell: Operation Torsion Field! JFK Jr. Salutes His Father! Slaves No More! - Must Video

You absolutely must watch this video and  listen to Juan O Savin.


  1. 1) "Juan O Savin" doesn't claim to be JFK Jr

    2) George Clooney is NOT JFK Jr

    3) "Blah blah blah" is the most sense either one of you has made so far.

  2. You know why people like Shelby? Its simply because she knows there is something not right with whats happening to us, and screems it from the roof tops. Now some people may see her post as nonesense, I get it, but those same people want me to believe I've/we've been hoodwinked since AT LEAST, what did she say 76'(I personally didnt even exist until another decade), when"American" History was deleted from the curriculum? But I'm now suppose to now learn all this fuey ontop of staying ontop of the codes I need to focus on to be successful (only in the U.S. tho i guess not America) providing for my family ect ect (you get the point as we all have lives to live) and not to mention being poisoned and dumbed downed at every turn. But I now not only need to learn how theyve screwed me, but learn how to speak and understand it in another language in order to do anything about it. Now that my brain no longer retains like it did in my juvinile years right? And the only people that claim will help me constantly claim you havent done enough research, cause its easy to remeber this all right! Or you did it wrong, and they dont have the time to involve themselves in any one single issue as it does not help the greater good. But Blaah blahblah has them riled up.

    See, me, I dont debate Shelbys politics because I beleive her, or feel her findings appear correct, No. As I've treated "flat earthers" I've taken the time to look into the "facts" they present and use logic to try to understand where they come from. Now I dont particularly believe its flat, but with the limited knowledge I feel I have(in this perfect world right) of it, I dont care for the debate until were on a ship looking down at it with my own two eyes. Despite all the "solid evidence" you can produce, because they can produce some pretty compelling arguments if I would say so myself . So why is her talking/debating any different from yours, because in the end alls you have to go off of is information that someone else discovered or invented or what have you, and a lot (and I mean A LOT) of lies mixed with in more than likely.

    This is also the biggest reason I will always choose anarchy over ANY monarchy, but I wish you the best in success. Another fyi, I was born and raised in the "constitution state" and had my drivers licenses suspended for driving with out a license, so much for upholding that very 1st amendment of the constitution they swore to protect huh? Yeah, I've taking enough beatings (figuratively and literally) for trying to be an American, thanks..... divided and falling.

    P.s. I'm not debating your politics either, just pointing out how you appear from a just another perspective. And I do not say Blaah blahblah ;) also, while I'm at it, if knowledge is power then the greater question become, how much of your power is true? Hence why I'm ok with being powerless. Anarchy- no kings above, no slaves below. I have no leader until I'm shown a true destination.