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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

American v. US History

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I went to school there were two distinct history courses, one called "American History" and one called "United States History".
Do you think there is a reason for that? Or just sloppy semantics?
There are in fact two separate histories involved --- the history of the American Government and the history of the United States Government, also called the Federal Government.
You need to know both to make sense of your world and to claim and exercise your rights, treaties, and guarantees.
You need to know that these two governments, are designed to operate in tandem, and are: (1) foreign to each other, and (2) mutually exclusive, and (3) designed to operate in separate jurisdictions, and (4) diametrically opposed in structure -- that is, in the American Government, power flows from the bottom up, and in the US Government, power flows from the top down.
We presently have numerous organizations in this country trying to figure this mystery out, but it is in reality no mystery at all. Jimmy Carter created the Federal Department of Education and as of 1976, American History was deleted from the curriculum of Public Schools across America.
As a result, two generations of Americans have grown up totally unaware of their own history, and a great many of them --- left to their own devices --- have assumed that US History was their history.
The majority of Americans are not "U.S. Citizens" or Municipal citizens of the United States, either. The majority of Americans should be reading American History, and only studying US History as an offshoot consequence of American History.
A massive fraud scheme seeking to impersonate Americans as US Citizens of one kind or another has been in play since 1976, and so has an equally odious plan to evade the obligations our Federal Subcontractors have always owed under the Federal Constitutions.
Again, this morning, I had a contributor ranting and railing about Grand Juries.
Why, they ask, can't we just get a Grand Jury, bring up the charges, and start prosecuting these criminals in suits?
It's pretty hard to muster a Grand Jury without your own citizenry and courts being assembled to do the work.
This same person ranted at me about our constitutional guarantee to a republican state government --- and apparently thought that that meant the United States was obligated to provide us with such a government, instead of respecting and guaranteeing our right to assemble one.
We have the right to assemble our republican state assemblies--- and our State Assemblies operating on the land jurisdiction, too, but if we fail to do so, guess what?
It's like my "right" to pick blueberries. I have the right to do it, but if I don't take my bucket up the hill and pick them ---- the right is moot.
If I don't assemble my State Assembly and fill its offices and exercise its powers, the right and the Constitutional Guarantee protecting my right to do so, are both moot.
All these confused patriots have been running around sending Writs to Grand Juries that are attached to foreign Municipal, Maritime and Admiralty courts that are practicing foreign law and in foreign jurisdictions. Hello?
The American courts owed to these patriots --- including their own Grand Juries --- aren't in session as a result of their own inaction.
They haven't declared their political status in a hundred years, haven't elected their own Justices of the Peace, haven't filled their own jury pools, haven't enforced their own Public Law, haven't summoned their own Grand Juries, and have left their own courts dormant, for the most part, since the 1960's. They haven't attended to their own business affairs since the 1860's.
No wonder the rest of the world thought our American Government was dead, absent, in "interregnum".
So when these Americans wake up and realize that they are being harmed and railroaded and their Constitutional Guarantees are not being respected, they look around, they see the foreign courts, and they assume, like the Colorado Nine, that these foreign courts serving in international and global jurisdictions are their courts run horribly amok.
But in fact, these are not our American courts. Pure and simple. They are foreign courts of limited jurisdiction being used to address issue that arise in the administration of Municipal, Admiralty, and Maritime jurisdictions.
These courts of "limited jurisdiction" are most assuredly not the courts intended for Joe Q. Public American and never were.
These same bleary-eyed patriots also mistake both the Territorial District Assemblies and the Municipal District Assemblies for their own "missing" assemblies. Like a baby duck mistaking a goose for its mother.
You would think that the word "District" as in "District of Columbia" would give them a clue, but instead, they persist like a moose in love with a donkey, fondly deluded by the assumption that somehow, they belong in a district assembly instead of a county assembly.
For about fifty percent of the Americans eligible to stand up and function as Americans, it's like pounding rocks to get the idea of self-governance into their heads. The idea that they are responsible for providing their own government is totally foreign.
They expect their government to be present, in Session, and served up like oysters on a half-shell with no effort on their part, and that isn't the way the American Government works.
The American Government is not staffed by professional bureaucrats. It's staffed by average people who have jobs and productive functions and families to care for.
That's why Lincoln described it as a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and did not describe it as a government of the persons, by the persons, and for the persons--- that is, the various species of professional bureaucrats hired to work under our delegated powers to perform specific enumerated duties.
Our employees are not the actual government. We are.
So, now, finally, enough Americans have awakened to the facts, and lumping along, there are now properly declared State Assemblies in every State of the Union. Now, finally, those Assemblies are beginning to take on the actual work of the American States again, and are beginning to fulfill their functions.
If you really want to solve the problems instead of adding to the confusion, you have to take part in the actual government and pull your weight. You have to assemble the state assemblies. You have to organize and educate. Yes, you, Americans, are called to self-govern and provide yourselves with the republican states and the courts that go with those states.
And then maybe everyone will realize that your Grand Juries are just a part of your Court System, and that the Grand Juries attached to District Courts and State-of-State Courts have precious little to do with 95% of Americans.


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  1. But, but, but... Anna, the current court system does not recognize Americans as anything but U.D. citizens. They declare us as obligated to their system even when we show them our paperwork and declare to the rooftops our sovereignty as American State Nationals/Citizens. I tied it and was arrested and thrown in jail for displaying our car tags. They declared them as "fictitious" and charged me with fraud. I still haven't seen the arrest warrant even after demanding it. When I spoke with the judge he said he heard my argument but his powers above dictated that he not recognize them. The arresting city cops and Sheriff's employees said it was just politics and like Nuremberg just following orders. How do we prove up our cause to tyrants with guns and jails but no brains or American heritage? U.S. slaves don't respect anything but their masters at the pay window.

    1. Just like all the slaves elsewhere on this suffering earth...

  2. Kurtis R. Kallenbach this evening hosted a lesson on the history of property claimants, the lack of men (and women) having lawful standing to claim their own property, i.e. their bodies, land and estates they have natural right to own and control. But due to the hidden but fully intentional machinations of the States that have mis-identified living people as missing and as presumed dead as to having the power to claim our rightful equity or portion of our natural inheritance. Since our names are being held in trust by other claimants - like the State - which has presumed our bodies or a portion of us, the afterbirth, was abandoned property, so the State has made a covert claim to own the title to our bodies and our estates by creating a false title for us: the birth certificate.

    Kurtis explains a process of making our claim to our birthright bodies, land and estates by making and recording our "power of appointment" to effectively , conclusively, permanently sever any presumption of some other entity like the State having any claim of authority over your body, labor, land and estate.

    His analysis is compelling and convincing in his discovery that the birth certificate is a legal claim on the title or new name in specific spelling and punctuation details, assigned to you, and the State has done this of course by deceit and by positing the concept that your placenta was an abandoned property left sitting on the Counties land, and under the legal concepts of Haslam vs Lockwood, abandoned property is available for any claimant to take control of when no one makes claim to its ownership, particularly by those on whose land the property was abandoned (the Counties land) so that begins the charade of having a claim placed on the new title, your new name with its particular punctuations, so from that point on your body, land, estate and labor are presumed now owned by the State which took ownership of your abandoned portion of yourself, the placenta left on the hospital floor after birth, an essential component of your dna identity.

    I suggest interested people follow Kurtis Kallenback, as Anna has also suggested. Kurtis thinks that the proper recording of the "Letter of attorney" is the act that will end all cases, all claims, all interest in your property because the actual owner is now found and recorded, ending all future possible disputes as to how to settle parts of your estate using foreign courts of maritime and international color of law. Kurtis hosts a free call-in talk on Tuesdays, look him up on the web.

    These concepts Ana has discussed in detail. What Kurtis says is that we must folow the old law outlined in earlier centuries which set the framework for the State making this clam oupn us and write a "Letter of attorney" not a "power of Attorney", recorded with the County, which provides ample irrefutable evidence that now you the living man, or woman, has come from being lost at sea or presumed dead and having abandoned a critical component of your body contained in the chromasomes of dna in the placenta left abandoned on the hospital floor which the State made it's claim to, now with that Letter of attorney" the real man or woman has become visible and found to the extant criminal system which preys on every living being on the earth by its secret opertions and covert claims.

    1. Yes many have a system in theory, that this criminal cabal will surely acknowledge without a battle ..
      Good luck.
      A must watch series is onthe website
      This man is teaching how to declare your status and standing before attending court. And videos that have the judge and prosecutors shook.
      Please watch and share.

    2. This sounds like playing chess on a sorry board with monopoly rules. I mean how do you expect to win at their game with a different rule book? I was not notified of my dna being left behind, why do I need to notify them, that I've found their lost and dead chattel. I mean It should be as easy as posting an ad in the newspaper right. They can have that name they stole from my mother and I will go by Just James, now, if theres any dispute, well than theres only fraud to be discovered, aaand what do we all know fraud does? (Or so they say...) so you can run the by me one more time a little slower and much more clearer, please. Im gunna go check your captain kurt in the mean time. I know Im probably getting a little to silly for all this serious stuff.

  3. district = federal
    Top down vs bottom up
    Maybe that’s why everything the do isinverted patriot act no communist manifesto
    Department of education no indoctrination
    Fox News fair and balanced nope anti trump when the chips are down .
    The scum bag Rothschild conn men treat us like cattle buy and sell set us up with abandon property afterbirth.
    Take out insurance on soldiers and don’t share it when the die .
    Run the slave trade accusations to auctions.
    And ones Jefferson outlaw Jewish imports of slaves they become provocateurs like John Brown
    And communist run panthers, BLM/ANTIFA. sorros.opean society and NGO’s behind all global anti White organizations.
    Anybody care to disprove anything?
    The continuation of Flooding and amnesty personally succession we can make our own immigration laws .
    Otherwise the communist Cohen plan entered in congressional record train the black leaders while one group riot another rounds up all women as hostages and others take out power stations cell towers water resources.
    The run all discriminated groups . NAACP run by all zionest. We know now that the reason for OKC killing set up the militia who were the main source of Bundy defense.9/11 frame Muslims and justify thieft of all our freedoms.

    1. So its either fight man or fight money. I recall the mayans, maybe barbaric pagans, maybe a lie, I would not dispute. But their wealth was true and their lack of currency appears prevalent. So breaking the monetary system would prove to be most viable when it comes to being free from tyranny with out the waste of life, that would surley fluresh once ungoverned with a true sense of security with their neighbors. The monetary system is the only thing that keeps this division thing glued together. Until you achieve heaven on earth you only get hell.

  4. Emphasis off bringing the defacto to heel now seems we coexist.
    So our only lawful chance of taking back lawfully controld lawfully we let them have a contractual agreement?
    Obviously with forethought and malice beat the crap out of this nation .
    Apparently a symbiotic truce in effect the hang in DC can easily conjure up a Waco or Colorado 9 event.
    The military was in support of Michigan group who is our guardian angle?? I throughly don’t trust Trump total crisis actor to gain our trust we lost because of innernet.