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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Dear Mr. Putin -- Acknowledging the Security Council Debate

 By Anna Von Reitz

We were touched but also dismayed by recent reports that the Security Council was discussing our situation and that you, Mr. Putin, were even suggesting armed intervention.
Our unincorporated Federation of States has several venerable international treaties with Russia, which have always been upheld by both sides, and which cannot be removed absent a new treaty with our Federation.
These mutual assistance treaties do in fact require Russia to act on our behalf in the event that we are unable to bulwark our own efforts or held to such a disadvantage that our national sovereignty is imperiled. We thank you, and we remember those several occasions when Russia alone among the nations came to our assistance. We are not ungrateful.
It is in fact the existence of these treaties and bonds which have lasted through multiple generations that have been the focus of evil men seeking to demonize Russia for befriending the American Government and holding "the US" in well-earned suspicion.
The entire Russian Collusion witch hunt brewed up against Donald Trump is only the most recent chapter of a long history of British guile and efforts to palm off blame for its own collusion with China. We understand.
We acknowledge the debate in the Security Council and also acknowledge the treaty obligations underlying it; however, our national sovereignty has weathered the worst threats against it, and though there are numerous issues yet to be resolved, we feel confident and competent overall to resolve these under our own steam.
We have chartered the largest International Trade Bank in a hundred years, and recalling the proper structure for the banks, we have also chartered a wholly-owned subsidiary commercial bank for it. Both stand under our Public International Law. As these measures bear fruit and sanity returns to the world under a new banking paradigm, we believe that all nations will benefit ---including Russia.
Any armed intervention at this point would only serve to bulwark and assist the network of international criminal interests collectively known as "the Cabal" ---and having suffered the slings and arrows of this institutionalized crime syndicate as much as any other nation, we doubt that Russia would desire that outcome.
There are so many better things to do and to think about.
Rather, we, the Americans, feel that it would be best to bring political pressure to bear on the Bank of International Settlements to delay enforcement of its Basel 3 provisions long enough to deploy the International Trade Bank safety net that will be needed to avoid widespread genocide due to disruption of commodity supply lines and lack of cash-value currency.
The more fanatical elements may not be pleased by our actions, but the vast bulk of the living people and their national governments will be happy--and safe, prosperous, and at peace.
The bad ideas of the past must not be allowed to intrude upon the future, Mr. Putin. So far as we are concerned, the bankers have sung their last refrain, and a new banking system is on the way. This, among many other positive developments, is no cause for fear or violence.

It's time to celebrate instead

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. Has Putin read this? I’m sure he’d agree.

    1. I think he just might,,..
      If you remember your history and have been paying attention ,, Communist Russian military elements, perportedly under orders from Rotsheild,, murdered the Zar of Russia and his entire family and buried them in a mass grave in the lonley woods...

      Why the murder.?
      It was revenge against against his bloodline..
      The Zar's great grandfather during our civil war here in America,, loaned our Real American Government (in the person of George Washington),, several million dollars in gold to aid us during the civil war....

      Yes American's,, "Russia",, was instrumental in preserving our American Republic,, and at the same time, thwarted the Rotshields plans for the Banksters financial takeover of the fledgling American continent..

      For this Amstel R pledged publicly,, revenge upon the Zar, which took the form of wiping out the later hereditary Zar and his family,, a deliberate and planned act of muder and revenge..
      It was Putin who found the gravesite and revealed the truth of decades of rumor..
      He was not pleased...
      Given the current circumstances, he may well regard honoring our old treaties as the right thing to do..