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Sunday, May 30, 2021

What's the Purpose of a State Assembly?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today I was asked, "What's the real purpose and role of a State Assembly? There are already at least two District Assemblies in place. Why do we need another assembly?"
Short answer --- there are fundamental differences between a State Assembly and any form of District Assembly.
They operate in different jurisdictions.
They represent different populations.
They serve different purposes.
The purpose of a State Assembly is to protect the people who live within the borders of their State, to protect the assets of those people, and preserve their birthright as Americans. The further purpose of a State Assembly is to uphold and enforce the Public Law --- including enforcement of the Federal Constitutions.
State Assemblies are supposed to make all major decisions about State-owned property and resources, to form the fundamental nexus of the American Government in international jurisdiction, to educate new generations of Americans about their own history and government, and do all the other things necessary to preserve our government of, for, and by the living people of this country, complete with its bottom-up power structure, and it's daunting responsibility to self-govern.
Now, actual, properly defined, and fully functioning State Assemblies haven't been in Session for a long time. As a result, some of their responsibilities have been shuffled off and undertaken by District Assemblies acting as custodians of State Trusts---- but District Assemblies are not really empowered to act in these capacities, and it is our responsibility to carry our own water.
As you look around, you will see that our courthouses (for example) are occupied by foreign courts --- federally-connected courts of strictly limited jurisdiction, allowed to exist on our shores by constitutional contract. Our State Courts are supposed to be occupying our court buildings, but are nowhere to be found.
As this example demonstrates, it isn't that the foreign courts are prohibited, but they shouldn't be the primary occupants of our court buildings. Everything is upside down. The guests are acting "as" the landlords, and the landlords are acting as the guests.
Our Courts simply haven't been in Session, because our State Assemblies haven't been in Session, and they haven't been in Session for so long that our employees have forgotten who we are and what our role is.
It's up to us to remind them. And ourselves, if necessary.
When you encounter a "District Assembly" the first question in your mind should be --- what kind of district? A Military (Territorial) District? A Municipal District? Some other outpost of the District of Columbia?
These are foreign entities. They are not part of our State and are not pretending to be. Like the foreign federally connected courts of limited jurisdiction called "District Courts" and "State of State Courts", the district employees and dependents are allowed to be here among us, by contract, but their assemblies are not our assemblies.
They have no responsibility to preserve the American birthright for us, and they equally have no obligation to uphold our Public Law for us. They have to adhere to the Public Policies and Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Statutes of the foreign corporations that employ them, but this is private law, not Public Law.
As Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc., makes abundantly clear, enforcement of the Constitutions is entirely a matter of personal choice and "discretion" for district employees and franchisees who subjugate themselves to foreign private law.
Enforcement of the Constitutions instead falls to us, the members of the State Assembly, and particularly to State Citizens.
So, if you are wondering why your constitutional guarantees aren't being honored, search no farther. It's because your State Assemblies haven't been in Session and your State Courts haven't been in Session, either. The State Citizens and State Assemblies who are Parties to the Constitutions have been "absent" --- "missing" --- "in interregnum" --- "presumed dead" --- "lost at sea".
All this confusion, all this corruption, all this flat-footed enforcement of foreign law on Americans, all the craziness--- is because you, Joe Q., haven't been doing your Public Duty and we as Americans haven't booted up our properly declared and constituted State Assemblies into Session since the 1860's.
So what is the purpose of a State Assembly? To operate the American Government, to enforce the Constitutions, to uphold the Public Law, to preserve the birthrights of each and every American. We hold the Public Power and the Public Duty, but it has seldom been exercised in the past hundred years.

And that, people, is the biggest problem with this country. Too many of us have forgotten who we are and what our duty is and what the purpose of a State Assembly is.


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