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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Remember the Jester's Defense?

 By Anna Von Reitz

In medieval times, the Court Jester was largely held harmless --- unless the King himself took umbrage. In the British Territorial Court System, the same still applies today. If they are addressing your Upper and Lower Case Name, you can shrug and look helpless and say, "I'm an idiot, Sir."
And unless Queen Elizabeth II wants you beheaded, they are obliged to let you go, whatever your sins may be.
The same defense often works in Municipal COURTS, too, if the infraction is subject to human error--- and what isn't?
Just throw up your hands, mia culpa, I'm an idiot. You can't hold idiots responsible for much of anything and it's hopeless to blame them, so it throws a stick into the wheels of the court system.
The only downside is that once you have admitted to being an idiot on the court record, you are subject to being "administered" as a ward of the state and little can be done to reinstate your natural status --- short of claiming a miraculous cure.
In extremis, it may be your only way out.
And now, add another somewhat similar defense to your collection: inability to pay.
"My Honor, it's true that I owe Joe Blow's Fly Trapping Mortgage Company fifty thousand dollars, but I am unable to pay. I didn't waive my constitutional obligation to pay in gold or silver, and I find that I am totally out of pocket."
The Judge will grant a default judgement against you, but that is worth the paper it is written on and is intrinsically unenforceable via any execution order he can write, because you are obligated to pay in gold or silver, and the Territorial Government has cashiered your gold and silver-- making it impossible for you to actually pay any debt at all.
End of problem --- for now.
When and if the Territorial Government up-ends and returns your gold and silver, you will have to pay the debt, assuming that the other side raises their hand and presents the default judgment.
But how likely and able is the Territorial Government to do that? And if it did, it would also have to return your specific account, plus interest, which means that you would consider the $50,000.00 a mere flyspeck amount of money, and pay it without complaint.
No harm to you, either way.
Now, I don't suggest that anyone uses this defense ignorantly or for fun; you really do need to be impoverished enough to make the claim of inability to pay on the FRN side of things before you put the screws to the gubmint corporation and blame them for the situation.
That is, a guy with several million FRN's denominated as lawful money sitting in the bank probably should not consider telling the judge about his inability to pay---err, well--- "exchange" the debt; that would not be honorable or fair.
And we all know how honorable and fair these courts are, so we would not want to offend anyone's delicate sensibilities....
Between being an idiot or being unable to pay, darn near any average "person" can get out of almost anything, if one is sufficiently desperate to employ these means.
The Territorial Government as the Equitable Title Holder [Court Clerk] will have to dig into your estate account and pony up the credit to pay off Joe Blow's Fly Trapping Mortgage Company for you. They won't like it, but they will do it. The prosecuting attorney will especially not like it, since he makes his money off betting against you and his performance bond will take a hit.
Oh, well.
If it is the difference between closing your business and keeping it open, or keeping your house or losing it, "inability to pay" --in some sense, is more or less a given anyway, and losing points off your credit score is a moot issue.
Both of these defenses are very simple and they work.

Remembering them can help you or someone you love if and when push comes to shove.


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  1. "Territorial Government has cashiered your gold and silver-- making it impossible for you to actually pay any debt at all."

    lets get this straight...........

    Since there is no money only currency fiat - Federal reserve notes - a party cannot "pay" for something with an I.O.U.

    Gold and silver coin are money but CONgress gave the rights to the Banksters on Jekeil Island banking inception

    They can only discharge or offset the books

    1. That is correct, the demand for lawful money is in title 12 USC ss 411 "the demand for lawful money is gold and silver" or should be our discharge of credit or credit since there is no lawful money in circulation under title 31 USC ss 5118, no lawful money in circulation. The fraud committed on everyone goes to Human trafficking in persons, they're making you out to be the "strawman" when in essence you're only an "authorized representative to the NAME on the instrument and not the NAME in the instrument and also not liable(UCC 3-402(b)(1))no one is but the "Government" since the bankruptcy of the United States in 1933 under Public law 73-10, HJR192 and E.O. 6102, and having us be registered through the Birth Certificate Registration and SS# our so called Remedy was to have our debts discharged dollar for dollar, through there corrupt system they've dishonored the discharge from the people and have usurped the Public Trust thus unjustly enriching themselves on that trust, this includes all Utility Bills,CC, mortgage loans,school loans, bank loans, job application(see form SSA89 and ask why anyone "lending" you money needs to verify your ss#, where do you think they're "borrowing the money to lend you is coming from,since no one has "money" to lend you?) and the insult to injury is "taxing" you on your own money?

  2. One judge. Retorted on gold or silver defense ok but you won’t get social security.

    1. Thats great no social security number no way to identify you as a tax payer a federal employee and a few other tricky traps.

  3. What charm school did you graduate from ? The Rockefeller indoctrination I mean education system .
    No we need to have an open dialogue on all the strategies.
    One ace counselor uses taking the duplicitous
    Word salad the CRIMINAL just us system and
    Take it apart turning the courtroom into a circus.
    Of course the idiot angle must be played very carefully as many enemies of the state end up looking ole judge Byfield sedated or in case Eustace Mullins JEdger Hoover tried to have him put away like his mentor Ezura Pound .
    So would just say not a professional but not an moron.

  4. Idaho is heating up nicely, Ammon at rally layed out hot feds engineered the scam offering cash for emergency/martial law.
    Gov little next day declared emergency now according to state law he can do this for 30 days and with legislators approval another 30 days but no an entire year .
    And he set up we’re he spent the money at his leisure.
    Now he wants immunity.

    Kirk is looking for affidavits of people who were assault and battery from the standing army .
    Doing a federal criminal complaint .
    Find out if any honest judges still exists.

  5. I always love this one when asked to plea say "non assumpsit" which is an old plea to the assumption, so now they have to prove the assumption on the record. Took a friend of mine to their tax court with me at one time and the judge asked me how much money I make and I responded with " I have a question and that is, is it illegal to make money and upon that the case was dismissed and there are a few other tricks that screw them up.

  6. Why should I or anyone else play the fool?, put it on their foot and stick it in their face for in most situations they have no idea of what is coming on to them

  7. One more item, before doing what you should do, is by publication for thirty days in a news paper of general circulation publish your termination of all in res and rem agreements with your lawful name of birth and of course have a copy of your place of birth certificate in long form put away

  8. That good non assumpsit, another is demurrer
    Lawyers define a defendant saying “so what”to the pleadings.
    A demurrer is the document that makes the objection.

  9. Must be said if you play into thair game you just gave them credibility.
    And if you hire a member of the bar the attorney will contact the judge and give him jurisdiction and agree to his findings as your power of attorney.
    And at the end he signs the document that puts you away.mean while charging you as much as he can and never entering a counter claim that puts you in drivers sest.
    One thing is glaring is the conquering of this country know as the civil war actually a contrived crisis actor false flag by Masonic/Jewish brigands
    Who created at that time policy officers for civil disobedience now referred to police but it’s a word salad it should be pronounced policy sound it out !
    Po -lice no poli-ce.

  10. Have them read this:The Declaration of Independence not only established a public trust within the sphere of the Law of Nations of which all nations are bound to Observe, when combined with the other Organic Documents, did so in nature of Romans 13 and Psalms 91 through which Malachi 3:7-11 and Matthew 6:19-21 can be observed and the Law Fulfilled as instructed with Galatians 5:13-15
    Article 562-578
    1) Define Usufruct:
    Usufruct is a real right by virtue of which a person is given the right to enjoy the property of another with the Obligation of preserving its form and substance unless the title constituting it or the law provides otherwise.
    2) What are the three fundamental rights appertaining to ownership?
    Ownership consists of three fundamental rights to wit:
    a)Jus disponende (right to dispose)
    b)Jus Utendi (right to use)
    c)Jus fruendi (right to the fruits)
    We exercise our inalienable rights, the State makes sure these rights are protected, the State becomes the storehouse as Lord
    (ref: Malachi 3:7-11)
    Although the so-called "moral issues" were raised, in view of the Law of Natural Selection, it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence, are no better than animals,who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden, and steaks on the table by choice and consent.
    Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jellyfish, father,mother,son and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or treasures of the same.
    Thou shall not bear false witness, Else thou shall be fuct.
    The moment someone uses that Birth Certificate NAME to "recognize" the user, that one had better show where the act of the one using that BC NAME is, one immediately dangerous to the lives of others or is in an act not Pursuant of a legal duty, else bear false witness which is a sin which now results in "Personal Accountability".
    The one who bore false witness immediately becomes the usufruct and is in breach of the duties because the false witness
    "did diminish the substance" of the "person" which is to attack the Glory of the Nation,The Purpose of government is to protect the exercise of inalienable rights, Tarnishment with false witness is an attempt to deprive exercise.
    The intellectual property laws are the Liquidation mechanism," for this false witness" and the injured party would be the "STATE", because the violation is "Blasphemy" for "taking the Lord's name in vain", Which violates,"fair use" for "vengeance is mine , sayeth the Lord".
    To Force one to be "recognized" as that thing registered and recorded is to legally call his children "corporations" and "bind into performance" as one who exists only in contemplation of law. and Force of Law, and where the Law ceases to operate, the corporations can have no existence, and a STATE cannot impose one of it's artificial creatures on another Sovereignty nor confer on it's incorporators powers to lawfully exercise beyond it's jurisdictions thus converting the People from "natural phenomena"(Act of God) governed under the "Laws of Nature" into "Creatures of Statute" governed by Congress and State Legislatures.

    1. Most excellent jrodriguez. Also when one claims to be that Birth Certificated Person they have now professed to be a "human being". Everyone needs to look up the word "Monster" in Ballentine's Law Dictionary Third Edition, and slowly read every word while applying it to their situation. This is all "Trust Law". "Monsters" have no inheritable rights. Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frankensteins, Vampires, doppelgängers, Afterbirth/placenta umbilical cord.

    2. All of the above "monsters" are "HUMAN BEINGS"/ Fictions.

    3. However the "last" one has a true his-story with an informant, a Doctor, a foundling hospital, a witness, a form(document signed in cursive), a government agent(Registrar).. Thus this created being(infant /child) is in need of a father. That is where the "good" STATE OF ___________(whatever) comes in to be this human being's daddy, and adopts it.


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