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Monday, March 29, 2021

You Are Being Prosecuted Under Foreign Bills of Attainder

 By Anna Von Reitz

A "bill of attainder" is a legislated action predefining a class of persons (not people) to be guilty a priori, often without a trial or with a sham trial.
Americans are specifically exempted from being prosecuted under bills of attainder by Article IV of the Federal Constitutions, but you, unfortunately, are not being recognized as an American.
Your Federal Employees, operating as two foreign, privately-owned, for-profit commercial governmental services providers, have deliberately and with malice aforethought "conferred" their forms of "citizenship" on you, and have impersonated you accordingly.
This allows them to evade the obligations they owe you and the Constitution, because Municipal citizens of the United States (otherwise known as 14th Amendment citizens) never had any constitutional guarantees to begin with, and neither do U.S. Territorial Citizens --- like people born in Puerto Rico, or American Military personnel serving "overseas".
And since these two commercial corporations broadly called, the US INC. and the USA, Inc., have been engaged in a perpetual mercenary "war" on our shores since 1860, it should come as no surprise that they have condemned the "other side" by legislative acts and they use "bills of attainder" to prosecute their "enemies".
Virtually anything that you ever receive from their courts is a Bill of Attainder which should never, ever, be addressed to you at all.
This includes Summons, Warrants --- Non-Judicial Warrants, Traffic Citations, Impound Orders, Court Orders, Dockets, etc. ---- these are all "Bills of Attainder" and they are all pre-judged no matter what court issues them.
Read that: there have been very few actual Judicial Courts operating in America for the past fifty years, and there has been no actual trial activity as a result. The entire "justice system" has been run under a system of constructive fraud.
The so-called 14th Amendment is a Bill of Attainder issued by the Board of Directors of "The United States of America" ---Incorporated, the Scottish Interloper, operating the Territorial Congress as a Legislature. In the 14th Amendment, they condemned all Municipal citizens of the United States and pre-judged and sentenced them.
That's why when your STRAWMAN appears in any Territorial State of State Court or District Court, it's a sham. It "gives and appearance of justice" but the PERSON in the Dock and named on the Docket, is already pre-judged and guilty, and has appeared in answer to a Bill of Attainder.
That's also why when the estate of a living man "presumed to be" an "infant decedent", for example, "Johnson, Lester Allen" ---- appears in one of these courts, it is presumed to be abandoned and subject to administration by Territorial Bar Attorneys as "salvage" under Maritime law, and already pre-judged and subject to the "discretion" of the Judge --- and again, has appeared in answer to a Bill of Attainder.
The word "decedent" can mean what we typically take it to mean --- literally dead, a corpse, etc., or, it can mean that we have waived our right to an estate or inheritance.
Now you know what they are pretending when they use the Upper and Lower Case Name and haul you in using Bills of Attainder.
They are using your Mother's unwitting "Witness" as the basis to claim that she donated you to them as a Ward of their State of State organization and that you are "presumed to be" a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, a Subject of the Queen, and liable to vest all your property interests in the Queen and pay all her debts.
That is, in the British system, you are liable to Bills of Attainder regarding any debt owed to or owed by the Queen.
All foreign stuff.
And what does Amendment XI of all three Federal Constitutions say? Americans are not subject to any form of foreign law. What does Article IV say? Americans are exempt from Bills of Attainder.
Do you think, just maybe, that it is better to be an American?
And that you should be running like a mad dog to reclaim your "waived" inheritance and birthright political standing, which your Forefathers fought and died for?
And that you should be holding your foreign Federal Employees and their Principals feet first to the fire for the Breach of Trust and other criminal activity that they have promoted here in our country, at our expense?
While taking their paychecks from our pockets?
Do you wonder where former Chief Justice John Roberts has gone?

Go to: and reclaim your purloined birthright today.


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  1. To sum it all up public servants ( known as elected officials) have committed treason against their own word. First by giving their word to uphold the constitution. Some judges openly stating in their courts that the constitution they swore to uphold doesn’t apply in their court. An Article three court can only recognize common law. Which is in law (substance received for substance gained) which would involve justice. The meaning of justice had to be changed. In a Republic the People are the creditors, and the government is the debtor. Corporations cannot produce anything, they are legal fictions. Men and women create things based on the most high grace. Governments were created to protect men/women private God given rights. How then can the creation turn around and say to its creator you serve me now?Blasphemy is the name for this sin. The US government cannot claim it created anything because it is carried into operation by agents which are men/women contracting to obey the constitution. In the Corpus Juris Sec. any administrator caught administrating a live person estate is guilty of fraud. No matter what any public official says they are guilty of unlawfully administrating live men/women estate in bankruptcy Bankruptcy is not perpetual. The governmental service corporations must immediately release the American Republic People’s assets free and unencumbered from all debt. The Republic is the rule of law that you hear politicians talk about. Bankruptcy literally means insolvency unable to pay debts.

    1. But their Attorney Karen Hudes denied that they are not officials, appointed only. They have no oath of office, their U.S.Treasury and Congress are only Trustees. They have no jurisdiction. Did she lie for them to get away? True or False it doesn't matter to me. But Anna in Dec 2019 admitted working with Karen Hudes.

  2. I do wonder where Justice Roberts is???? Hopefully where his ilk belongs

    1. Anna already posted in 2018~19 about the haywire in wrongful 2017 😥😴😧 extra extra U.S.A INC Bankruptcy. The Vermin striken back after Anna indemnified Bond AMR series. They got away with 1-Quadrillion in April 2017 via canadian Court, same subject matter. Since then THINGS became EXPENSIVE, BLAMING politicians is their games folks !😈😯 Toxic relationship, in multi-fraud multi-parties.

      That must be the UK* FR pope strategy over Anna AMR.. BONDS. She assumed the assets belong to America and Canada WHILE the Vermin Queen & Pope ignored her ignorance. They think their stolen gold that makes Loan fraud here belong to them. Are you following me folks? Otherwise you'll be surprised with their next excuses or lies 😨😧

      In Endless harmful Mind-Games, of the Corporators.. How R WE gonna get out of these messes without a hard Reset??

  3. No bills of Attainder, Kirk harps on this founding fathers hated it
    The British people are conquered by the Bank of England (Rothschild) JP Morgan is controld by Rothschild.
    When the knights were trying to regain the holy land back on home front the Rabbi’s and clergy conspire to forge papers and steal thair property.
    So same Rothschild that started the Bar that is global .its the Phoenicians dealing in international trade and banking coupled with Turk Mongolian Kazars adopting judeisim supposedly how 80%are secular.
    So you breaking the stranglehold I’d this cabal as Rick Martin found out they use thair well paid security forces and our human trafficking detainment facilities.
    But yes the bills of Attainer that’s what thair using .

  4. The multitude of pro Jewish organizationsall colleges dominated by them they maintain the matrix by threats calling any honest journalists parents in middle of night and use stories of how freek accident Like Hastings motor blew out of car .
    Stating is would be a shame if that happened to you .
    Silver star and Navy cross congressmen Paul Mcclosky said AIPAC terrorize congress .
    Henry Wiseman as Powell said is known as a legal terrorist.
    The only ones that get pardons are Jewish .
    Not the pope not the Queen thair hideing behind thair dresses pulling thair dresses pulling leavers !

  5. when I was 14 years of age, I worked in the tobacco fields in Connecticut, I was not very smart when it came to being told that I must get a Social Security Card, or I would not get paid! So I went to the Post Office I believe that was where I got the Social Security Card (1961), now it has some very different information on the front, top line SOCIAL SECURITY, next line ACCOUNT NUMBER, with a seal in the middle of each line with the first word on the left and the next word to the right of the seal, the seal in very very small print, U.S.A. DEPARTMENT of HEALTH, EDUCATION AND WELFARE. Typed below seal has the number with dashes, next line HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED FOR, next line my name in proper case, next line SIGNATURE(I signed in proper case as taught in there school system, the last line FOR SOCIAL SECURITY AND TAX PURPOSES-NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION! The back side Form OA-702-1 Rev. (11-61). So if I am reading and comprehending this is my account, forever! So! Any comments to add or takeaway?

  6. So is the present Pope of a Jewish sec, as he is not of the Vatican line? As the Jesuits are directly connected with Judaism, so who sat at the last supper, and what did they do from that point in time? Completely different thoughts of what and who each of them envisioned as to what they had learned and how they believed! Oh and there was a Politician there also called Jud-as!

  7. When I clicked on the link the the assembly website it took me to a facebook page saying it just wanted to make sure i was wanting to follow this link the the website. Why in the hell is facebook connected to the assembly website?????

    1. I was logged out of facebook. I clicked on the link at the end of this article. And it took me to facebook. Not the assembly website.


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