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Monday, March 29, 2021

Federal Violations List

 By Anna Von Reitz

When we set up the Federation's Criminal Incident Report Form we included a space for people to fill in the specific Federal Codes that were violated in their case.
What we found is that while each case is different and may include many other civil and criminal violations that are unique to a particular circumstance, some violations are nearly universal--- that is, they are violated in every case, every time an American is mis-addressed by a court, bill collector, or agency:
Federal Mail Codes and Conduct Codes they have violated in Breach of Trust: 18 USC 1341, 18 USC 1692, 18 USC 1693, 18 USC 1701, 18 USC 1702, 18 USC 1703, 18 USC 1726, UPU 114 (2.2).
In the majority of cases involving people who have done their due diligence and served Notice and explained their political status to the court, agency, or other bill collector, they are also guilty of Misprision of Felony: (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 684; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(1)(G), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.).
Finally, they are all in violation of 18 USC 2333, which explains the civil remedies that are due to victims of "terrorists" and which they are withholding.
There used to be an extensive listing of all the various causes requiring civil remedies, but since the "War on Terror" was announced, all such crimes are defined in terms of "terrorism".
If you have received a tax bill, much less a tax bill equal to the total value of your home, been threatened with a million dollar lien on a $30,000 property, been evicted, summoned under a false presentation, arrested via a non-judicial warrant, subjected to unlawful arrest, been forced to pay utility bills and mortgages you don't owe, faced unlawful claims of eminent domain, been denied off-set credit you are owed, or in any other way been harassed by your own public employees ---- you've been terrorized.

You have suffered collateral damage in a bogus "War on Terror" --- the latest model of mercenary "war" being engaged in by your erring public employees.


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  1. Thank you Paul

    Love in Christ, Denise Copp p.s. love to Anna

  2. Recent events have brought my attention to the issue of spousal abuse and the battered wife (or husband) syndrome.

    People suffering from these spousal or battered person abuses by someone they are supposed to trust and find shelter with typically defend their abuser, make excuses for him or her, and even develop a psychological reaction syndrome where abuses are expected to abuse them, so abuse becomes tolerated and accepted by the abused.

    Of course all this learned aberant behavior of the abused person is the result of intimidation, fear, threatened violence, actual violence, deprivation of privileges and rights, being demeaned by name vulgar name calling and profanity. Then some kind of carrot/reward is offered by the abuser to entice the abused person back in to the immediate control of the abused, and that sets up a pattern of dependency on being given marginal rewards to repeat the patterns of abuse and so to become willing to repeat the cycles of abuse over and over.

    Please tell me how does this battered wife or abusive relationship does not describe Americans treatments by their hired employees tasked with government service providers? In every way it mirrors a spousal abuse scenario. Because it is perforemed upon Americans with malice aforethought and in systematic ways among cooperating criminal gangs it is all the more deplorable social and political behavior.

    Massive numbers of Americans must awaken to their own abuse and rise up to smother the fire of tyranny burning the foundations of decent society and a Constitutionally governed Republican form of government. Supporting Assemblies is a good start.

  3. Paddy cake with satanist, not going to end well. As we should have learned the side with the best PR
    No matter what wins.

  4. A Warrior Calls just published this video on Bitchute
    March 24th Live Stream Chris Sky Huge Truth & Paul [Pablo] Proves NO Driver License Reqiured
    Seems like something good might be taking form up in Canada. If there is no guile in what Chris Sky is projecting, I shall truly back my Northern Brothers, and Sisters. Just don't let US forget about Heather Tucci, and OPPT.


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