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Monday, March 29, 2021

Aunt Mammy-Whammy Big Swamp

 By Anna Von Reitz

I can't remember if it was from Little Abner or some other comic strip back in the day, but firmly ensconced in my child-mind is the image of "Aunt Mammy-Whammy Big Swamp", the soothsayer of soothsayers, prognosticator of prognosticators, voo-doo mistress of the night.... only a little less famous than the Groundhog of Punxsutawney.
She usually had a crystal ball with her.
If she were here with us today, she'd look into her crystal ball to forecast the fate of the "U.S. Dollar" --- and here's what the report would be.
First of all, that "U.S. Dollar" isn't your "U.S. Dollar".
It's another "U.S. Dollar" used in international trade, and it's otherwise known as the "Petrodollar". It is an asset-backed currency, and, obviously, petroleum is the asset, together with petroleum-based products, backing this "Dollar".
That "U.S. Dollar" is going to be taking a beating and so are all the economies dependent on it, because too many people now know the secret of free energy.
Sooner or later, a large share of the market and demand for petroleum is going to "adjust downward" as the percentage of the demand dedicated to generating power --- all the coal and oil and gas powered power plants -- disappears.
In advance of this inevitability, those dependent on petroleum are scrambling like cockroaches in a summer kitchen.
There will remain a need for petroleum and petroleum based products --- the many plastics and lubricants and other petroleum-based products that make up part of the market now will continue to exist and make the transition for the oil industry ---- and the U.S. Dollar -- a more gradual affair than an outright collapse.
The market won't just disappear overnight like the market for whale oil, but even that remaining portion will be eroded by cheaper to produce renewable agricultural alternatives like hemp oil.
Inexorably, the cost of production versus demand and the growth of alternative means of generating hydrocarbons, will nibble away at even this last bastion market of Big Oil.
Ever wonder why the push for Electric Cars? It isn't to save us from exhaust fumes, because the fumes that don't come from our cars are offset by the increase in emissions that do come from the power plants that are producing the electricity being used as fuel for electric cars.
You see the problem --- and the answer --- that they are trying to sell.
They are trying to keep those huge electrical power generation plants running for a new reason. If people no longer need to buy electricity to run their homes and appliances, they hope they can still hook them to pay for electricity as a fuel for their cars.
That's dumb as in "Dumb and Dumber" ---- but, hey, we have all done even crazier things --- like nuclear power and World War II, for example.
Once people figure out how to capture free energy (and they already have) what's to stop them from using the same principles to power up their cars?
Also, why bother to buy electricity and pollute the air in the process of producing the electricity, when you can cut out the middleman cost and burn gasoline more efficiently and directly?
It still pollutes the air either way, but it costs less to burn petrol directly than go through the extra steps of burning petrol and turning it into electricity and then transmitting the electricity (at a loss) to run the same car.
Ultimately, electric cars increase pollution, because of the extra steps to produce electricity and the transmission losses when you distribute it as fuel, so, ironically, that means that you burn more fuel per car, and create more emissions per car----you are just burning the same old fossil fuels and emitting the fumes at the level of the power plants, instead.
Ironically, electric cars are a net loss both environmentally and economically.
This is why electric cars are not the answer and the reason that car manufacturers have stalwartly resisted the political pressure to invest in them.
Electric cars are not going to take up the slack for the oil industry, and neither will public transportation projects like Mag-Lev trains. Mag-Levs are far more efficient than electric cars, so pound for pound don't use as much electricity and don't burn as much fuel (which is the whole point-- increasing use of refined petroleum products at the level of the power generation plants).
Aunt Mammy-Whammy sympathizes with all the Tree Huggers in California and Florida. Poor dears! They've been conned again. They've been dutifully paying three to five times more for electric cars, putting up with all the inconvenience of charging them, and all the dangers these cars pose when they short out in collisions --- thinking that they were "reducing their carbon footprint" ----only to learn that the End Game is to artificially increase demand for petroleum products.
Snookered by Big Oil again, but Big Oil will plead that after all, they are just trying to save the U.S. Dollar.
Which isn't your U.S. Dollar at all.
So let's talk about your United States Dollar, which is defined as one ounce of .999 pure silver. According to the "dollar for dollar" exchange rate established by the National Emergency Banking Act in 1934, and the inflation of the "debt notes" known as Federal Reserve Notes issued against each such American Silver Dollar, the price of silver would need to exceed $65,000.00 per ounce to balance the accounts.
And that is never going to happen, is it?
We'd have to lie to ourselves about the value of a commodity on a scale never before seen in the annals of world history. And who is going to convince the man on the street that the sock full of Silver Dollars that his Grandma gave him are now magically worth millions of "dollars"? ---Even if they are owed that much in credit?
You see the problem. There's no way to translate an ounce of pure silver into over $65,000.00 in credit, and if you do the accounting and balance the U.S. Dollar (credit) against the Federal Reserve Notes (debt) there's insufficient asset base on the books, even allowing for fractional reserve banking.
So all the banks are busted and have been busted since 1930.
Big Oil and the Territorial U.S. Dollar (Petrodollar) are on the ropes.
Even after the accounting ledger is balanced and the US DEBT is balanced out by the U.S. Credit, there is still no way in this world to pay back the rank and file Americans, much less the Aussies, Brits, Canadians, French, Germans, Japanese, Indians, Pakistanis, Turks.....and the list goes on.
This is why the bankers want to kill Americans by the busloads. They owe us too much actual money and too much credit and too much in assets all across the board.
In order to pay us and all the other people worldwide who have been victimized in exactly the same way, vast amounts of Slush held as "Off Ledger Accounts" and "Legacy Trusts" would have to come back on the books-- and that would expose the existence of these purloined assets and be a tacit admission of the crimes committed to amass them.
Aunt Mammy-Whammy has decided to give up her career as a soothsayer, use her crystal ball for bowling, and retire. She's between 75 and a 100 years old and she's seen it all already----but for the rest of you, take heed.
There are only four ways out of this:
1. They kill off their Creditors -- again -- which is most of the world population;
2. They admit the crime -- in which case, somebody has to be guilty and offered up as the scapegoat;
3. They come up with some totally outlandish story -- aliens from outer space who are great philanthropists -- to explain the "sudden" appearance of all this wealth;
4. They pretend that they have been responsible stewards this whole time and were actually acting in our best interests ---- keeping our assets and growing them "for" us, awaiting our "return" to the land and soil of our respective forefathers and nations.
Of the four known possibilities, we prefer Option 4.
People may not believe the "good intentions" angle of the storyline, but at least the fundamental basis of truth is on the table and nobody gets killed -- the wealth does all belong to the people of this planet individually and collectively - and they should have access to it and it should be used to benefit them both individually and collectively.

Acting from that firm foundation and understanding we can all go forward together -- without more violence and sacrifice, without more fairytales and lies.


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  1. good luck with that.. i get a bit pessimistic when dealing with narcissistic,crimilnallly insane, socio-psycopaths.

  2. Anna, if you want to jump into this debate of gas vs electric cars then you will have to buck up and do better. I speak from experience as one who has had a long career in the energy industry. Yes there is a lot of truth in your message and about the petrodollar issue, but not everything you say is correct or properly thought through, and you leave out the most critical details.

    All types of vehicles invented by man are problematic in many ways. So your argument about gas vs electric vehicles are nothing more than belly button lint. It's a fools errand.

    Yes electric cars do present new problems, but they also solve many long standing problems. Just to name one, they eliminate the need for complex, and costly transmissions, clutches and gear boxes, and all the materials, labor, and factories for building them, and the toxic lubricants they use.

    Also, breaking systems greatly reduced, exhaust systems are no longer needed, ditto for drive shafts, gas tanks. Don't forget the tremendous reduction in noise pollution by eliminating noisy internal combustion engines.

    You cannot get into this debate unless you fully investigate the biggest factor of all, efficiency, on both sides.

    Efficiency of moving the fuel: gasoline vs electricity.
    Efficiency of consuming the fuel: internal combustion vs electric motor.
    Efficiency of pollution reduction systems: industrial power plants, vs non existent gas powered car systems.
    Efficiency of the engines/motors: internal combustion without energy recovery vs electric motors and batteries that can recover up to 30% of spent fuel and reuse it.

    Don't get me wrong, I am NOT an advocate for either electric or gas cars.

    What I am an advocate of in every way is honesty in marketing, superb engineering, corporate transparency and genuine accountability, and sustainability. The entire automotive industry is a den of corruption.

    And why are you not addressing the bigger problem? The systematic destruction of our fair, affordable, energy efficient, and sustainable rail systems? To abandon our sustainable rail systems in favor of unsustainable asphalt is foolish. To abandon equitable and comfortable high speed rail travel in favor of those horrible air liners and despicable airports is another nail in the coffin of our civilization.

    1. "TBG" I archived a bunch of video links years ago, and for sure now those links are no longer available. However, these are fairly close;
      A380 Jet Fuel Hoax - Massive Weights & Flimsy Wings - YouTube
      Mirror - A380 Jet Fuel Hoax - No Fuel in Those Wings! - By Matrix Breakout 6 - YouTube
      Jet Fuel Hoax Airbus A380 Exposed free energy truth - YouTube
      Jet Fuel Hoax, Energy Suppression? - YouTube
      I’ve worked around Cranes for 20yrs, and worked on a dredge for 7yrs. that had two 8,000 gallon tanks. I know what it takes to lift 100 tons, and the time it takes to fill up those tanks!
      Since the beginning of Anna's articles I've often questioned her assertions on many subjects that she has tabled. Through time, and my own due diligence I have come to find out how right she was, and is.
      Another great inventor from Ohio killed?
      Water Fuel-Cell Inventor Murdered by Government
      Conferencia de Stan Meyer 1992 sobre su coche de Agua motor de agua Water Engine fuel cell

    2. A good friend texted me a short snippet of this man's quote. I googled him and got the full quote. Through my life I often wondered how stupid I am and how I can rectify my stupidity so I don't become malicious.
      Bonhoeffer on Stupidity (entire quote) | Southside Messenger

  3. Gasoline engines are energy hogs 1/3 energy goes out the tail pipe in heat 1/3 is dissipated out radiator in heat and only 1/3 remains to fight the wind resistance.
    Electric forklift are indispensable think of a metropolis sea of cars gets stifling noxious.
    No thair good just not for people that can’t cope with idiosyncrasies of caring for batteries.
    But back to free energy universities don’t teach (free energy) they teach entropy the Big Bang now everything dies .
    False science black budget space fleet know oh yes in the words of col Tom Bearden once you understand you can float a battleship with flashlight battery.
    The secret is the nucleus of atom 100,000. Times larger than an electron it’s a bundle of plasma as 90% of everything is energy but electromagnetic only effects electrons but to effective the nucleus you need longatudal waves !
    Incorrectly called scalar or Torstenal.
    Spinning of a gyro said to generate a Torsten field
    Like Shumburgers vortex would generate electricity and create anti gravity because you generating longitudinal waves that effect nucleus and that can change time and anti gravity and syncitize or creat elements .
    So Tesla got it . Transmission with zero loss like the navy’s sub transmitter in baluns, California Anderson transmitter using longitudinal waves. That normal electromagnetic transmission to Mars tale 30 minuets to travel but would take seconds using longitudinal waves,
    The oligarchs((( Rockefeller))) want a nation of workers and dominated public education to effectively do that . It’s incumbent on informed to counter thair dumbing down efforts.

  4. Ever notice lately that some wave forms are in use to cure cancers, and get healthy. Realigning energy fields. Similar to what the so called primitive medicine healers say in south america concerning energy fields around out bodies that when seen can be "made straight" and once right your body works again with restored correct electrical fields. It would seem perhaps that if science was applied properly rather than financially the correct frequencies we can use safely are already obvious. Engineers who can do this often suppressed or admit it but do otherwise due to job requirements/control.

  5. What Bellerian1 posts is very hard to dismiss. Where the cognitive dissonance happens with the majority is having the ability to differentiate between a "human being" and a living breathing sentient creation. Is this where “they” can say “we were always doing our jobs, and couldn’t help it if “ewe” were to stupid to differentiate”.
    When we were younger there was a cartoon with a Stork that delivered children to parents. This same storyline has evolved in todays era;
    T.O.T.S. - Wikipedia
    This cartoon is aired with new episodes daily for the youngins.
    The whole Stork narrative was not only revived but it shows how it trains all others that aren't even storks to be child deliverers. Simply Amazing. What is more amazing is watching the youngins that are watching this show become so mesmerized. So no, at this time there is not any disclosure, or moratorium on the practices, and indoctrination that was implemented over a hundred years ago. In fact it has/is become more ingrained than ever. Most grown adults enjoy watching cartooned programs, and so would never catch the nuances, or subliminal messages that their youngins are subjected to, nor would most stop them from watching any cartoon because they themselves are watching them too. Shameful. Not looking good Anna. We are taught to forgive, Matthew 18:21-22; 18:21-22&version=KJV
    What happens when it passes the 490th time that I have forgiven these Cretans?
    Especially when I have it documented that “they” were forgiven by me for over 490 times. Yes, I know, I know, it’s been beat like a drum into every “Christian”, Romans 12:19; 12:19&version=KJV
    I am wondering how long even this will hold sway now? Especially when most “Christians” are being to made to look as “Mamby Pamby Cowards”. Back in the day I would have rather fought a “Shaolin Monk” any day of the week than a “Christian”.
    I hope this is still true.


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