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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The War of the Fey Who Remained

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have been engaged in a spiritual war for many years; it is time for everyone to come to intellectual grips with this struggle, because whether you like it or not, we are all in the middle of it.
According to Irish traditions about the Fey and their appearance from the fog and also the disappearance (of most them) into another fog, we now know that this is consistent with the phenomena of extra dimensional travel and the use of clouds and fog to hide the "blinking out" associated with this. Remember how Jesus and others in Old Testament accounts went up in a cloud?
Now you know why.
It should be no surprise to hear that there are those Fey loyal to Truth, and those who are loyal to the Lie (Illusion), so it is not a matter of "all Fey are bad" or "all Fey are good" according to blood or nature.
It's a matter of allegiance, whether you stand for Truth or for Illusion.
The Romans made most of the British Isles uninhabitable to the Fey who remained there by polluting natural water wells, streams, and ponds with iron objects and iron ore and later by using iron pipes to convey water. The Fey are allergic to iron and this action by the Romans rendered the water unusable.
The remaining Fey have been at war with the Romans ever since, though as in any conflict, there are and always have been a few Turncoats assisting the common enemy.
Unknown to most of the people on this planet, water is alive. It has a memory. It knows when it has been violated and it remembers both the offense and the offenders.
Consider--- is this really any stranger than learning that chips made of silicon can be imprinted to carry vast amounts of information?
The deliberate destruction and pollution of the entire Pacific biome by the Romans and their Allies (again) resulting from the Fukushima disaster has brought the ancient conflict over the poisoning of the wells back to the surface, and it is now entering public cognizance.
This may seem very strange to you, simply because you have never been made aware of the unique properties and crystalline characteristics of water, but then, you have never been made aware of a great many things.
You have never been made aware of the drastic decline in atmospheric oxygen levels, either. Listen up.
This is occurring even more rapidly than before because Fukushima is polluting most of the Pacific Ocean and the marine algae and other ocean flora are dying, thus no longer producing oxygen for people and animals to breathe. Harvesting of the Amazon Basin and many of the Equatorial African forests have only added to the problem, as has the senseless jihad against carbon dioxide.
We are living in an oxygen starved environment with oxygen levels far below our optimum performance requirements.
As a result of deliberate acts against Mankind, our water is polluted, and our food is only partially oxidized during digestion for lack of adequate oxygen to burn it up --- which leaves a lot of toxic unconsumed food residue in our bodies, and results in chronic diseases occurring on an unprecedented scale.
Hear this loud and clear: the problem is not enough oxygen.
Excess of carbon dioxide is a secondary result.
And the entire problem is caused by killing plants, both on land and sea.
Repeat that as often as necessary to get it firmly through your heads and then carry the message forward. Talk about it. Send letters about it. Make a noise!
Plants use carbon dioxide as a building block to grow and increase their mass, and they expel oxygen as a waste product of this process.
When you kill the plants, two things happen --- (1) oxygen levels fall (no plants producing oxygen), and (2) carbon dioxide levels increase (no plants using up carbon dioxide).
The idiot measures to artificially decrease the amount of carbon dioxide ----which harms the ability of the plants to survive by depriving them of the material they need to live----is not only unspeakably stupid, it's criminal.
Those who planned and executed the Fukushima disaster did this as a deliberate act of pollution and they intended deliberate mass death within the Pacific Biome as a result.
Next, they raised their hands above their heads and started wailing about just one of the results-- the build up of unused carbon dioxide in the atmosphere-- and they propose to use this as an excuse to impose draconian taxes on carbon dioxide emissions, which will only worsen the problem they created by killing half the Pacific Ocean flora, while threatening the government of Japan and enriching themselves.
Everyone on Earth needs to recognize what is actually going on here behind the Papal Curtain and Corporate Veil, and we all need to tear the rest of the gauze off.
At this moment, the Enemy of all mankind is centered in a longitudinal ley line array with key points just west of Prague, just north of Meissen, Germany, and just south of Ulm, Germany. All remaining Light Workers and volunteers need to concentrate on clearing these energy centers and also on clearing another triangle just west of Cologne/Koln, just north of Vienna, and just west of Stuttgart, Germany, in the Pindar (Rhein River Watershed).
All those who feel ill-equipped for an energetic rough and tumble at this time, are advised to concentrate their energy on bolstering Avallon in France. Remember that I told you that the Kingdom of Camelot (actually Camelotte) is in France, and all the legends of "Avalon" are those of Avallon, in France, also.
Fully inform all members of all governments worldwide, and most especially, the delegations to the United Nations and the Justices of the World Court.
Put down the Paris New Green Deal with a thump and face the actual problem that has been created in your midst.

The remaining Fey are leading the charge, but the people of the Earth must rise to defend themselves from these criminals, must make use of their True God-given abilities.


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  1. Prague Czech Republic south Dresden you wou think the fire bombing 30,000 innocent civilians were enough Ummm. Germany. The Germans are the root of common law they were the founder of can one twist Fukushima built by the zionest General Elecic and spin ??
    By know everyone knows who the zionest are and thair agents the Vatican is completely run by Marxist Albert Pike the zionest proclaimed the Catholic Church is our enemy. Who did the communist attack in 1937 the nuns who were told the need the convent nuns to follow them to safety we’re th were butchered asked why they said they need the convent and didn’t want to mess it up.


  3. Thanks Ann for being a true fighter in this situation, the situation is absolutely madness

  4. Injection wells worse than fracking.
    Fracking pumps water to hydroliclly bust opens dry wells
    Injection well are far more evil it’s a hazardous waste disposal unfortunately it leaks into subterranean aquifers.
    Evil Dow ,Monsanto,PPG, have the money to pay politicians to ignore the environmental hazard.

  5. Does anyone have proof that
    Fauci was first pres at moderna
    Soros owned it
    Epstein is top shareholder
    Gates/ Fauci were roommates
    Can anyone find us patent 2006257852

    1. I can't verify the above info either... Can someone else? or explain. I've turned suspicious of everything and I hate this feeling...

    2. I agree. Those are bold statements.
      They should be backed up.

    3. And I think Bubba needs a job. Way too much time on his hands.

  6. mixing science with the enemies of Jews anyone who blocked thair pilfering of the planet they don’t like manual labor . They like insider trading being professional liers.or actors or fake movies .
    Manipulating law makers to give them people’s property or special carve outs special laws to favor a specific people .
    The strategy of the communist left is scream louder and longer so that the get what the want and violence is the leverage burn down Baltimore riots.ferguson,Chicago.whole countries.and set up gang upon gang hundreds of organizations.
    European people are generally trusting and productive we are not compatible with Middle East and Turk Mongolia mobsters.
    That have no problem being a gangster.
    So the Jewish media and Jewish Congress is trying to disarm us and creat a matrix of oppressive laws .Its evident its a battle of the air waves.

  7. Thank you so much Anna for cutting to the core of what's going on yet again. Bless you. Sharing far and wide!

  8. Think we’re aware of lack of accountability , Were looking at solutions the courts like the Supreme Court said they don’t have standing to hear the voting fraud .
    And when they want they say we have standing.
    We resort to remonstrance (taking grievances to legislators) and then your subject to a corrupt political body .
    Back to we’re did the train leave the rails ,
    All roads lead to a banker and communist railroad attorney in 1860 .
    Attacking state houses claiming the were not providing a republican form of government (the guaranteed clause in constitution)
    Replaceing them with agents of deep state and the fact obviously martial law was imposed in that case any legislation passed is only in effect during martial law.

    Now we also know they changed controld of state government by changing the title of states to defacto (not factual) government.
    By the territorial feds stepping in under similar names .
    And at federal level incorporating without authority.

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

    Someone take the wine and scotch away from her.

    If there were an abundance of CO2 in the atmosphere, plants would thrive. Has anyone flew over the country and noticed it is covered in plants ? Any country( except they dry ones and the poles) ?
    The reasoning is flawed. The science is flawed.
    Discernment is lacking...
    Bubbapatriotic and Bellerian make more sense and where is wink wink on all of this....the jews have their hands in all the bad stuff...again.

  10. This is exactly the kind of ridiculousness that Anna Banana is compelled to write & display for global notice, especially after having just posted her Message to the World Court: Dateline 23rd March 2021 as Fiduciary, The United States of America, by ANNA BANANA DISCREDITS HERSELF & THE ENTIRE AMERICAN STATE NATIONAL CREIDIBILITY.

    What in hell is the Big Banana doing pontificating about the Fey??? >>>> Do Folks NOT SEE how utterly ridiculous & possibly a drunkard the Big Banana portrays herself with this COCKAMAMIE CRAFOOLISHNESS?

    This is EXXACTLY WHY the Big Banana has GOT TO GO as Fiduciary. Whom in any position in power, would DARE REFERENCE THIS KOOK?

    She deems her Fey'tales as relevant as her Notices, Messages to World Court, letters to United Nations, etc. BIG BANANA LACKS DISCERNEMENT on a level that is PRIMARY to being a RESPONSIBLE FIDUCIARY.

    SHE MAKES A FOOL OF HERSELF & THE ENTIRE AMERICAN STATE NATIONAL CREDIBILITY. Along with soooo many of her cockamamie fantasies & blasphemes. ENOUGH!

    Put the bottle down Anna Banana, before you fall off your stool.


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