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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Message to the World Court: Dateline 23rd March 2021

 By Anna Von Reitz

The United States of America --- our Federation of States --- was never incorporated. It is a Lawful Person.
The present crisis is nothing but the end result of a national-level identity theft and credit fraud racket, with multiple bankruptcy frauds added on top of that, all implemented via a double-impersonation scheme, and washed down with more attempts to latch onto living people as private property.
Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Anthony Fauci, and their European compatriots have endeavored to convert innocent people into property by injecting patented mRNA into our gene codes, and claiming that they have thereby created new genetically modified organisms (GMO's) at a cellular level --- thus trying to take advantage of a loophole in the Patent Laws administered illegally and improperly by SERCO, INC. allowing this outrage.
Our State Assemblies which have been summoned into Session have taken emergency action to outlaw these repugnant, immoral, and unlawful claims which would otherwise result in the enslavement and further securitization of living people as chattel for the debts of these monsters.
The American States and People, and our lawful unincorporated American Government doing business as The United States of America --- are still alive and are the Persons of Interest owed all right title and interest in everything on our soil, including all US CORPORATIONS and USA, Inc. holdings, all land and mineral assets, all mortgages, all land assets, and everything else that is ours by principle and right.
We are not missing; we were never absent.
We didn't volunteer to be the Administrators or Executors of our own estates and we don't agree to be the victims of obvious identity theft, fraud, deceit, and Breach of Trust.
It's true that every corporation chartered in this country owes us money, but it is also true that these facts were not fully disclosed to the American Public, and that our estates have been established and administered by Territorial and Municipal Executors de Son Torte in the face of our living presence for decades without proper action by the international community, including those Principals named as Defendants and Debtors.
Corpus Juris Secundum Estate and Trust Law: “ANY administration on the Estate of a LIVING person is VOID; if it is made to appear that the person was in fact ALIVE at the time such administration was granted, the administration is absolutely VOID”. [Emphasis added.]
This means that every action brought by every Territorial Court and every Municipal COURT Officer acting against average Americans under color of law and the presumptions of the foreign corporation bankruptcies ever since March of 1863 is absolutely void.
This means that all the actual silver and gold, all land, all the actual homes and businesses mortgaged, all the theft of our labor through bondage and fraudulent taxation, all of it is required to be returned free and unencumbered and unharmed to the lawful living owners.
We are not the ones at fault, and those who did this were not acting as our agents.
This ongoing saga is a crime of genocide on paper promoted by self-interested con artists, public employees, who have been acting under color of law and impersonating us, their employers.
The Nazis have a history of paying their bills by killing off their Priority Creditors, and judging from the 800 FEMA Camps that have been built on our shores using our money, this is precisely the fate they have planned for us.
The time has come for everyone on Earth who has a face and a soul to awaken and to take determined, effective, and systemic action to obliterate this threat to mankind and to the Earth once and forever. It's time for everyone to remember the dark days of World War II and the endless outpouring of aid given to virtually every country on Earth by the Americans.
The American People were never anyone's enemy. They never sought to cheat anyone. It was "the" US --- foreign, incorporated, privately owned and operated commercial corporations in the business of providing "governmental services" that are responsible for the war-mongering, false flags, press-ganging, and other evils that we and the rest of the world have all suffered.
It's time to realize the parasitic nature of this "beast" made of paper and lies, and it's time for China to know that it is next on the menu, with Iran for a second course, if we are not assisted in our efforts to bring sanity back and an end to this lawlessness and depravity.
They are our runaway employees. Help us to fire them. They have commandeered our assets. Help us to regain them.
Everyone worldwide who gives a Flying Finger of Fate for their lives and property must wake up. Everyone needs to show their support for our government. Everyone needs to send us prayers and money and skills and everything else that can be mustered to end the incipient Reign of Terror and Theft before it begins---- lawfully and peacefully.
If it is to have any credibility at all, the International Court of Justice must move in our favor. The Vatican Chancery Court must move in our favor. The Court of the Lord High Steward must move in our favor.
We must all take a stand in defense of the Public Law of this country, the International Laws that apply to Fraud, Identity Theft, and Human Trafficking, the Ecclesiastical and Commercial Law concerning the disciplining of corporations and those running corporations, and all Trust Law known to Man.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. Kinda looks like when is this state assembly system going to get something like wining a few hundred court cases.
    Traffic ? Mortgage ? Children returned ?
    Where is the proof that their claim on anyone has been broken .
    All these words have they actually changed anyone's status ?

    1. 😈This week, the European UK, Commonwealths (US, CA, AU..) are the same party any how, only appeared more, Crushing the U.S. citizens in recent years.. Also.

      As China crushing Uyghurs Demonstrators.

      Human Right violations? Yes all violated the laws.

      So who had No sin? Jesus said Let him throw the first stone.

      BUT They all threw stones at each others. He.. Had.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜…

    2. 😈This week, the European UK, Commonwealths (US, CA, AU..) are the same party any how, only appeared more, Crushing the U.S. citizens in recent years.. Also.

      As China crushing Uyghurs Demonstrators.

      Human Right violations? Yes all violated the laws.

      So who had No sin? Jesus said Let him throw the first stone.

      BUT They all threw the stones at each others. He.. Had.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜…

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The world Court? The UN really? Or the UK** France Courts?

    If true, why they have ANNUIT COEPTIS logo on their UN business letterhead ?

    Another Identity Fraud again ?

  4. OMG - Look at what I've found, the meaning of it: shocking! COEPTIS secret meaning&lr=101712&clid=2253637

  5. World Court?

    Democracy is Self Government while you are contained within your human settlement zone

    And what do you know the Earth CONstitution

    The federation miss anna speaks of often in her writings is related to this Earth Federation


    I am telling you right now Anna is working this agenda and she is lying her ass off to all of you

    You are not going to be free by any stretch of the imagination

    RDS and his bullshit if you read it all contain this verbage Ombudsmus

    All of this shit comes out of SWISSY LAND folks

    Zionist Congress in Basel SWISSY LAND 1897 folks

    Geneva bible making sense to anyone about now

    They are anti bible and they use it as their script - they are the scribes the screen writers guild the Golden Globe Trotters - GYPSIES TRAMPS AND THIEVES

    The script and the actwhores on the world stage making it happen in real time

    1. "I am telling you right now Anna is working this agenda and she is lying her ass off to all of you"

      One thing is certain. If that statement were true, and Anna was being exposed by such statements, the first thing any crook worth a nickel would do is ban you and anyone else exposing them from their platform. You wouldn't be allowed anywhere near this blog site.

      Yet here you are, still free to make all the noise and unsubstantiated accusations you can muster. That in itself tells me one thing for certain. You're not hitting the target...not even go ahead and keep wasting your time, and it seems you have plenty to waste.

    2. Yes indeed keep the people thinking and hoping that this bankrupt c of parasites are going to adhere to anything lawfully claimed by a group of disenfranchised fictional enitys.
      Never going to happen. These criminals have one big agenda and that agenda excludes letting any slave escape their status of subject=slave .
      Land of the free is their status not ours.

    3. As our numbers grow we will consume their charade entirely. As for you, you should be so proud! Hit the ball, drag brickguyo. Hit the ball , drag brickguyo. For some, self governing is not attainable. Maybe you?

  6. Obfuscate by putting blame on NAZI national socialist workers party.
    Paul Craig Robert’s Reagan’s highly acclaimed Treasury secretary .
    If you want to understand WW2 two books by David Irving Hitlers’ war and Churchill’s war.
    We get fed war propaganda by the evil ones who want war Samual Undermyer.Cecil Rhodes ,Churchillall on Rothschild payrolls.
    But I know we’re engaged in obfuscation here and most just want to be beneficiaries and unaware of actual perpetrators.

    1. Yes indeed they cull the herd by war
      and sence the gulf war have been injecting the lower rank solders with untested crap to cull the herd .
      Better to have a few hundred thousand very sick as this will place a burden on the rest of the slaves .

  7. Where is the lawfull claim ? A message has no standing in the world of the walking dead
    . We must call them out on the so-called name .Corner them on this and you are correcting your status. In their definition of person its so obvious that not one living thing is clearly defined.
    Its like we have to have this fictional enity attached to us. Like i have stated before call a false or fictitious name what it is. On Rob Ryder's youtube channel
    a video about a man named Juan and his success in Courts once he separated the fiction from the flesh . This happened in Florida. All STATES have this provision.
    We must correct our status first.
    They branded us like cattel. And you cant place a brand on men and woman once this scam is brought to their attention in the form of a unrebutted claim.
    All these notices " massages " and so- called lawfull paperwork has actually changed anything. I have a suspicion that The Waco tragedy was not about guns it was about freedom especially the children born at Mt- carmel. David predicted that the government would attact. People they don't want the slaves to claim freedom.

  8. I think once the fictional name is lodged
    Lawful money can be released to the bearer at any fed reserve bank.
    Look closely with a magnifying glass on the signature line on checks it states in micro print authorized signature.
    Why do we need this ? They know that the all caps name is a fictional title so they have the highest claim on that so-called name. Hell you think a safe deposit box is one hundred percent save ? Wrong . The feds can raid the box any time they want.

  9. Have you ever questioned the marriage license ? Why do we need their permission to do something they considered unlawful .
    This was bought in when a freeman wanted to marry someone of the black race many many years ago.
    But sence the early 1900 a couple of any race had to get permission to be joined.
    They did warn us by the words if any man objected he could state his concerns or forever be quiet.
    Please look up the legal definition of delivery.
    Who actually received title to baby ?
    According to a government official's responce the trap is sprung when the baby accepted this STATE owned title.
    The same government offical stated claiming to be an American means belonging to . Kinda like a human resource" a slave of the insolvent corporation.
    The man that received this responce was Raymond Karczewski from Cave junction OREGON.
    The same government official stated that as Raymond accepted the name and claimed to be an American the STATE had jurisdiction. This man kept these parasites at bey for over ten years.
    How the hell would any one want to be the property of a corporation.

    1. Come on truth seekers comments on my statements would be sincerely appreciated.
      Oh" and one thing i forgot to expose in my previous statement is the government official stated that Raymond Karczewski's parents gifted that name to the STATE. Did mom or dad ever get full disclosure of this ?
      There is a good video on the net titled Uncle Victor goes to Court.
      He provides proof that the drivers is entering into a compelled performance contract. There is one part of the video where his voise is muted .
      But i believe that where he bring forth the fact that the DMV never disclosed the fact that the DL is a contract. This video is well worth watching.

    2. Ingredients of contract full disclosure,mutual benefit.
      Watching a trial in Michigan of restaurant owner defieing court order obtained by central district health.
      The counselor non bar attorney wasn’t even allowed one word and carved with contempt of court it was sickening.
      Turns out it’s a vipers den of femal judges in county Cristene Withner and her gay lover attorney General are from .
      Witnessed a female mutiny trial. Peggy Hall wife of pastor from mega church in Orange County Ca who is supplying his patrons a form and authority to claim religious exemptions.
      This is hit a boiling point.
      Yeah Waco we all know it was to strike fear in anybody’s even thinking of separating.
      The OKC false flag we got the story typical multiple agendas being served one is to frame militias.

  10. People should look up the Edward Mendel House document the exposed the banksters plan to disenfranchise the masses of their creator granted status.

    Secured transaction ? Like a maritime salvage lein. Then get an insurance policy
    on the unclaimed salvage. Like baby was located an the foundling i.e. cargo needs to be identified. Then mother or better father never make a written statement of claim on baby. Just look at the maritime salvage law. Karl Lentz has won a few court cases involving child protective services and had the children returned once he used the words man woman and require the return my property.
    One guy stated that the World Health organization definition of birth was the complete expulsion of a product.
    If anyone can verify this it would explain how their system works.

  11. Yeah Indi Glow on you tube put up a decent video and I am going to go and re watch it. I was born not "birthed" and this video explains that when you go along with being "birthed" you are a "Person" vs being a woman or man by being "born". I will never agree to "Date of Birth"? I will respond a ship is birthed I have no "citizen Ship" I was born on...Peace

  12. For those who want to know hidden links to today toxic finance & legal systems.

    You should know why FDR was murdered first (and more.. In between), to JFK murder, to understand !!

    The human backed currency/loan was a tiny fraction of the hidden toxicity,not the real core the "Great Fraud & Theft". It's not legally possible by the G20 Geneva conventions of 1930-31, Ruled by Ucc-Canon law, they all agreed (and hide
    something big since their last 85 years).

    Here is the facts backing trace of FDR murder on March 17,1945:

    The shadow of Venus RetroRx (seen on March 20,1945) "retrograding" always starts first, ahead of the actual retrograde action of any planet. That's the rule of natural signaling system. That means FDR was murdered on March 17,1945. There are other evidences, needed not to confuse the matter. › natal…
    When Venus is retrograde in the natal chart itself, the feeling nature is deep. Socializing is taken seriously, and rarely lightly. ... Mar 25, 1945 7:24 AM Venus Rx Tau May 6, 1945 5:03 PM Venus Direct

    P.S. There is nothing evil about learning the law of nature. Because it's part of God creation. The evil esoteric, assumed astrologies, of the Illuminati etc. are human mimicking God creation ONLY, different from God real intention.

  13. my question is this when all this comes out and is over what happens to the people who lost their homes to foreclosure and do they get their homes back because other people now live there and what about all the interest and payments we made for 30 year morgages and vehichles ..from all of this mind blowing stuff our whole lives were and are a big lie.. some of us struggled through school just to find out it is all fake I am just to overwhelmed to even be mad ..for all who exposed this and our LORD I am so grateful that I get to live a peaceful life until the end time until them I will be watching,waiting and looking up and I know without a shadow of a doubt that GOD has this and only HE can stop the evil

    1. Unknown look closely at any deed in that document you will find words like joint tenancy .
      Hell they are hiding nothing.
      They own the all caps NAME . We should never have accepted that grammatically illegitimate name. But were we made aware of this ? Did the public schools teach us correctly. Did the schools intentionally exclude this in teaching us grammar ?

    2. You never own your home you are a Tennant nothing more nothing less.

    3. My mortgage free primary and investment real properties with market value of $750K, were stolen by thugs working for county sheriff, rendering me homeless. I recorded mechanics/agents lien on both, with recorder's department.

  14. Can anyone prove these statements?
    Fauci first pres of Moderna
    Fauci/ gates roommates
    Soros owned Moderna
    Epstein largest shareholder Moderna

  15. Can anyone prove these statements?
    Fauci first pres of Moderna
    Fauci/ gates roommates
    Soros owned Moderna
    Epstein largest shareholder Moderna

  16. Your asking the Crowns court to do a good thing? LMAO

    1. Anna is an air sign she's quick to conclusion without any investigation. What you see in the world 2/3 is not it appears...

  17. Go look closely at your deed. You have the rights of a Tennant. Anything held in the all capital letters name are not the owner in the lawful standind and status of the living man or woman.


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