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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Confusion Regarding Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

The spell-binding effect of the fraud and confusion is self-evident as indoctrination -- the many assumptions that we all consciously and unconsciously embrace as a means to navigate day to day.
In this country, many people assume that they are Americans and some form of "US Citizen" at the same time. We routinely accept such things as Daylight Savings Time. We stand in lines. We answer police questions. We endorse checks without limitations. We skip over the details of history, if we pay attention to history at all.
We are all so busy just dealing with life, paying bills, working, trying to raise families ---- that the shortest line between Point A and Point B and the simplest possible explanation always seems to be the preferable answer, even if it's not the right answer.
Many people are trying to recapture the funds that were raised by bonding their name and "monetizing" it --- without realizing that securitization of living flesh is a crime, and without realizing that for them, those bonds are not profits. They are debts that unlawfully convert free men and women into indentured servants.
The profit from this illegal trade which is a form of human trafficking, was long ago eaten up by the Perpetrators and Expediters --- the Depository Trust Company Corporation, which securitized the Birth Certificate associated with your birth event and issued the bonds, the Bank of New York Mellon which received the funds from the bond sales, the Vatican Bank which took its cut off the top, the Bank of Canada which took the Queen's cut, before returning the rest of the plunder to the Federal Reserve Banks --- which they then loaned out under the fraud of fractional reserve banking to create (and attach) even more debt to the phony Municipal CORPORATION, which was also constructed under conditions of fraud and used to "stand for you" as a public slave.
Don't seek after the rewards of crime against you. It only makes you an accomplice and beneficiary of those crimes.
Rather, stand against them for what they are --- acts of self-interested fraud and Breach of Trust. Don't believe in the existence of these THINGS, and they have no choice but to disappear, upon your demand.
The simple Maxim of Law is that fraud vitiates everything it touches.
The first fraud was to presume that you were a Territorial U.S. Citizen. The second fraud was to securitize and bond your Name as such--unlawfully converting you, an American, into a British Territorial Citizen and indentured bondservant owned by the British Crown.
The third fraud was to impersonate you as a Municipal citizen of the United States, thus unlawfully converting your Proper Name a second time, to create Municipal CITIZENS --- corporations of various kinds, owned and operated in your name by the Verminous Oligarchs running the Municipal Government of Washington, DC.
It's all fraud against you, first to last and top to bottom.
So don't bother mucking around, learning all the excuses the Perpetrators have offered for this circumstance, their Breach of Trust, their flagrant criminality --- any of it. There are no excuses.
Don't get tangled up trying to administer their legal fictions for them, pretending (or agreeing) to be the Executor of your own estate, or similar efforts. All that does is get you into closer proximity to the skunk(s) and their gigantic sting operation.
And what smells like a skunk can too easily be mistaken for a skunk, even when you are just making an honest mistake and trying to haul your chestnuts out of their firestorm of debt and dishonesty.
They took advantage of their positions of trust to unjustly enrich themselves. They created public trusts for the purpose of pillaging them. They unlawfully converted the natural political status of millions of Americans to do this.
All the corporations they created are forfeit to the actual people whose names and identities were abused to promote this unimaginably large bunko scheme.
And this is true on a worldwide basis, whether the banks and securities corporations like it, or whether they don't.
Fraud vitiates everything, wipes even the most solemn contracts and treaties away, as if they never existed. Everything associated with fraud is null and void as the Italians say, "ab initio" --- from the initiation.
So, as it turns out, Constantine did not grant the lands and holdings of the Western Roman Empire to the Roman Catholic Church. And that excuse for claiming the existence of "commonwealth" interests related to the former Roman Empire goes right out the window.
Good-bye to the Holy Roman Empire, and good riddance to bad rubbish.
So, as it turns out, King George arrogantly contracted with the American Indians via Treaties, that he subsequently evaded and dishonored with the collusion of his Cousin, George Washington.
Notice that the name "George" is common as dirt in that family, and means "Farmer" --- as in one who "farms" others, uses us as "livestock" and profits by our death and dismemberment.
There were plenty of good and earnest patriots who suffered and died in the Revolution, fully believing in freedom and brotherhood and the justice of what they fought for.
There were also cads and scam artists and bad actors who profited themselves and their own schemes on the backs of those patriots, and so we find that King George's evasion of his Treaties with the Natives became the driving force behind these less savory elements and their pursuit of The War of Independence.
It was only later, in the grips of what was supposed to be a brief salubrious war of political convenience, culminating in a resounding victory for King George III against the Americans, of course, that George Washington apparently realized that this was his chance to set up an American Kingdom.
So while he started out doing damage to his old foes, the Delawares, Lenapi, Mikmaks, and Iroquois, George Washington turned out to be a triple-crossing rat---- converting a war of political convenience into an actual war, and then, later, selling out America's control of her international interests back to the British Crown.
There is a reason that the Washington Monument is a giant phallic symbol.
My point to all of you, is that we are best served by exposing the fraud and the criminality of the abuse we have suffered, so as to rouse the conscience of our fellow-man and create the inescapable awareness of the political pundits---- plus all those bureaucrats and private law enforcement personnel they have been using to plunder and pillage the very people they are under contract to protect.

Our job is to deny them plausible deniability, expose the fraud, and enforce the Public Law --- remembering always that fraud is fraud, and piracy is piracy--- and studiously avoiding stepping in either pile.


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  1. Who would be doing something like this, to deceive the world?

    Why would you not stop them from doing so? Since 1945 ?

    Many things went haywire this year 1945, including the conspiracy against FDR March 17,1945. The shadow of Venus retrograding from March 21,1945 foretelling you so,
    FDR`s house #1 represents his body, public image, fame, . Then came this Grant Fraud on UN letterhead:

    Annuit cœptis
    Annuit cœptis is one of two mottos on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States. The literal translation is "favors (or "has favored") [our] undertakings", from Latin annuo ("to approve, to favor"), and coeptum ("commencement, undertaking"). Because of its context as a caption above the Eye of Providence, the standard translations are "Providence favors our undertakings" and "Providence has favored our undertakings".

    Annuit cœptis - Wikipedia

  2. .
    “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest." ~ Frederick Douglass

    "Many people are trying to recapture the funds that were raised by bonding their name and "monetizing" it --- without realizing that securitization of living flesh is a crime,"

    This is half right for the wrong reasons ..............

    Theses are two distinct and different statements, as one is the alleged legal person created by the illegal BAR system (the B.C. cake) the other is the real live baby.

    You cant bond or anything else; because the real baby-man cannot bond- etc., he-you-they do not own it; as it is already owned by the Banksters and BAR and Highest Vicar, as far back as 1213.

    In this article, it is being make to look the same and it is not

    How to Prove Fraud: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
    Oct 22, 2015 · To prove fraud in court, you must allege and prove all of the elements found in historical common law. In general, you must look for and define six elements: …

  3. .

    "Many people are trying to recapture the funds that were raised by bonding their name and "monetizing" it --- without realizing that securitization of living flesh is a crime,"

    This is half right for the wrong reasons ..............

    Theses are two distinct and different statements, as one is the alleged legal person created by the illegal BAR system (the B.C. cake) the other is the real live baby.

    You cant bond or anything else; because the real baby-man cannot bond- etc., he-you-they do not own it; as it is already owned by the Banksters and BAR and Highest Vicar, as far back as 1213.

    In this article, it is being make to look the same and it is not

    How to Prove Fraud: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
    Oct 22, 2015 · To prove fraud in court, you must allege and prove all of the elements found in historical common law. In general, you must look for and define six elements: …

    1. .
      · To prove fraud in court, you must allege and prove all of the elements found in historical common law. In general, you must look for and define six elements: …

      Another system created by the Banksters nd the BAR system to make it difficult to get the TRUTH into courts.....

      As they have also created the [CODEs] of The law of necessity...LMAO

    2. A man in Pennsylvania found in the states constitution that all courts of Pennsylvania shall be article 3 courts.
      Well that's interesting and eye opening.
      As the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA written in all upper case text is not mentioned. So where did all the courts of Pennsylvania go ? That must be the first question that I would bring up if i was on the land known as Pennsylvania.
      I know it's impossible to be born in a corporation" all corporations are fictional enitys.
      Hell for that matter where's the state called Pennsylvania . Did it vanish ?
      I think most all of the original 13 states have this in their constitutions . we must always look closely at how words are written .

      I would be very careful calling yourself an American or american or AMERICAN. Governments are instituted among men not legal fictions. These parasites has disenfranchised the masses into believing this corporate fiction has a right to unlawfully convert the living into a fictional enity without full disclosure .
      As parents we must instruct our children there is no need for a legal NAME unless you want to be included in a society of criminals.

  4. Just yesterday, my dear friend received a foreclosure notice on her paid off home. This is the first notice of any kind, apparently owing some income taxes when she is a retiree. I hate this slave system!

    1. Tcriminals.This woman needs to send an responce registered mail that questions what Man or woman gave them authority " the right to lein her private property. There are many great videos on how to put them in commercial default on the net.
      She needs them to declair that the tax is owed by a living Woman and the living woman's name is a unique identity of the living not a corporate fiction. This is just my opinion and not legal advice.
      God bless this Woman.

    2. And this is proof that you should own nothing but control every thing!!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. AnnaW
      Tell the foreclosure Victim to show this Page 1 of Twitter3.12.17.pdf, bullet 2, 3.

      1) The LAWYER of foreign Banking Cartel ADMITTED, that America ruled by a Giant CORPORATION, controlled by the UK** and the Vatican. 28 USC 3002 (15)
      2) They admitted, All moneys their IRS collected went out to benefit their Masters, not America.
      3) The reasons why things don't work, are a) 90% judges & attorneys are masonic, profitting from Great deceptions and Theft. YT Experts said so. b) They corrupt the pub.records. So reject their foreign jurisdiction, with the said paper. Yes, tracking is important!

      P.S.) The sticky problem is at the core, house #9 of America is filled with the Devils, toxic **. Meaning law. Legal is injected by foreign Masters. U CANNOT fix it by prayers alone.

    5. I was in battle against JPMorgan Chase Bank and Jamie Dimons hired thugs for 13 years. I had asked for the Bona Fide Accusatory Instrument by which they could seek remedy in a court of LAW. Since there are only courts of Article I Administrative only of whom has no jurisdiction over the living man/woman. They never supplied that wet ink autograph. I recorded a Tort against them for fraud, banking fraud, rico because my city, the county tax offices were right up there with them, to include the county attorney, clerks etc. PATTERN of abuse. Well within a week they folded and filed the Motion to Vacate their case. Tell your friend to write in Red letters at a forty-five degree angle, Non Assumpsit (aka No contract)not a living woman, Dismiss with Prejudice. We are NOT tax payers. I am NOT an attorney, I'm merely sharing what I did and I WON! They (corporate) cannot contract with the living, period. Send it registered mail to the person (public servant) that sent it to her. tc She has three days to do so.

    6. "Carpenter"; Pray, Correct the Record the best we can, and then what else is suggested that we endeavor to do? This is an honest Question with no sarcasm. I have a few ideas, however I'd rather not go through eternity with their karma attached to me. Or their monkey on my back. In other words when it is time for me to go home I don't want anything of theirs attached to me.

  5. Anna you keep saying that fraud viatiates eveything from the start. Have you ever tried to use that arguement in a court of doesnt work and not even considered. So why say it..!! These admiralty courts are the only things we have to get recouse but your arguements dont hold water..!!

  6. Washington was coronated in NYC the British stronghold Wall Street by the territorial British remember the warning of a red garment to show solidarity with red coats serious business.
    Only 3%fought Torres didn’t have a dog in the fight wiggs were all British that left mainly the Jeffersonian republicans southerners.

  7. Expose the fraud........ I tried but I had my life threatened by a lawyer and and judge!
    "If you tell anybody about this" On my illegal foreclosure or theif of my land and house by a 3rd party debt collector who had no right or contract with me. Oooo they got it all house, land and possessions. We need to start linching these bastards! NOW!!

  8. Anna, URGENT! I did all my paperwork more than a year ago, but just recorded it with my state assembly, Kentucky. I sought honorably remedy against my work comp ins. company whose in contempt of their court orders of obligation to me. I warned them in an attempt to get them to do the honorable thing, to no avail. So I recorded a Private Non Commercial Non Judicial Lien against them, a second lien was also done against my city/county/electric company and several public servants. The sheriff dept came hunting me down, tipped off by the clerk who likely has not recorded the second one, but did the first one, they pulled me over. Since the pattern of abuses have spanned decades, I took action for fear for my life. I was pulled over in my private conveyance. I handed one of my documents reconveyance etc to the sheriff deputy, he wrote me off as one of those clowns sovereign citizen stating what he'd learned from boot camp along with proof from cases from the United States Supreme Court (about eleven pages)proving they had no jurisdiction over the living man or woman without our consent. It didn't MATTER. They commenced breaking my left window out where I sat, which would have shaddered glass right in my face wherefore out of fear for my LIFE I fled. My family was on the phone before they approached me, my tape recorder is on my body every time I leave my domicile, and my video camera was also on. I got home, no injury to anyone, no property damage. 3 deputies, 2 or 3 cop cars joined their chase. I am so disabled they had to get me transported to JAIL by ambulance, what with dead bone throughout my body, two hips, right knee, left ankle, heart condition, RA, severe spinal stenosis. My spine needs surgery to stabilize it. I was assaulted and battered, screamed at, kidnapped off my private property, threatened with physical harm, coerced to sign their release paper that the judge never even signed. It is the wrong name, wrong address, wrong description 8'7", wrong description of private conveyance. They stole my camera, my phone, my tape recorder which none but the phone was returned. Their court date for the all caps is April 14th. I made a Limited Special Appearance on Paper, with ALL my documents with many QUOTED cases and codes they are to follow, making them criminals. Although they have recorded them into the Record, the first case UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is for EXTORTION because my recording the Private Non Commercial Lien, Non Judicial. The second case has felonies due to my fleeing for fear for my life and limb, which we have every right to do. Numerous charges. I've sent them the fee schedule, the accommodations for me and my service dog as well. They have thus far ignored it. My LIFE hinges on anything the American State National Assembly can OR will do on my behalf, because I WILL protect my life. I may not do so for but a moment, but I WILL NOT be infringed upon AGAIN abused and kidnapped!!!! Where are the Common Law Courts, where are our Continental Marshal power deriving from and WHAT can they do?
    Lastly, my state recorder told me to pose this additional QUESTION:
    Why does our Cards have concealed carry/declaration of firearm printed on them? That is crazy, its NONE of their business what we possess in our private conveyance or on our bodies. Thats going to get someone killed what with the fire upon people these thugs do to man woman. They see that,they will draw on us, that's a GIVEN! WHY? thank you in advance for your answer.

    1. Carol - Go to Christopher James, A Warrior Calls

      James has rather simplified methods for addressing their criminal courts with 3 questions, & a 4th involving criminal mercenary law enforcement.
      I Require:
      Who claims one’s property?
      Who can administer property without right?
      Produce the obligation [contract] upon which the claim is relied.

      Then the 4th when LEO's address you something like: Law enforcement, engage with you: Bob you better have a verified claim of harm or wrong, to another man or woman of trespass: Produce the obligation, Bob, that you claim I property ... (its inn the vid below, am pretty sure)

      In this vid he goes over LEO harassment & language maybe after the first 1h10m. Put vids on 1.25 speed & take notes.

      Essentially its their trespass upon you (but never use the word you) & their claim rights to you as their property, & your property as their property.

      Unfortunately, too many, as yourself, have had to endure such egregious acts - Know that Anna makes it seem as though all we have to do is the paperwork & somehow thats enough. NO IT IS NOT but Anna fails to relate this, acting as though just some words & some paper is going to prevent harm.

      SEE CHRISTOPHER JAMES & learn closely how to use words in your defense. How to call them by their first name, not as "your honor", etc.

      Yeah lots of folks think listening to Anna is going to help them when needed... but she is horrendously misleading. And pity those who did the ONE PAGER FOR DUMMIES who will know even less what is required of them to be an America, much less an American State National. Wishing you all the best... peace abundance & stay sane

    2. Add: The rules of Civil Procedure do not apply to living men and women.
      This is paramount.

    3. Carol - TAKE NOTES on this vid. Great details - - ALPHONSE FAGGIOLO

    4. Carol - Alphones Faggiolo site & yt channel - TAKE NOTES on above posted video >>> He goes thru their fraudulent document point by point. IF YOU WERE AGGRESSED by cop, if forced off the road, or threatened, or property damaged, harmed... this video may be very helpful >>> WHO AGGRESSED WHOM? Did you do harm or damage first OR did Cops do it? Did Cops act as judges laying false claims against you for some code, statute which ONLY applies to fiction, not living men or women.
      Learn your standing, woman, man is just below God, ok. Are they trying to make you lower in status, by giving title of Defendant, putting as lower than scum judge?
      Is the cop going to appear in court as one who stands for his claim? Or did he hand it over to some Fiction, some actor attorney who wasn't there or some low scum judge pushing false claims for fiction "IT" , who cannot be a witness, has no standing, cannot sustain loss, etc. ?

      Check out the video, makes it easy to break their fraud down & scare them back into their little holes.

      CAROL, WE ARE PULLING FOR YA! thanks & stay sane

  9. If you want a government that protects you, a government that doesn't steal from you, harass you, threaten you, or harm you --- then, it's high time that you start backing Your Government and participating in it and supporting it with your money and your skills and your time.

    We are taking up collections for projects to advance the restoration of Your Government, to fund our Peacekeeping Officials and Officers, to run our State Assemblies, to make Your Government work the way Your Government is supposed to work --- a government to protect you and your family.

    When you come home to the land and soil that bore you, and start breathing as a free woman or man again, you will remember the American Dream and you will no longer bear the burdens of Federal (US) citizenship.

    You won't be subject to foreign statutory laws. DOESN'T APPEAR SO FROM MY POINT.


    You won't pay "Federal Income Taxes" anymore.

    You will have little or no reason to ever visit their courts. I THE LIVING WOMAN HAVE NO CAUSE TO SHOW, NO INJURED PARTY, NO DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY!

    You will possess your homes and your land and soil as Freeholders -- not Tenants. WELL ALL I KNOW IS IT WAS SENT TO MY STATE RECORDER, BUT NOT SURE THAT DOCUMENT WAS JUST FILED, NOT RECORDED! WHAT GOOD DOES THAT DO?




    Now think about that, and know that Your Government is what guarantees these results. What's more important than what we have just described for you? What greater profit can you realize by investing in anything else? WHEN I SEE IT WORKING FOR ME, THEN I'LL INVEST. TY TC

  10. Anna, you said in your article Canned Laughter, Quote " And, by working together, we can also apply The Stick—- and sue and liquidate corporations that have harmed the Public Good for their own profit." Well I DID that exact thing, I filed a lawful action against them now I have FELONIES against that name which they insist is ME when it isn't! HELP!

  11. Carol you must correct your status i.e. your name. The registrar of births deaths and marriages must be required to clarify what the all capitalized name is ?
    Is it written in English ? What grammatical manual has the published rules that governs that style of text. What is the name of that grammar ? Was that grammatical manual used in public schools ? If not the students were left severely disadvantaged on purpose.
    If the all caps name is used to identify a fiction then it needs to be registered as a false or fictitious name.
    Once that is completed it separates the living from the fictional enity.
    Please look for Rob Ryder on youtube.
    He has a few videos on how the man Juan used this to stay a foreclosure proceeding
    And the judg got up and danced a little jig. I think this should become very clear that the all cap name is the fiction and they want to stay joined to us.
    I can tell you the registrar will never rebutt your claim. And a unrebutted claim stands as truth in commence.
    A man in Oregon named Raymond Karczewski
    kept that parasites at bey for many years.
    His videos can be found on linkedin.
    This man sent his claims to a lot of agencies but never addressed the agencie
    where the crime of unlawful conversion happened.
    I would to see a judge or prosecutor explain how this fictional title is now accused of a crime .

  12. Thank you for your information. I found him on crrow 777 on bitchute a few weeks ago.
    At long last a warrior that's freely giving information on how to end these parasites.

  13. Living men and women must learn to question every government document.
    As the CITY and STATE are fictional" then we weren't birthed into reality. It's like Dorothy in the world of oz. It not real
    and once that is challenged " game over.
    As Alphonse Faggiolo points out only corporate fictions exist on paper.
    Fraud on a massive scale .
    These parasites have lowered our status as living men and woman so they can control the disenfranchised masses.
    I think the validity of the birth documents should be examined point by point . Alphonse did this on the court documents and found 24 errors " fraud barratry identity theft and others.
    My best for Carol . I conclude that these parasites are using retaliation tactics against this lady warrior.

  14. I have heard that footprints as a water mark on the paper work we send these parasites, is like wooden stakes to a vampire
    The FBI i have been told will never use footprints as evidence in a criminal matter.
    If anyone can verify this it would be much appreciated.


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