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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Canned Laughter

 By Anna Von Reitz

Another reason I stopped watching television years ago is the use of canned laughter.   I hate canned laughter and I can always discern it; it grates on my nerves and makes me feel oddly cross.  

Imagine waking up one morning and you are the only one left alive, so you are listening to old reruns of ancient television shows to pass the time, hearing the canned laughter and knowing those people are dead and still cut off too abruptly in time for the next one-liner.

To me, it has always felt like someone was standing in the background manipulating me and “telling” me when to laugh and when to be silent and I naturally question that.

Why should it be necessary (or desirable) to trigger laughter?

It turns out that laughter triggers endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals. By inducing laughter the Svengali behind the screen gives us the idea that we are having a good time —- whether or not we really are. That brings us back for more.  That encourages us to sit through boring commercials.  That keeps us “tuned in”.

There is an entire science committed to triggering our physical responses in order to induce mental states.  They have formulas for how to induce every emotion you can imagine.  The easiest emotion to provoke is fear and the hardest to trigger is love, but within that wide spectrum they labor to play you like a stringed instrument.

They even tune their programming to a “target resonance” trying to keep the audience in a specific range of “response states”.   So, yes, Virginia, there is a reason why PBS has its own feel and why Fox News comes across as having more conservative values when in fact it is delivering much of the same prepackaged drivel as the others.

Things have gotten so far advanced that actors and actresses are rated and paid according to their ability to provoke your emotions—- good or bad, and by their ability to provoke a variety of responses or their ability to provoke one consistent response.

Danny De Vito makes us laugh, but it’s a particular kind of almost painful laughter. Clint Eastwood easily arouses our feelings of righteous outrage and relief. Meg Ryan makes men feel protective toward her. And Tom Hanks is that rare thing— a chameleon who can provoke almost any emotion he wishes to provoke.

Taken together, these actors are like a color palette that the screenwriters paint on your TV screen, and use to imprint programming on you.  

This programming can be good or bad.

They can inspire you to be better parents as easily as they can terrify you.  

Like so many other aspects of the Fake World, the whole point is that you are being purposefully manipulated — and depending on who is doing the manipulating and what motivates them, the impact on you and on our world can be deduced and evaluated.

Next time you sit down in front of the TV to ingest your daily dose of programming—- as in computer programming—- set a timer for five minutes.  

After five minutes, break the input stream and check how you feel?  

Set the timer for another five minutes.... check how you feel.

Do this at random for a few days and you will be able to discern exactly what these programmers are aiming for—- and how they are manipulating you for profit.

Big profit.

Over the past hundred years what started out as art has become science.  The BBC motto, “Listen and obey.” might more aptly be recast as “Monkey see, monkey do.”

The most obvious and harmful such programming comes from the shadiest sources—- the pornography industry, which blatantly and with routine success stimulates sexual responses and behaviors of whatever kind they wish to promote.

And experience has proven that no matter how depraved a particular behavior might be, there is always a market for it and that market grows depending on how many people are exposed to “the product”—- which is really the complex cocktail of chemicals it triggers in response to visual and auditory cues.

It’s not that TV is addicting.  It’s our physical responses to TV that are addicting.

We are not any different than Pavlov’s dog —- except that we have the potential to realize that we are being played and zombified and reduced to a pile of chemicals using audio-visual stimuli.

That and it’s dangers is what I am bringing to your attention today.

Full grown men don’t suddenly have a hankering to rape little girls.  This is an unnatural aberrant behavior that is being induced deliberately via these same sorts of programming.  

All manner of such perversions are being mainstreamed by deliberately connecting them into the stimulus-response grid that movie and television companies have mapped out —- and that is why Hollywood is to be held responsible for the “messaging” it is putting out—- because that messaging is harmful as well as profitable.

This stimulus of emotional and physical responses has another dark aspect and that is the widening epidemic of “adrenal failure”.

People watch TV for the emotional and physical “thrills”—- and a big part of what the junkies crave is their own Adrenalin response; however, our bodies were never designed for such constant stimulation.  It should be no surprise that the overworked adrenal glands give out.

And then what?

A death spiral of chronic disease conditions and system failures that is more disgusting and frightening than any horror movie— only now it is happening in real life to people you know.

The New Plague of adrenal failure and its causes is not a mystery.  It’s one of the dangers of constantly over-stimulating your own internal chemistry factories— the adrenal glands— and wearing them out.

So what can we do to protect ourselves and our children from The Box?

We can become aware of the clear and present danger in our living room. We can realize it’s potential to harm and manipulate and addict people under the guise of entertainment.

We can stand back from “the show” and analyze it.  We can ask— what are they feeding me today?  How does that make me feel? Am I being harmed or helped by this?

Five minutes spent outside listening to birds chirping and wind blowing does more for your health and mental well-being than you can currently imagine, because The Box has disconnected you from the natural world and it’s beneficial, life-enhancing program.

When I say, “Come out of Babylon!” I am saying something far broader than any exhortation to leave certain political and religious institutions behind.  This is a call to examine the way you are living, what you are doing, and what is being done to you.

You and I face implacable and evil forces bent on destroying us in pursuit of profit.

The only weapon we have in this “war” is the truth and our own ability to observe the dangers of our situation and the profit-driven motives of those forces arrayed against us.

We can deny them profit by turning the knob and flicking the switch.  We can deny them profit and redirect their activities by deliberately selecting only that programming that is beneficial to us.  That’s the carrot.

And, by working together, we can also apply The Stick—- and sue and liquidate corporations that have harmed the Public Good for their own profit.

Corporations that have abused the people with destructive products and practices need to be fined, regulated, placed under new management and/or liquidated—- not simply re-branded under another name and allowed to continue their predatory behavior.

It is not an accident that Hollywood moguls Big Tech tycoons are among the biggest investors in medical technology.  They know they are making us sick, so logic dictates The Next Big Thing for their own investments.

The next thing they will distort and manipulate for profit will, predictably, be health care.

If we all stand around like cows in a feedlot and allow this “program” to proceed, our quality of life will be ruined and the destruction of mankind is assured—- simply because tearing us down has become more profitable than building us up.

Only we can change this horrifying situation by becoming aware of it and making new choices and creating new political and market dynamics.


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  1. Anna,
    Can you see that written articles have the exact same effect? Little catch phrases etc.
    Discernment is needed and desired throughout all aspects of this world!

  2. Does anyone ever have anything good to say. Or is it just everyones nature to find fault.

    1. Find fault? Who specifically are you questioning?

    2. Hope this helps "Lifesmirage"

  3. In "1984" by George Orwell people were kept busy and distracted with pornography. Today? WAP is "Song of the Year, Cardi B and Megan "Thee" Stallion's performance in the Grammy awards was pure pornography. On public airwaves national TV. I'm not a prude, really I can't watch it and these two will be used and abused, put on display and objectified and then thrown to the metaphorical ditch when they are no longer of use to the money changers. We are told this is done in the name of women's creativity and promotes female empowerment. It promotes female degradation. There is no creative value in the song at all. Please don't tell us soft core pornography is empowering women. it's damaging and leads to exactly what was pointed out in the article. Adrenal failure. And in some will send them racing to their computer for something harder. And the potential damage to kids? Good Lord, I can tell you from personal experience that exposure to smut at an early age will at the least skew your view of sexuality as you get older and at worst will lead to porn addiction. I was exposed by finding my fathers hardcore pornography at about nine, and struggled with porn addiction until I was 50 years of age. I have a real problem with those that promote it and sexual abuse of children for entertainment? Talk about the elephant in the middle of the room.

  4. So thankful that I haven't watched TV in many years. I have no desire to be programmed. I prefer to look for the truth, in such places as Anna's writings.

  5. And who owns, controls canned laughter, main street media, social media, & all else?
    “Having a television in your home is like having a jew in your living room” Father Leonard E. Finney MICM the Point Magazine 1957

    1. JEWS have putrefied television, movies, media far more than sound. Instantaneous flashes of heinous images, words, acts are the jews more corrupting methods. As a young'un, i saw a bottle of coke instantaneously flash on a childrens show i was watching.

      What more are jews flashing before our eyes with higher resolutions?
      Under the JEWS, Disney has PORNOGRAPHY in CHILDRENS MOVIES. Anal-clot-JEW filth scum Eisner & his PEDO programmers, illustrators inserted detectible porn, HOW MUCH MORE has the JEW inserted that isn't detectible for OUR CHILDREN to absorb?

      How much more VIOLENCE against WHITEY have the Anal-Clot-JEWS inserted into their Negrocity movies?

      See this short vid - REAL subliminal message 'KILL' caught accidentally (DISTURBING) 8:42 Woman captures word KILL on tv screen while watching the news

    2. Shelby - wanted to say Thanks, from a good while back, for the Christian law info you posted for us. tak-tak!


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