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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Esau "Story"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Over the past few months I have been receiving tons of mail from apparently well-intentioned people talking about a supposed eternal fight between Jacob and Esau, his older brother, whom Jacob defrauded.
They are picking this up from reading the Book of Esdra, which is a book of scripture that was not included as part of the Bible.
According to Esdra, Esau and Jacob and all their respective progeny are at eternal war with each other, and we are stuck in the middle, choosing sides.
Oh, and did I tell you that Esau is the Bad Guy in this drama?
This is where "blame the victim" got its Big Start, folks.
You will remember that I told you that there are two (2) Gods in the Bible, and especially in the Old Testament, you must attune your ears to recognize their very different "voices", in order to discern which one is speaking at any given time. This is a case in point.
In the official canon of the scripture which is included in the Bible, we have God Number Two saying, "I have always hated Esau.... but Jacob I have loved....."
Okay? Well, let's take a look at the two brothers.
Esau, the oldest, is red-haired and bullish and strong, a hard worker, who goes out and hunts and works the farm and tends the animals and gets things done. He's a practical, down-to-earth type, not given to daydreaming and intangible things. In today's world, we would call Esau a man of action.
Jacob, Esau's younger brother, is dark-haired and handsome, more like the rest of the family, and he is much more effeminate, much more the Momma's Boy, who is allowed to stay home with Mom and be pampered and not work the hard jobs.
Obviously, within the context of the story, Esau suffers what too many children suffer --- parental favoritism, where a parent favors one of their children over the others, and thereby harms all of them. Esau is harmed for lack of maternal love, and Jacob is spoiled by too much of it. He also bears the burdens of the older son and heir apparent --- all the hard work and responsibility of taking care of the estate and the herds and needs of the family from an early age.
But getting back to the story, his own Mother actively plots against Esau to defraud him of his birthright that he has worked hard for all his life.
Think about that?
The true God ordained that Esau be born first, because that's what happened in real life, but a scheming Mother decided to promote the younger son over the older son, and fool her elderly husband, Isaac, into giving his blessing to the younger son.
And Jacob doesn't resist. He follows along in lock-step with his Mother. They devise a way to make his arms feel hairy like his brother's and being blind, Isaac gives him the blessing intended for Esau.
They try to defend their actions and claim that Esau "sold" his birthright for a bowl of porridge, but that, too, is based on deceitful contracting practices in breach of trust. There's no full disclosure. No reason for Esau to take his younger brother seriously.
This entire story is about fraud and deceit, unlawful contracting processes, and worst of all, betrayal of Isaac and disrespect for the True God.
If we are to believe this, the entire foundation of the Chosen People is based on fraud. And lies. And betrayal of trust. And who is the Father of All Lies?
If we don't recognize which "God" is speaking about how he hates Esau and loves Jacob, we get the impression that our God loves liars and deceivers and con artist Momma's Boys, because that is what Jacob is.
Yet throughout the Bible and in our own experience, our Father hates lies and liars and gossips. They are on his Top Ten list of Despicable-Creations-I-Have -Allowed-to-Exist, because I gave them freewill to hang themselves.
Are we supposed to think that he, our Creator, who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, just up-ended his eternal decision and nature, and made an exception, suddenly loving a Liar and Trickster over a truthful man?
In the actual Bible, Jacob returns to his home country after many years away wandering around in Egypt and other places, and he is in dread of meeting his brother, Esau, who stayed home and was blessed in his own way, with many children and abundant herds and possessions.
What will Esau do? Will he take his superior forces and fall upon Jacob and his family, take whatever they have, and maybe kill them all in vengeance? No. In the actual Bible, the two brothers meet, make peace about the past, and Esau helps Jacob find a place and settle down.
That's what the actual Bible says, and the actual Bible should be believed, if only because it shows the power of forgiveness, the strength of brotherhood in good men who honor their God-given responsibilities, and the Way of Peace, which doesn't spoil the present because of the past.
It's Esau who makes this happy resolution possible.
And the True God? The True God blessed Esau abundantly, and saw him well-settled and happy on the land of his Fathers, at peace, and doing what he loved to do.
Jacob was stuck wandering around like a lost sheep in a storm, facing one horrible conflict and loss after another, selling his beautiful wife's favors for his own advantage, losing his favorite son (or so he believed for many years), wrestling with the Devil at Bethesda and losing ten of his sons and their tribes to Baal worship.....losing Rachel, never properly valuing his first wife, Leah --- let's face it: Jacob was a mess. Drama was his middle name.
Esau was blessed, despite Isaac's mistake. And if Jacob was blessed, it would have been Big News to him, because his whole life was one big learning session after another.
So let's read the whole story as the actual Bible tells it, with discernment, and realize that no, Esau and Jacob were reconciled within their own earthly lifetimes. It is extremely unlikely any ill-will continued between them, much less extended into the far future of today; and, there are certainly other Biblical explanations for the conflict that is ever-present among us.
For example, the conflict between Cain and Abel. Clearly, this gave rise to two completely different mindsets and kinds of people, and clearly, the two brothers were so opposed that their conflict ended in murder. And once again, we have an unidentified "God", protecting a wrong-doer by placing a special mark or sign above his head.
Would our Father, the True God, protect and condone a murderer and egotist who could do such a thing and shrug and say, "Am I my brother's keeper?"
This is "God Number Two" at work again, putting in a cameo appearance in the rest of the narrative--- Satan protecting his own.
What happens to Cain? He went to the Land of Nod (forgetfulness: he forgot about killing his brother, didn't even consider what he'd done) and built cities.
And what do we find today? Hordes of city-dwellers who are under the sway of the money delusion, cut off from the Earth, encouraged to be selfish and materialistic and thoughtless and politically correct. Many have the same exact thought and attitude as their Father and when asked, will look at you like dumb animals and say, "What's it to me?"
They never heard the answer to their question, "Am I my brother's keeper?" because the True God didn't speak to them.

Now, please, take away a worthy lesson --- the Bible is a tricky book. You can read it many ways and it is up to you to see what you see in it, but being forewarned that you should take nothing for granted, read it with discernment, so that you can distinguish between the two "Gods" who speak from its pages, and find the truth in what it reveals.


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  1. I truly enjoyed this article. Thanks Anna!👍🏾

  2. its all obsolete. new test obsoleted all the old test.

    my kingdom is not of this world.

    it is only satanists who fight over worldly kingdoms.

    actual jews dont do this. -- flee from worldly israel.

    its illuminist "american" "the gov is god" nonsense. neither jewish, nor christian. kabbalah. mystery religion stuff.

    in reality "just make it up as you go" -- endless revelation. fail to bind anything. the dragon. there is nothing real or permanent, and nothing is really true or false.

    fact is, new test came to divide. there are rules for being "brothers" -- not some imaginary monotheism "brotherhood [of darkness]" where everyone is friends.

    new test says dont yoke yourself to unbelievers.

    and again, actual jews dont do this "brotherhood" either. if someone wants to convert, sure.

    there is a brotherhood of everyone on earth. it is the devils worldly kingdom. it is neither jewish nor christian.

    thats the "default" for people who are unable to escape materialism, and where 2 wrongs make a right, where might makes right, where legal is lawful, where truth doesnt exist, where there is no law, where consensus is truth.

    old test is for pharisees. and the few actual jews remaining. genesis is for alchemists.

    and some very confused "christians" who dont have any idea what they are doing, or what trinity to use, or purpose of baptism -- lukewarm. who is god? ever-shifting nicknames.

    even mormons do a pseudo-trinity and fake holy ghost, and demand 2nd coming only. even they have some rhyme or reason -- that somehow it is latter days heaven on earth.

    esdras apocalypse was the standard for the middle ages. it was apocypha -- it was included, "lest it perish" -- but unofficial.

    its only later that wordly kingdom people and kabbalah wanted to merge old test and new.

    dont trust "americans" on religion, they have no idea what the hell they are doing. america cant even choose a trinity (not a bad thing, freedom of religion -- but its endless nonsense from people who never entered, and prevented others from entering -- pharisees, gossips, people who wanted to endlessly dispute things they dont comprehend)

    its largely "american" fake "religion" that got people into this mess. as a thing is bound, so it is bound again lol

    old test is obsolete. new test came to divide.

    unless you are studying alchemy, dont waste time with people promoting heresy -- just damns everyone, everyone goes to hell on earth. new test says do not be yoked.

    they are of their father the devil, and will do his desires.

    christ even said what happens to people who leave home for him -- they will be rewarded. he broke the sabbath. and put himself before "the lord" -- which pharisee commandment didnt he violate?

    anyone who bothered to even skim the new test would not be deceived with this nonsense.

    fake jews -- those who say they are jews but are not. the synagogue of satan. revelation calls it "second death"

  3. unless you are an actual genuine jew, stay far far far away from "old test" nonsense. new test obsoletes it all. INCLUDING 10 commandments. OBSOLETE. noone can serve 2 masters.

    no worldly kingdom.

    clueless people who just pick up bibles without any clue who it is directed at, the context, what words mean, etc.

    arrogance and ego. people who assume everything is about them.

    worldly people with worldly desires who think they are "chosen"

    this stuff is kabbalah/mystery religion pseudo-christianity and pseudo-judaism from heretics and gossipers -- son of men -- people who dont know anything. the synagogue of satan.

  4. all power in heaven and earth belongs to christ.

    unless you are an actual genuine jew, old test "father" is obsolete.

  5. there are MUCH MORE than 2 "gods" in the bible BTW.

  6. you will also note it is based on works, not faith.

    so, heretics and damned people try to judge everyone else.

    news at 11, sky is blue, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    these people are cursed and missed out on "heaven" so they try to damn everyone else and bring everyone else down to their worldly kingdom level.

    christ came to divide. these people just want to sit with their generations of damned families and try to damn everyone else in order to prop up their worldly fiefdoms.

    1 John 2:15

    most the "family" rubbish nowadays is disguised illuminism/commie "ideal targets"/leftist "identity" nonsense.

    "right wing collectivism" it has been called.

    the image and appearance of "religion", in reality just more lefty identity/consensus/etc.

    whited sepulchres. blinded by the light lol

  7. in general i would assume it is more pillar and post -- try to route people to new test by pushing old test heresies and "the law" of the devil.

    except paul also pushes "The lord" and 10 commandments etc.

    there really arent any new test churches anymore, doubly so in "america"

    so, i chalk most of it up to deceived and deceiving. abomination of desolation -- avoid these people and fake "churches", flee to the hills.

  8. A fanciful interpretation by Anna that leaves out elements of discernment that are essential to comprehend how and why Jacob was chosen over Esau.

    Jacob was firmly holding Esau's heel in their birth experience, and his mother noted that event as a sign of Jacob's eventual ascendancy over Esau as the true chosen birthright son. She continued to observe from her son Jacob's childhood interest in attending to the more spiritual family matters while Esau was a man of the field who loved and preferred his natural man's skill in hunting the game he prized over attending to spiritual callings. Jacob was known by his mother as the chosen birthright child. Jacob in adult years wrestled with the Angel of the Lord to obtain the Lord's blessing and succeeded in the match to obtain the blessing he sought and his names was changed to "Israel" by the Lord, which translated means "Let the Lord Prevail". Jacob let the Lord prevail in his life and Esau did not, explaining in perfect consistency why Jacob 1. was chosen to carry the birthright, and 2. why Jacob's name was changed: because the Lord already knew from the beginning of these two spirits before they were born that Jacob would let the Lord prevail in his life and values and Esau would not.

    Please re read the story with careful discernment to the signs observed by Jacob's mother. The Sheepskin covering over Jacob's Arm as he went to his father to obtain the blessing of the first born was needed as his father had long assumed Esau as the naturally first born was natural to receive the blessing, and in his aged blindness Isaac believed the sheepskin was the hairy arm of Esau, so as a faithful servant of God Isaac provided the blessing of the first born to the proper chosen of the Lord Jacob.

    To attempt to dismiss Jacob as the rightful heir of the fathers blessing
    as the chosen of the Lord is to set at confusion the following centuries of careful genealogical and historical recordings and interactions of the Lord with the twelve tribes of Israel, in whom the promises given the descended from the father of the faithful: Abraham and were vested up to out current day via the Arahamic convenant, continuing in the seed of Isaac and Jacob, eventually through David and down to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, who was born of Mary in Bethlehem to fulfill the Law of Moses in and replace it with the New and Everlasting Covenant. That great blessing available to the faithful today who will "Let the Lord" prevail in their lives today, and by covenant of baptism by one in authority (remember John the Baptist was noted as vested with authority to baptize) Jesus himself fulfilled all righteousness and formally entered into his own law setting for us the high example of how to take upon ourselves the name of Christ, become one of his spiritual children, and enter into a new more spiritually devoted life discipling ourselves to following Him forever more, becoming spiritually reborn to live by the light of the Holy Ghost.

  9. Until we "put off the natural man" of reason and argument and seek the Light of truth by heartfelt searching of scripture we will remain unable to discern the continuity of the dispensations of the gospel by Angels to man on earth from the Old to the New Testaments. Without humility and trust in God, we will not open our minds and hearts to the majestic revelations of God that have come again and again through prophets in each dispensation of the gospel from heaven. Start in Genesis and read through Revelations and continuity of theme and purpose and consistency of God's work and methods of bringing His children to know Him will gradually emerge into a consistent set of comprehensions, and a conviction of the truth of His Word will become undeniable as the Holy Ghost manifests the truth of God's Word to you. Having contention in your mind about the Word will prevent you from being able to receive the truth of the words of scripture.

    It helps to remember Satan will always bring doubt, arguendoe, confusion and sophistry and will always attempt to destroy every good work and every true word possible for he is the god of this world and is extremely jealous of any threat to his iron rule by confusion and lies, until Jehovah will take claim over his kingdom and His creation as the end times unfurl.


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