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Friday, March 5, 2021

The Big Virus Hoax

This is the book that we read in the early 70's that convinced us NOT to have any of our children vaccinated.  Not one of them had any problems at all until one of our daughters went to the Job Corps and they shot her with that military style multiple vax. She got really sick and she has had many health problems since then.

Be very aware. This is YOUR decision, and nobody else's. You need to be well informed before you make that decision.

Paul Stramer


  1. Hi Paul, the documentary found here is extremely valuable for folks who have suffered as a result of being vaxxinated, poisoned by GMO foods etc.
    ClO2 is being used safely and successfully by millions of people around the globe for every ailment known to man, including autism, cancer, crohn's dis-ease, lyme dis-ease, abscess, parasites, arthritis, copd, malaria and more. ClO2 is the ultimate full body detox.

    1. Ed Movis - thanks so much for your contributions! Is it Klacker you're referring to?

      Here's his link (use DuckDuckGo, as jewoogle won't allow easy access).

      Good Folks, we use MMS by Jim Humble, which is from where Klacker began with is new & most effective, cheap as hell remedies for most all,... if not 99.999999% of all ill health, for animals too.

      We use MMS by Jim Humble protocols every single day. Its most widely used to make water drinkable, world over, a water cleaner. We make our own MMS regularly using same number of drops each for MMS & activator Citric Acid, both extremely cheap, we buy in bulk bottles.

      We've not yet tried Klackers improved process... lazy i guess.

      Also, for those inclined, very carefully & minimally, we do breathe in a tiny amount of the gas held far below our face, the air has the gas in it, we inhale & follow with several deep soothing breaths.

      It 'seems' to heal our lungs & sinuses. If too strong, coughing like belly heaving, occurs & we hack up residue, but OUR LUNGS AREN'T SCARED, they're improved, if not corrected. We are never sick. Never sick.

      We also use MMS liquid on our animals, livestock, birds in their water too (plastic or glass containers only) to keep them healthy with periodic use. Use it on wounds to clean & begin healing. We use it as a mouthwash after brushing.

      So check out MMS by Jim Humble - Buy bulk, its so cheap especially for its advantages. Every day we use it for alllll kinds of things.
      thanks & take care

    2. Could you email me ? I would like to find quality chlorine dioxide, mms. Do you have to make it yourself?
      My email
      Thank you

    3. Lifesmirage - think the first link is from where we purchased our bulk order of MMS yrs ago. Still have several left.
      To 'make' mms uses only drops from 2 bottles, Mineral Solution & Citric Acid, using one drop each in a small glass or plastic container - never metal!!.
      Put the drops desired, equally, as we use 10 drops each, 20 drops total.

      Both drops are dropped into a small glass, we use a small snifter just for this use. Timer for 30 seconds. Cup the glass with your hand to keep gas inside, swirl around for 30 seconds, making sure all the drops are swirled in, as a drop may be on the side of the glass, so capture it with a swirl.

      When your hand is removed, the gas floats out. We fill the glass with distilled water preferably. For the proper water amount we pre-fill 2 small medicine bottles with water, these bottles have nipple or drop spout. We pour both volumes of water into the snifter with mms right away, then divide the pour between the two bottles. Done!

      It lasts for couple, few days depending on how often they're opened to use drops, as in drinking water pitcher (not metal). Even with a filter pitcher, we use mms drops. Amazingly, the pitcher is clean of any sediment (our water is very hard, lots of it!) & the filter remains useful for months on end. The filter is continually cleaned w the mms drops in the water. One pitcher filter lasted so long we just decided to change it any way. No crud! Clean.

      We also make our own GANS water, which uses distilled water & we will use
      CO2 & CUO gans water combined to make the bottled MMS. But to make GANS is something else, easy once its set up, but thats another topic.

      (One of the reasons to use distilled water, (especially & only to make GANS) is becuz the salts, minerals are removed from the water. This makes the water 'feminine' as receptive. Thus the gans can imprint itself onto the water, making a copy of itself. Never use or touch the gans, only the water imprinted with the gans. GANS can also be made of food, turned into a beautiful fluff which sits at the bottom & distilled water is poured into it to imprint for at least 24 hours. The 'food' is copied onto the water. This fluff... this magical fluff, which can be dehydrated, makes me think of manna which is said fell from the sky to feed people. Or the fish multiplied by Christ. And... our research shows Christ actually invented vodka, as the wine for the wedding. We imagine he also made gans of it & replicated the vodka. Again, never consume the GANS wet or dry, only the water imprinted.)

      Just using mms is enough! So you can start with one drop each, swirl in a tiny glass & fill with water after 30 sec, drink. Drink more water if you want. Read the site for info on what not to have, such as Vit C, coffee, etc as it neutralizes the mms. It takes about an hour to go through the body. So an hour before or after meals if using as medicine.

      We drop or pour right into our mouths, say, as mouthwash. Drops on the cutting board, countertop, on a cloth to wipe our eyes, splash face, drops on bo-bo's, in pets water bowl (they really like it when we use a syringe straight from the bottle & on their teeth for cleaning, & slow squirt in their mouths for health maintenance, like worms, parasites. Outdoor farm dogs are into everything, so we dose them up all the time. They sit & wait for it. Too cute, ok.


    4. MMS links:
      - bulk order 5 bottles each, so 10 bottles.

      & this Jim Humble mms site:
      blog page:

      See how its labeled 'water purification' cuz the jews don't want us to use it for health:
      Jim Humble's List of MMS suppliers | Miracle Cure
      Search domain
      The little green bottles of MMS travel size are now labeled "Water Purification Drops" and WPD as required by Jim Humble. WPD -water purification bottles have been sold for hikers and campers for 79 years around the world. This Jim Humble approved company ships world wide everyday except Sunday. Get the WPD and activator bottles for travel ...

      Miracle Mineral Solution MMS | Miracle Mineral Solution MMS
      Search domain miraclemineralsolution-mms.com
      However, it was Jim Humble who brought chlorine dioxide to the forefront of alternative medicine. MMS is now a holy sacrament for the Genesis 2 Church. Jim used 1 to 3 drops of chlorine dioxide, followed one hour later by another 1 to 3 drops to cure sickness when he had plenty of time.

      MMS | Miracle Mineral Supplement | Chlorine Dioxide
      Search domain www.mms-supplement.com
      The products known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement, Miracle Mineral Solution, MMS, MMS1 & the like should be researched as far as due diligence goes - any product taken in the capacity of a health supplement should be researched carefully. We do not assume responsibility for links going out to other websites - one must again research the ...

      On this site page, to the right are links to vids showing the Red Cross workers used MMS to wipe out malaria in no time!! They admitted to it, were very happy, so easy to administer, so cheap, totally effective, no problems even for infants... BUT the jews can't have that, now can they, so they removed it from Red Cross & had videos taken down.

      • LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS
      • Second Leaked Red Cross Video, Published Jul 1, 2013
      • First Leaked Red Cross Video, Published May 2, 2013
      • Jim Humble responds to the FDA

      Hope this helps! thanks & stay sane

    5. Wink Wink, thank you so much. I have done the research and watched many vudeos and testimonials. Funny, when I was a kid the bionic woman was one of my favirite shows. LoL. I am glad it can be used with pets. I have a pitbull and he has yeast ear infection. I have tried everything. Unfortunately he has been fully vaccinated. I adopted him from the humane society. They told me he was healthy. Which he wasn't. He had infections in both ears. After visits to the vet it was obvious they werent doing a dam thing. So I started researching to see what i could do naturally for him. One ear is healed but the other is being rather progressive. I have it under control as far as not growing or spreading and it has reduced. But i just cant seem to kill it. I have great hopes that the mms will take care of it. I lost my last dog of 13 years bcuz of valley fever and fluconazole. I have wised up to pharmaceutical and vaccines in the past 7 yrs. I never did like vaccines it just seemed crazy to me. I have 3 rescue cats.I saved when they were 7 days old. They were vaccinated once. And that was because i wanted they spayed and the vet wouldnt do it unless I allowed them to vaccinate. They are now 15 yrs. Old aand have never been back to aa vet since then. Never been sick They are healthy and still play and fight ( 3 sisters) like they are young.No one can convince me that pharmaceutical and vaccines are good.
      Anyway thank you for the info. Much appreciated. I will let you know how it goes with the yeast infection. Im pretty confident it will work.
      Stay true..

  2. As we know, this is all a Scamdemic, used to accomplish many evil things. We know this is not the first time this has been done. So when else was this done?

    In 1916 a "polio epidemic" occurred in Brooklyn New York. What else occurred in Brooklyn New York at this same time? 30,000 BROOKLYN JEW BOLSHEVIKS convened, preparing for their brutal, viscous attack on White Christian Russia.

    Why does polio have the same symptoms as DDT poisoning? Who then spread this? JEWS ROCKEFFELER LABS. The talmudic anal clot fraud jew Salk, was propagandized as some great mind who invented a "vaccine". When Salk was asked about his inability to patent his vaccine, he said
    “Who owns the patent on this vaccine?'
    'Well, the people, I would say. There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”
    There was no vaccine remedy, & nature can't be patented any more than the sun.

    Of course the animal & people experimentation continued & still is. 1955 JEW Alson Ochsner was heavily invested in polio vaccines. It was factually determined to have KILLED the test monkeys. But being a JEW, money meant more than anything.
    So to prove the vaccine effective, THAT JEW Ochsner inoculated his 2 grandchildren before a medical audience theater. BOTH babies got polio & in a few days JEW OCHNERS GRANDSON DIED. We can't find that JEW OCHSNER was charged. JEWS GET AWAY WITH MURDER, GENOCIDE, PLANNED GENOCIDE... all the time: 911 was just another JEW PROFITEERING OP, those people were turned to jelly & the jews profits were most satisfactory.

    Ochsner & investors were allowed to get their vaccines distributed & jew poisons were injected into us, which resulted in DEATHS & PARALYSIS OF OUR CHILDREN WORLD OVER.
    What of course is also hidden by JEWS, is that SOFT TISSUE CANCER INCREASED 300% as a result.
    VOILA! A whole NEW TALMUDIC DEATH CULT PROFITEERING VENTURE was born. Look at us today. Look in your own areas as to whom owns Chemo Clinics & its well published Chemo kills vastly more than it saves.

    But wait.... it gets better...

    1. Back in New Orleans, same place negro slave owning & trading JEW Monsanto was born, Ochsner is AWARDED for doing such GOOD JEW WORK, he's given an entire hospital complex, renowned today. NEVER MIND it has the mark of evil as its origins... its all about the JEW controlling our ill health for profit.

      Meanwhile, Dr. Mary was hired by Ochsner for experiments on monkeys. SEE LINKS BELOW on Dr. Mary's Monkey. A MOST FASCINATING READ or listen to Haslam's videos.

      Tied in this quagmire of JEW EVIL, was the assassination of President Kennedy. As an attempt was made to poison Castro with this JEW CONCOCTION, & of course Kennedy was going to destroy the jew operations, tied to Swiss jew banksters.

      BUT WAIT... it gets even better... Whom was involved with this but SENATOR TED CRUZ'S FATHER, an IMMIGRANT from Cuba, in New Orleans, photographed with Oswald the operative.

      Ted Cruz was born in Canada & remained a Canadian citizen until 2014 when he was BUSTED. How can Cruz be a senator & Canadian at the same time? TALMUDIC MAGIC. Cruz's dad is said a Christian pastor, however, research indicates JEWS were given free pass out of Cuba into America to do good jew work.

      Dr. Mary was killed, according to Haslam, whose father was close to Dr. Mary, & Haslam's interest in this case which occurred when he was a child, brought forth the truth that jews wanted hidden & KILL to do so.

      And this is WHY WE ARE NOT TO DISCUSS THE JEW. No jew was ever a Semite. No jew was a Hebrew. The jew history we're told today was concocted in mid 1800's & continually edited today. Right now JEWS are editing our Bibles AGAIN, to remove anti-semitism. The jew is unceasing in its destruction of everything.
      Look at us today running around w FACE DIAPERS, good little Golem Shabbos Goy Useful Idiots lining up for their latest inoculated POISONS. What could possibly go wrong?

      All of the above also out of talmudic JEW Tulane Univ death cult fake medical (poison) system.

      What is it with jews & inoculations? Its the most effective means to poison us, especially OUR CHILDREN & for the jews to profiteer & FEAR is their herd-dog.

      Dr. Mary's Monkey - My New Orleans - Mrs. Ellis, a history teacher, warned students in 1963 or ‘64 that the polio vaccine contained monkey viruses that would spread through the blood supply causing a new generation of diseases. Two Ochsner grandchildren received an early dose of the Salk vaccine to show how safe it was. Both contracted polio. [<<< Ochsners grandson was murdered as a result of JEW Ochsner's profiteering preference. And WE WERE INOCULATED]
      ... Haslam has woven Sherman’s murder into a conspiracy tale involving a clandestine mouse laboratory operated by David Ferrie on Louisiana Parkway; a heavily guarded linear accelerator located Uptown; monkeys from Tulane Medical School; a young high school science fair winner and Lee Harvey Oswald’s secret lover; and a plot to kill Fidel Castro with cancer causing monkey cells orchestrated by a right wing marriage between Carlos Marcello and Alton Ochsner, Sr. – the stealth viruses were then dumped in Haiti where they simmered for almost two decades before erupting into a worldwide epidemic of various cancers and AIDS.

      NEW ORLEANS, May 4 (UP) -- The 30-month-old grandson of Dr. Alton Ochsner, New Orleans surgeon, died of bulbar polionyelitis today, eight days after being inoculated with Salk vaccine...


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