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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Okay, Any Fools in the Audience?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am going to put this as plainly as possible so that nobody misses the point: 

If anyone accepts a "Second Declaration of Independence" they lose all that they won and are owed as a result of the first Declaration of Independence.  

Not only that, but they will be forced to fight in support of that declaration and have to go back and try to re-establish what they are already owed. 

So spread the word not to be fooled by this.   

Don't be victims of any more fraud. 

The Vermin make their money by fighting and by pillaging. 

They would love to have you be stupid enough to start rallying around a "Second Declaration of Independence" so that they would have an excuse to shoot you and fight with you over it, instead of being obligated by their current agreements. 

Don't be chumps. 

My Mama never raised no fools and I am telling you flat out the consequences of ever giving up or turning your backs on the original Declaration of Independence. 


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  1. what does she mean "accepting"? What does she mean by "giving up"?

  2. Serious question for Anna here:

    There are those who opine that the original Declaration was intended only for those who signed it and THEIR posterity - meaning, one must add their name/signature to that original Declaration in order to be a party to what was won and what is owed.

    Please explain why that opinion is flawed (if it is) or by what mechanism (if any) are those born on this American soil automatically considered a party (or the 'posterity' mentioned therein) to the original Declaration already signed by the 56.

    I will NOT be accepting any "New" Declaration for sure.