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Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Most Succinct and Timely Run Down of BS-19, EXCEPT.....

 By Anna Von Reitz

I didn't have time to read beyond Chapter 2, but will finish tomorrow.
I generally agree with the Author's conclusions in Chapter 1, except that, while there is "something very wrong" with the Book of Revelation, and it is very likely a later "homage" to the Apostle John written by same drug-crazed friend of "Saint" Jerome from Ephesus, the same man who is guilty of the misogynist rants attributed to St. Paul, and added to the Canon at the same time. I would not suppose that Zionists are Jews----
And, in Chapter 2, there is no way that the current man-made beastie is competent to deliver "Air-borne AIDS". The actual HIV virus is thousands of base-pairs long, while the fragment of HIV inserted in BS-19 is only a couple hundred base pairs at most. It appears to be an alteration aimed at disrupting one or two natural gene patterns, most likely to make the Common Cold more infectious, no more or less.
And that is bad enough so that anyone involved should be punished. Severely.
But here is the nice, juicy succinct run down of players and events, a sort of "blow by blow" ----
"In 2015, the Pirbright Institute in UK had received a patent for the weakened version of a Coronavirus virus in the same family as the new Wuhan virus.
The Pirbright Institute claimed that this Coronavirus can be used as a “vaccine”. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forums and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY.
The Event 201 was a simulation of the Coronavirus pandemic. Months before the Wuhan pandemic, experts in the US had issued warning that a Coronavirus pandemic can kill 65 million people.
It was announced that the salvation will come from the vaccine (“DNA medicine”) that was created by the biotech company “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” ($93.8M cash / investments as of 9/30/19), funded by Bill Gates through the CEPI – “Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations”. Partners and collaborators of Innovio include DARPA and U.S. Military HIV Research Program.
On January 30, 2020, Inovio collaborates with Beijing Advaccine to advance INO-4800 Vaccine against new Coronavirus in China.
On February 10, 2020, Inovio Pharmaceuticals receives authorization from the US FDA to begin clinical trial for INO-3107, a DNA medicine to treat a “rare disease” – recurrent RESPIRATORY Papyllomatosis (aka “RRP”).
That is, we have now on our hands not only the AIRBORNE EBOLA and AIRBORNE HIV, but also the AIRBORNE HPV (Human Papillomavirus, known to cause cervical cancer).
It is known that vaccines against HPV cause infertility. And Bill Gates openly accepts that his production of vaccines aims at cutting down the population growth.
“Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” works on the Zika, MERS, Lass Fever, and Ebola viruses too. So, we can expect the AIRBORNE ZIKA too… “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” works on the “DNA medicine” for HIV as such, without the Coronavirus delivery.
So, we can expect the purer form of the AIRBORNE AIDS, for sure.
Gates develops his genocidal strategy together with the Dutch company Qiagen N.V. Dutch known for taking on most dirty blackops of the Five Eyes.
As it is claimed in the February 2020 presentation made by the “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” for investors, the “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” made a Coronavirus vaccine “within hours” (three hours, to be exact)… of seeing the viral sequence. While it is known that usually it takes up to a year to make a vaccine.
So, Bill Gates had hidden his war against humanity behind the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), headquarters in Norway.
CEPI is being funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the governments of Norway, Germany, Japan and India.
CEPI had invested $37.5 million in Austria-based Themis Bioscience and $56 million in US-based Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to develop vaccines against global pandemics (e.g., Lassa fever and MERS).
CEPI had financed creating a vaccine for 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus (nCoV-2019), developed by Moderna, Inc., Innovio, the University of Queensland CureVac.
CureVac is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Tübingen, Germany, that develops therapies based on messenger RNA (mRNA).
Moderna, Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company that is focused on drug discovery and drug development based on messenger RNA (mRNA). The company creates synthetic mRNA that can be injected into patients to help them create their own therapies.
The highlighted “DNA” technology by the “Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc” is “the designed plasmids” delivered through proprietary smart device “Cellectra”.
“Cellectra” device makes injections of the designed plasmids, which are supposed to be “antigens”. Controlled milli-seconds electrical pulses are applied to the needle electrodes, which then form an electric field. The electrical field creates temporary openings in the cell membrane, allowing significantly greater amounts of the DNA vaccine to enter cells.
In the lymph node, the interaction of antigen-presenting cells and other immune cells results in antibodies that can prevent future infections or killer T-cells that can clear already-infected cells. Antigen-presenting cells engulf the antigens and carry them to lymph node. The cell membrane reseals and the trapped DNA causes the cell to produce the antigen coded by the DNA.
It is clear that the device “Cellectra” with its electrodes and induced electrical field is analogous to electrophoresis, which is used for destroying DNA in the process of producing Genetically Modified Organisms (Genetically Modified Organisms are sterile).
When DNA bonds are broken, and DNA is unzipped into two separate strands, it is possible to form a chimera DNA via introducing the alien base pairs via base complimentarity (the lock-and-key principle).
As the result of the electrophoresis effect of “Cellectra”, client’s double stranded DNA is unzipped (broken), and it is possible to make the editing of client’s Genome, with the resultant sterilization (infertility). And since the Wuhan Coronavirus is s single-stranded RNA virus, it is perfect for the malicious jamming of clients’s DNA via the destructive RNA interference.
This is in fact what is done also by the “messenger RNA” (mRNA) anti-Coronavirus vaccine by CureVac and Moderna, Inc. The synthetic genome that results from these manipulations cause RNA interference, which leads to infertility, serious degenerative diseases (as side-effects), and the inevitable shut-down of client’s genome, as was proven by the effect of RNA interference discovered by Craig Mello and Andrew Fire (Noble Prize 2009).
Wuhan was chosen as a test city for the full 5G network operation in China; and, on Halloween, it was turned on. It was reported that 5G causes flu-like symptoms, along with neurological damage. Flu-like symptoms, and neurological damage, along with other degenerative effects are caused by the destructive effect of 5G similar to electrophoresis.
This makes me think that 5G is Bill Gates’ genocidal machine “Cellectra” scaled to provide the global genocide. "

Go here, for the whole rant, and nothing but the rant, so help me, Irene Caesar-----


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  1. First line below title & credits:

    Its the frucking jews. Same ones responsible for the 'Polio Epidemic' 1916 in.... wait for it.... BROOKLYN JEW YORK.

    Ohhh gosh, what else was going on in BROOKLYN JEW YORK at this same time but the convening of 30,000 JEW BOLSHEVIKS in .... wait for it.... BROOKLYN JEW YORK.

    And just from where did that 'Polio Epidemic' originate? JEW Rockefeller Labs. Curiously, Polio symptoms are just like DDT poisoning.

    1918 'Spanish Flu' said out of Kansas - now just who could possible be involved with that epidemic genocide program?

    100'ish years later we have the Bolshevik'ing of America &.... another attempted mass genocide by jews.


    1. "...I refer to the blackop SARS-CoV-2 State Terrorism Global biowarfare in my article “WARNING TO THE US INTELLIGENCE СOMMUNITY. ILLICIT ISRAELI WAR AGAINST UNITED STATES THROUGH THE MOSSAD SHILLS IN CIA” on January 21, 2018:сommunity-illicit-israeli-war-against-united-states-through-the-mossad-shills-in-cia/

      and in my February 25, 2018 article “THE BINARY BIOLOGICAL WAR APPROACHING”, published in March and April 2018 issues of the “Socialist Factor” Magazine, ...distributed to 240 embassies.

      It looks like that Mossad played the same role in the SARS-CoV-2 global bioware strike, as it played in 9/11. The Gained of Function SARS-CoV-2 was
      >>>>> secretly flown from the major CDC Influenza / SARS Biolab in Atlanta by the SINGLE Israeli plane <<<<< through the Atlanta airport during the intentional Airport blackout, on December 20th 2017. In January 2018, >>>> DHS conducted the Biological Weapons drill,<<<<< marking the beginning of preparations for the >>>> global biowarfare strike..." <<<<<

      And DHS is a jew op, even gives 95% of grant money to jews & 5% to Islamists. All on our dime.

      All done to destroy White Christian America.
      And jewdaizers assist in any way they can, eh Anna Banana?

    2. Wink wink you are spot on ! These satanic followers have been very busy as many are awake to their scams.
      Their corruption of grammar" the demonic deceptions used in their military tribunals" their enslavement of man . I have shared the Justinian Deception channel with thousands and people are waking up. The public schools administration should be held to account .

  2. Vaccines have been in controversy due to mysterious deaths and the pandemic of 1918 also involved a lot of experiments. While science swears up and down that nature can be ignored and man is the creator of all things this idea continously fails and has not led in only a few hundred years. Solution is to seek out and infect with this same process all people in the world. As we live today in the Amazon people deemed primitive, unintelligent and "Just not with it and cool" by the globulists ( groups of people globbed up like poisoned biocells) who think only mankind is smart or matters at all are killing these people so that the lands of the Earth can be "reasonably plundered and developed" in to more of the globulist insane thinking that is leading to not only mans end but many life forms on planets and looking for more planets to infect with the spiritual madness that manifests as destruction in an increasingly fast way. Jenner" own son was innoculated with the stuff they grow on diseases tissues of some animal being including other people then inject it in to people to take a look see what happens and then claim no matter how much damage and death that the process is successfull always tied to dollars, money or power of some manmade variety of hijacked sacred energy

  3. On January 30, 2020, Inovio collaborates with Beijing Advaccine to advance INO-4800 Vaccine against new Coronavirus in China.

    So, how can we
    make sure that sinovac vaccine is not a type of mRNA vaccine?

    1. Unknown - Exactly - we have NO WAY of knowing what vaccine would be inoculating us! No way to ever trust it, nor those administering it.
      Horrendous threat!
      We don't take vaccines, ever.

  4. as has been posted many times before

    yes. zionists are not jews. zionism is against judaism. use the "wayback machine"

    see also "to eliminate the opiate" book

    apocalypse/revelation is kabbalah.

    "this again is a vigorous and kabbalistical conclusion contained in the Gospel premises"

    "the three kabbalistic keys of the whole Biblical edifice"
    page 731 "two cabalistic clavicules"

    "their lord and his christ"

    problem is, without revelation and kabbalah:
    -- no worldly kingdom (christs kingdom is not of this world, and jews dont get one until their guy shows up)
    -- no novus ordo seclorum -- need a new seal?
    -- no un/rhodes/fabian "1000 years of peace" millenium
    -- no "golden age" like trump and marxists say
    -- no mormons, no jehovah witnesses, no vatican II

    how great it would be if anna has finally seen the light.

    however, without the millenium, there is no america.
    "kabbalistic tradition"

    see jewish encyclopedia "cabalah" -- it is forbidden by torah to have anything to do with "secret books" and also to try and "force the end" -- so yes, it is not "jewish"


    so, the question is, when can america get a non-kabbalistic seal?

    and what is to happen to "make it happen" LOL

    1. i mean, none of those problems are real problems, but america has never done otherwise except spread heresy and blasphemy.

      a non-illuminati/luciferian america would be a reversal of the past 244 or so years. the Philosophy of the llluminati is the absolute and unde- niable Philosophy upon which these United States are founded

      page 31/23

      Then may America realize her destiny as a city set upon a hill, a star that shall never go down, and the world ruler that shall call down the light of the New Jerusalem upon the battle scarred earth, the Christ to rule for a thousand years

      page 53/45
      and again, if you go back on revelation, what happens to "make it happen"? LOL


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