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Sunday, January 3, 2021

About LRO and LRS Systems

 By Anna Von Reitz

People have pushed forward to make the Land Recording Office possible because of the need to provide services to potentially millions of Americans, and frankly, to widen the scope of services and opportunities available to our Assemblies and Assembly Members. 

It is not practical for us to function with only one (1) recording service or one (1) credential service or one (1) assembly hub and it never has been.  I am personally unaware of anything I ever said or did suggesting otherwise.    

This is not an "either" versus "or" issue. 

The only reason that a government exists is to protect and serve.  

In recent months, more and more and more people have been joining their Assemblies all over this country.  These people need to record their paperwork, need their State Credentials, need access to help recording their patent claims and so on ---- and it is patently ridiculous to think that there can or "should be" only one service providing them with these services. 

We are not a country that believes in or practices monopoly interest, so it should be no surprise to anyone that multiple services are needed and multiple vendors are approved. 

A question has been raised about the (possible) dependency of the LRS on Google Services --- a question that has not yet been answered. 

The reason that this is a concern is that Google Services is in league with other Tech Giants who are similarly engaged in censorship, information theft, commercial sale of private information, and other activities which are, if not strictly speaking against commercial law, are at odds with the expectations and standards of many of our Assemblies and their Assembly Members. 

A question has similarly been raised about the use of the words "female" and "male" ---- if any instances of the use of "female" and "male" appear on our paperwork it is a mistake that needs correction.   Living people are "man" and "woman", "boy", "girl", and "baby" only.  

The description "male" and "female" pertains to animals and Persons in the military and is uniquely associated with those who are occupying an office of personhood.  It is foreign to us as average Americans and should not appear on any documents that we issue.  

If there are any other questions or concerns about the nature, practices, or use of either the LRS or LRO Systems, please send them directly to me so that you can get official answers instead of paranoid gossip. We need to pull together and support our vendors and be thankful for the skills and volunteer hours that make these services possible.  

Please all refrain from "Either/Or Thinking" about this or any other subject.  While it may be useful for many things, Either/Or Thinking is not conducive to building a Union of States and is not the kind of thinking we need to exercise in the conduct of our business affairs. 


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