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Sunday, January 3, 2021

About Concerns of Google Dependency of the LRS

 By Anna Von Reitz

Basically, for all those who have been concerned, we don't have anything to worry about short of a total shutdown of Google, which could happen, but is not likely. 

Our LRS team has been slogging away to wean the system off of Google dependency and further ensure the security and permanence of all the records that are entrusted to the LRS.  

The information running through the Google service programs and platforms is all fully encrypted, so is not at risk and not available to be skimmed off and abused by Google for any commercial purposes.  

The LRS initially used Google to get up and going, but the intention has always been to build out of the Google system or any other corporate third party dependency one piece at a time, and that process is ongoing. 

The most obvious Google service, the Cloud Service, is not actually dominated by Google, but by a consortium of varied and competing corporate interests, and that keeps Google on the straight and narrow as far as abusing Cloud customer data goes.  

All things considered, the LRS is in good shape and moving forward.  

I think it is important for everyone to understand that our vendors are here to help the Assemblies perform necessary work that is rather specialized--- providing services and goods that the individual Assemblies would otherwise have to provide for themselves and their members, and which many Assemblies are not competent to do for themselves at this stage of development. 

Whether it is providing a competent public record of a land patent, or issuing individual State Credentials or creating badges for our Continental Marshals, our vendors are a vital part of making this whole effort a success. 

If you have questions or concerns about the vendors, please do not hesitate to ask in a forthright manner.  Sitting around and gossiping and promoting paranoia is not productive and only creates more problems and obstacles to be overcome. 


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  1. There is 1 (ONE) very BIG problem! Clinton has possession to the back door encryption keys of just about everything. They include hash functions (used to indicate whether the contents have been altered in transit), PKI public/private key infrastructure, SSL (secure socket layer), TLS (transport layer security), the Dual_EC_DRBG NSA algorithm and certificate authorities. If she has it then Google has it as they are all tied together in the 'DEEP STATE" for control of the world..

  2. Why are the assemblies not producing their own credentials? We have had enough of vendors. Let's make our own.
    Liz and the Pope are "vendors".

  3. Here in Illinois, I am having trouble obtaining a credential card and private plate. Not sure what to do about it either....