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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Election Night Coup D'état Plot Exposed!


  1. This message can be deleted after you read it, Anna & Team.

    But the video doesn't work here or at it's source.
    God Bless

  2. These people are traitors and should be hung or shot for treason.


    1. I told you since October, to be prepared and your saying that I'm just joking didnt you?. The fishy voting was apparent to me beforehand. The western Fraudsters are Not Communists. They also used the term "Communists to deceive you all to steal and defraud yuall." Then they blamed all their crimes on yuall. They intended to kill all, who knows, Trump could be part of their games. I TOLD YOU, OBUMMER WILL SHOW HIS EVILS AFTER BIDEN SETUP GONE. HARRIS WILL BE THE FRONT LINE TYRANNY PUPPETS

    2. Too bad about the bullet; rather let them work until they drop!

    3. no surprise we have known this for a long time but were viewed as crazy people wild ideas, well now it is here in your face. whom is uneducated now. this is straight from the communist play book wake up people

  3. You can find this video on her web site.

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  5. I was watching live earlier Inc. President Trump giving the assessment of the Democratic vote frauds and the news anchors (Lester Holt, Chuck Todd and company) interrupted Trump live broadcast (basically muted him, censored like Twitter, Facebook and Google) and said that Trump was outright wrong about Democratic vote frauds!!! It is so nice to see the news anchors squirm in their seats, you could literally see fear in their eyes and hear fear in their voice of the Democratic vote frauds truth coming out live by President Trump, a priceless moment!!! It's nice to be a spectator from the sidelines and watching a power grab chess match with the lying script of the MSM!!!


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