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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Coup d'etat, Trump Sets Trap To Expose It All, Patriots Know The Playbook


  1. Precedent has been set for all those who are attempting to overthrow President Trump.

    When 4 men were found guilty of attempting to overthrow President Lincoln, their conviction resulted in their hanging.

    If I could post a picture...I could show you the Historical picture showing the 4 hanging.

    As a Nation...we need to return to this mentality.
    HOO-YAH & God Bless the Restoration of the Republic.

    1. Never before has this treason act been more prevalent then today
      If somebody don’t hang there had to be the people to bring justice enough is enough

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Post your picture here: and post the link you are given!

  2. There really, really now has to be major arrests starting right now..!

  3. Our government is hired crisis actors for the technocrats. We’re a scripted species.

  4. 'Call the Ball' Time to rumble. Patriots!

  5. only trapping going on here is by isrel inTELLigence shameful that 45 QoronaCONanon's Pop dispensation al ist are continually Being
    promoted as this takes on more of a bait N swtich Diine Mother Divine Father Kabbalah atmosphere I Repeat: America’s Problems Are Not Political

  6. And dont wait for a trail...hang all deep state actors, including the Pope.then go after all reminen ts of the Democratic party and close them completely down...!!

  7. Why Ludwig II was murdered & Tsar Russia who sent fleets to tHe UNITed sTates of North amerℹ 🇰 a usmcA 1/2🏈 Time 45🇶 oronaCONanon's during Kucknights of GOLDen cirKle🏁 Civil War to 🛑 britISH seizure of North/French seizure of South 🍀 🐀 🚸 's Litter🐷
    The 1862OligarchsIncRplp2 "Jew🐘 ish🎪 " walKingFED eral Reserve GOYim 🐄 BORG speed💉 trials🏇 Liability 🆓 🇶 E🍀 Welfare🎩 rs subCONtract⚖ ors repos💍 Conspiracy isis^Justinian Deception British Imperialism ➕ or➖ 0.50% papistbanK👒 er
    The Mason🏁 ic Shabbos Goy🦓 Jewish owners of the central banks
    are behind all imperialism, including the colonization
    of humanity. The "New World Order" is an extension
    of British and American imperialism which are proxies
    for Masonic 5th Column Malthusian Jewish👣 👣 👣 mercantil😷 ism.
    sparKy juda/talmud/Kabbalah/Zohar anti Christ Kol Nidre Kosher Nostra Occult securitarians Zombies CONtruct

  8. The Ein Sof ers Zohar referendum on white aKa West akA descendants of Shem dudes: We got our butts kicked. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

  9. World Bank plans the future of all nations based on the geoengineering climate change agenda along with deindustrialization
    Only factories they will need will be those that align with the green new lie making previously 'health' products, electronic monitors to help with your health, test for the v and get a covid passport do not test and no passport or entry for you

    And of course the world banks concern for the well being of all their debt slaves is genuine and the virus has opened the doors for wonderous electronic monitoring that will aid them in their efforts to FUCK THE WORLD OVER

    Long video but very informative lots information on their roll out of products and RAND COPORATION is all over the shit

    Couple that with the information in davids book the bioterror bible and what do you get
    Check out all the 'legislation' put in place to accommodate their dirty ass set up


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