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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Trump WINS election; Democrats now working overtime to STEAL it by fabricating hundreds of thousands of votes in Michigan and Wisconsin

Trump Campaign Files Suit to Halt Ballot Counting in Michigan

That Biden Was Competitive Enough for Cheating to Matter Reflects a Degenerating America


  1. Regardless of who comes out on top of this election,I feel like I'm seeing my Republic fall to the way side.Corruption is the political Party and there are no winners,except those that seek to make their families filthy rich,and I say the word filthy just like my grandmother used to use it when we were kids coming in from the garden.Im ashamed of the way we've let or country and it's people down .We have become a country of haters and thieves tat want want want and want more of everything instead of just being.I don't need the government in everything I do nor do I want them in everything I do,and if you do your and idiot.I love this country ,I love what it was and what it stood for, but now the majority only care about what can I get out of this.It saddens me that we allowed ourselves to become what we have .Uncaring always wanting never satisfied always pointing a finger at anyone and everyone else never realizing that we are all anyone and everyone else.
    God please bless America ,even though we don't deserve it .

  2. That last article on the list really does say something is very wrong with our population. That anyone would vote for a crumbling dotard like Biden, verified criminal he is.... SMH vigorously

  3. Why do we care what jesuit puppet is sea lected as CEO of a vatican owned governmental service corporation. Sad how many people that know all this is fake somehow believe Trump isnt a bailed out puppet of Rothchild and Sheldon Adelson.

    1. I agree with you, but remember: it were some doves which madeRothchild wealthy. He financed both sides and as the war was lost, he send that information quickly to London City. This time: same scenario, but no doves:

    2. Rothschild Bankers financed both sides to create the confusions so that people will not look at them Excavating our gold away (from us victims), in the battles. Rothschild Bankers or Churchill Gangs were and are Big Thief's. They were not smart as they think, by assuming we're stupid. The fundings came from our Trust funds.

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  5. It's the popular vote, which amounts to nothing. Theatrics.


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