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Thursday, September 17, 2020

We Do Not Exist Under Any Constitution. The Federal Government Does

By Anna Von Reitz

Among the pernicious misunderstandings that plague this country and its people is the idea that we, the rank and file people of this country, exist under a Constitution. 

We don't.  We never did.  

Our actual government stands upon The Declaration of Independence and very little else. 

It's our Subcontractors that are supposed to be providing the Enumerated Services and exercising the Enumerated Powers to do so, that exist under the constraints of the Constitutions, and who are obligated to perform in Good Faith. 

A duty that they have failed by orders of magnitude. 

We, the State Citizens (otherwise known as "People"), created the Federal Government and defined its roles and set up the contracts it is meant to administer.  Period.  

We created the Constitutions as the implementation of international treaty agreements entered into at the end of The War of Independence. If you read the Treaties of Paris, Versailles, Westminster, and Ghent from the time period of 1775 through 1790, the entirety of the process becomes apparent. 

The Constitutions are power-sharing agreements that came out of the peace treaty process, resulting in contracts for services with three principle purveyors of governmental services at that time: The Holy See, the British Monarch (acting in two roles) and the Lord Mayor of London.  

These Principals have acted in Gross Breach of Trust ever since the Civil War, and the trusting people have slept on until now, when the actual State Assemblies have been called into Session to supplant and over-rule those "substitute" Assemblies serving our Federal Subcontractors: these other Assemblies are distinguishable from the actual State Assembly in that they are clearly labeled as "District Assemblies" and "Municipal Assemblies". 

Thus, you have, for example: 

The Ohio Assembly --- which is the actual State Assembly and part of the American Government, populated by birthright Americans who claim their actual and original political status. This is the republican state government we are guaranteed.  It is not subject to any "constitution". 

The Ohio (District) Assembly --- which is populated by U.S. Territorial Citizens and organized according to Federal Districts.  Any time you see the word "district" you now know what you are dealing with.  These people are obligated to serve and function under The Constitution of the United States of America --- otherwise known as the Territorial Constitution. 

The Ohio (Municipal) Assemblies --- which are populated by Municipal citizens of the United States and also organized according to Municipal "districts".  Again, notice, any time you see the word "district" --- it is foreign and federal and is being operated by Federal Subcontractors, not the actual government of this country and not the actual "citizenry" of this country, either.  These contractors are supposed to serve and function under The Constitution of the United States, otherwise known as the Municipal Constitution. 

My Mother used to shake her head at people and say, "Well, they are in the right church, but the wrong pew!"  And that is exactly what has gone on here for the better part of a century. 

Americans have been deliberately misidentified as both Territorial Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States, and are in fact, neither.  

Our Government, the actual American Government, "of, for, and by" the people of this country, is not always in Session.  In fact, it has been out-of-Session for such a very long time, that others throughout the world have assumed that we no longer exist and no longer assemble our lawful State Assemblies.  

We have, over the course of the last few years, proven them wrong.  

So if you are a foreigner associated with one of the foreign Federal Subcontractors, feel free to participate in district Assemblies and obey your contractual obligations under the respective Constitutions.  

If you are instead an American, declare your birthright political status and join your actual State Assembly.  

Go to: and join the Session now in place. 


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  1. Well said Anna, one more great communication that helps solidify the intent and structure of the movement to reconstruct our republic. By the witness of two or three will you know. Our head and my heart and the spirit all work together to know truth.

  2. And the blue print erased like the book burning that’s continues. Missing 13th.


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