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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Notice to United Nations Secretary-General

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to our attention that the United Nations mistakenly accepted applications made in our names and with presumptive evidence of a captured U.S. War Flag known as the Title IV Flag. For your explicit Notice--- the Title IV Flag is our property; we set that proportion of our war flag aside for the use of our British Territorial Federal Subcontractors when they are exercising delegated powers.
The Subcontractor's use under contract does not extend to actual ownership or capacity of any true possession of our Title IV Flag or any flag of ours at any time.
Claims of "abandonment" may be applied to those bankrupt corporations that left the Title IV Flag in Washington, DC, during their 1999 Bankruptcy closure, but that in no way changes the fact that all variations of the American flag including the Title IV Flag belong to us and to our sovereign government in international jurisdiction ----our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776.
The actions of Mr. Russell J. Gould and Mr. David-Wynn Miller may have been well-intentioned or not; the fact remains that they acted as pirates, seized a flag belonging to us, and have not returned it.
They have instead sought to assert a personal ownership of the Title IV Flag which is not appropriate, consensual, or even possible.
The actual law that pertains is: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership."
The Title IV Flag as well as all variations and proportions of all our war and peace flags belongs to The United States of America.
Please correct and remove any offending records or agreements otherwise, and in the future, be aware that our lawful government is now in Session.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  1. I believe you’re well aware that Russell-Jay: Gould acted in good faith and conscience, fulfilling what he felt (and most who are aware of his actions would agree) was his Patriotic DUTY in 1999 before we fell back into the clutches of criminals. He’s paid a very high price for protecting the flag on behalf of our nation and all of its people ever since, has been acting honorably and in good faith in doing so yet here you are casting doubt on his intentions, which I find reprehensible and shameful for someone I’ve held in such high regard. I’m truly flabbergasted.

    In all honesty while working so much of the time, I admit I may have missed postings where you may have reached out to Russell in good faith to discuss this situation and come to some innerstanding whereby you can work harmoniously together being on the same team and all, but if not, it would be important for us all to know why not.

    In closing, I have a few questions about your letter on its own:

    Who comprises our “lawful government”?

    Where are they “in session”?

    My concern is that the Secretary General will assume you’re referring to the Senate and absentee House in Washington DC, in which case I completely disavow your statement and indeed, your letter and its intent.

  2. Purportedly (Anna) has said our lawful government is not is "session" until Sept 30th 2020, and yet you keep making proclamations, demands, notices and the like, as if all the states have agreed with your opinion and are standing together in unity with all your decisions. This is not possible without participation by each state and it's assembly being in agreement.You appear to be acting unilaterally when you issue these "Notices" assuming the full weight of the states are in agreement. I personally only know one side of the story as depicted by your very one-sided stories. There may be an entire dialogue somewhere and perhaps that would be a good idea to present both sides every time when you "let us know" what we all are getting behind without our knowledge, agreement or consent. After all this is a Union isn't it?

    1. doonstr- What you have to realize is that this fraud has been going on for 150 plus years and that is how far we the people are behind, we as humanity are running out of time and literally have nothing else to lose but our lives now. There is no time for debate with the forum when someone like Anna and others know what they are doing. If I know the solution to the problem and others don't know the solution to the problem I am not going to debate other folks who have not done their homework first, I am just going to execute the appropriate lawful action without debating uneducated folks to get the intended results. There are very few of super educated people like Anna and I who have spent decades to be able to comprehend what 99.999% of the population cannot. We are less than .001% of the population who are aware of the beginning, the present and the future of creation and humanity on Earth.

  3. For now our title IV flag is in safe hands and knowing what these two gentlemen went through to get the flag and keep it safe, we owe them sanctuary whilst they keep it in safe keeping. Of course Mr Miller is no longer with us which I would be interested to know the truth behind that but I believe the day will come when all splinters of effort across these united states and the whole planet for that matter will gel under the direction of the master and all will be one and will proclaim unity. As for me I love the work that these two gentlemen did as well as the enormous work that Anna and her team and now the developing assemblies. We must keep our focus on the growth of the work so we can become a substantial voice to be heard all around the world and truly make a major difference to bringing world peace for generation after generation.


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