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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How to find what you are looking for on this blog and Anna's website.

Who is Paul Stramer
By Paul Stramer  6/30/2020
Webmaster for this blog

Lately I have been made aware that some people are having trouble finding what they need on Anna's website and on this blog.  I understand the problems involved when the database is getting as large as it is.  On this blog there are over 5430 articles spanning over 10 years of work started on September 2nd 2009, and on Anna's website at there are over 2570 articles on a wide variety of subjects, spanning almost 6 years, starting on September 7th, 2014.

It is imperative that we not try to re-invent the wheel, so to speak. So I have decided to try to clarify the methodology I have used, and the mechanics that you need to understand, in order find what you are looking for.

First of all, what is each of these websites designed to do?

The website is designed to be a chronological archive of the progression of what Anna has written about over the last 6 years. The idea is to give the reader a bird's eye view of where we came from, and how we got from there to here, right up to the present. For that reason, when something she writes later, changes something she wrote earlier, I have made the determination that I would not go back and try to update any of the previous articles. I had promised Anna that I would publish exactly what she writes, without changes and my disclaimer at the top of this blog reflects that policy.

In addition, the enemies of American Freedom continuously move the cheese at the end of their maze, and to go back and try to correct all of those color of law machinations is next to impossible except to point them out when they happen, which is what we are all trying to do. We want to shed light on the current situation, while at the same time show the history of the fraud without moderation of any kind to that history.

This blog ( titled the Lincoln County Watch blog, was here long before I knew anything about Anna, and has a lot of content that has since been overwritten by modern events and for the same reasons as above, I made the decision to not remove or modify or update the previous articles where  possible. We are all trying to learn the truth, as God sees that truth, and our enemies want to bury the truth so none of us can find it.

On this blog the only search feature, in the upper right corner at the top of the right hand column, is provided by the Blogger platform and is a function of Google. I have no options for setting the search parameters, and I have tried to use the Freefind search engine on this blog, but the google programming blocks that functionality. So I am stuck with what they provide. It does a fair job of searching the entire list of over 5400 articles if you limit your search to a couple of words at a time.
For example, I just did a search for 'Archbishop George'  which was in the first article of Anna's over 5 1/2 years ago, and it came right up, along with several other articles. It was the first in the list of search results.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it. One advantage of using Googles programming is that it ranks us higher in the Google search results.  As proof of that, early in the morning usually, if I search for Anna Von Reitz, I sometimes get over 2 million results. During the day it tends to hover around 750 thousand give or take. Not bad for a simple blog with no financial monetization.

So on this blog, just type in your keywords and try different combinations of keywords with about 3 or 4 keywords or less being optimal. What you see is what you get for results.
When you go to those results, look up the page to find the last date. That will give you a time frame.
The format here is that if I publish 5 or 6 or more articles per day, only the first one will have a date, until the next day. The first one each day will be the only one with a date. That is part of the Google Blogger programming and there is nothing I can do to change that, especially for previously posted articles.

How do I find the Title and article number on the website? has an exceptional search engine called Freefind. It searches every word of every page including all the PDF articles, and will find phrases that might appear in one or several articles.

The default setting is that it only searches Anna's website. This is a site specific search engine. It does not search the internet.

To prove that to yourself just go to and scroll down the page and pick an article at random. Open that link, and copy a multi-word phrase from the article, then go back to the top of the home page and paste that phrase into the search box. 99% of the time it will list the article you copied from as the first search result, and it will also list other articles where the phrase or parts of the phrase are written.

So when you search for a keyword or two the results will show all the articles that have those words in them. To narrow the search, type in more keywords, or phrases. Keywords that more closely reflect what you are looking for.  For example, a search for IRS yields 242 items, but a search for IRS exemption yields only 42 results.

So once you have narrowed down your results, then look at the link in each search result.
Sometimes the link will give the title of the article, but usually you will have to click the link and go to the article to get the title. Once you have that title you should copy it by doing a control C or a right click and copy.

The next step is to use your browser's find feature. Every browser has a way to search whatever page you happen to be on at the time, to find a word, or a phrase on that page only. In this case you would go back to Anna's home page where all the articles are listed by number, title and link. Once there you will open the find utility in your browser and type or paste the title of the article you just found using the Freefind search engine. As you type or paste in the title of the article your browser should go instantly to that article, giving you the number, title and link to the article.

Here is a real time example.

In the freefind search box I typed IRS claims.  One of the results came back "IRS Claims of Frivolous Return.  That was exactly what I was looking for so I clicked on that link on the results page. It took me right to the article. I copied the title at the top of the article and pasted it into my browsers Find feature while on the home page of It took me right to article number 634 which  gave me the article number and link to that article as follows.

634. IRS Claims of "Frivolous Return"

In google chrome to get to the browser's find feature you would either do a ctrl F or go to the three dots in the upper right corner and click them to get the control panel, then click on find. Other browsers have these same features, but they might not be in exactly the same place as Chrome.  Just go to your browsers help feature and type in Find, or find on this page.

Feel free to comment and ask questions of this information in the comments section below this article and I will try to answer your questions.

What I am trying to say is Let your computer do the work it was intended to do. Search and Find are probably the two most valuable things a computer can do, period.

While I am on the subject of browser functionality many are asking about the size of the text (font size) being too small and hard to read. Once again your browser has a text, or font size, feature that lets you increase or decrease the size of the text you are looking at page by page.
In Chrome go again to the three dots and find the zoom with a - or + and adjust the size according to your liking. Every browser has this, but might not call it by the same names. Just look around, and by studying the browser you are using your life will be much easier.

I hope this helps you all to find the truth in an easier way.

Paul Stramer


  1. Thanks Paul for all your efforts. Its good to know that after 48 years that others have also been paying more then just attention.

  2. I only have one complaint about Anna's site & that to view an article it's always a PDF download. Searching for a particular article may cause you to download many PDF articles just to see if it's the one you're looking for. That's why I prefer searching for articles on your site Paul, the results are a webpage. Thank you for this explanation.

  3. Hey Blue, The reason for the PDF files is that they cross platforms for printing easier without having to reformat the type styles and fonts. Many people like to print the articles and hand them around.
    If you have Adobe reader on your computer it shouldn't be a problem to read the PDF files without having to download and save them. Adobe reader is free and loads in a few seconds when you click on a link that is a PDF file. Then you can choose to download or just read the file.

  4. How can I search for things in the comments rather than, or in addition to, in the articles proper ?

    1. Edward--excellent question!

      Paul--excellent, very helpful post. Thank you!

  5. Paul perhaps a way for readers to determine to some degree whether Anna's articles have been updated or at least modified, would be to insert the dates they were written within the PDF's. I noticed some do. However most don't. Peace and Harmony!

  6. The way to search the comments is to click the title of the article, which opens it with the comments section at the bottom, then use your browsers FIND feature as explained above. The find feature always searches only the page you are on when you use it, but it searches everything on that browser page, so it will include the comments in the search.

    I have decided not to put a date on the articles because it would be an impossible job to go back and date them all, and I don't see an advantage to having only recent articles dated. As explained in the above article, use this blog and back up until you find the date.


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