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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Sheriff Richard Mack on forced closure of businesses.

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The website

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  1. Same issues or side-effects.

    THIS IS MAJOR on May 21st, 2020, points to a precursor to next month Eclipse. Why?

    The date is a Bad Omen for the WHO. Why bad for the WHO means Good for people?

    1) People would know the Truth, that the WHO is corrupt. Evidences online and by this hard aspects:

    Venus is now Retrograding at (Meaning There are issues with the WHO in people’s view)) at 11th house.

    Venus is the (Value-Performance analyzer, on the WHO’s works). Venue will be SQUARING (be in conflict) the WHO Mars (aggressive behavior) and its Apollon (Professional Gurus).

  2. CDC reverses stance, says corona-virus ‘does not spread easily’ on surfaces:

    BJSRecordingStudio, 23 minutes ago
    its almost like the world hasnt seen this virus before or something

    StoneFoot 2019, 1 hour ago
    Sick to my stomach with liars in places of authority.

    Lucas Shank, 1 hour ago
    For the love of god I just wish I knew what was actually going on

    Rudolph Clausius, 1 hour ago
    Two weeks later: Corona-virus actually spreads through the internet.
    99% people have NO choice (no freewill) under the vermin Courts.

    Do we really have a free-will? Yes only on little things only.

    The way we know malfunctioned machines is by identifying the bad components in them.
    (The vermin have bad parts in them, invisible to the naked eyes).

    Many cars, trucks, DAMS do not break down over night, only after their parts went so bad affecting our free choice.

  3. I didn't predict for Donald Trump, but now I see he's going to be in the heat-est seat on June 3, 2020. Like I said, he was set up, to exit the Impeachment, and help the vermin on Corona-Virus evil.

    Bill Gates will be lightly in hotter seat near the end of June 2020, but next year some months, 2021, Bill will be in agony if he doesn't repent..

  4. Odd that nature, huge beautiful forests with abundant life and colorful people and creatures of all kinds was able to live in such fashion without the watchful hand of people who claim authority to buy sell and process whatever life form they choose. Arrogance can make you feel safe and secure yet many times these false word concepts of the narrow ignorant mind lead not to more abundant life but a graveyard of infected, toxic land, water and air. What authority? If you do not have authority to break my door down and inject unknown chemical in to my body cause you have some probability ( might of might not happen or did or did not happen) that displeases you like what music I like or church I go to or social gatherings I like then how could you give that authority to an agent or deputy to carry out for you?


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