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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Censorship, COVID-19, Vaccines, and God Who is ALMIGHTY! Fear NOT!

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  1. THIS IS MAJOR on May 21st, 2020, points to a precursor to next month Eclipse. Why?

    The date is a Bad Omen for the WHO. Why bad for the WHO means Good for people?

    1) People would know the Truth, that the WHO is corrupt. Evidences online and by this hard aspects:

    Venus is now Retrograding at (Meaning There are issues with the WHO in people’s view)) at 11th house.

    Venue is the (Value-Performance analyzer, on the WHO’s works). Venue will be SQUARING (be in conflict) the WHO Mars (aggressive behavior) and its Apollon (Professional Gurus).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This is good information.I never believed in this hocus pocus lies deception of the devil. I will not and never take any vaccine. People really don't believe this is spiritual war.Not flesh and body. GOD bigger then all this evil. God Bless.

  2. We have free will and we are sovereign.
    Informed consent! May the satanic pédophile worshipers pay their due in time.

  3. CDC reverses stance, says corona-virus ‘does not spread easily’ on surfaces:

    BJSRecordingStudio, 23 minutes ago
    its almost like the world hasnt seen this virus before or something

    StoneFoot 2019, 1 hour ago
    Sick to my stomach with liars in places of authority.

    Lucas Shank, 1 hour ago
    For the love of god I just wish I knew what was actually going on
    99% people have NO choice (no freewill) under the vermin Courts.

    Do we really have a free-will? Yes only on little things only.

    The way we know malfunctioned machines is by identifying the bad components in them.
    (The vermin have bad parts in them, invisible to the naked eyes).

    Many cars, trucks, DAMS do not break down over night, only after their parts went bad slowly, then surprisingly the breakdown interrupt our lives, affecting our free choice.

  4. I didn't predict for Donald Trump, but now I see he's going to be in the heat-est seat on June 3, 2020. Like I said, he was set up, to exit the Impeachment, and help the vermin on Corona-Virus evil.

    Bill Gates will be lightly in hotter seat near the end of June 2020, but next year some months, 2021, Bill will be in agony if he doesn't repent..

    1. Killer Bill will be in the hottest seat ever when the SOB dies,,,

  5. Just want to point out that they biometrically marked everyone in India 2010
    Which means they more than likely created a 'certificate' of ownership for each
    And low and behold a CYCLONE hits India

    This is about DEPOPULATION
    I don't think it has anything to do with money
    After all they are the money creators and printers

  6. The magicians have already fulfilled the Nostradamus 'PREDICTIONS' of a 27 year war

    According to the narrative of future NWO historians, Desert Shield and Desert Storm spanned from 2 August 1990 to 28 February 1991, and various covert and overt war operations flowed forward from then under the direction of the “Antichrist CIA Presidency.”
    These regime change operations swept through the Middle East until they were stopped dead in Syria and finally defeated by the Messiah, Vladimir Putin, in 2017…

    Not only that but the set up follows the UN planning from 1941

    UN updated plan with more detail

    And as you can tell by reading the UN planning, QUARANTINE was part of the plans/script as well as GOVERNORS keeping or releasing their populations from quarantine - THE GOVERNORS ARE ALL GLOBAL GOVERNORS

    All of the planning as you can see follows 'prophecy' including the military industrial complexes weather warfare to 'make it happen' according to the 'SCRIPTURES'

    Flooding is a major portion of their plans as they are going to create the NOAH'S flood that never occured in the first place and make it happen as they move forward with their plans - not a coincidence that we have NOAA as one of the agencies here in the US now is it

    Part of their plans is to return the landscapes to what they were before the 'people' messed everything up
    DAMS are huge targets and you bet your ass that blowing a dam or multiple in strategic areas will cause an emense flood event and drown millions in it's path
    All of which will fulfill their NOAH flood, DEPOPULATE, and clear the dams out to return the landscape to what it was once before

    The UN plan follows the bible to a tee

    As they wipe out what they have planned, everyone is moved to human settlement zones of which they have planned all over the world clearing off the land as they see fit to 'nationalize' of infrastructure and take over everything else

    And anyone who claims that Robert David Steele's plans spouting his 17 sustainable development goals and zero waste has nothing to do with this is sadly mistaken.
    I wonder how mush he gets paid for lying to the world?? And he is not ex CIA, he is CIA

  7. The introduction of Greta the face of 'climate change' which there is a whole lot more to what they define as 'CLIMATE CHANGE'

    I like everyone else wish these evil pricks were not doing these things but it is being put right in our faces

    Make note of the future map of North America


    Make note that 2/3 of the population of the US lives within these zones and if you take in to account flooding, ie climate change, weather warfare, depopulation plans all around border of North America, 100 mile inland constitution free zone, would fulfill their published figures of US populations down from 324 million to 54 million by 2023

    AND THEY WILL BLAME IT ON GOD and the brainwashed masses will do the same saying it is gods will it was written this would happen

    There are now major floods in Michigan via dams 'overflowing' or being deliberately busted up to make this happen
    Deliberately creating 'CLIMATE REFUGEES' as they call them
    Nestle is pumping massive amounts of water out of Lake Michigan and has been for years now, more than likely part of the planning to create such a disaster along the mississippi river and the new madrid fault
    And I wonder how it got the name New Madrid?

    Earthquakes being set off all over Nevada and California right now
    They have moved dozens of companies out of California over the last few years, I know because they moved them all inland specifically in and around Dallas Texas (TEXAS THE LONE STAR STATE)
    God will punish CALIFORNICATION AND SIN CITY when in fact it is man that will create the disaster, the flood of NOAH
    How many times have you heard folks say that California should just drop off into the ocean or off the map?
    They've built new distribution hubs inland in Tenneesee from Memphis.
    FedEx headquarters for the Express division is in Memphis employing hundreds of thousands of minorities which if the mississippi is flooded they depopulate and their new operations is already inland around Nashville
    Make special note of the destruction of fresh water resources that the great lakes supplies - those lakes would now be contaminated with salt water fed from the Atlantic ocean from upper Canada

    Fracking all up and down these fault zones pumping massive amounts of water and chemicals into the ground, to get what, oil?
    Or is it to create something else and no one would be the wiser?

    Microsoft huge headquarters in Israel
    If Seattle is wiped out their backup to all is in Israel

    Agenda TO ONE GOVERNMENT, also known as UN Agenda 21 the year 2021
    or The Greater Israel Project

    PNAC, Project for a New American Century
    Destory all of it, Rise of the Phoenix, ie Phoenix Arizona is now ocean front property
    The salt flats in and around Arizona and all throughout the west, the millions dead are now the salt of the earth

    It's up to everyone to decide for themselves
    I for one will leave this world knowing the real truth and that this is not a loving compassionate creator reeking havoc all over the world upon his creations
    In fact it is evil men playing god that are working this plan using the innocent to make it happen and the same evil families have been doing this exact same thing for centuries
    They pass the OLYMPIC torch to their future generations to continue their reign of hell on earth

  8. Well, here's there plan in action; The company handling transactions for newly merged Federal Reserve and US Treasury (thus will dictate monetary; economic/fiscal policy for the nation, will invest in and support climate change advocates, and it will be part of their policy. It is about to become a forefront feature of life, and bound to use of their money, soon to be treasury notes?


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