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Saturday, May 2, 2020


Found Here:

This is damning evidence and points to criminal activity that
will get your attention and make you wary about getting any
vaccine for this so called corona virus.

I have had Guillain-Barre' Syndrome; a mild case compared to the one
shown, but I couldn't walk or stand without a walker. I was treated
by Gamma Globulin at the hospital in Whitefish Montana, and used
various nutrition protocols to get over it. Believe me when I say
that I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, (well except maybe
the people pushing this medical conspiracy).

Paul Stramer


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Paul. It’s more proof that there is nothing new under the sun. These people operate with the mind of a serpent, and vaccination is one form of its venom.

  2. James Perloff Retweeted
    Dr Judy A Mikovits@DrJudyAMikovits
    Thank you so much to my close friends Ty and Charlene Bollinger of @truthaboutbigc

  3. Likewise, this shows the Pope, CONgress, and GHBush scamming Affordable Housing Act 1989 (42 USC 3545(d)) is tied--> their section 911, 102(d) and to --> their altered UCc 8-102(14) {a/k/a 8-102(d) in hexcode}, also tied to -People HJR192 credits (taken by Corp.'s) to play their magic Lending/Fraud.
    Signed under H.R. 5334, by GHB, Public Law No. 102 – 550, fraudulently released on Oct-29, 1992 by GH-BUSH and CONgress to direct their sub-Corp.s (Bancorps), Bar lawyers to perpetrate GREAT FRAUD, to scam all souls worldwide, but mainly in N.America.

    So what is UCc 8-102(14)?
    (14) "Securities intermediary" means:
    (i) a clearing corporation; (DTCc, Cede & Company) or
    (ii) a person, including a bank or broker, that in the ordinary course of its
    business maintains securities accounts for others and is acting in that capacity.

    1. I forget to mention, the paper-version of the DTC existed back to 1929 Stock Crash. The British FRS always stole people assets, as demonstrated by the EU charts, they manipulate to make a living.

      Now the Corrona-Virus, Lockdown, and Vaccines had to do with their avoiding to repay their Absolute Creditors. Their plan of using 30,000 Guillotines is too difficult, so fake Virus is their alternative plan.
      Filed in the vermin courts, occupying our buildings, our papers said:

      As of 12/2015 the corrupt Govt' and Banks took $9.9 trillion from people DIY - retirement and savings since 1994, via Fannie-Mae Freddie-Mac+ Banks, perpetual Toxic Stocks, mixed in their lying investment funds on Wall-Street.

      Why the vermin never answered our questions in their Courts 7+ times? After they broke all their rules. Because it's true, they are Thieves and Murderers.

      What is DIY - retirement? 401K, 408K, etc.. 8 types.

  4. I can't even watch this crap, it's such complete propaganda. I went to the store here in Boise today and was astounded by the amount of sheep wearing their mind control devices (masks). Today I'm very worried that many Americans have become too stupid to deserve their freedoms, which so many fought to preserve. I feel like I have walked into an alternative reality where stupidity is revered and intelligence is nonexistent.


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