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Friday, February 14, 2020

Our Free Will

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s one of our most important gifts. 

We need to exercise it now.

There are those who are literally seeking to murder most of the people on this planet. 

They think they have achieved eternal life for themselves. 

And they see no reason why any of the rest of us should live, except as slaves to serve them.

I know this is hard to believe and hard to accept but there are truly insane individuals at work in the world, and no,  I am not talking about Donald Trump. 

How do we know who they are? 

By the patents they hold. 

How do we fight back? 

With our free will. With our ability to communicate and discern evil.

Exercise these abilities. 

Exercise your mind. 

Find your heart. 

Tell the Universe what you choose and never let anyone choose for you. 


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  1. The Gift of free will did not come from the universe, nor mother Mary, nor Mother earth.
    The Creator of all including said universe, already has a good notion and ample evidence of where our hearts and minds are.
    A return to Him and His ways are the request and path of the day.
    Choose well. Truly

    1. You are very bearish on this experiment called mankind and see no hope but to plow it all under and start again. Or not start again? The Master does not need help from the universe in executing his will. It shall be done.

      Your real instincts and ideas are somewhat scarce, you keep things close to the vest as they say. Perhaps because your perspective tilts more to a very rigid and extremist inclination than most would be comfortable with. Mankind is both the source of equal parts great hope and despair simultaneously. Is that enough to classify it a failure and push the destruct button?

      Are there a hundred good men left worth saving? Men seem to do all the damage although psychopathy affects both genders.

    2. A follower is probably a 'lost' cause this life imo, of course😂💗 but Will here's an interesting article on Trump written @ February's beginnings with some interesting comments as well🎵

    3. Whoops~ wrong link^🤪🎶 This one Will (& any other Q+ Trump supporter🌈)’-desperate-final-card

  2. Steve Seagal doing it? 🤣💖

    1. More lies made up by the story tellers preparing the sheep for their fake disclosure - the coming Space Farse or I mean Force, meaning forcing you in to the spaces they have designated for their human chattel

      Steve Seagal = SS

      Ole Reagan the 'actor' prepared the sheep for this 'disclosure' to bring the sheep to heel

      Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world

      Anunnaki my a$$ - like the Moon Landing, Hollywood to the rescue

      But don't worry their messiah will save the day

    2. Their very own UNIVERSAL STUDIOS will make it happen and the pre programmed sheep will lap it up

      ComicCON, the Big Bang Theory, except the big bang is the implosion of the money system to bring in the BRICS GREEN NEW DEAL


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