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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Deals With the Devil

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is a good example of how it works:

Evergreen, Inc., is a CIA-owned company.  

That means it is a subcontractor of a subcontractor (CIA) of a subcontractor (UNITED STATES, INC.) of a Subcontractor (E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.) of a Subcontractor, THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, INC., of a Subcontractor, the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, of a Subcontractor, The United States of America, Inc., of a Subcontractor, the GOVERNMENT OF SCOTLAND, INC., of a Subcontractor, SCOTLAND, INC, a subcontractor of the franchise of the Bank of Scotland, LLC., doing business as a subcontractor of HSBC, PLC., doing business as a Subcontractor of UK, INC., doing business as a Subcontractor of Vatican City. PLC., a Subcontractor doing business as the Urban Trust,PLC, doing business as a Subcontractor of the UPU, INC., doing business as a Subcontractor of Vatican City, LLC, doing business as The Peace Trust, Inc., doing business as a Subcontractor of The City of Rome, Inc., acting as a Subcontractor of the Holy Family of the Inquistion, Inc., doing business as a Subcontractor of the Societe of Holy Doctrine, Inc., doing business as a Subcontractor of the Holy See, Inc, which is a subcontractor of Cede and Company, Inc., and that is a subcontractor of the UN, CORP, which is a Subcontractor of FRANCISCUS which is a Subcontractor of Francis I, which is a Subcontractor of The Holy See. 

And now you have a bird’s eye view of how interlocking interest organizations (IIO’s) work. 

And, please bear in mind, that at each step of subcontracting process, the accountability of each subcontractor diminishes relative to the actual contract—- and what have you got? 

You have Evergreen Inc., owned and operated by Evergreen, LLC, which is owned and operated by Evergreen, PLC.

4500 employees, no obligation to file flight plans (Hint, Hint) and you have a totally unaccountable self-interested for profit corporation abusing the powers of “government”. 

Evergreen makes money delivering contraband for the CIA, by stabbing lucrative firefighting contracts, and..... by spraying chem trails wastes —- incendiary industrial wastes—- that kill trees (and create fodder for fires) and that leave explosive deposits of metallic elements and oxides layered over the landscape. 

See how this works? 

Set up the fires at a profit and then make money fire-fighting, too. 

Create the problem (and get paid by the Vatican) and then solve the problem and get paid by the victims, too. 

And here we sit, paying for it all. 


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  1. Thanks Anna for showing your frustration.

    The Devil means Toxic, very toxic. They are low-vibration people. They got rich by controlling people, committing crimes, and Great Sins endlessly, hiding forever, playing mind-games. The UK, France, Vatican and WA D.C. are connected, I'm not saying they all are equal in crimes. They are additive to power, free human energies, and control-ling's.

    You EU can get rich without sinning. There is a way. Perhaps, it's too difficult for you to figure out, because you are impatient. Since we have been patient with you for such a long time. Now it's your turn to be patient with us, the people.

    Repent now, the UK, France, Vatican and WA D.C., you will be glad, and be blessed with abundance.


  2. Why do we deport criminal when they break Americas laws?

    If an American people (person) breaks any laws the go to jail

    Yet we let the illegal person - criminal gets deported and allowing him to come back into America; i.e. this last illegal immigrant has been deported 129 times.....Who the heck is in charge - the snow man or HRC ?

    Any person that breaks any American law must be punished; therefore, any illegal (who has already broken the law) must be punished for their crimes.

    If an illegal immigrant murders someone (MS13) than they must receive equal treatment-justice (Gods or mans) not be deported to return and murder again......again!

    What is the 9th commandment states "Though shall not bear false witness against they neighbor" (jury duty) - there are others so dont get hung up on [re]ligion.

    Why do the CONgress people disregard their duty and obligation and oath, over the past 113 years (1913 & 1933) when the oligarchy took over the system? Could it be because they have committed crimes against humanity and the DNC (etc.) are black mailing the COONgress people int o passing Laws against the American people and their-our unalienable (not - inalienable) rights.

    Why did we get the 1866 civi (yes it spelled right - Roman law) rights when we already had unalienable rights and American rights. Was it criminal prosecution against the American people ?

    Why are the evil people still walking the earth when we know what they have done against humanity and the American people?

    Where are the real people with a idea and a back bone - was it lost in the 17th and 18th century ?

    It appears that there are 4 M's in life; according to the 1860 plot of the Democratic corporate government...1. miseducated; 2. mislead; 3. misinformed; 4 misdirected.

    “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.” - W. Clement Stone

    “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” - Socrates

    Gratitude - from the other side of existence

    1. The crooks deported everybody else, except their own criminals.

  3. Why is it that I can't find Evergreen, Inc online anywhere?

    1. they did at one time have an email address because I wrote to them and never got a response

  4. Anna,
    It would be helpful if you or your team could provide a hierachical chart showing the groups in the control matrix - giving actual names of the actors involved if possible. I have my own information and I've seen charts from Q and others. Do you agree with those or do you have additional research that you could share?

    1. Who is above & controls the "Pope", Vatican, Curia, Unholy See
    2. Agents of the "Pope", Scotland, Britain (Queen), Swiss, etc.
    3. Agents for the above actors, Secret Societies, CIA, Sons of Malta, Skull & Bones, Zionists and their Masonic agents, etc.

    1. Dr. John Bergman
      I am NOT Afraid of the Corona Virus THT in 10 min

    2. Ready: Anna already did the tree, chart. Look at the bottom. It is actually the top, and her top list is the bottom.

      This is the top: >> the UN, CORP, which is a Subcontractor of FRANCISCUS which is a Subcontractor of Francis I, which is a Subcontractor of The Holy See.

    3. Pink,
      But I want to know who is over Francis. Who is giving orders to Francis and the Vatican gang. Specify the top power holder entity and their name(s).

      I have my own research that I will provide in the near future but I wanted to hear Anna's take on it.

    4. Ready,
      I know that part you asked,The Vatican and Popes are at the top. Above them is the Devil, the toxic, that's how Roman empire works. They don't want to work hard, taking people properties is easier, especially by Fraud. How could you ask that question. They had been called to their high conscientiousness. I'm sure, Pope Francis had been misled to take his current job. The UK, and Vatican probably would fall if they don't seek balance with people, by quitting their scamming businesses via crooked judges/jurisdiction, fake loans, ripoff resources..

      Well since you said, you already know their structure, I won't have to send you a sample structure, where you can use to defeat their corruptions.

  5. This took a few seconds on DuckDuckgo...

  6. OMG Girl....LOL....What a mouthful...However,Eloquent and succint ...Still a mouthful!

  7. Jennifer Franco@jennfranconews

    Is the Corona Virus a hoax - Pompeo refuses to answer the question

    1. James Perloff@jamesperloff
      "A friend of mine who works as a financial advisor told me he believes the Fed and Wall Street might be using the coronavirus to take the blame off themselves for a financial downturn that their own policies inevitably created."

  8. WOW!!! Thank you, Anna and your team of great researchers. WOW!

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