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Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Migration of Evil

By Anna Von Reitz

So I have explained what The Great Abomination is, that it is literally an ancient, secretive, profane, Satanic religion founded by what appears to have been a female humanoid ET on the lam named "Semiramis" who splashed down in the Euphrates River somewhere around 8,000 B.C.

Let's follow the main migration of The Great Abomination from its birthplace in Babylon. 

When things got too hot in Babylon, and that once-great kingdom was exhausted and parasitized into oblivion,  the parasite "religion" moved west into Iraq and down through Samaria to the seacoast just above modern Tel Aviv, where the Great Temple of Balbek was established.

From there, the local tribal peoples of the Levant were seduced and the Philistines and Canaanites and Edomites and the "Sons of Amon" were all bowing and serving Molloch and Baal and the Mother of All Whores and Old One Eye by the time Joshua arrived.

Perhaps most important to note, however, is that during this sojourn on the far eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Mystery Babylon became a sea-going religion, popular with sailors, and popular with the sea-going Israelite Tribe of Dan, whose Tribal Banner prominently features what?  A snake. 

And how is Satan described in the Garden of Eden?  As a serpent. A snake.

As a sea-going religion, popular among sailors and merchants alike, Mystery Babylon was dispersed throughout the ancient world.  We see it in the Snake Worship of Delphi, in India, Indonesia, Meso-America---- and in China, we see it in Dragon worship where dragons were recognized as a form of giant, more powerful "serpent" --- reptiles, all. 

So this venal religion devoted to the idolatry of money and deceit, sex as a sacrament, infanticide, tree worship, death by incineration alive, etc., etc., was dispersed and practiced worldwide within a thousand years after the Great Flood.

It's next great center of worship was established in Crete and from Crete to Mycenaean Greece and....Carthage.

Mystery Babylon came to Greece through Asia Minor, where Semiramis had been renamed "Cybele" -- also spelled "Sybil"-- and her worship had picked up some local color. Her priests in Asia Minor and Turkey were called "Galli". They castrated themselves in honor of their goddess, wore black robes, and either bleached their hair white, or wore white wigs.  We will meet them again --- in Rome, and elsewhere.

The culture of Mycenaean Greece came like a thunderbolt out of nowhere, lasted for several centuries, was eaten out by the hidden parasite, and then abandoned-- and disappeared as quickly as it arose, when the Venal Religion moved its chief center of enterprise to Carthage, in North Africa.

Carthage was a wonder of the ancient world, a seaport so vast and modern in concept and in lay out, that it looked more like a science fiction spaceport than anything existing in the world at that time.  

Then, of course, the upstart and rugged Romans conquered Carthage by siege and sacked it in 146 B.C.  They did what the Romans have always done, and brought the booty and the slaves home to Rome, and thereby unwittingly imported the parasitical religion of the Carthaginians, too. 

Mystery Babylon was quickly accepted by the free-wheeling Romans as yet another pagan religion and adopted by many lower class Romans, sailors and soldiers, merchants and working folk.  It began its insidious work eating away at the underpinnings of Roman culture and tradition a hundred years--- more or less--- before Julius Ceasar invaded Britain.

The Galli, the priests of Cybele, were hired as Tax Collectors for Rome, soon after the sack of Carthage.  Their black-robed, white-wigged figures were soon familiar -- and feared -- throughout the Roman Empire.

The first official arrival of Mystery Babylon came shortly after the sack of Jerusalem under King Zechariah's ill-favored leadership, but there is no doubt that the religion was already well-established in seafaring towns and along the coasts of the English Channel -- East and West --  before the Sixth Century B.C.  As elsewhere, it came with the sailors and merchants along with merchant ships trading up and down the coasts of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Cornwall--- before it became a state religion in pre-Christian Ireland, Cornwall, and Wales.

Having now become familiar with the black-robed, white-wigged Galli, and with the tree worship and bonfires and human sacrifice traditions of The Great Abomination, it isn't hard to identify the black-robed, white-haired, tree-worshiping Druids and their Sacred Groves as local variants of The Great Abomination that took root in Britain long-prior to the Roman colonization.

So, when Julius Caesar invaded in 55 B.C. and Gaius Suetonius Paulinus (Vespasian) finished the job in 42 A.D., the religion of The Great Abomination, and its priests, were both already very well established in Britain, and the adherents were ready to serve their familiar Roman masters.

Once again, the Galli took up their job as tax collectors for Rome, and the Druids became hated and persecuted as a result.  However, when Rome retreated from Britain 402-410 A.D. there were new, local chieftains and a mixed bag of Romanized and newly Christianized leaders to serve. 

The black-robed priests of The Great Abomination returned as Soothsayers employed by the Saxon kings to foretell the future and interpret omens, and the so called "Old Ways" did not entirely die out.  Various tricks and magic and arcane knowledge of drugs and other "arts" were passed on, and eventually, the Galli stopped castrating themselves and started practicing Admiralty Law as well as acting as Tax Collectors for the British King. 

To this day, British Barristers wear black robes and white wigs and nobody involved in this "tradition" appears to know why-- when you are cheeky enough to ask them-- but there it is. 

The very long association of this venal religion with sailors and sea-faring made it a natural conduit to form "The Law of the Sea" and the Admiralty Courts. 

Don't forget that Satan was "cast down into the sea", that apprentice attorneys in Scotland are still called "devils".  Britain had always been a great trading nation and adept upon the seas, but under the lash of hellish "Naval Discipline" it was to become the dominant sea power on Earth.

We brought the Parasitical Religion with us to America from Europe.  I have focused here on the conduit via Britain, but The Great Abomination was also coming to us via Phoenicia (the source of our slang word "Phoney" because this variant from Portugal produced such profligate con men) and France, where it had taken root in sea-faring communities, too.

Finally, and most importantly of course, it was coming through to us via the Roman Catholic Church.  The Great Abomination gained entrance to the Church via Emperor Constantine and the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. and rode along like a flea on a dog, unseen but virulent ever since.

Because The Great Abomination worships the Father of All Lies, its adherents are great hypocrites and con men and actors. Every lie is a prayer in their religion. Verbal deceits, deliberate confusion of terms and labels, puns, double entendres, any kind of illusion or "excusable" misrepresentation is fair game for them --- a circumstance that led our Pilgrim Ancestors to label attorneys "Masters of Deceit" and banning them from living in Christian communities. 

It also led to the adoption of separate Bibles to serve as the Law of the Soil, Law of the Land, and Law of the Sea in America --- and also the proliferation of different Law and Legal Dictionaries (Bouvier's for Land, and Black's for Sea)

The Wycliffe Bible, the first translation into English from the Latin Vulgate, was established as the Law of the Soil, used by our Protestant and Pilgrim Ancestors.  The Geneva Bible is the basis for the Law of the Land.  And the King James version is supposed to be the basis for the Law of the Sea.   

So, The Great Abomination arrived on our shores right along with sailors and merchants that carried us here from Europe.  It took root here as it had elsewhere and continued to gnaw into the fabric and framework of Europe, with the same demoralizing and destructive results it had in Babylon, the Levant, Greece, Crete, Carthage, Rome, and everywhere else it has gained a foothold.

And it has been here ever since, like a tapeworm, eating out the substance of our country to enrich both its Roman and British Masters--- not the Queen, though she gets her cut -- the Lords of the Admiralty and Westminster and the Lord Mayor of London: the British Crown.

So except for its very early dispersion worldwide, for example to the Khan Dynasty in China,  the Parasitical Religion has kept a fairly identifiable form and body, moving ever-westward since ancient times.  And no surprise, it is currently attempting to move westward again, this time trying to secretively jump the expanse of the Pacific Ocean from our shores all the way to China.

They have eaten out our substance and stolen our gold and silver, obtained fake title to our land and are attempting to do the same with our soil, have played their name-games with our trademarks and patents, seized upon the value of our labor and our bodies, even snuck around and obtained "baptismal certificates" by which they have proposed to buy, sell, and trade our souls.

So, what do you say, China? 

Do you learn from the mistakes of: Babylon, Iraq, Sumeria, Israel, Greece, Crete, Carthage, Rome, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Australia, America and most of the rest of the world? 

Do you observe the work of the Parasites over the course of the past 8,000 years?  Including the Boxer Rebellion and the Heroin Trade? 

Even if you swallow the Parasite Religion and gain some temporary wealth and power for giving it shelter, you know what the end result will be: social decay, loss of dignity, loss of educational standards, loss of honesty, loss of justice, loss of your unique national culture and identity, loss of moral compass, loss of clarity, loss of sanity, and in the end, your economic and financial destruction is what they plan.   

They will abuse and use and strip your country dry just like they have done with every other "host" since ancient times.

So now, when we finally have them nailed down, clearly identified, and in our sites --- isn't it time that we stopped their endless westward migration? 

Why should anyone or any country knowingly harbor a parasite?  Why should criminals and criminal practices and beliefs be allowed to multiple until they are like locusts consuming the Earth? 

We woke up, just in time. 

Come join us and together with all the other happy nations of the world, we will expose every facet of the parasite, every evil belief and noxious practice, including its fondness for human blood and its practice of enslavement and peonage and war for profit. 


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  1. Anna, yesterday I ran across a video on your tube by Hank Kummeman , and he was talking about Asia Minor and Babylon,and this morning I woke and reading this, and this was the first time I had ever heard about , this is amazing I wish I had save the linked to share.

    1. Deb, you might still have the link in your browser history and you can bookmark it to share.


  2. this is not that but a quick understanding of what is real

    1. I woudld bet Carlin was a one of the tribe as well
      Always talking about taking it up the a$$
      He did not get to hollywood not being involved with the tribe

  3. It has been said that white man sit and talk about God but the native way or great spirit way is to talk with God, spend time with the Great Spirit.
    Knowing a lot about your personal self and chosen path for you is yours to find.
    Bothering others, harrassing them, harming them and claiming it is because of your belief is of course stupid and wrong and most people know it.
    Notice how dark practioners who abuse life use it as if they are only defending virtues to protect everyone.
    In many cases it tracks back to where they start it then coveniently leave that part out even going to great troubles to keep that fact from being looked at so people think it is themselves who are the enemy, like Iraqi might think a New Yorker is an enemy or vice versa yet many are not and don't want anything to do with such horrors and wrongdoing yet enough are at least believed to be supporting the news so they go on claiming most of the millions of signatures per hour give them permission

  4. I read in The Excellence of the Common Law that it has been said that the reason for black was all "seargeants at law" who were the common law lawyers and as well the implanted Roman Priests were in mourning for a Queen's office change due to the woman in the job dying. Before it was said various colors were worn by the priests and lawyers.
    Guess the Oklahoma worlds wealthiest, an odd oil tribe gov oil scam changed cars as the chiefs and other locals wanted colored cars. Like black suits, shiny shoes, stuffed shirt fakery and dullery. Why not have more colors. I really feel stupid when wearing a suit and people act like "Yes sir" and when in my jeans act like I am a regular pauper.


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