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Monday, January 6, 2020

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 More Days Of

MintBuilder Upgrade 2.0 
More Coins Monday Is Here!

Every MONDAY we look to add MORE great products to your shop! We do this to enhance the value of your shop and also to keep it fresh. The new product(s) will always be added to the bottom of the category they are in so you can easily find the newest product. Make sure before purchasing to login to your account if you are on a subscription that gives you access to the Wholesale Shop so you get the best prices ANYWHERE.

This week we have added 2 new coins, one in the Numismatics category!
* Tabaristan, Silver Hemidrachm of Umar (AD 771-780) - obv. Bust/rv. Fire Altar - Silk Road Hoard NGC

* 2019 Tuvalu Hulk 1 oz Silver Marvel Series Coin NGC MS70 First Release

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