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Monday, January 6, 2020

The Nature of Our Universe

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember that I started my life in love with mathematics? That's how my mind is wired. You are used to me talking about history and law and politics, but math and science are my True Loves, so please indulge me and I will try to make this painless and brief.

To the best of the knowledge of the top mathematicians and physicists in the world, we live in an ever-expanding morphogenic information field. What appears to be solid and have substance, doesn't. In fact, all the actual substance in the Universe could be collapsed down into an object the size of a sugar cube.

What this means is that everything we see and touch and assume to have substance --- is in fact empty space. And what is the "substance" we perceive? ---Ordered vibrational energy, like endless variations of tones and chords on a musical scale.

So the ancient Hindu Vedas are right --- at a fundamental level, everything that we see and experience in this world is an illusion.

And what does the Bible tell us about creation? That God spoke and by his voice created all this --- that is, by the power of sound this Universe was created and ordered, much like a symphony being played or a song being sung.

This has been confirmed by modern mathematics and physics.

Another analogy would be to think of our Universe as a giant computer program, but instead of using zero and one, this program uses 360 variants --- it is unimaginably more complex and variable than any computer or computer program we can currently conceive, and yet, it is still as simple at its core as "Yes" and "No", black and white, True and False, 1 and 0.

The Earth's "computer program" as set up, creates and supports what we think of and experience as life, and it does so on an eternal basis....but, something happened.

A Lie was introduced into the system, and like a computer virus, this single falsehood, this single "wrong note", began eroding the entire integrity of the program, causing "glitches" and altering results. Death and disease were caused by this First Lie, and it began proliferating itself like any computer virus, getting embedded in various subprograms and wrecking havoc.

Every time you tell a lie or believe one, you compound this problem and add to the chaos and dissonance created by lies.

This is why we must all strive to discern the truth and to tell the truth and to live the truth.
People can be part of the solution by being scrupulously honest, and by examining their own thinking processes.

There are a number of thinking processes that people commonly use in incorrect or imbalanced ways. Recognizing these and retraining ourselves will go a long way toward improving all our lives:
Relativism: the toxic false idea that there are no real standards and that our choices and what we do, don't really matter because "its all relative". This leads to indulging in perverse or unrealistic excuses for action or inaction.

The classic example is thinking that we all die at some point for some reason, so murder is okay.
This logic fault denies the existence of absolutes, and seeks to avoid accountability.

To the extent that we discern and align ourselves with truth, we thrive. To the extent that we believe in lies and act upon them, we destroy life--- our own and others.

Either/Or Exclusionary Thinking is a useful tool we all use to sort things in our daily lives, but we become too dependent on it and abuse it when we apply it indiscriminately.

Either/Or thinking naturally focuses on differences between objects or concepts, which leads us to miss similarities. For example, we notice the difference between red apples and yellow apples, and miss the fact that they are both apples.

This can lead us to make errors of logic and judgment that function as falsehoods of the "yellow apples aren't apples" and "infidels aren't people" kind.

Generalizing: this is our tendency to extrapolate from particular instances and experiences to form expectations, which may be true or false, but which are accepted as being true.

The error results when we assume things about individuals that are generally true, without accounting for their individual nature and differences.

Thus, we may say and assume that men are physically stronger than women, but if we are lazy and rely on such generalities, we fail to discern the truth that there are also very weak men and very strong women. To find the truth in any given situation we have to evaluate individuals, not rely on generalities.

Group Think: this is our tendency to want to fit in and be part of a group and to adopt its values and standards without examining and testing these against our own logic and conscience.

Group Think at its worst leads to surrender of individual conscience.

The most common example is indoctrination into a military, and accepting the idea that it is "okay" to kill other people so long as you are wearing one uniform and they are wearing another.

This is patently ridiculous and so is the idea of "killing for Jesus", but in both cases, Group Think results in the surrender of individual conscience---and logic.

This same logic fault carried to extremes leads to wholesale slaughter of civilians, concentration camps, and organized butchery.

Again, there is a direct tie between our ability to discern truth and our ability to choose life.
It turns out that your Shinola Sensor and your Conscience are two exceptionally powerful tools that need to be honed razor sharp, and that the quality of your life and of life on this planet, depends on your ability to discern truth and reject lies.

Lazy and relativistic thinking, acting on generalities, surrender of individual conscience, unbalanced exclusionary thinking --- these bad habits, many of them encouraged by indoctrination in public schools and by religions and clubs/gangs, won't preserve life on this planet and they won't provide abundant and joyous life to you.

Only the truth will set us free and give us back the fullness of life our Creator intended, so we must make it our business to seek and discern truth every day and in every situation we encounter. We must "un-learn" defective thinking patterns and toss out false or limiting assumptions by the busloads.

We must find the courage to step out of the crippling mental boxes and middleman control systems foisted off on us by governments and religions, and when we do, we will find our Creator again. We will know the truth again. We will discover abundant life again.


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  1. A growing number of people want to know what natural law is. Occulted knowledge from ancient societies knew of the Trivium and the Quadrivium which be studied by looking these up. Also see Mark Passio - Natural Law Seminar - the governing dynamics of consciousness

    Also see

    1. Thanks Jim!

      Just listened to the linked presentation and although I don't particular enjoy Mark's "harsh" delivery style (as he himself called it) I did appreciate several significant points, "principals" and quotes as a result of all the time I invested in that! Overall I would certainly generally recommend people "to know what natural law is."

      According to Dr. Ed Rivera (The Organic Laws professor) natural law is written on our hearts! (Now if people would only "drop down" from the "prison of their minds" into their hearts they could realize natural law for themselves. In other words it is largely an inner shift that is often needed possibly more than information.) Somewhat fortunately Mark did make brief mention of the heart however I do not know whether his apparently harsh delivery did that a real justice. On a gradient of four stars I'd give the presentation three!

  2. everything is an emanation of the one light. we vibrate at different frequencies giving the illusion we are seperate.

  3. Common people use a vague and simple term to explain the unexplainable binding as the "vibrated frequency". In reality, we are bound by the coordinated Geometrical points, very much like analogue points. Conjunction, Trine, Opposition, Square,etc. When I saw a bad points, I tried to avoid, they are not avoidable, the bad events happened. We can't avoid them.

    To some extend the Illuminati know this science, but they are not perfect at it.

  4. i like what you are saying about Truth and the danger of lies. Many people fall for the lies and are used and abused.
    Something to note? Even while in group situations, (and there are so many) it is important to remain an individual.
    There is right and there is wrong. Discernment at all times.
    Even in the military, one can retain an individuality.
    "Killing for Jesus" Yes we see those types and yet everyone that kills can not be put into that category.
    And we are told that with 'True'repentance we can be forgiven of killing and murder. Killing and murder are different, of this i also believe.
    Kill them all let God sort em out! This thought, this mentality, has been around for thousands of years and held up by many if not all of the "religions."
    However this is not what i glean as His Truth from the Gospel of John.
    If America (or the world) is being Judged, (as i believe it to be.)
    What Should be Our First Course of Action?
    And have we?
    (Collectively?) As a Group?
    How about as an Individual?

  5. If you wanna read some crazy stuff about the human soul.
    There's experiments you can do to detect your own soul/with pics.explains the left, right brain how it works.( the illuminati.)
    The left side of our body pushes thing away and the right side attracts. makes a difference if your left or right handed.
    link to book

  6. Seems as a whole the Universe is perfect recycle at some level maybe flashing on and off so incredibly fast an always resting half the time, pure intelligent energy. Our world and actions should fit into the frequencies that we are and need to use.
    Perhaps certain freqencies will be found useful to hum or sing. Songs or communicating in music I like partly due to everyone playing and listening is on the same idea, working together so no talking during a song just flowing through with it expressing frequencies rather than any argument not perfect of course but working towards it more


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