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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Probate and the Pledges - Trading Upon What Isn't Theirs

By Anna Von Reitz

First, I want to cut to the chase with all these silly people like Phil Hudok and Richard S. claiming that they are getting money and "awards" from the Federal Government.

The Federal Government has no money. 

All the Federal Government has is "credit" based on the assets of the people of this country.  Your assets.

So when the Federal Government offers to pay you, an American, with credit that is based on the value of your own assets, all it does is create more debt that is being held against you and your assets.

It's not a "payment" to you at all.  It's more debt.

The idea that Congress is paying you back for anything using credit based on your same assets, is too profoundly idiotic to deserve comment, yet that is what these Cretins in Congress are proposing as remedy.

It's clear that either: (a)  they don't have a clue or (b) they think that we don't have a clue. 

The Pope and the Queen owe us more money and credit than Midas ever dreamed of, but having the Federal Government paying off in "Notes" provides no access to their coffers, because Federal Reserve Notes are based on the value of our labor and United States Notes are based on our gold.

They have to pay us with their gold, not our gold, in order for it to be a payment or a remedy.

So their tongue-in-cheek offer thus far is to have us pay ourselves by further indebting ourselves and our own assets, including our children and their children and their children and......

It's an outrageous con, I'll give you that, but no banana.  Bad monkeys overall. 

Second, let's blow the horn about "Property Taxes"....

Let's say you are the Gubmint (not the actual government, a foreign corporation in the business of providing governmental services for hire), and you sneak around and make a false claim in commerce against my 40 acre cow pasture and don't tell me a word about it. 

You take your crooked claim, your False Title, to a Crooked Bank, and the Crooked Banker looks over his shoulder and says, "Well, nobody's here saying that this isn't valid, so I'll give you a loan against the value of this 40 acres...."

So now you, the Gubmint, have secretively helped yourself to the value of my land and the Banker has you on the hook for it. 

You begin making payments with interest to the Crooked Bank on this fraudulent loan, but because you, the Gubmint, don't actually produce much of anything, you can never keep up with the payments and interest.

Eventually, you run out of the credit you leveraged against my land, and as a corporation, you decide to go bankrupt --- whereupon Mr. Crooked Banker hires a Bill Collector, who comes to me and says, "You owe $1,258,089.00 in back taxes on this 40 acre parcel. Time to pay up!"

And I say, "What? You've got crackers for brains. I never saw you before in my life, have no contract with you, and this forty acres isn't worth anything near $1,258,089.00."  

To which he says, "I have title to this land, just lookee right here.... from the "State of Walamazoo".

Now, I live in a State called "Walamazoo" and once upon a time, that State had a business called "The State of Walamazoo" --- so it seems that Mr. Bill Collector is talking about my State and its State of State, because my ears (and maybe my eyes, too) don't catch the difference between "The State of Walamazoo" and "the" State of Walamazoo.  But....

This Shandy Dandy Bill Collector is not actually talking about my State or its business called "The State of Walamazoo".  He's talking about a different "State of Walamazoo", an incorporated franchise of the same foreign commercial corporation that took the loan against my land, and now, he's trying to profit himself and the Crooked Banker and the crooked governmental services corporation via a similar names deceit. 

He's not talking about any actual "Property Taxes", either, but if I am a typical American Farmer, I've been trained to think that I owe taxes, lots of them, and that "the government" has the right to lay all these taxes on me. 

Unfortunately, I haven't been taught to tell the difference between my own government and a foreign commercial corporation in the governmental services Biz ---- a foreign corporation that is operating under conditions of constructive fraud and color of law, a corporation that doesn't have any valid and fully disclosed contract with me or any justifiable right to make claims against my land, issue any titles related to it, or take out loans against it.  

You see how this works?  A Third Party, a foreign corporation in the business of providing governmental services, comes in, makes a bogus non-consensual claim against your assets, secures credit for itself based on your assets, then when it goes bankrupt, you are left on the hook as the "Co-Signer" who is purportedly "pledged" to pay this debt.

They try to hide this circumstance by calling it "Property Taxes", and they tell some other lies about the status and use of your private property by classifying it as "income-producing commercial, residential, or agricultural property"---- but what I have just described for you, is how they are actually working this constructive fraud scheme.

Another outrageous con job, no banana.  Bad monkeys overall.

So now we get down to the "pledges" --- who or what "pledged" you, or Mr. Farmer, either? 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt "pledged" the Federal Civil Service (Municipal Government) Employees and their Dependents to some "holy cause" during his First Inaugural Address.  That wasn't explained to us or to them, but that's what the words say. 

And on March 6, 1933, the [Territorial United States] Congress of Governors "pledged their [Territorial] states and the citizenry thereof" --- meaning the U.S. Military and their Dependents and the U.S. Territories and Possessions---- which wasn't explained to us or to them, but that's what the words say. 

So there you have the  two "pledges" one made "in behalf of" Territorial United States Citizens, one made "in behalf of" Municipal United States Citizens, both on a non-consensual, undisclosed, and unilateral basis by FDR and the Conference of [Territorial] Governors. 

Were any of your ancestors in the Federal Civil Service or the U.S. Military in 1933? 

Are you a Federal Civil Service Employee or Dependent, getting the benefit of a Federal Paycheck every month?   

Are you a member of the U.S. Military or Dependent, getting the benefit of a Federal Paycheck every month? 

So how does anyone get off claiming that you were "pledged" then or now, to pay any debts of any foreign governmental services corporation? 

Turns out that there's been a lot of alleged "pledging" going on behind your back. 

It seems that your Mother "pledged" and donated you, your Good Name, and your worldly assets to the same foreign Territorial  "State of Walamazoo" corporation that took loans out against land that belongs to you, but--- curious thing--- she wasn't given any disclosure that she was doing any such thing.  And you were only a few days old when it happened, so you certainly were not competent to act for yourself. 

And then, there is "The Pledge of Allegiance" foisted off on schoolchildren, none of whom are ever informed what a "pledge" is ----nor "allegiance" either.

More False Claims in Commerce.  More BS.  More fraud. 
Another Big Con Job, no banana.  Bad monkeys all round.

Now, the banks had and still have cause to know that nobody was given disclosure about any of this treasonous bullcrap purportedly being done "for" us behind our backs by treasonous politicians invested up to their eyeballs in these same foreign corporations, all of which happen to be owned directly or indirectly by the Pope. 

They have cause to know or suspect that there are not hundreds of millions of unwed Mothers in America, all lined up to give their babies away as Wards of any foreign "State of State". 

They have cause to know that there are not hundreds of millions of Federal Employees of either stripe --- Territorial or Municipal --- lined up to donate away everything including the skin on their teeth to any "cause" holy or otherwise, and whose assets have been illegally and immorally "pledged" by foreign corporation officers acting without disclosure or authority to indulge in what Mr. Trump's recent Executive Order called "National Enslavement". 

The Crooked Banks loaned money in collusion with a Great Big Fat World Class Fraud Scheme, and at the end of the day, that is their problem.  Not mine. 

Now, because of all the foregoing outrageous international Bunko -- just imagine Slim Pickens leaned up against a fence saying, "I'll sell you that horse over there for fifty dollars." --- the Pope is shuffling his deck as fast as he can go.  The entire world is now in probate. 

Oh, glory, me.  The only problem with that, is that virtually nobody is left alive to claim back any of it.  There's me and my little group of Americans still standing, but the Queen is dead on paper, and the British Isles and the entire Commonwealth stands unclaimed.  Yes, strange, but true, they've falsified records for so many years and gotten away with it, that all the living people and even the Sovereigns have suffered genocide on paper. 

Because these billions of people and their Heads of State and their Monarchs have been "done in" on paper without their knowledge or consent, the Holy See is one of only a handful of actual unincorporated governments left, and while it is responsible for all this fraud, it still intends to try to claim everyone else's property as "abandoned assets". 

Very, Very Bad Monkeys, indeed. 


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  1. The Monkey's need to be back in their cages w/one banana a day!

  2. One reason why people are willing to arbitrate is because they think that they, the govt, will never be good on their word, and they have a thousand reasons to think so...but the remedy to that is found in the UCC ..Just sign the instrament " without prejudice" or " without recourse" and you can retain all your rights...UCC 3-401(2):

    "A signiture is made by use of any name, including any trade or assumed name, upon an instrament, or by any word or mark used in lieu of a written signiture...".

    Thats the " rule of law" and if we dont have that than lets just admit we live under communism...!!

    1. You are not getting my point. They are trying to pay money they owe you using your money.
      Wake up. That’s like your older brother owing you ten bucks, so he robs your piggy bank and hands you your own ten bucks as payment for his debt. Now do you finally get it? How much more explicit do I have to be? It’s not about the instruments used in the transaction or how you sign them. It’s the source of the money being used and you are the source of every penny Congress has. So enough of this delusion that the Congress can pay you anything at all, ever. It’s a CON GAME, okay? Phil Hudok’s arbitration “answer” has you further indebting yourself and your country and your countrymen. It’s idiotic and unpatriotic and deserves to be resented and called out by all the rest of us.

    2. James, I think you meant UCC 1-308 Performance or acceptance under reservation of rights.

    3. No , i meant UCC 3- 401(2)....thats where signitures are found...UCC 1- 308 is just one of the remedys..!! You can also write " at arms lenght" !! Anything that proposes there is something wrong with the instrament and you dont have time to read 30 pages of dont trust them and they are definately not to be trusted..!!

    4. Anna, Trumps whole agenda is to break the central banks once and for all...especially the "Federal Reserve"..!! And once he does that he will declare that we owe you absoluty nothing...including all that frudent interest...!! Thats why he is spending like no tomorrow, especially on defense..the banks are out of funding so they are coming up with clearver ways , like property taxes that you talked about in a previous article, to make it....!! He means to clear all this debt and leave them like us...broke..!! If that is his intention, why not arbitrate then renighn...they will be broke..!! Bankrupt...and they will never get $ 200 trillion ...Trump will see to that..!!

  3. There's more than one way to skin a banana..!!

  4. Check it out
    MICHAEL BLOOMBERG on the Illuminati billionaires giving list for their one world agenda

    1. And we know what their agenda is and it has nothing to do with anything fair and people living in abundance as their web site so vagrantly announces

      Their philantrhopy means they rake in the moolah while the people get 5G microwaved to death in their human settlement zones

      Notice Bexo's wife is on the list, Virgin mobile is on the list, Rockefeller is on the list, Zuckerberg is on the list

      Which goes back to RBF and their fossil free world and their UN agenda plans

      Oil was never from fossil fuels in the first place, liars liars liars

  5. I just listened to the video from last night and just a comment about the climate modification they got going

    Need to address the changes at the local level in their changing of building codes to prevent the people from returning to their land

    If you watch max igan he has a recent video showing a presentation of their UN agenda and how they will force the population off the land via all their codes changes as they geoengineer them off their lands

    I will go look up the video link he had up on it

    Very detailed report on their plans to resettle the populations of Autralia in to their human settlement zones freeing up the land for their nefarious take over of all resources

  6. I ran across this video yesterday

    Find it interesting that there is a Prince William county in Virginia, Virginia and Maryland (Virgin Mary)

    This is very interesting to say the least

    1. I mentioned this years ago on this forum, the fact DC was conceived from the Virgin Mary union of Virginia and Maryland basically creating a new Masonic Messiah just look at the base of the Washington Monument the masonic falic symbol and see the 2 circles cells dividing. The State is a Masonic religion as evidence on the money and all the masonic symbolism and your "Pledge" to "IN GOG WE TRUST" every time you use it and engagement in the Debt/Human Labor slave system essentially being a joint partner in a human trafficking slavery scheme. This system is a new Masonic Religion more popularly called the NWO, how many times has the word Ordained been used in speeches even in the Constitution "ordain and establish", even in banking/Bonds I've seen "christened" uses as in a new bond being birthed, we have Ad-ministrations/ Ministries Ad-ministrators/Ministers we have more brick and mortar Masonic Churches (Banks) then actual churches so which religion is winning? Who actually worships a true God more then the God of money and chasing his slave papers for their Masonic Grace even those that claim to be holy or religious and meet once a week for a 1hr service what do they do with the rest of their week but worship their true God. And the State has all its own sacraments mimicking Christianity just compare Birth/Baptism Communion/Starting State School, Confirmation/Drivers Lc or starting High School, Marriage. Citizenship is not cut and dry its an evaluation of levels/degree (diversity) how many State sacraments have you attained even income, paid taxes and credit score are also factors of your Faith.

      The climate modification started back in the late 50's there were congressional studies and reports going on even government internal books on the subject then it went quiet and later denied and of course a "Conspiracy", Bill Cooper did shows 20+ years ago on it, they were already modifying the weather in Vietnam during the war.

  7. Wow Paul, I commented on this post earlier . It was the first post and it published.

    Now I come back and it's gone ???

    What say you.... Thanks.

    1. Did you save a copy of that post? It probably didn't print. I could not find it in the published list or in the spam list. I only sent one comment to the spam box this morning and it was from anonymous.

      Publish it again if you have a copy.


  8. I found this information about mortgages to be of some interest

  9. Life eternal!

    I have come to one realization. That being: We are all entertained and then die.

    I find it amazing that most think in the terms of endless life when in fact, in the snap of the finger, we are gone. No kidding, a true statement.
    We all have two things in common. We die, and have been trained to be entertained. The entertainment aspect is very important to the PTB (Powers That Be).

    You see the ruthless PTB look at the population as productivity units to be drained and managed.

    Now come on, none of us really want to be drained and managed, but in fact the PTB have figured out ways to drain our productivity; our standing wealth; and all of our property in an ever increasing self enriching management fashion.

    If you snapped your fingers and all of a sudden 1000 of the founding fathers from a few hundred years ago appeared, they would probably marvel at the technology, but when they saw what government had turned into, an extortion racket of no equal, I would love to own stock in a baseball-bat company.

    You see, they would not have been conditioned as we are, and on reflex action they would grab those baseball bats, kick down a few doors, and toss the extortionists out into the street.

    They may just also have some tar and feathers to accommodate the removal.

    The founding fathers name would change! They only would be referred to as: radical terrorists, mentally unstable individuals, misguided pawns, etc.

    The PTB would say: "What the hell is wrong with these individuals? Did they think they actually could use force against us and get away with it?"

    In the founding father’s time you got information from the neighbor when they visited, or from that newspaper that circulated one hand to the other and could only be utilized if you could read that is.

    Make no mistake about it, there is more wealth in and from the USA generated over the last 500-years then the founding fathers could have ever imagined.

    Wealth is a funny and fickle thing. Many try to obtain and posses it, but very few reach the objective.

    What is the common denominator for almost unlimited wealth obtained? Well, it boils down to the following two words: The entertainer or the entertained.

    Wars and conflicts were and are a messy thing. Worked great for the PTB in stealing wealth over the last 10,000 years, but then with nuclear energy and the subsequent MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)the game and the terms of the game for wealth transfer, dramatically changed.

    The key to maintaining, collecting, and protecting wealth for the PTB was simple; entertain the population. Good, bad, or confusing entertainment it did not matter, as long as the individual / population was distracted and focused on entertainment, thus being oblivious to almost everything else, control for the PTB was assured.

    There was a song decades ago that had the main theme statement of: "Teach you're children well" by Crosby Stills and Nash. I strongly recommend you listen closely to the words of that song.
    Life is an absolutely wonderful gift of no equal. Protecting and nurturing it is the true beauty of life in itself.

    Greed and opportunity to accentuate greed has been the cancer and perpetual hell of the human condition ongoing since that apple was plucked from that tree millenniums ago.

    Having wealth is nice at times, but if it blinds the beauty of life, then that wealth, even if in the billions is not "worth" 1c. Never forget that eye of a needle and the Camel thing because it simply is; true.

    Here is a secret: The most developed beings in existence have a very common trait. That being the word wealth as man understands it does not exist in their world. The word to them has no meaning. You see when you have all things throughout all time; the word wealth has no meaning. In the alternative, the word life is in itself all.

    Just a thought :)

    In closing, be careful and discern closely the entertainment we all are spoon fed 24/7. And keep in mind entertainment includes the written word as well as what we see and hear.


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