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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Still Not Getting It?

By Anna Von Reitz

Your older brother owes you $10 bucks. He's broke. He goes into your room on the sly, opens up your piggy bank, filches $10 bucks, then gives this to you as payment of his debt to you.

THAT is what is happening with Phil Hudok's arbitration "award".

They are proposing to pay you back --using your own assets to do it.

The "Federal Government" is operated via two foreign corporations, a Scottish Mercantile Corporation (USA) and a Papist Commercial Corporation (US).

The money this Federal Government has and which it spends with respect to us, is all credit issued to them by banks and that credit is secured against our assets.

These corporations spend none of their own profits on us.

Every penny they spend on us has to be repaid to the banks, plus interest.

As a result, when Phil gets an "award" from the Feds, they are paying him with credit that is secured against his assets---and yours.

He is putting himself and the rest of us further in debt.

And the Federal Government, these endlessly venal corporations, are trying to count this as repaying their debt to Phil Hudok.

The rest of us are saying "In a pig's eye!" to that.

Not only that, the Federal Government's offer includes having Phil agree to calling himself a "natural person".

Under probate law, "natural person" means "corpse". And we are all under probate law, because part of our government ---albeit, only a Subcontractor--- is missing, and the rats have used this as an excuse to pretend that our country is "adrift" in international waters and subject to salvage operations.
The Pope, meanwhile, has moved to probate our estates as property belonging to "missing persons".

So, when Phil innocently admits to being a "natural person" as part of the conditions of receiving his award, he agrees to be considered a corpse and gives up all his property rights to the land and soil of this country and also any guarantees owed to him under the actual Constitutions.

They pay him off with paper credit purloined against his own assets and in the same stroke, sever his rights to those assets. So he is left standing there with the debt-notes, no assets, and no Natural and Unalienable Rights, as his "payment" from these Shysters.

And Phil and Richard S. and their buddies are cavorting around and claiming this is a great victory and everyone should get on board and do it.

The rest of us see it as yet another con game. We also see it as more debt being shoveled off onto us and onto our assets. And yet another attempt to justify the creation of "infant decedent estates" in the name of American babies.

Now, we can't be sure if Phil is just innocent and gullible and making a mistake, or if he knowingly and willingly went over to the other side of this issue and is purposefully trying to mislead people.
Either way, two things are clear.

First, his "award" results in harm to us and to our country via more debt plus interest being alleged against our labor and other assets.

Second, his "award" severs his claim to be an American. By accepting its conditions, he agrees to being treated as an "infant decedent" -- a "corpse"--for purposes of probating our Joint Estate, meaning our country and everything in it. And corpses have no right to anything.

These two preceding facts being true and unavoidable, the least that our Trustees, the Pope and the Queen, can do for us, is to remove Phil and his Buddies to Canada or some other Crown Property willing to accept them as homeless Paupers.

After all, they have harmed us by further indebting us (though it is at issue) and they have severed their claim to being Americans by accepting this "award".

Why should they remain on our shores and still benefit from our hospitality?


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  1. Anna/Paul, I have heard that when a human dies and their family sign's the 255. their death benefit it release;s their cestui que trust account,,,

  2. It doesnt matter what he agrees to as long as he signs the document..." Without Recourse"....there is no recourse on this instrament...period..!! I did this once on a speeding ticket and the judge looked very perplexed...he said, by mistake, how do you agree in one instance and than disagree in another...relizing his mistake he quickly just gave me what i wanted which was a continuence...and the trap was set..!! If i had known what i know now i would have never asked for a continuence...but i was in a postion where i had to...He was just getting ready to dismiss the case when i came in for a continuence....when i went back to get a copy of my case, the continuence was stamped in red( not even written in), " because the defendant asked for a continuence the case can no longer be dismissed....I ask a favor from the court and thats what i got...I knewn it was wrong but i had to take a chance because of a business deal....Dont do it..!!


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