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Sunday, January 5, 2020

For America and the Middle Eastern Countries

By Anna Von Reitz

These Intelligence Agency guys sit around and tell so many lies back and forth that none of them know the truth anymore.  Literally.  The CIA guys can't tell the truth at all. It's not in them. They open their mouths and corkscrews come out.

FBI? The only difference is the charming American accent, mainly because they are trying to copy their Big Brothers at the CIA and DARPA and DIA and MI6. 

It's hell to find good role models these days.  Our sons grow up confused and crooked.  Our "intelligence agencies" are more like Hollywood script writers....

DIA?  I don't think they were ever acquainted with the truth to begin with, so truth is not even the question with them.  They spew wads of thready, gluey, string-like information that sticks to the bottom of your shoes and makes you wrinkle your nose late at night twenty years later. 

And if your "intelligence networks" can't tell the difference between beans and buckwheat anymore--- what then? 

It's a sad commentary on where guile has landed us--- a manure pile of Corporate Feudalism, fraud, and lies piled on top of lies like a maggot and rotten banana sandwich.  

Here's an example of the latest Big Lie being passed around: the CIA let the Iranians invest in our mortgage market and the Iranians are responsible for the subprime mortgage meltdown in 2008 and all the foreclosures.....

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I heard that one.

The actuality is that the perpetrators of the mortgage market crisis and MERS and the Foreclosure Mills are all home-grown in "the US".  Not American.  Not our "United States" ---  No, the OTHER "United States" run by the Pope and the Queen.

What happened is this ---and bear with me as I take a detour into something that only appears unrelated: 

Back in the 70's,  the US had the refinery capacity to mainline Middle Eastern crude oil to market, so  the US and OPEC cut a deal to corner the world's energy markets.  Big bucks and big coercive power for both. The Middle East supplied the crude, the US supplied the refinery capacity.  The Petro-dollar was born.

The oil business has always been a haven for Liar's Dice and Oklahoma Guarantees, but when it came to the Petro-dollar, it sank to a new low.

Do you remember hearing (constantly) how the US was "energy dependent" on other countries for oil?  How we were always struggling against an "oil deficit"?  Living in fear of an OPEC Oil Embargo?

Nobody told you that the US was consistently among the top three Oil Exporters in the world during that whole same time, did they?  The US was shoveling oil and oil products of all kinds out the door as fast as the Iraqis and Iranians and Jordanians and everyone else could ship the crude oil.

And all that talk about "oil deficits"?  The US was pushing OPEC to sell them more crude oil, cheaper, so they could maximize their profits on the refined oil products and by-products like plastics, that were the "value added" products at the end of the line.

My Grandmother would call it "shameful, deceitful, Poor Mouthing"---making everyone else think that we were starved for oil, dangerously low reserve supplies, oh, my, we just have to ask for higher prices at the pump.....  

And nobody told you that the US was sitting on oil fields that make Iran's resources look small, either.   But that's true, too, and I am not even talking about fracking. There's have light sweet crude less than a quarter mile down in quantities that stagger the imagination, sitting parked in the western states and just offshore.

The American Oil Companies didn't need Middle Eastern Oil---ever.  They just wanted to buy out the Middle Eastern Oil Supplies, kill the Middle East off as a long term competitor as cheaply as possible, and then, oh, gee, look at all this oil we just found....

So, take in the fact that all that beeswax you heard on the Nightly News (and probably believed) about "oil deficits" and "oil dependency" was just more horse-hooey fed to you, and used to justify charging you $5 a gallon instead of fifty cents a gallon.   

Between the gubmint and the news media and all the "intelligence agencies" combined, none of them could tell us what day of the week it was, without lying two or three times. 

That's also another good reason to clean the cat box during the Nightly News time slot, but let's get back to the latest Big Lie about Iran being the cause of the mortgage debacles....

Both the Middle Eastern Oil Producers and the US Oil Refiners made out like bandits for years and years, and the Saudis and Jordanians and Iraqis and Egyptians and everyone over there was lapping it up and spending like drunken sailors on infrastructure and goods supplied mainly by--- guess who?  European and American corporations. 

And then, with the First Blush over and done, the new Middle Eastern Investors created by this glut of money,  started looking for good places to invest their wealth..... and here is where the really diabolical stuff kicked in. 

Did you know that "mortgage backed securities" became available just as the Saudis and everyone else over in the Middle East began earnestly looking for investment opportunities for their share of the oil money? 

It was like magic. Men in turbans started showing up, looking for good, stable, long-term investments and Poof!  Mortgage-backed securities appeared out of thin air. Brand new. Wow. Modeled on the Money Market approach to reduced risk long term investing for the future....blah, blah, blah.

And this happened-- just coincidentally? --about the same time that Bank of America and Merrill Lynch were getting nervous because they knew that virtually the entire mortgage "industry" in America was based on bank fraud and false claims in commerce. 

Now, you might think that knowing what they knew about the fraudulent mortgage industry, they'd pull the brakes on "mortgage-backed securities investments" but no, they decided instead to share the pain with the whole world, and exploded it, instead. They took a simple but profitable 1930's style bank fraud and made it into a modern investment securities fraud.  

So there's the CIA's Bank of America off-loading toxic investments based on bogus mortgages---- mortgages that they already knew were fraudulent because they set up the con game and hooked people who didn't really owe mortgages into paying them in the first place. 

Enter good ole "Spread-the-Liability" Merrill-Lynch, licking its lips, and JP Morgan-Stanley, oh, what-a-wonderful idea!  Mortgage-backed securities!

And they sold this "concept" to oil rich Middle Eastern investors, both individuals and entire countries, encouraging them to invest heavily in this new sure-thing: mortgage-backed securities---- and they did this with malice-aforethought, full and well-knowing that those mortgages were 90% phony baloney and that sooner or later the fraud would be discovered and the whole market would tank.

But you see, from their perspective, that wasn't a bad result. 

All the Middle Eastern wealth --- that could otherwise compete with and be a threat to them --- would disappear when the fraud at the core of the mortgage industry came out and the bubble burst.  And when it did, they'd be standing there innocent as daisies in May, with their own share of the oil wealth intact, ready to buy back everything in sight for pennies on a dollar. Just like they bought up everything in the 1930's for almost nothing.

Now, if you were a Middle Eastern country whose oil supplies were petering out and you had socked most of your seed money into American and European mortgage-backed securities, and you found out that in fact, over a billion people and companies had been grossly defrauded and were literally paying on mortgages that they never owed-----? 

And that furthermore, the securities brokers and banks had sold off and sold on shares in the same mortgage-backed securities you thought you owned, with no actual paper trail or validated proof of ownership interest using "MERS", and had created a situation (deliberately) where dozens if not hundreds of different investors had purported ownership interests in the same houses?  Well?

How would you feel about this? 

Probably the same way you will feel when you wake up and realize that (in all likelihood) you've been paying a mortgage you don't owe, just like your parents paid mortgages they didn't owe, either.  Probably the same way you might feel when you realize that your Pension Fund got suckered in just like those folks over in the Middle East. 

And everyone will be pointing fingers at everyone else, the victims in the Middle East will be pointing at "the Americans" and "the Americans" will be told (are already being told) that it was the Iranians that did all this and so, if we are really, really stupid --- we will believe the Nightly News. Again. 

But the fact of the matter is that this whole problem started back in the 1930's when FDR led this country off the tracks and "departed from a normal course of business" without telling the rest of us, and "the US government" ---which is a Subcontractor and not American at all, started letting the central banks bilk innocent Americans for fun and profit.

You see, the Americans are victims on the mortgage side of this.  And the Middle Eastern Investors and our own Pension Funds are victims, too. 

And there is only one common denominator: the Middlemen. The Federal Government Subcontractors working for the Pope, and the banks and securities brokers, who are also working for the Pope.

All roads lead to Rome and Mystery Babylon. 

If we have learned anything over the past 5,000 years, let us remember now that: the Vermin always blame the Victims. And the Victims are kept so confused they can't blame the Vermin in return.

Let's change that.  See through that.

They, the Vermin,  will tell us that its the Evil Middle Eastern Investors, waging economic war against us.  And they will tell the Bilked Middle Eastern Investors that it was the vile, sneaky "Americans"  (never "the US" --the ones that actually did the dirt on both sides of the equation) and they will have us at each other's throats instead of going after the Middlemen responsible. 

Well, folks, this is a proverbial pot of snakes, for sure.  Hardly anyone in America ever legitimately owed a mortgage.  Maybe 12% of mortgages were valid, and even those can no longer be validated.  People from all over the world, including our own pension funds, have invested in these worthless, fraudulent contracts.

And the banks and securities firms knew that they were fraudulent, worthless contracts when they sold them as investments.

Now, I am trying to be as honest and fair about this as I can be, to everyone involved.  I have the greatest sympathy for the victims on both sides--- the Americans who were bilked into paying debts they never owed, and the Middle Eastern Investors, who thought (like almost everyone else) that they were investing their oil wealth into rock solid investments for the future.

The ones I don't have much sympathy for are the bankers and brokers that have been engaged in bilking the American people since the 1930's and the government that has promoted and all allowed this. 

I want everyone to understand that "the US" Government responsible for this is under contract to provide us with "essential government services" but isn't in fact American. It's owned and operated by the Pope -- both directly in the case of the Municipal United States Government, and indirectly, because the Queen is his Overseer of the British Territorial United States Government. 

So, all you Mad-As-Hell Iranians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Egyptians, Everyone in the Middle East --- we hear you.  We understand why you are angry.  But it isn't us doing this to you.  In fact, we've been taking it in the shorts ourselves --- and at the hands of the same Perpetrator(s). 

Please stop shouting "Death to America" and "Death to Americans" --- we've been fed lies for generations and used as cheap mercenaries without even knowing that we were acting as mercenaries.  We aren't the problem.  The problem is with our Subcontractors, and they are all owned and operated by the Pope. 

So let's give him a hard time instead.

We are doing our best to get control of the situation and it would be a good thing for everyone to simmer down and not let these rats succeed in getting us all to go to war, because that is what they want.  They want to sit in the Middle as the Odd Man out, and let their Victims destroy each other, just by telling lies first to one and then to the other.  

Instead, we should concentrate on exposing their criminality to the entire world.  We should confiscate their wealth and work with other people and other countries to clean this Mess up--- and we can do so without firing a single shot. 


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  1. Enough drugs to kill 57 million Americans seized at border

    Free trade and open borders anyone - ship them up through the borders which is all encompassed in the USMCA deal with no border checks

    1. I post for informational purposes, be very careful of anything you are taking including prescription drugs

  2. And they continue with their false flags and make it harder to find the information

    And they've got their boy toy bloomberg front and center for 2020 - his ads touting how he cares so much for the people - hog wash people they are all a part of it

  3. Inside deals abound

    $768 million dollar deal

  4. Money laundering banks under the jurisdiction of oligarchs enable corruption, debt & looting nations. Banking giant HSBC 'a criminal enterprise' Whistleblower makes damning case in video interview

    “Cruz charges that the 1,000 pages of customer account records suggest HSBC relied on identity theft to capture legitimate Social Security numbers that were then used to create the bogus retail and commercial bank accounts through which employees systematically deposited and withdrew hundreds of millions of dollars on a daily basis, apparently without the knowledge of the identity theft victims.”

    "When an individual finds out they got a loan they never knew about, 5 percent of that loan went to the accounting firm that made up the phony tax returns, and the other 95 percent of that loan went to the manager," he said.

    "One manager was involved in the transaction, another manager was involved in notarizing the transaction, and senior management was involved where they signed off permission to give the loans even when the loans get rejected by underwriting."

    "I have hours upon hours of voice recordings, ranging from bank tellers, to business representatives, to managers, to executives," he said. "The whole system is designed to be a culture of fraud to make it look like it's a legalized system. But it's not."

    1. According to Cruz, since the "IRS" and "Federal Reserve" benefit from and are aware of the fraudulent bank accounts, they are both complicit in the above banking fraud.

      John Cruz Sr VP HSBC Bank- Hr 1

  5. Read the comment by fabio in the below video


    1. Shelby, future Democrat/Marxist
      Fabio SchlaƟ
      I am from Costa Rica and the few times I have been near the borders I have seen hundreds of illegal migrants being let through. I spoke with one of the immigration officers and he told me that it was actually thousands a month, that we could do nothing about it as we do not have the funds. He said, if we held them back they would cross anyway and that these people's destination is the US. I am not sure where the immigrant are from but judging by their language and looks, they were definitel Asian, quite possibly from Burma, Bangladesh, India, Afganistan or Pakistan. All people I saw were getting on buses and crossing without passports. They were holding transit permits with a photo. All were men, fit and with ages mostly between 30-50 years. I saw no women or children.. the youngest I have seen were teenagers or boys close to 20 but only 1 or 2. Take this as a witness account.

  6. you cheered me up anna, someone who gets it.

    They want to sit in the Middle as the Odd Man out, and let their Victims destroy each other, just by telling lies first to one and then to the other.
    yes, this is precisely how these people operate.

    once you get to know them, it is all very predictable.

    one way to spot and avoid this is to be "odd man out" and see how furious they get as they try to provoke you, etc.

    i'm not saying try to "provoke" them, i'm saying if you sense such is going on, this is a way to measure.

    this is probably the closest thing to an admission you can get by peaceful means, they are compulsive liars.

    in a way, this is like their only strategy, to "provoke", they don't have much else to stand on except "transference of hatred"

    when "transference/possession" of you fails, they will explode with rage, trying to make you feel "inferior" or "shame" etc. -- i am no psychologist, but very much a projecting their guilt onto you IMO.

    in many ways, it is like an ego thing, they are attached to material success, etc.

    internally these people are very unstable, thats what luciferianism does to you, but they try very hard to appear calm and relaxed, etc.

    they want to the world to think they are a "success" etc.

    in many ways, they are hollow -- just a mirage.

    if you see through them, it tends to terrify them, i.e. they have control issues, so before that can happen, out pop more lies/spin.

    its a cliche, but they can't stand their own sight. so they have to invent "personas" or ideal archetypes that they are playing, to suppress the guilt.

    i don't advise anyone to be around such people anymore than you have to, but if you are in such a situation, this seems to be the routine/dynamics.

    "from one, know all" "as below, so above"

    they are very concerned with "sizing up" people, trying to get in their heads, both imagine what they would do, imagine what would provoke them.

    thus, they are easy to trick.

    as long as you don't believe any of their lies, they are powerless. the whole thing is to string people along, things go wrong, so you are supposed to get madder and madder, etc.

    basically, when the SHTF (when you are supposed to explode on the pre-conceived "opponent" they set up for you, and that they "prepped" as well) these people will be long gone.

    that is another sign of them -- disappears, hides, always around for handouts but never chip in, etc.

    there when you don't need them, not there when you do.

    they figure if they aren't around when stuff goes down, things won't be traceable to them.

    1. i should add, these people study you to see how best to "provoke" you

      so there is like a "study" period where they try to see what makes you tick.

      again, this makes them easy to trick.

      it is difficult to put in words how demonically possessed these people are, but in many ways it is "if i can make them sin, it makes me look innocent"

      in many ways, luciferianism is all about trying to make "clones"; its like a "baptism" in a sense -- they are trying to spread the disease.

      ergo, if everyone is diseased, then they can't be so bad a person, because everyone else is now as psychopathic too.

      in their mind, it makes them look good, off the hook, etc.

      this is a sure sign, goes with the "transparency" "mirage" thing -- you won't find any "values" or "truth" or "honor" or "integrity" you will just see a giant black hole of emptiness needing to be filled (really, needing to be "emptied" onto someone else, it is like a "release" for them to transfer their hatred/possession onto someone else)

      this is why they explode if you don't get angry -- again, they are easy to trick. e.g. just pretend to be angry or play along.

      they are very much control freaks, "domination", that sort of thing.

  7. "We aren't the problem. The problem is with our Subcontractors, and they are all owned and operated by the Pope." Indeed,and the "pope" delights in getting other's to do his dirty work. No more war.

    "The BEST" YOU ARE LOVED Honor walk for Jordy Soesbe, real hero!

  8. I recall once working nights cleaning a bank and finding a receipt laying on top, obvious showing the manager making a loan to himself of some kind.
    A relative a few generations past managed five banks, various board and manager positions, and grew wealthy leveraging cows. A strange and very large crash of the cow market cost him and a lot of others most of their fortunes. Cows were cruelly kept enslaved and allowed to starve as though they had no feelings once the entire plan collapsed similar perhaps to unfortunate chattel property.

  9. The biggest granddaddy lie of all is the term "fossil fuels". Guest what, dinosaurs never existed! This was all dreamed up by the oil industry to make us think that there is a limited supply of oil and they can then gouge us. There used to be some excellent videos on youtube explaining how they pull this off and the fact that there is no evidence of dinosaurs ever existing but the scrubbed most of it off youtube. Do your own research.


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