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Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Biggest Lies

By Anna Von Reitz

I've been sitting here this morning, thinking about lies.   

Children lie because they don't know any better, but as you get older, most people stop lying --both to themselves and to others.  There are, of course, many exceptions. and many adults continue to lie because they think it profits them in some way.  

Bill Clinton: "I did not have sex with that woman."  

Those of us who have arrived at the next stage of maturity, know that it does no good to lie, because the Truth, in its entirety, is always known.  So, as a practical matter, there is no use in lying.  That's why we don't do it.  

Barack Obama: "I'm going to cut the Federal budget." 

It really is laughable at times, and yet, people who believe lies act upon them. 

Think of the millions of people who have voted for politicians to run their lives and ruin their country, simply because they believed lies? 

And then failed to check back on voting records and do performance evaluations?  

So they continue to believe and vote for the same politicians who have been lying through their teeth the whole time.

US Senator Lisa Murkowski: "Of course, I'm a Republican."

Billions of people worldwide give up over half of their earnings under conditions of force and duress, yet somehow, they believe that they are free.  

They pay property taxes and mortgages, yet they think they own their homes. 

NIST: "The World Trade Center towers collapsed because of office fires ignited by jet fuel." 

Just recently, I was accused of lying. 

A neophyte researcher went on the internet and couldn't find something I referenced. 

He was looking for an action undertaken by the Continental Congress affecting the International Jurisdiction of the Several States--- in Municipal Government records.  No joke. 

That's like looking for Acts of Parliament in the archives of the City of Pittsburgh, Ohio.  

Even after I explained his mistake, he remained convinced that I'd lied to him. 

So, it's not just a matter of being lied to by others, it's also a matter of lying to ourselves --- failing to admit our mistakes and limitations.  How else does his incompetence become my lie?  

Pope Francis:  "We must obey the UN." 

[I just won't mention that I own 'the" UN.] 

We discover, much to our amazement, that our two foreign Subcontractors, the Queen and the Pope, have been colluding together to create a perpetual "war" on our soil.  

This is amazing on three counts.  

First, it's amazing because a shot hasn't been fired in this "war" in a hundred and fifty years, plus, the whole thing was an illegal mercenary conflict and not a war to begin with. 

Second, it's amazing because they are our Employees and have no reason or right to be fighting on our soil.  

Third, it's amazing because the Queen works for the Pope as his Overseer of the Commonwealths, and the British Territorial Government that is supposed to be one side of this non-existent "war" is a Commonwealth.  So the Pope is fighting against the Pope, and both the Pope and the Queen are profiting from this at the expense of their Employers. 

I'll admit this is a jaw-dropper, but it is the truth nonetheless. 

So, yes, it can be hard to make a distinction between truth and lies, simply because the truth is unbelievable.  

Who could believe that the Pope is the one ultimately responsible for all this destruction and criminality?  That he is literally causing it to exist? 

As he, the Pope, owns all these corporations and controls the charters issued by the Holy See, he could, presumably, pull the plug on the whole shooting match, and end the bogus "war" with the flick of a pen and a whisper in Lizzie's ear.  

And what about us?  Why are we standing here allowing our EMPLOYEES to cause us trouble?  

It is unbelievable. It's also true. 

So, what to do in a world where truth can appear to be a lie, and a lie can appear to be the truth?  

Perhaps the answer lies in science and mathematics--- the Natural and Universal Laws. 

Perhaps, too, there is a reason that this video showed up in my in-box this morning as I was ruminating about lies.  It exposes the Biggest Whopper of them all:  

Remember our meditation to break apart the Great Seals that are interfering with the flow of energy on this planet?  The Great Palatine Seal in Rome is battered, but still standing.  It's time to pull it apart.  

Maybe that will finally convince the Pope?

The Seal on Bardsey Island is below the waves, but needs to vanish entirely.

Just imagine untying knots, releasing all the things that bind us, letting go of the past, letting go of selfishness and fear, being truly free and truly honest and truly healthy and truly loved.  

Because you are. 


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  1. Lie (make sht.up) family law has no jurisdiction until you get a marriage lisence .
    Fully lawful to just make an entry in family bible.
    Lawful to travel but make stuff up and get a lisence when none is required your lied to.
    Take your kid siteing.a danger to. Them for having dirty dishes in sink clearly making stuff up to take your child.we have to fight fire with fire can’t take a government agent into court they always find it was no excessive force .
    Filling due process the have to make a demand in form of a remonstrance to legislator .thats actually due process cause the judiciary always protects its own and your using the wrong process anyway.
    Check out kirks law corner .
    He is defending Field McConnell

    1. Please watch the series on YouTube Justinian Deception its enlightenmen
      At it best . The man cuts right to the root cause of the who where why and how theses satanic cabal has disenfranchised from our Dominion over our land ect . Watch before you write in a bible most have huge grammatical errors and as such are in law a fraud. Please please watch and shar this amazing and empowering series.
      God bless and please study as time will allow.

  2. Quoted: "... our Employees ... have no reason or right to be fighting on our soil." at:
    "Getting Clear About Federal Proprietary Jurisdiction Limits!"

  3. But the lying Thieves use falsehood to run away with our properties, too long, too far, expanding beyond their 10 square mile limit of Wa D.C. of London and Rome. There has never been any GREAT DECEPTION in human history.

    They are the Intrusive sneaky Thieves, not our Government as they wish to be. True government must have Love for their own people, not trashing people on the streets and blaming something else.

  4. Just viewed the linked video (via: and created the following report:

    About the greatest "take-away" from this presentation (for this blog-writer) was the Einstein quote which got this writer researching for the source of that and found the following:

    "What is the source of what Einstein said about reality? 'Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.'

    1 Answer[1]

    (By:) Tom McFarlane, B.S. Physics, Stanford University (1988)
    Answered Jan 22 · ...
    There is no source for that, because Einstein didn’t say it. It is not consistent with his views. For Einstein, reality is what is true, not what is illusory.

    However, Einstein did write something kind of similar to that. Here is what he wrote in a 1955 letter of condolence to the family of his recently deceased friend Michele Besso:

    Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

  5. Re: "... what to do in a world where truth can appear to be a lie, and a lie can appear to be the truth?"

    This is a really great question! IMO we could spend the next decade with this as a primary Keynote for our ongoing contemplation. The reason being is this coming decade will be the decade that an actual shift will be occurring throughout all of humanity in the form of a mutation on the genetic level. The generation that will be born with this mutation will finally be the ones who can consistently live in the potential of our Human Design as fully-awakened nine-centered beings rather than operating under the old seven-centered form that has been dominated and ruled by the mind where lying prevails. In the meanwhile we can adopt the "Four (actually five) Agreements" starting with: Be Impeccable With Your Word" as that is the most important agreement. The Fifth Agreement is "Be Skeptical But Learn To Listen."

  6. So so true brother's and sisters we have to stop by our ignorance quit giving this satanic system our energy and stop giving this evil system control by granting legitimacy by contributing to their fraudulent accusations that we are unaware of this system that only survives by participation. We must stop sending our children to government indoctrination
    Centers. Stop forcing our children to apply for benefits from Ceaser stop applying for Ceasers false identification cards Ceasers created birth dates and use the proper date you were born. Return all mail addressed to the all CAPITALIZED so called legit name
    No entering into contracts tha have the name in all CAPITALIZED letters. Start teaching our children how no to enter Babylon. A lie told a million times is still a lie. Teach our children about consenting and the dire consequences.
    Resigne from receiving any and all Government licences giving them authority over you by applying begging for permission to do anything. Garde and be diligent and very suspicious of any documents contracts
    in all things study gain knowledge leave a legitimate narrow path an example for them to follow.

    1. @brickguyo,
      You are right on with your thoughts of education, we do so desperately need to formulate a path expressing how to live as an American, avoiding all of the pitfalls and what not.

      I know of a discord server that is being offered up as a place to discuss and plan this path in depth.

      If anyone is interested in joining (free membership) the Discord server, please contact

      Washington Assembly members are stepping up to fill this gap in offering this tool to all the people.

      Note to my peasant, before you do something ignorant, this is not my email, it belongs to a very kind veteran offering us all a place to find help, please be respectful.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  7. They are outright liars
    DeNiro spouting off on late night that Trump fake president, because he literally is

    And they looking to disarm everyone

    I wonder who the actwhore is looking to put in new gun legislation in Virginia?? Ban on all guns??

  8. I just want to ask all of these commentators one question, please.

    Which of you have made the legal and lawful effort to remove yourself from their "presumed" army of U.S. citizens or even citizens of the United States??? I have removed myself..... have you done your American Duty? Don't forget about "Acquiescence".... you know, your Silence is Acceptance.

    Grab your pick forks!!! I smell trolls afoot....

    Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  9. question political status trying to figure out revocation of income tax Anna states you are not eligible to revoke if you are African American descent I have 2 biracial children half white half African American that have been paying into the system since they were 15 as well as myself I would like to know if they are eligible to revoke we were all born in Illinois
    Thank you

    1. From Anna:

      And your "Natural and Unalienable Rights" are recognized so that you don't have to accept any second-class "Civil Rights" offered as a substitute by the Federal Government entities. Civil Rights are only important for those people of color who are claiming Federal citizenship for some reason of their own--- but Joe Average American of any color is not obligated to claim or accept Federal Citizenship.

      Like everyone else, if you were born in this country, you can (1) claim your American State National status (as recognized at 8 USC 1101 (a) 21) and owe no obligation to the government beyond keeping the peace, or (2) once you reach the age of 21, you can choose to act as an American State Citizen and help run your actual State Government and Court System and State Militia. You are welcome to come help get your State Assembly up and rolling.

      In the course of our research we discovered that Obama was not the first man of color to serve as President --- at least not of these United States; that honor goes to a black Free Man who was elected to the actual Congress and who served in the Office of President during the Civil War.

      As for what I said earlier, that was -- thankfully -- an honest mistake based on the confusion that results when people call "States of States" [Confederate] "States" ---- which was common practice before, during and after the Civil War for several decades.

  10. Don’t know from what rock you crawled turtle mysteriously appeared acting like privileged swamp creature or something.
    Everything here has been here for eternity except ((you)))!
    Member of multiplayer groups Anna knows them she should she was a member and spoke at my main group been a honorable marine for 18 years impeccable record well know in my community. .
    You don’t give a hoot in hates about dirt bag troll from hell!!

    1. Why Hello there my little peasant citizen.
      I wonder what has you so wound up? I was not talking to you directly, like you are to me... I was talking to anyone's guilty conscience, and yet, it appears you just had to come forward with.... nothing but mud slinging as usual. YAWN!!!
      FYI, the rock is in Washington, which makes me a Washingtonian by birthright.... hmm thought I mentioned that?
      So I can only guess that you have not done anything to claim your political status, I know I am right here, you have mentioned it before.... you know, that you are not here to help, only to misinform.
      Man, why you so angry??? Your lack of evidence, maybe... your lack of reference, maybe... your lack of acceptance to your own short comings, yeah, I bet that's the one.
      If those words are too much to grasp, I mean to say... you need to accept that you COULD be wrong.
      But hey, you be you man, an honorable yet semi ignorant man. So with this new statement of military service, and thank you for your service... am I supposed to listen to what you say now??? You still have no cites or references! Only opinion. And this is not the military.... this be the real world of people.
      I see it now, you live in the past, technically your past. You bring up things that happened, sure, yet you forget that we are the organic portion to anything. This means, I don't see you adjusting or learning or expanding your mind or knowledge. You continually bring up the past and expect it to correct the now. I see that as weird and backwards, but hey that's just me, right... you have a group of followers, right? you are a self-proclaimed blogger?... cuz you comment on someone else's blog? Your ignorance to semantic deceit is quite laughable but that is me being mean, I apologize, no insult intended... it is.. "just the facts ma'am".
      Look you can say some of the right things yet you put them in the wrong capacity or hold them in the wrong order or under the wrong light. I just consider you to be someone that knows but doesn't know, you know? People grow and learn and in turn change with the growth of all of this information, why can't you???
      Let those with eyes see and those with ears hear. One day, you will wake up... and the rest of us will welcome you.

      Until then......Thanks for playing

      Have a great day my little citizen.

      Documented American, Assemble and Educate

  11. Thank you for sharing that Link Anna, and for confirming me as a friend on Facebook!
    I actually just finished reading his book 2 days ago, 'Reality Unveiled' have you read it?
    I love that we are truly connected and his message rings loud and true, it was very impactful and eye opening for sure and if we don't heed his message well then we will be in a world of hurt! Let's do this, thank you for all you do, and I hope we will follow your lead also!

  12. Thank you very much for clarifying and all your hard work

  13. This one of Nov 17, sounds scary, Anna said:

    They had set December 21st of this year "to sacrifice" America. If they had been successful, jack-booted UN Corporation thugs and Chinese troops would have begun mass evictions of Americans from their homes, loaded them up in cattle cars, and taken them to Hitler-style concentration camps.
    I know the Govt Change will happen, after the British US yanked Donald Trump out of office. How can we tell? Pluto+Saturn Conjunction, they signify that the crooked Bankers realize their scamming Mortgage business is not working for them, probably they miscalculated in paying England too much out of our resources. Now they are stuck in debt with us.

    How are they going to force us to accept when BANKS lend NO Moneys At all, in all aspect. See the truth, the fund come from us through Trust they setup as Trust for our future taxes and property theft, entrapping us all along. INFO From Wall street:

    Public Emps Retirement... 3F-HR/A
    MP Thrift Investments L.P. SC 13D/A 12/23/10
    BA Credit Card Funding, LLC
    BA Credit Card Trust (Bank of America)
    BA Master Credit Card Trust II (Bank of America)

  14. 13F and 13D/A Debt stocks are the basic keys to search for evidence people. The crooked Banks/Corp.'s parked our actual working FedRN IOU's mixing with future Debt taxes set up with $46 Trillion bailouts etc, for us to pick up for their enrichment. The 800 corporate parasites never had enough.

  15. Have a listen to this
    So this guy is only interested in getting paid and willing to let the same government that stole his intellectual property come in and charge everyone for the use of it

    Says we are all using stolen intellectual property??

    He's not interested in the harm being done by data harvesting our data he is only interested in he and his shareholders getting paid??

  16. Well folks I see that YouTube being promoted as a open source platform has now morphed into a censored X-free speech gagging any and all controversial content.
    Afraid of Truth ?? December 10 th woooo


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