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Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Spirit of the True God Moves Us

By Anna Von Reitz

The Spirit of the True God moves us and gives us enlightenment; the Holy Spirit is called The Counselor, and The Comforter, because the Holy Spirit was sent here to do both things pending the final resurrection and construction of Heaven on Earth.  

Our Father, also a Spirit, gives us life and health and the fullness of our being, our consciousness, and our bodily incarnation --- but his Spirit also gives us insight and answers and solace.  

We make a huge mistake when we rely on our own resources and take counsel with our own thoughts---- because we have open access to so much more, and so much assistance is ours, if we simply ask for it and accept help.  

How do you all think I have come to know all the things that I have revealed to you?  I have not come to this knowledge by myself.  

I have asked for help and I have been given help, and it is the same for everyone else.  If I am "special" in any way, it is only that I had the humility and horse sense to ask and knock and recognize the hand of God extended to me, enlightening my mind and lightening my load and giving me the answers. 

The relationship is very much like that of any other parent and a child.  

So long as your child is happy and progressing on their own, even if they fall down from time to time, you let them continue to exercise their free will and learn on their own.   But when your child comes to you with a problem they can't solve, you pause and help them. 

It is the same with the Holy Spirit.  He will pause and help you with whatever you need, if you ask for help.  

Once you ask, you need to relax and let the answers come.  There is usually a time delay of between three and thirty days, but the answers will come. 

Now as to all those gossips who say, "Why was she talking to and working for the Pope (Benedict XVI)?"  --- I have this to say: 

(1)  I was shown by the Holy Spirit that the Pope was in control of it all, both the British Territorial Government and the Municipal Government, so I took the problem to him under the Spirit's guidance; 

(2) Pope Benedict XVI responded and tried to help despite great danger and personal cost to himself; I have no doubt that he truly wasn't told what was going on, and I have proof that he took immediate good faith action to correct --- including sending me and many others to give Notice to his employees worldwide, telling them to correct their operations; 

(3) Pope Francis has been a different story.  He focuses on circling the wagons and reorganizing the church and indulges in efforts to keep the venal machinery of the Roman Pontificate intact, howbeit, operating through a new storefront -- that of the United Nations organization, instead of the Roman Catholic Church.  That is to say, he is moving to relocate the problem and expand upon it. 

So what I have spoken to you about all these things does not come from my limited awareness, but from my Counselor and Teacher, the Holy Spirit.  If any of you have any question about the truth of what I have said or are struggling to verify it, ask him.  You will be shown and guided. 

If anyone has any further question about why it is necessary to address the Pope in order to bring peace to this country and to the world --- consider that both the corporations engaged in this "war" on our soil are owned and controlled by the Pope.  

One is controlled by the Pope indirectly, as the Queen serves him to administer the Commonwealth aka British Territorial Government, and the other is more obviously and directly connected via the Municipal Government.  

He controls both the "teams" of pirates that have been attacking us under color of law. 

And he will still control both teams of pirates and they will still continue to attack us, even if the Queen is no longer involved and even if the Roman Catholic Church is "officially" removed from the field and replaced by the United Nations. 

It would still be a farce in which the United Nations controlled by the Pope does battle with his own Municipal Government, and we, the miserable civilian population would still be misidentified and caught in the middle.  

So the problem is the Pope, and so is the solution with the Pope.  

We must contend with the Evil in High Places --- the secretive and venal competing religion of Babylon.  We must contend with the Spirit of Falsehood. 
We must expose this Evil at every turn.  

We must deal with the entire misguided "Church Militant" that believes in killing "for" Jesus.   We must deal with the oxymoron posed by the "Secular Church".  

And this must be done from inside the Roman Catholic Church and from outside the Roman Catholic Church.  

Just as we have been played "both ends against the middle" for a century and a half by two foreign governmental services corporations, both ultimately working for the Pope, the Church must be --- not attacked --- but cleansed as with good soap and hot water, from within and without. 

The Roman Catholic Church must not allowed to carry on as it has been, promoting war, betraying trust, avoiding its treaty obligations via constructive fraud, and generally causing trouble as it pursues a Secret Agenda of world conquest veiled even from its own members.  

This despicable and duplicitous behavior on the part of the Roman Catholic Church has to be recognized for what it is, and the Church must be "called on the carpet" by the entire world, most especially by its membership, its laymen, its organizations, and its clergy. 

Let us suggest that there are a lot hotter topics for the Curia to discuss and for the clergy to address, than returning to a policy of allowing married priests. 

How about giving up the Doctrine of Scarcity and the Doctrine of Collective Entities?   Throwing it out, just as you have thrown out the Doctrine of Discovery?  They are all bunk.  They all cause misery.   

How about ending the "Church Militant" and all the nastiness that goes on because of that?  When is the last time that the Church was in mortal danger, as opposed to causing mortal danger for others?  

How about voluntarily ending the whole farcical pretense of fronting "wars" between the church's own business interests, and using this as an excuse for attacking bystanders?  

How about calling a halt to attempts to use any good organization, including the actual Church or the United Nations, as a storefront to conduct operations that are by their very nature and existence ---- evil? 

These are the Hot Topics that the top clergy of the Roman Catholic Church needs to be discussing, because believe me, the rest of the world is watching, and so is The Kingdom of Heaven.   


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  1. Pope Francis is a Jesuit commie and the entire church should be exposed for the fraud it is and burned to the ground

    1. And no one gets out alive!

    2. Bodhi, I couldnt agree more. And that is gonna happen, just not quite yet, but when it does it is gonna happen in just one hour. That will be a day I will party, lol.

      Anna still cant seem to learn, out of her rebellion, that ROME AINT THE CHURCH ! She is worse than a stubborn ole mule that needs a good kick in the a$$

  2. "So the problem is the Pope, and so is the solution with the Pope."
    Agreed - the problem is the "Pope". I hope you have a secret plan up your sleeve Anna because I don't believe the "Pope" or officials will ever voluntarily reform without some sort of military intervention. They're not concerned with public opinion. They are a worldwide crime syndicate. Their "system" runs on bribery, threats, and murder. They see child trafficking, drugs, slavery, wars and all the rest as a profitable business model. I was baptized a Catholic, so I'm not anti Catholic, I just don't foresee a peaceable solution.

    1. Jesuits Control The CIA

      Greg Rubini@GregRubini
      if you think that the CIA is part of the US Government...
      you're wrong. it is the reverse:
      the USA is a colony of the CIA...since 1953.
      #JFK s blood is on their hands...

    2. Ready, there is no such thing as being baptized as anything, especially not sprinkled as anything. All that does is make you slightly damp. Nothing else.
      God IS anti-catholic because he says ''for God hates all workers of iniquity'' Psalms 5:5 (rome is so full of every kind of inequity that exists)

    3. Abby, A God fearing, bible believer such as yourself doesn't believe in Christian baptism - I'm shocked!

    4. Another Christian War again seen since 1980. iniquity'' Psalms 5:5 can mean anything. It doesn't mean Catholic, Protestants have their own sexual sins all the time with moneys grabbing sins, same BS, same iniquity = unfair, unjust.

      I bet Abby has a load of negative energies in his damaged Brain cells. Even Jesus had his negative energies. Otherwise the Crown Templar British would not have claimed Jesus = Lucifer, as their god.

      They slowly moved you in their territory as in their financial scams.

    5. Ready, actually no I do not believe in water baptism. Let me tell you why: First of all over the years Ive seen way too many people tell me they are 'christians' because they got baptized in 'their church'.
      Yet they showed no evidence of any fruits of being a christian, in fact they were of the opinion that ''getting watered' made them christians.
      So I find that water is the 'crutch' and basis and foundation of their 'belief'. But that is not what the bible says at all.

      So lets suppose water is removed. It would then necessitate people to actually do what it takes, by following the doctrines of Christ, such as repentance and as Jesus told the woman at the well - - go and sin no more. (actually, it is sincere repentance of being sinful, that causes God himself to remove ones desire for sinful things. So for those that think THEY must 'work to try to not sin' they are barking up the wrong tree, lol. Its really a 'piece of cake' to stay away from all the devils crap)

      Another reason is that water baptism was actually the 'old way' before Christ came, died, rose again and sent the Holy Spirit to Earth for the first time being made available to all people upon their salvation. This took place in the upper Room in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost.
      And so since that day we have the Holy Spirit who is now the Baptizer. As Jesus' words are quoted in Acts 11:16 John indeed baptized with water, but ye shall be baptized with (by) the Holy Spirit.
      And Matt. 3:11 where John says 'I indeed baptize you with water, but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost (he stated this before the day of pentecost when the HS was sent)
      John 1:33 ....the same is he that baptizeth with the Holy Ghost

      So you see, yes water baptism did exist in the beginning, but then after Jesus rose again and sent us the Holy Spirit to earth, it is now the HS that actually baptizes us 'from on high', the very Spirit of God. This is understandably 'the real thing', not the works of man. This is the baptism that I received and after that I felt it would be a slap in the face of God to then step down to mere water.
      I believe water baptism is/was intended to signify to fellow church members that they have dedicated their lives to the Faith, and are 'one of them'. As well, to show God their so-called dedication to Him......even tho so many of them then run out the door and live the same way they lived before that.
      Water baptism has no power to change a person anyhow, so I really fail to see much purpose in it. But HS baptism comes with life changing effects.
      We also must remember that 'God looks upon the heart, while man looks upon the countenance'. So ultimately it is the ''heart condition' that matters/counts with God.

    6. Pinkham, its only people like you who start Wars because you talk smack about stuff you dont understand. Psalms 5:5 says and means just what it says it means. It includes ALL workers of iniquity, those in Rome at that silly demon filled monstrosity and many others, and the one you see in the mirror when you comb your hair.

      Now let it be known Im not one bit intimidated by your allergy toward 'negativity' Lol. It just tells me you cant handle criticism, not even constructive criticism, which I have a lot of, lol.
      So let me explain negativity to you: Have you ever heard of God's Wrath? Well wait till you actually SEE him pouring it out upon this Godless world including america. Then you will get to see what real 'negativity' IS.
      Im sure you will get your share of that, for your spewing Jesus=lucifer and for your smearing of this Watchman.

    7. Baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation according to the Summa of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and every other one of the fathers of the Church.

    8. Is it the fact that you find a Scripture stating something in the Word of God that we can conclude that we should "do it?"

      I have absolutely nothing against anyone who wishes to keep the Lord's supper. I have nothing against anyone who wishes to be circumcised or be baptized. I have nothing against anyone who wishes to sacrifice animals or offer sin offerings, burnt offerings, peace offerings and the like.

      Gen. 6:14 commands: "Make THEE an ark of gopher wood...." I have nothing against anyone who wants to follow this command and "Make an ark of gopher wood."

      There are hundreds of things commanded in the Scriptures. I have nothing against anyone who wishes to do ALL OF THEM. I don't. I never made an ark of gopher wood, and never intend to.

      Any just why don "I" do any of these things? Well, actually I used to do some of them. I used to pay my THREE tithes (oh you didn't know that there were THREE tithes?). I was water baptized. I used to wash my brothers feet, and I used to partake of the Lord's supper once a year. And now I don't. Why not? Because there is absolutely nothing physical that can make one spiritual.

      Paul baptized at one time in his ministry and then he quit. Why? Because he put away childish things and went on to spiritual maturity.

      Paul used to circumcise in his early ministry and then he quit. Why? Because he put away childish things and went on to spiritual maturity.

      All physical rituals are CARNAL ordinances, and we are no longer under carnal ordinances. We are now under the "Law of the Spirit of Life." "We know longer know Jesus after the FLESH." Jesus HIMSELF said: "The flesh profits NOTHING." "The words that I speak unto you, they are SPIRIT and they are LIFE."

      Although it was mighty important in Christ's time to worship in THIS mountain or in THAT mountain, Jesus Himself said that the time would come (and so it has) that we no longer worship here or there or in this manner or in that manner, with this set of physical rituals, or with that set of physical rituals, but rather WE WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.

      We are to WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH! Now then, does anyone think that we can add to those instructions by adding a few physical, carnal, rituals? I think not.

      The physical rituals keeps you in the shadow of things to come, it keeps you out of the light!

      Sea of Glass

    9. Paul I AM the Church........just all my other few born again brethren are. And Our ONLY Father is The Father who is in Heaven.
      We have no 'church fathers'. Its your catholic church that made that up, but we dont go by your catholic church, we follow directly after Christ himself, not some organization.

    10. **typo. should have been ''just AS all my other few born again brethren are...''

    11. As relating to Water Baptism, we think the water is supposed to be tuned, perfected, by a process not done to it, but was done to it to form it into its heightened state. And Water is Sentient. Its not just water.

    12. Abby, the blind lead the blind and both fall into the pit.

    13. Paul, salvation is only provided for by the shed blood of Christ; this is not kool-aid we are talking about here where you gotta add water for results.
      And it is the Holy Spirit who now baptises us INTO Christ. Not water. If water did such a thing, then you would have to say that salvation is determined by Man and not Christ who Paid the Price.
      Surely you jest at such an insinuation.

      Now here is the verse that proves it as the apostle Paul is preaching to the church body at Corinth: 1 Cor.12:13 For by One Spirit are we all (the church body) baptized INTO One Body (that being the body of Christ which is the Church, which consists of People who are christians).

      It cannot be made any plainer than that. If you disagree, then you disagree with Christ Himself. Then that is on you, along with your church fathers who will have a lot of egg on your face when judgement day comes.
      It is just a dangerous thing to make your earthly man made church organization your God and to follow after that, rather than to follow after The Father Himself, and the Son who is the only Savior there is, or ever will be. Your earthly buildings/organizations cannot save you or anyone; there is no salvation in such church memberships. At best,they are to provide support In Spirit and In TRUTH and among like-minded true brethren who are also In Spirit and IN TRUTH. Otherwise, they are a stumbling block interfering between man and their individual relationship with God.

      One should look at the reason why God took John to the Isle of Patmos which resulted in the vastly important information he relayed to us all In Rev. chapters 6-19.

    14. Abby, you don't believe your own bible then.

      Christ Himself instituted Baptism.

      "He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned."
      [Mark 16:16]

      "But Peter said to them: Do penance, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins: and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."
      [Acts of Apostles 2:38]

      Once again your private interpretation of you "Bible" is getting you into trouble with God.

      You quote is out of context. Here are the surrounding verses.
      [11] But all these things one and the same Spirit worketh, dividing to every one according as he will. [12] For as the body is one, and hath many members; and all the members of the body, whereas they are many, yet are one body, so also is Christ. [13] For in one Spirit were we all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Gentiles, whether bond or free; and in one Spirit we have all been made to drink. [14] For the body also is not one member, but many. [15] If the foot should say, because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body?

      You are dead wrong about water baptism and it is you who will be surprised and have the egg on your face on judgement day.

      You probably won't read these very old teachings on Baptism, but many others might, and learn the truth.

    15. Paul, Of course in 40 plus years Ive read all the teachings on baptism, they are very scattered, but Ive read them all. And the Holy Spirit is The Baptizer, and he/it does not need the assistance of water.
      Your water wont kill you, but neither will it make you ''fire proof'. You need to stop trying to indoctrinate people into that ill fated catholic church, which neither I nor any other devoted christian wants any part of. My teachings are all from the bible, while yours are from ''your church'. So go stick with your church; I will stick with The Master of all. And you will never see me in the pit that you so wish to see me in. Sorry, try again, no catholics will be in the Kingdom, so its time you drop your so beloved and come to the ''one who rode a donkey wearing sack cloth' but has an impeccable reputation and will be King of the Kingdom.
      I have the New Baptism, while you are banking on Old baptism, just plain ole water; you really think God is gonna be impressed with some man putting water on ya? On judgement day I will be a mere spectator, for ''now there is no more condemnation to them that are IN Christ Jesus'.

      Its just Time for all 'church goers' to put away their 'beloved cherished church labels' God didnt make any of them and doesnt honor any of them for ''God is not in buildings made with mans hands'. For He looks upon the Heart......and those hearts that are glued to their 'favorite organization' have made their church their god.
      Lets get it straight once and for all: Nobody' is goin ta hell cause they arent cathlik. So stop with that load of nonsense !

  3. Oh my what a travesty and smogeshborge of confussion and lies.

    1. the holy spirit is an "it" not a he. Do the research and proof it for yourself.

    2. All Popes take on the name by which we are to call our God, IF you are one of his. Jesus called God his Father like "Our Father who are in heaven..." They all take the name of God in vain calling themselves God and having their sheeples bow down to them. Ignorant sheeples who are turned into necromongers worshiping dead people Mary, Saint Paul, St. He St. Her, all dead people in the grave waiting the resurrection "OF THE DEAD". You cant be resurrected if you already in heaven or the fable hell!! Cant you people see this? Of course you cannot Anna, of course you cant.

    3. The last Pope stepped down just before a 500 law suit case reached his office of 500 mute who were molested. The babylon Church cant have that happen. So they put a Jesuit priest to take over and further New World Order of 1,000 points of light!!

    NO NO and NO!! The Pope has no power nor is he a liaison for God Almighty, the King of Kings and Lord of Lord Jesus the man is. This is idolatry!

    You all better start getting back to the Scriptures and go into your room privately and importune, beg for God's intervention in your spiritual life. Anna has claim in past articles to have been the chosen one to usher in the Kingdom of heaven on earth, a woman whom she said the Catholic Church always knew it would be a woman. Really, seriously.

    Its 2020 and carnal man has not changed a bit.

    Beware the eyes of March but the King did not listen. (Mcbeth)

    Seal Of Glass

    1. Design, I agree, and then some ! It is utterly disgusting what is being said, and what is being told all over the world thru this venue. It is so full of lies that I am surprised Anna's computer hasn't yet blown up in her face !

      Anna, you do not know the Holy Spirit at all. You are sadly confused and wouldn't know Gods Truth from $hitt. You have visions of self-aggrandizement and are in dire need of repentance before it is too late.

      NO Holy Spirit of God would EVER tell anyone to go and consult with some ''pope' to bring peace to this world; all pope's are pagans and have NO relationship with the heavenly Father whatsoever.

      So Anna, it is ''that other spirit' that 'told you to do this' and all the other junk you have told in here - - and then you go and mix that stuff together with some scriptures - - thats what the ''Fake'' does to make them sound legitimate to the unlearned.

    2. DEdesign:

      Could you please post the number of the article(s) to which you make the folowing Declaration:

      "Anna has claim in past articles to have been the chosen one to usher in the Kingdom of heaven on earth, a woman whom she said the Catholic Church always knew it would be a woman.

      I'm sorry, I must have missed those.

      Thank you so much!

      Annie McShane
      On the

  4. Ready, if what you're saying about Abby not believing in Christian baptism is True, then he is the DevilHelper working for Illuminati pretending to be on on side.

    NO wonder why he constantly attacked the belief of Anna and anyone else alike, to fit in Abby narrow negative perspective.

    Abby believes Satan can simulate the Holy Spirit, so Jesus can be impersonated as well. 1000's of Crown the Templar Crosses had been posted for your references, why Abby is such a closed-minded? Go away Lucifer,go go go...

    1. Pink, you consistently prove you dont know $hitt from applebutter.

    2. NAw, I think Pink has your number.
      Your contradictions and negativity are overwhelming.

      Documented Americans Assemble!!!

      Abby, have a good day U.S. citizen.

  5. Dear Anna,
    I am glad to see that your dependence is not on man's understanding for if it was it would be misplaced however this being said you must realize by now that the Trinity uses people for His purposes weather they are His children fully endowed with the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit or they are worship many gods in Baal worship including themselves in that equation of many gods not being everyone's Creator. You mentioned knocking on the door to get answers this is true because the Bible puts it like this "We have not because we ask not".

    So we are looking collectively to take out the King of Persia or should I say principalities in high places same thing really. In all of this we must not leave our first love. Anna consider this the Pope and the Vatican are nothing more than a man that has left his first love yet worships in a synagogue of Satan Rev:2:1-10. You and I will experience attacks along with others that get closer to the destruction or putting out of the Jezebel Spirit which is reigning in the hearts of men and women during these final days before the tribulation begins. So I would like everyone who has ears to hear and eyes of the heart to see to come into agreement with the prayer I pray everyday with some exclusions considering we have not because we ask not and also considering the Bible's acknowledgement that one by himself only has been given by the Cross to cause 1000 spirits to fly through the air where two cause ten thousand to fly. Considering our Fathers math imagine 500 ? The Lion of Judea has payed ALL our debt it's time to trash our adversary a lion with no teeth. We must use the spiritual to destroy the evil authority trying to enslave us all. So here we go.

    Dear heavenly Father we come before your Throne in the precious name of Jesus and we ask you to forgive us for our inequities and we thank You for the many blessings you bestow upon us. Father we ask for Your wisdom , understanding, knowledge and perception in dealing with all circumstances this day. Most of all we ask for the knowledge of your will for us. Because we are two or more in agreement within your will and know you are faithful to your promises which you like to be reminded of we consider it done in the precious name of Jesus.Amen

    I had a friend once he is sleeping now as the dead in Christ do he not only was a Jesuit he ran the trading desk in Geneva for the Black Pope that operated the Vatican Bank in the 1980s who was not black their is two you know. He explained fractional banking to me and bonds and what was exactly going on with birth certs Allot had to do with the fed window at the D.T.C Deposit Trust Company at 55 Water Street New York New York as it turned out they where a wholly owned extension of guess who yea you got it the Vatican Bank. He left his position because of the evil became born again and had 23 children and grand children. Garret and Winston knew him. I got to share with him that the Standard Oil pipelines you talked about in your Article where irrevocable contracts in trust form. While I agree with the points you made on on the 2020 Peace Treaty don't be so hard on the effort for Our Father is it it and as you set the assemblies up families are being destroy homes being robbed and people are being incarcerated.While using the Article 928 for status correction has to be done no matter what and we have all done ours there have been some tremendous advances to secure remedies in emergent situations, Especially if you can trace every bond currently in trade. I will share soon this isn't about me but for His glory. The rapture is around the corner and I'm so out of here.Thanks for all you have done. In His service Michael the Jersey National

    1. Jersey National? Would that be New Jersey or the country of Jersey over in France

      Just curious no disrespect intended

    2. I look forward to you sharing your knowledge of the bonds

  6. Three Factions of the CIA that Control the World

    "Trump has become enemy number one for all three factions of the CIA because he stands against globalism and promotes the rule of law.
    Trump is fully aware that his life is in extreme danger from the people who murder without hesitation to protect the CIA and its various interests around the world. Trump was the wild card they could have never imaged and they have no real “dossier” on Trump because there is no more dirt on Trump than already came out in the election. Trump is clean of involvement with all three factions of the CIA and knows that the only way to win America back for Americans is to confront the CIA and the corporate intelligence networks and close them down."

    1. Yes Ready, agreed. And they spread their Freemason churches across the world. Which is a hidden version of Jesus cross.

  7. WHY “Trinity could be men invention”:

    1) The perpetrators want to keep their deceptions alive.
    2) Jesus and Shin Lim have a strong connection with Scorpio’s heart? (it means secrecy, yes Jesus had secrecies, when he performed miracle from age 26 - 32). That is how they performed magical power. Jesus was conspired by his rival (religious Jews, I am not saying it on my own, the computer analyzed it, found the conspiracy was connected with the Roman Emperor, to rid of Jesus). Then Jesus followers was emotional, invented their theory that God sent Jesus to die for our sin. There is NO proof yet to support that notion. But we have many proofs that
    3) God Law of Karma had been working before and after Jesus arrived, non-stopping.
    4) Prove it? The Bankers and Corporate Gov’t undergo through it, they will give up their deceptions, if you don’t give up.
    5) God is the only creator, He is larger than Earth. How do we prove this? Just look at the distance between Pluto and the Sun multiply by * 2 or * 3 then you will know that God invented the scientific Astrology as Analog Computer to record and read-back, what we’ve done on earth, for ongoing Karma Judgment, and after the summation, the intermediate judgment, without “complex clogging judgments as in Jesus theory”.

    1. I used to pray to Jesus and defended Jesus wholeheartedly in the past. In year 2000, someone told me that Jesus had a wife, that was a shocking news to me . Later on there are evidences that he may very well be connected to Marie Magdalene? as his wife.
      Later on I still keep believing in Jesus but slowly wondering what am I doing. But I did cry to God for answer why am I a victim. The holy spirit/God responded to my prayer, with good news, etc. Now somebody here in this group wanted to label me as I talked to devil, and judged me already that I go to hell. Those people are betting on their wrong assumption, like Abby did to me and Anna. He thinks anything to do with Planetary alignments must be practicing Sorcery, based on his new testament. He doesn’t know anything about God’s science of binding, automatic judgment known as (Karma). Our God does not work in vain, he repairs the soul automatically. Prove it? Look at the Vermin’s now, they undergo through Karma judgment of their Deception of fake debts, fake Governing, etc.. The crooks cannot use deceptions to cover deceptions.

    2. Be careful, when you labeled God, the same Holy spirit as devil, you may be paying the highest price, for betting wrong or labeling God as the devil, as Abby did to me and God the creator. Abby admitted that he doesn’t understand what I am talking about (bc of his closed-mind) going on assuming as usual that I don’t know what I’m talking about. That is his self-defeating statement. Bc, why would a person waste his time talking non-sense.

      The truth is. “There is no Trinity”. Let me explain why. We all agree that the Earth exists many million years ago NOT 6,000 years ago as in the story of Noah or Genesis. So you know that after Jesus came 2000 years ago everything went wrong, many deceptions arrived. That is a self-sustained deceptions to keep themselves alive, like the Bankers/lawyers did to us, and the world.
      If you bet on Jesus theory so much, that contradicts God hates men’s evils GEN 6:2 - 5 that he won’t allow his sons to mate with human. You alledged under Jesus theory that God complicated Himself to mate with marry to produce Jesus? It makes no sense. Maybe you are to wake up honestly.

  8. just a thought question: If jesuit pope Francis isn't the true pope, as a jesuit can't be pope, is it worth addressing pope Benedict XVI? Anna knows who does what back yonder atop those bones, Vatican Necropolis (who does that?? bones boiled-clean??). Does the pope run it, as CEO, if so, then who owns it, Swiss Octogon?

    1. the fellow that used to have wellaware1 name is ed !! he had the pope pegged / exposed as actor jonathan pryce . i followed that guy for long time and he's not right on many things. actor based reality ?! you be the judge! the resemblance is uncanny; .

    2. He not only pegged the popeye as a fraud but many others as well
      Hollywood magic brought to you by the illuminati families who own all the media
      Check out greg bradford on you tube he puts some things together as well how they are using cameras and makeup and lens distortion and all kinds of things to cover up who the host actors are

      How about the latest fraud on the stage that was a victim of sexual misconduct and involved the current supreme court appointee (related to Chuckie Schumer)

      Just something to look at, need to be aware that the tel aviv zion (television, tell a vision, tell lie vision) is a weapon of mass destruction


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