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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials -- Part 6 and part 7

By Anna Von Reitz

Pre-Study Part 6:

Pre-Study Part 7:


  1. I know that this vid don`t fit directly to
    the topic but I think this is important to listen,
    at least from the 14....20 min stamp.

    There in this time stamp you can learn how the Arch of Baal
    is used to attract demons at BELTANE and other places,
    explains by pastor Carl Gallups.

  2. Curious critters demons,the contracts show only the people who signed them. Demons never sign anything and I have not even seen one though admit over the last fifty years twice I was sure that people I knew well were "possessed" their voice and the words were not theirs and a kind of feeling I needed to summon power or tread real careful accompanied those experiences. One the girl was out if it sniffing glue and the other the girl was drunk for days, Vodka mostly and maybe something else.

    I think some of their drugs and perhaps unpopular to say so alcohol combined with other drugs of the numbing nature or damaging and not of the healing plants, opens one up to things like that. Even bottles say "Spirits" right on them. So even though demons or like energy beings of some kind do seem to exist and can if one is weak or perhaps wanting it at least temporarily occupy someone and are of he bad kind. Neither one of the people recalled anything about the experiences. Seek good spirits, things the heal and help. Beware the ones who seek destruction and death.

    1. to air nailed it. goodonya....