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Thursday, September 19, 2019

About the Austin Event

By Anna Von Reitz

There are three different, independent, separate speakers making presentations over the course of four days beginning next week.  

David Straight will be presenting his unique insights and information about law and Congress and history he has researched. 

Ron Gibson will be presenting his information about land patents. 

And I will be addressing Constitutional Enforcement.  

The only one of these presentations that is keyed to issues specifically concerning law enforcement and therefore The Continental Marshals, is mine.  That doesn't imply that Continental Marshals (and everyone else) couldn't or shouldn't attend the other events. 

I've only heard David speak once before and that was on a video.  I applauded. I expect he will have a very good presentation for everyone and I look forward to sitting in myself. 

Likewise, my exposure to Ron Gibson is very limited.  This is the first time ever exposure to his material for me, and I look forward to it.  

So as concerns their work and their presentations, I am as much or more a neophyte as everyone else who may be attending. 

I agreed to take on the Constitutional Enforcement topic in an effort to clear the air and get people on track with that, which is why there is a special "call out" to those who are actively engaged in various capacities related to law enforcement to attend my part of the presentation, but that doesn't imply anything bad about the other presentations.  

As one of my friends on FB brought to my attention this morning, some people are getting the wrong impression and thinking that either: (a) my rubber stamp is on everything being said and taught at this event, or, (b) that I am somehow recommending against people attending anything but my part of the event.  

Neither one of these things are true.  I am in no position as yet to have formed any personal opinion about the material that David and Ron will be presenting, but as far as I know, it should be an outstanding event with plenty of good information about all the topics being covered and certainly a fine opportunity for people to learn new things to investigate back home for themselves. 

Come to all four days if you can afford the time and expense.  It's all being recorded, too, so, those who can't make it in the flesh can listen at home. 


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  1. Ron Gibson is pretty decent, not sure who the other guy is

  2. Be careful because they use the weather as a weapon:
    James Perloff@jamesperloff
    Not only did they create the tropical storm in Texas which I warned about 2 weeks ago. They're holding it in place with these Nexrad.
    Not only that but they are super heating the atmosphere making it a lot hotter than it should be.#fakeclimatechange

  3. Have listened to all these speakers and all are super! David is x-seal team member and bad ass you want in your corner. Gibson bring you up to speed on land patents.

  4. Such a shame the cost is prohibitive. Would have loved to attend.

    Do we pay the utilities and eat this month or pay to attend a seminar?

    Hopefully Anna will let us in on some of the most important stuff.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware

    1. Annie, I believe she wrote that they will be recorded. I imagine that means we will get to hear them as she states we can listen at home.