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Monday, August 5, 2019

Dear Sheriff....

By Anna Von Reitz

One of the most dangerous parts of this whole situation is the ignorance of the Law Enforcement community.  We have LEOs who don't know what LEOs are.  They are still acting under presumptions of a normal course of business like all the rest of us.  "Sheriffs" assume they are Sheriffs, long after the "County" they work for has been converted into a private business enterprise, and therefore lost all public mandate and actual power to act as a County government.   Read that: these men are acting under color of law with respect to us, and most of them don't even know it.

So, it behooves us to write them lots of nice letters and fully disclose and inform them about the situation and their position in the middle of it.  Here's an example letter that covers the bases: 

Dear Sheriff Last,

It has come to our attention that although you have been elected in what appear to be public elections, that is not the case.  You have been elected in private corporation elections related to an incorporated “County” franchise of a federal corporation ---and we have all been presumed to be shareholders voting you a proxy to act in our behalf, which is quite a different matter than a public office in our government, and which results in you serving as a private Law Enforcement Officer, contrary to our intention, which is that you serve as an elected Public Peacekeeping Official. 

Our government is not bankrupt and is not set aside.  Whatever private “gift” shareholder status the corporate County franchise has bestowed on us enabling us to vote in their private elections has been undisclosed and any presumptions related to it have also been undisclosed.  We accept all gifts and waive all benefits and we give Notice that we are not voluntary shareholders nor voluntary participants in any of this sleight-of-hand attempting to unlawfully convert our Public Offices into Private Security Jobs.  

This situation also gives rise to potential conflicts of interest.   We have been unjustifiably “presumed upon” and misidentified as federal citizens when in fact we are Americans and nothing else.  We are owed all the guarantees and protections afforded our States under the provisions of the Federal Constitutions and you may not presume otherwise. 

As an employee of a foreign corporation merely in the business of providing governmental services the objectives and profit motives of the “County” corporation may be at odds with the Public Good, the will of the people of this county, and even the Public Law ---- and this puts you in a difficult position as the employee of the private corporation acting as middleman and, ultimately, the people of this county. 

When push comes to shove, and the corporation tells you to violate our Constitutional rights and international law, where do you stand?

A seminal US Supreme Court case, Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. addresses this dilemma.  The Court made it clear that you may serve your conscience and may enforce the Public Law including the Constitutions like any other American, but it fell short of mandating that you do so.  Upholding the Public Law is therefore left in limbo so far as Law Enforcement Officers are concerned -- subject to your discretion -- and the actual job of upholding the Public Law is left to average Americans. 

We are people of the soil and land, owed the Public Law, including The Law of the Land.  From the military, we are owed The Law of Peace, AR 27 1-161-1.   

However, realistically, continued failure of the LEO’s and the military to uphold the Public Law and failure to protect our “persons” and respect the Constitutions,  may result in unrest and even insurrection; it may also lead to what appears to you to be vigilante action, when in fact it is only Americans doing their duty to uphold the Public Law. 

If things continue to devolve in this fashion, with LEO’s being told by the self-interested middleman corporations to stand down or arrest people under false presumptions, and the people in desperation are left to enforce the Public Law all by themselves, what do you intend to do? 

Exercise your right to enforce the Constitutions?  Or violate our rights and guarantees at the behest of the middleman corporation that signs your paycheck “for” us?

Homes in this county are being confiscated without lawful Due Process, under false Legal Presumptions, and under Color of Law.   People are being deliberately misidentified and mis-characterized as franchisees of federal corporations.  Trillions of dollars are being siphoned out of this country by foreign corporations every year, and we have discovered exactly how they are doing it. 

Ironically, though you actually still work for us, too many Sheriffs in this country have forgotten that fact and the local “County” corporations have misdirected them so that they are allowing themselves and their Offices and the Public Trust to be abused.  Many LEO’s have unwittingly or purposefully become accomplices to massive and coercive constructive commercial fraud against the people of this country.    

This is your Notice of the facts and also your Notice of Liability should you misidentify us as corporate government franchises, members of any religious cult, members of any Commonwealth, federal employees, or federal dependents.  As a private security officer, a LEO, you are 100% commercially liable for any damage done to us under international law.  You are also responsible for any trespass upon our private property, any presumption that our private property is public property, and any arrest of our persons under false legal presumptions.

Although you may choose whether or not you will enforce the Public Law owed to the people of this country, including the enforcement of our constitutional guarantees, we retain our identity as American State Nationals and American State Citizens.   This is your Notice of the Facts.  As Americans we are assembling our States of the Union and preparing to hold our Public Elections for the first time in over a century.  Those elected in our elections will be American Public Peacekeeping Officials --- the job we thought we hired you to do, and they will be fully empowered and tasked to enforce the Public Law.

We expect you to respect the authority of the Public Officials thus elected and to work with them to ensure justice and peace for the people of this county.  We invite you to join the discussion and wish you to know that we are peaceful non-combatant civilians, part of the political body of the Federation Compact States of the Union doing business as The United States of America since September 9, 1776.  We have not been involved in any war since the close of hostilities in the War of 1812. 
We are being forced to organize and hold elections in light of continued misbehavior and malfeasance by federal officials and federal corporations and their employees in violation of their obligations to the people of this country.  These offenses include impersonating us and practicing barratry against us, hypothecating debt against our assets without our knowing consent, trespass upon our private property, secretive and unlawful conversion of our Public Offices, semantic deceit, constructive fraud, infringement of our Unregistered Trademarks, and deliberate mis-characterization of our persons as Federal Citizens. 

We have no obligation to act as Federal Citizens and have chosen not to accept any such obligations. All gift franchises operated in our NAMES have been returned to the Secretary of the Treasury and otherwise expatriated, re-flagged, and properly and permanently domiciled on the land and soil of our State.   Any such gift franchises are under our private management and now stand under the Public Law of our State --- not the statutory law of any Territorial State of State or Municipal STATE OF STATE organization.   As such, they are outside your jurisdiction as a LEO and not subject to federal presumptions. 

As we are law-abiding and knowledgeable people this information should not be taken as any kind of threat to you or to your “County” corporation; rather, it is offered as necessary discussion and orientation so that you know what is going on and why.  We invite you to faithfully enforce the Public Law and the Constitutions and to use your discretion as a loyal American would; failing that, we invite you to observe the limitations of your private corporate office and post Notice of your liability and the liability of other “County” employees and hereby also issue Mandatory Notice as required by the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act,  to not trespass upon our persons and our private property. 

Please put us on your “Do Not Detain List” and please notify the DOD of their obligation to provide the correct ID to you and to us. 



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  1. Replies
    1. My comments just got wiped out while I was typing them... For about the third or fourth time.

    2. I was saying that:
      in the first paragraph of the letter,
      that the undisclosed presumptive "gift" (of) corporate shareholder status is/ties to U.S. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP!!!!!!

      And that in paragraph two of the letter that "gift" is ACCEPTED!!!!

      ....Now didn't people just record records "expatriating" themselves OUT of that very status and/or the presumption of it??!!

      Yes, they were under the impression that they did!!!!

      So why would we now be accepting the same/same type of undisclosed, harmful, status we just recorded ourselves out of????

      And even if for some odd reason one did decide to re-enter that status:

      Would you WAIVE the BENEFITS????? :):):)


      Read it again.
      Word for word.
      If you don't see anything wrong with it, lay it down and come back later.
      Sleep on it. Come back to it, freshly-rested!

      It says:
      1. They bestowed an undisclosed "gift":
      (The unelected Corporate Sheriff is your proxy: that can only happen if you are a CITIZEN of their Corporation)
      2. In jurisdictions you just recorded your records to get out of or are trying to get out of.
      3. And you (now) accept the "gift" that you were only "presumed" to have accepted before, that you just expatriated yourself out of.
      Oh, and NOW,

      ????????Whaaat???????? :):):):):)
      That's a real "forehead-slapper" to me!!

      Annamaria, if my interpretation is incorrect, you must come into this very comment section and substantively correct me!!!:):):)
      I welcome it!

      If you do not, then it can only be taken by all to stand that:
      the interpretation I am postulating here is the correct one:
      meaning: that the result of such acceptance as discussed herein is that it is ultimately U.S. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP/U.S. Territorial Citizenship/ other not clearly and/or fully disclosed statuses/"gifts" and so forth, that are accepted.

      by: jan-marie on bluebird acre.

  2. COP's are paid to act stupid. To put people in mental hospital, to stun and poison innocents in 3-days, by unqualified mental hosp. nerds, after people parked in wrong place to rest, from this confusing world. If we questioned them, they claim we are aggressive, while their bosses pumping more Admiralty codes for them to enforce foreign laws, to contrive to Govt-Service us, at our expenses. Since they don't know who their Bosses are, maybe they need to be evaluated.

    1. Looks like you've got alot of the confusion figured out.

      In just five short steps:

      1. "they claim we are aggressive,
      2. [while their bosses] pumping more Admiralty codes [for them]
      3. to enforce foreign laws,
      4. to contrive to Govt-Service us,
      5. At our expenses."

      1. False contrived unsubstantiated accusations
      2. No lawful and public declaration of war or lawful INITIATING commercial contract
      3. Foreign authority/"jurisdiction"
      4. Billed 'as if' a beneficial service.
      5. For us to pay them for abusing us.

      Yep. There it is in a nutshell.
      Thanks pinkham.

  3. They are NOT acting stupid, they just ARE. ANYBODY that would become a cop today are either coming from the military and already see us as the enemy, or they don't have many options and are therefore very well suited for the brainwashing they are about to get-----JUST LIKE THE MILITARY . Add that up with the usual LOW IQ candidates and this is EXACTLY what you are getting "on the streets"

    1. Yeh, they seem to have no idea that were not on an army base or that they are private corporate guards. They act like they are in charge of prisoners... When no crime has been committed, there has been no trial.

      Some of these (actual) corporate private security people act like M.P.s.

      They're going to have to quit that.

    2. Yeh, they seem to have no idea that were not on an army base or that they are private corporate guards. They act like they are in charge of prisoners... When no crime has been committed, there has been no trial.

      Some of these (actual) corporate private security people act like M.P.s.

      They're going to have to quit that.

  4. There it went again.... Sorry!

  5. If we are ever going to get our sheriffs on board with Liberty, then we must start by educating them with a curriculum they will understand and relate to. This corporation stuff and American not a citizen is "meat" stuff. We have an obligation and duty to present the "milk before the meat."

  6. from what i see, the "law" is if you disagree with martial law and fake "federal citizens only" elections then you are violating the rules of freemason heaven, (aka hell on earth), and you broke the "love thy neighbor" (translation: satan wants you, don't you like him? not even a little bit?) commandment of "the lord"

    trump says there is no place for "hate" in america.

    from what i see, satan demands everyone bow down and love him. christ, instead, says he is the way, the "truth" is synonymous with love of truth.

    satan, on the other hoof, wants everyone to "love" all the lies he spreads.

    just tell them there's no place for "hate" in america. trying to murder "we the people" sounds like ethnic cleansing, a "hate" crime. racism against everyone who is not transparent colored, i.e. anyone with any "race" whatsover. (historically, race and nation are synonymous; as anna points out, the several states perfectly allowed "negroes" to be state citizens and/or nationals before the 14th/"civil war". see e.g. "new york" bouviers 1856.

    "federal citizens" are "creations of congress". their "creator" gave them imitation hearts, no soul, and a diseased mind.

    Figaro swatting a swastika is the mascot of Wing Commander Ian Gleed's Hawker Hurricanes during, and after, the Battle of Britain, and his Spitfire Mk. Vb Trop which he flew during the Tunisia Campaign in 1943
    just take that and add another image "swatting the masonic compass and square".

    they always accuse everyone else of what they themselves are guilty of. "hate"

    1. satan of course synonymous with "love of knowledge/worship of self intellect".

      so he masquerades as christ/"truth". point being "satan" has lots of knowledge/facts to disguise himself with. he manufactures "truth". "maxim" Error artfully colored is in many things more probable than naked truth; and frequently error conquers truth and reasoning. 2 Co. 73.

      Non est disputandum contra principia negantem. There is no disputing against a man denying principles. Co. Litt. 343.

      trying to "reason" with satanists/freemasons doesn't work in my experience. they just come up with a new lie/false equivalency.

      (paraphrase) the "nobody" archetype has accidentally discovered great truth, its too bad the universe is resilent enough to twist every truth into a lie.

    2. these people want everyone to "love" each other. they just leave out "christ". christ is not allowed in the kingdom of hell.

      expect the "federal citizens" to demand you have "comity" with them, but they won't lift a finger for "comity" with anyone else.

      (paraphrase) if you arent one of us [a mason] you are nothing

      recall the "mormon" poster here. they love their "own" only.

      that is who you are dealing with "federal citizens". their "love thy neighbor" is just a disguise for "hate"

      when you see these people are mostly doing "2nd coming" then you see who they really hate: christ.

      they are all about "love" just without "christ" in the picture. they have invented a new luciferian "christ" who saves all the deniers of christ.

      when you know "satan's plan" the "world" becomes vastly simplified.

      the "us congress" is their "creator". they are commanded to love their parents. the "president" demands everyone love his artificial puppets.

      the federal citizens shall have no "gods" before "the lord". so instead of christ taking people to the "father", we have "the lord" takes people to antichrist (2nd coming, root and stock of david).

      satan's plan is pretty simple. reversal of christ's. he invents a new "2nd coming christ" to disguise himself.

    3. my dearest anna, you are on the right track "jesus" versus "christ" is a smokescreen. what really matters is 1st coming/holy ghost/ourlady versus 2nd coming/holy spirit/root and stock of david/son of "the lord"

      "mormons" say they dont like trinities. more deception. thats because a trinity locks you into 1st or 2nd coming. in actuality they do "2nd coming" trinity

      it just helps to know there are multiple "jesuses" "christs" "sister lucias" at play. same as they "cloned" everyone else. (multiple popes some people say, but the real one is vacant right now)

      theres also "cosmic christ" "christ consciousness". these people go beyond "2nd coming", christ is just an "archetype". so buddha had the "christ spirit" so did gandhi/mohammed/etc. at some point the "age of horus" "age of aquarius" will get stale, need another "saviour". a hegelianish merged "bridge" to mediate and inject the next dimension into horus's reign.

      thus, on the "plus" side, the "cosmic christ" people will also destroy christ, but at least when their "age of horus" ends, they assure us we will get another imposter. at least horus doesn't reign forever.

      hayseuss is the name of a man "maxim" names are just symbols. christ is title IIRC. our jesum christum == 1st coming. their jesus christus == 2nd coming. EASY.

      "jesus" versus "christ" is a masonic smokescreen. "jesum christum" versus "jesus christus" is the real battle.

      the CATholic "religion" is easy anna. satan runs 99% of everything nowadays. know that, and the rest is simple.

      all the "drinking metaphorical blood" stuff is also a smokescreen nowadays. which jesus christ are they drinking to is the real question? 1st coming or 2nd coming?

      the "satanists" have decided to eat drink and be merry to antichrist. they are drinking to patron saint of freemasonry john's apocalypse.

      my dearest anna, you are so close yet so far.

      i assure you trump was not sworn in on a catholic vulgate. its a masonic inquisition. they borrow the "roman civil law" same as hitler, same as stalin, code napoleon, etc. same as vatican. "the excellence of the common law".

      true catholicism claims to be a type of common law, word of mouth. the fact they wrote roman "codes" based on that is missing the forest for the trees.

      that supposed "drinking metaphorical blood" thing? common law. word of mouth.

      there is absolutely an inquisition going on. it is a masonic one this time around.

    4. you know what fits "only names/symbols allowed, no flesh and blood people"?

      more than roman civil law and "roman catholicism"? freemasonry. everything is symbolic. no flesh and blood "son of god" ever came down to earth allowed. aka gnosticism.

      roman civil law is just one of their methods of trying to remake everyone in their "image" of lucifer. they've reversed the "roman cult" and reflected it into a "masonic pyramid" with lucifer/horus/all-seeing eye ("knowledge", what serpent offered eve) on top.

      dr. stanley monteith, also so close. these people believe "the bible" but they dont hate "everything" in it. they love st. john's apocalypse antichrist.

      they always do this "reversal" "mirroring". bible says sins of father visited unto xth generation. masons say "thats not fair, us shriners we will help the cripples" etc.

      they "reversed" the roman cult. whether you think the "original" was satanic or not, its masonry nowadays. the brotherhood of man, federation of the world. freemasonry. only people with luciferian "holy spirit" baptisms may enter the kingdom of satan. holy ghost is not allowed. satan doesnt want christ/our lady to yank people out of hell. he wants them forever and ever.

      when you call everyone "brother" not exactly helpful anna :/ playing right into their hoofs.

    5. you're so close anna. trapped on the border. limbo. I believe all you have to do is switch to holy ghost. then you escape mason heaven aka hell. just my opinion. 4th and inches. just do a qb sneak and dive. then we can dump the "gatorade" of lucifer on coach satan.

      the illuminists are hilarious. instead of christade gatorade. LOL. they just love to mock everyone by "reversing" everything.

    6. "hail our lady" is just a shortcut to holy ghost. "living god" is just another distraction. holy ghost (1st coming) versus holy spirit (2nd coming).

      you're so close anna. they are both very much "alive". "living god" doesnt distinguish is the problem. st. peter at the pearly gates is gonna wonder "is that 1st or 2nd living god? pre-satan's kingdom or post?"

      1st "living god" == christ. 2nd == satan. both at the same time == lucifer. all you have to do is choose a tense/time anna. christ is first/true "living god", satan is a liar.

    7. stop posting your exoteric Christcuckery no one cares about your simpleton level interpretation of a book you don't understand that is a proven fraud anyway

  7. Anna has given us a plan..!! To notify our public servants that they are enforcing "public policy" and not "public law" and the constitution of the LAND and not the SEA...!! For once I agree with her before it's to late..!!

    I am going to copy that letter and post it to the sheriff office..!!
    They also need to be told that they are not required to pay income taxes ANF neither is anyone else except corporations...!!
    I just read an article that a $400 million dollar boat is being built for besos Turkey for God's sake..!!

    The temperatures in the massive boat reach temperature of 110...!!
    Many people get sick and can't work..!!
    What opulence..!! The boat builder wants it built, and will do anything to reach its goal..!! It has 4 levels and the bottom is the hottest...the report or went down to see it and lasted 2 minutes before he became too hot to work ...!! These corporations have unbalanced books just like the Banks...!! It has to be stopped..!! If this greed isn't stopped now we are going to pay a high price for it ...!!

    The law enforcement is just another branch of the military..!! That why Trump likes them so much...!! He should have been military...!! There is no reason why the military should be so powerful..!! The military has been our problem the whole time...!! We need to send them a copy of "public law" and not "public polilcy" (The policy of bankruptcy )...!! Maybe someone will listen because Trump wound...!!
    Another stock plunge because of tariffs that were initiated by China, because they lowered there yen, making it more valuable to export that to import..!! They also stopped all recycling which America supplies 80% of...!!

    Something has to give..Kim is forbidden to fund the Banks while the Banks have been told NOT to accept funds from the manna world holding trust...!!
    She is ready but no one is willing to go against the Banks ...!! She has tried several times to fund the Banks but several times they have lied to her..!! They always have another agenda rather than give in to the MWHT. She only wants 2 % of all transactions taking place which is enough to fund all of humanity and also giving in to her means she is the only true sovereign...!!
    So that is automataically out of the picture...

    We are in a mighty big mess...!!
    But at the core of it all is the military industrial complex...they have taken over the entire planet...!!

    Trump has vowed to fight our continued commitment to place his tax returns in the IRS hands, saying that it violates the 4th and 14th amdendents to the constitution ...!! All he really needs is a counter- claim (FRCP 13)..!!

    But we need to start with the local law enforcement first...!! The are the ones ultimately in charge of "public law" and no one else...!!

    1. Check it again James

      Read it carefully!! Especially paragraph two of the letter. Let me know what you think, if you will!!

    2. James, simply put, Policy is not Law. It is merely a policy, or ''thats how we do it''. Way too many folks mistakenly believe Policies and Codes are Laws......they are not. What is going on is ''code violations and policy violations' have been treated as if they are Breaking of Laws. So then Who can prosecute such violations, and what are the financial ramifications based on then? (more Codes, I guess.)

    3. From what I am just beginning to find out:

      it looks like the "prosecutor" is the *EXECUTOR* of the (fake dead doppelganger strawman's) assets that are being (fraudulently) administrated in the *constructive* trust called "Case Number ####", that is actually a (fraudulent) commercial presumptive/adhesive contract, with absolutly *NO* *LAWFUL*, INITIATING commercial contract attached to it, Abby.

      Of course, they always hearken back to the Birth Certificate, but I think we've already lawfully "buried" that fraudulent claim,... of course, being criminals, they don't care whether they have a lawful claim or not, as you know so well already.

      Since they cannot try criminal cases (criminal cases can only be tried in American/other common law authority/jurisdiction by the people who are natural born on the land and soil where the alleged crime has been committed, OR in Military authority, as I presently understand it.)
      These criminal thieves transfer/"convert" mere PRIVATE CODE VIOLATIONS OF THEIR PRIVATE CORPORATIONS' POLICY into COMMERCIAL CRIMES, such as:
      of non-payment of debts owed in commerce and so forth, so that they "are allowed" to bring their Admiralty Forces and courts in, and **THEN** they "CAN" try a man's or a woman's mere private corporate code or policy violation *as*/*as* (if) it was a crime.

      It's all fraud, but that seems to be at least the outline of one of their fraudulent manuevers to "convert" a code violation which, as you already said, cannot be criminally prosecuted.

  8. Yep, Cop really are, good observation, but their JUDGES claimed they know International laws, Acting Stupid for sure, ignoring my liability warnings, together with the cop. Perpetrated fraudulent auction, No proof of lending a dime. 400+ Proofs of their Wall Street fraud filed, Trust and Bond Fraud filed, traced to the very guilty BanCorps foreclosing my home, with crooked Judges. They took my home shamelessly like Thieves. They are numbed, like the devils, with their DOJ (INC). Now what America?

    1. The movie The Devils Advocate is so prevelant in all of this

    2. I feel your pain! Lost our family home over fraudulant tobacco assessment S and two liens done without any due process! And was bullied over questioning funds being returned by a retired politician and they railroaded me into a crime did all kinds of shady crap and didn't feel safe in our home anymore and auctioned paid off taxes that were not ours to get the liens off and auctioned off our life for pennies on a dollar racked up credit cards left Pennsylvania never looked back, evil doers, bar attorney S we paid were liars too they work for them! I found the surety bonds they took out on my assets, used my credit to boost the insurance policy on the court bonds on fidelity as mortgage backed securities! It's all constructive fraud! They steal your assets!there all criminals!they have no ethics, integrity there is no true in there unfair system, All rights reserved

  9. Just a quick post, I have been researching Karl Lentz material and it appears you can invoke common law even with a corporate persona. Seems this persona is good for doing business with as I mentioned in the past and even with this persona you can still elect to not pay taxes and do all the other bs that goes along with this. It appears you can choose when to use this identity and when not to. I am reading the book English common law in the early American colonies atm and trying to get this all straightened out in my mind before I decide to give up this identity, especially the trust it is connected to which I have mentioned numerous times I am not sure is a good idea to do.

    Anyone that wants to discuss this or share info just respond to this and I will get back to you as soon as I can. This is a playlist of Karl Lentz talk show he discusses cases with callers if anyone wants to check it out.

    I would enjoy hearing other people's take on all of this

    1. >> still elect to not pay taxes
      I already tried, the crooks won't let us go off the hooks, You deal with Daemons. They want all your assets so you won't be able to fight back. But they are making a BIG BIG mistake, they are tanking themselves too. Stop your Anna-alike-non-working-paperwork. GUNs and FIREs are the only language they understand.

  10. Hi xerces yakir
    >> satan of course synonymous with "love of knowledge/worship of self intellect".
    >> some say Lucifer is god.

    Where did you get all of these views from? I've never heard of them bf, sounded like entrapping schemes to me.
    I had to rename my dog's Lucy name to something more kind, and she appreciated it over time.

    Some say "Lucifer is the bearing of Light" like Jesus said he is the light, of what? Gun fire? Bombs? Light doesn't always mean good, except in the deep dark, but in a day light, at night Lights can mean very evil. Like the rain of Bombs the Satan children dropped on Indochina, in the last 50 years, and neglected to clean up, to compensate the victims. It was actually a Contrive to Govt-Service-America at SE Asian expenses, to tank America. The British and French were behind, got tons of evidences.

  11. JFK was part of the contriving to Govt-service as well, he had a change of heart late in Sept-1963, and he got killed any way, by the crooks in 11/22/1963. Eisenhower as well, bf he transferred the war economy to JFK. The whole UK-FR-USA.Inc War economy of the last 100 years has to do with oil pipeline, Gerald-Ford alleged, in his secret lecture with his VP. GF said the Philippines never liked the, since Marcos. Any way, I've found no oil pipeline ever built there.

  12. I think DOCTORS just means that purposely causing someone to die without their consent when they could be helped is the same as murdering them.

    I agree. It is.

  13. Unrelated but check this out
    ANYONE in California around the golden gate bridge???

  14. 080719
    For the police-(of)ficer-(a)gents
    of the each-corporate-franchise-city
    are with the combatant-duties
    of the Vatican-city-corporate-charter
    &: the London-City-State-banker-(ow)nership
    &: the Washington-DC-forcement-martial-law.

    1. Oo interesting. VERY interesting for sure.
      Where does the UN INC. fit in ronald? Under the Vatican, Inc.,?
      How about Interpol? Is it Under the WDC corporate franchise?

      Not that it matters in substance to me, an American state national, but it is interesting to see how they "stacked" the deck they are playing with against their own unfortunate, IMO, "citizens".

  15. For the :ronnie-:son-of-jack-political-status
    is with the circuit-1791-America-Iowa-continental-nation-state-birth-national-lawful-civilian-status
    by the jurisdiction of the circuit-1791-George-Washington-
    "Constitution for the united States of America"
    with the "Bill of Rights"

    1. All constitutions are CORPORATE! For dead entities.

      Why not back it up and join us, the living people, under lawful authority of the peoples' founding paper, the Declaration of Independence?!

  16. 080719
    For the fox is with a great-slyness with a great-conspiracy.
    For the conspiracy is with the paycheck
    of the chicken-coup-guards.
    For the chicken-coup is with a now-time-crime-spree.
    For the coup-guard-paycheck is with the hidden-plan.