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Monday, August 5, 2019

El Paso was a false flag event.

Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting

The official news narrative about the El Paso WalMart mass shooting is largely fabricated. Even though the violence was real, and people were really shot and killed, the narrative surrounding the tragedy is almost all fiction.
Five huge questions are screaming out for real answers:
#1) If there’s only one shooter, why did so many eyewitnesses report multiple shooters at the scene?

For the other questions and the video visit the website here:  


  1. The cities, counties and states are all sourced to participate in these 'events'
    They receive funding for participation
    Regionalism and how they have worked in to stealing of land and FEMA Regions
    FEMA Regions
    I have read that their plan is to disarm America 5 states at a time - coordinated via various 'agencies'
    Disarming is only half the problem
    Please note I believe they are running 5G through the electrical system
    Here in North Dallas Texas, massive electrical poles (metal) being installed all around the mega region - I believe it is within these poles is where they are placing the 5G infrastructure
    Spy highway - cameras, tolls all part of the take over plan
    Disarmament planned long ago
    Gorbachev sitting pretty on the shores of California (set up there by non other than Nancy Pelosi) whi is planning with the likes of Oprah and Ted Turner for the decommision of the military bases and for the relocation of all of us in to FEMA regions as well as disarmament and depopulation
    The Gorbachev Foundation
    Yet another foundation set up not for the benefit of the people but a front to carry on behind the scenes with their plans to destroy The United States of America and bring us all under their one world talmudic system
    Just sharing some things I think will help
    As far as videos or anything else goes, all of that can be put together by the culprits behind the very plot
    Decoding them will do nothing
    Check funeral homes, death records, was the mall open? How long before they destroy the mall just like they did handy sook
    Replacing malls now because they want everyone buying on line or local
    Check plans at the city level for repurpose of the land the mall sits on
    In California they already had the plans ready and posted for redevelopment of Santa Rosa I think it was
    The Press Democrat owner in California was one of the main conors or sponsors of the redevelop Santa Rosa of course that is after they burned the city to the ground blaming it on PG & E
    Also part of their ongoing efforts to take over all power supply sources
    See che explains you can go on line and check your city for plans they already have posted for the destruction they have in store for each area

    1. Shelby, thank you for the information. You can also go to The Daily Mail online. They will have an article and images up before the American media.

    2. Word coming out of El Paso that they now have military personnel stationed at the entrance of the WalMart but the store is open?
      You have to ask yourself, why is that store open?
      Is it not an active crime scene? Pretty fast in removing the bodies and the clean up now wouldn't you say
      People need to wake the hell up

  2. If you believe people are actually being murdered in these events, may God help you. These events are planned years in advance and have enormous budgets (thanks to the magic of fiat currency) that includes funding for moving "victims" into local housing two or more years in advance of the event. After the event, the actors are moved out of the area to the location of the next event. Examine the "victims" of Sandy Hook and Sutherland Springs and the pattern becomes clear.