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Friday, July 12, 2019

Citizenship Is the Issue --- in a Way, It's the Only Issue

By Anna Von Reitz

A lot of people are blowing gaskets about Mr. Trump's Executive Order regarding citizenship records. Citizenship is a dire issue, but only partially because of all the illegal aliens pouring over our borders. 

When the corporate Territorial Constitution was adopted in 1868, nine million Americans, a huge section of the population at that time, was deliberately disenfranchised under the infamous 14th Amendment.  

This Great Disenfranchisement arose because the Pope's Municipal Government sided with the Confederate States of America.  Citizens of the United States (as opposed to United States Citizens) were denied the ability to vote in Territorial Elections.  

That prohibition has never been lifted.  

Technically, Nancy Pelosi and most of her supporters are Enemies under the 14th Amendment, subject to arrest, and not eligible to vote.  

If William P Barr can read, the Trump Administration has grounds to pull another Great Disenfranchisement --- not that these people ever had the right to vote under the 14th Amendment anyway.  

They've been allowed to, and haven't been prosecuted for doing so, but the 14th Amendment is clear on the point that it is a crime for them to vote in Territorial Elections. 

What has happened over time is that the Civil Government has passed itself off as the Civilian Government, and the prohibitions that were meant to be applied against the Municipal Citizenry, have instead been mis-applied to the General Populace --- us, the State Nationals and State Citizens, who aren't supposed to vote in Territorial elections for completely different reasons.  

The Territorial Government has been engaged in a de facto mercenary "war" with the Municipal Government for decades, but rather than fight each other, they have combined forces to prey upon the rest of us.  Now that we have stuttered awake and objected to this, locating the real "enemy" has begun, as it has to. 

It's like Parliamentary Procedure, once the question has been called, it has been called. 

So fasten your seat belts. 

There are other reasons that the citizenship question is crucial.  Here's a sampling. 

The Territorial United States Government constantly touts itself as a "democracy"--- a democracy needs a mandate of 51% to govern.  They can't ever achieve a mandate until and unless they know how many citizens they have. 

By international law, the Territorial United States can only impose upon and presume upon its own citizenry.  

We, American State Nationals and American State Citizens, are Third Parties who have nothing to do with their mercenary squabbles.  We are supposed to be properly identified as Internationally Protected Persons under the Geneva Conventions.  

The fact that we have instead been deliberately mis-identified as one form or another of Territorial or Municipal US Citizen,  is both a crime and a disgrace.  

If Mr. Trump wants to do the right thing and run the Territorial Government according to Hoyle and Doyle, then he must not rely on the falsified citizenship records that have been kept by the agencies.  

He needs to come all the way clean, tell people what "citizenship" really means, honestly describe the kinds of citizenship there are in this country,  and let Americans step forward under conditions of full disclosure and identify themselves as: (1) Non-citizens (includes State Nationals); (2) Territorial Citizens (United States Citizens); (3) Municipal Citizens (Citizens of the United States; (4) Permanent Legal Residents (Foreigners Granted Asylum); (5) State Citizens. 

Our form of Government requires State Citizens to maintain a singular Citizenship obligation to their State of the Union, which is why we cannot vote in Territorial Government Elections. 

The Territorial Government allows Dual Citizenship, but at least one of those citizenship obligations must be to the Territorial Government.  

The Municipal Government also allows Dual Citizenship, but anyone with this citizenship is prohibited from voting in Territorial Elections by the 14th Amendment. 

Millions of people who are citizens of The United States have been deliberately with malice aforethought misidentified as citizens of "the" United States --- the Municipal Government, instead.  

This makes it appear that we are enemies of the Territorial Government, and that we are involved as "enemies" in their perennial hard-scrabble with the Municipal Government, and leaves us subject to all manner of abuses and false claims in commerce.  

This international crime has to stop.  

We must be accorded the protections of the Geneva Conventions and assisted in our efforts to correct the falsified records and claim our actual political status ---- but the only way that this good and necessary result can be accomplished is by being honest about the situation, explaining it to the whole population, and then letting people self-identify under conditions of full disclosure. 

A final area where the issue of citizenship comes push to shove arises under various United Nations treaties and conventions.  Many UN Treaties require that the signatories agree to only conduct tests of weapons and geoengineering (weather warfare) and similar research on their own domestic population. 

Currently, millions of Americans are being subjected to unconscionable contracting processes and are being "targeted" as guinea pigs in various Department of Defense weapons and population control tests---- all based on the false premise that these Americans are part of the "US" domestic population and are "US Citizens" of one kind or another--- when they aren't.  

The "US" whether defined as the Territorial Government or the Municipal Government or even if and when the original Federal Government structure is restored, is a foreign entity with respect to us and our States of the Union.  It was set up that way from the beginning and it is still that way now.  

Americans living and working in the States of the Union are not "domestic" with respect to the Federal United States, so when we are misidentified and targeted as "US Citizens" and used as guinea pigs by Federal Agencies and Defense Contractors, another international crime and treaty violation is taking place.  

Think of all the nasty experimental drugs and weapons that were first tested on our military personnel being applied in the same way to our civilian population. 

If it was outrageous and immoral and unacceptable that they exposed our boys to Agent Orange and experimental drugs and brain-washing,  how much worse and broader spectrum is it that our whole population has been exposed to nanobit and coal ash pollution via chem trails?  Suffered devastating floods and earthquakes due to scalar tests?   Been poisoned by adding fluorine and chlorine to our drinking water?  Lead in our vaccines and dental amalgams? 

Being a "US" Citizen of either stripe exposes us to life-threatening misery, unjust laws, punitive taxation, and many, many other undisclosed ills.  The phrase "misery loves company" comes to mind.  Nobody in their right mind would voluntarily and knowingly accept either form of "US Citizenship" in preference to their birthright political status---- at least not as the Territorial and Municipal Governments are currently managed---- which is perhaps part of the reason why the Perpetrators have sunk to such low levels of moral depravity and Breach of Trust. 

It was originally an honor and a knowing sacrifice to serve our country as a member of either the Territorial or Municipal Governments.  Americans undertaking the Dual Citizenship required by either the military or the civil service were required to undergo a lengthy process of Notices and to prove their good moral character and to explicitly and repeatedly affirm their decision to enter Federal Citizenship status.  See the first Naturalization Act. 

Today we still recognize the sacrifices of the military and the civil service, but fail to recognize our own.  Millions of Americans have been commandeered, kidnapped, press-ganged, suffered enslavement, peonage, and unlawful conversion of their assets, unjust taxation, false arrest, and confiscation of their assets---- in the biggest identity theft scheme in history, and it all revolves around the issue of citizenship.  

Mr. Trump has started down a long road, but it is a necessary road if he is to fulfill the offer he made in his First Inaugural Address --- an offer to give this country back to the American people.  We heard, acknowledged, and accepted his offer.  And now all we have to do is agree on making a clean breast of the citizenship issues and how best to serve the people of this country and deliver the good faith service they deserve. 

A great many international efforts are being made and much pressure is being brought to bear on the US Military to straighten itself up and do the right thing. That includes issuing the correct Geneva Convention identifications that American State Nationals and American State Citizens are owed.  It includes assisting our efforts to get our civilian government fully reconstructed and operational again.  It includes full disclosure of the issues surrounding citizenship.  

Freedom begins at home. 

Thank you, Mr. Trump.  Now go the final mile and don't rely on the falsified records of the Federal Agencies to provide the information you need.  This issue -- citizenship--- requires a national plebiscite, a national discussion, and full disclosure. 


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I think you got a few things wrong, Ann. States absolutely can decide what their citizens can do, including participate in Federal elections. They used to have that right up until the 20's or 30's I read somewhere yesterday. There's also a university sponsored paper out there that talks about states admitting all those immigrants in under state citizenship, it solves the problem of "illegal" immigration. Also rumpT is a jerk, he has never served anyone but himself first unless it was by accident. My condolencses, Ann, for being a "true believer."

    1. Happy Camper: Where did you read somewhere??? Publish the information along with the coment.

      A Man is a "state" in and of himself. The highest state. First in line.

      I decide for myself. No other State decides anything for me. I am a state national. I haven't yet found the position to best compliment me so I may serve our true land jurisdiction government as a Citizen to the best of my ability.

      Please, Which "State" gets to decide for me?

      If all power is with the people and we can chose to be a state national, not participating in government of the People, do we then loose self governance to a "State"? I don't think so.

      State nationals are protected by state Citizens. The Sovereign State created by forming a group of State nationals does not diminish the self governance of a man who choses not to participate in Government at all.

      We can not participate in the so called "Federal" elections going on now. CORPORATE elections are not our true Federal Government Elections, they just seem to be.

      We can't vote for the President of US INC any more than we can vote for the President of FEDERAL EXPRESS or Walmart.

      DEAD ENTITIES have no vote, no voice, and no true Public Office representing them.

      The Federal Government in place now is a Private Foreign Corporation. Trump is its CEO.

      Trump at least qualifies to be the True President as he is not a Foreign Agent [BAR ATTORNEY], despite his ego.

      Annie McShane On Delaware

    2. Great explanation about each one of us being a "state"... We are! You said it so well, as always. We are each Free. Sovereign. Independent. And Unincorporated in our true natural inherent and rightful natural born "state"/condition. And we are made out of the elements of the land and soil. That gets kind of esoteric. I wonder how xerces would say that ties into the motherland thing that I don't quite understand yet.

    3. Just for the record, Trump was asked by the MSM on National television just before he boarded the presidential helicopter what he characterized himself as....his answer was "if anyone ask what I am just tell them I'm a "National "...!! He never used the word "citizen" and repeaded that he is a "National"...!! That should say it all...!! But why doesn't he put that on the citizen questionnaire is a mystery...!!

    4. goodboots: yes, in the several states of the american union, people are the state

      see old case

      this is difference between roman civil law inc. state versus uninc. although judge compares to monarchy

      gov. are formed by men (decl. of ind.) implies people precede gov.

      "gov." cant be the state, because first it needs people it supposedly serves. without people 1st, none of the "governed" consented

      we the people are joint "the king" &"the pope"

      everyone is god simultaneously until you start delegating powers outwards

      this is a big flaw in america: everyone is god by default

      "the creator" gave americans rights leads to people denying christ by default

      "noone goes to the father except through me bible christ"

      best to reject shape-shifting demon "nature's god" (see benjamin franklin, this is egyptian alchemy gas/liquid/solid, and heat/cool to "convert"; aka air/water/earth/fire)

      best to claim christ is god/creator (he said he precedes gods of moses/abraham/etc. and "the lord" no man has seen his face according to bible)

      unsure what you mean "motherland" rosicrucian take is everyone is "atlantis" (metaphorically) & "law of the land" is based on pharoah "the lord" and "moses" successors etc. claiming everyone as one of theirs

      to not be a slave you have to be "initiated" into mystery schools for that "promised land" "soul science".

      they claim "pangea" "atlantis" was once "one world religion" "single language" etc.

      believers according to masons are blind and carry out their scripts unknowingly. most masons aren't supposed to know either they deliberately lie to them

      their excuse is bible jesus says some people are not given to know some things

      patron saint of freemasonry saint john prophecised they rule for 1000 years of "peace"

      just an excuse to steal everything in the name of "the lord" (but not christ)

      maybe they will do a "meritocracy" highest-ranking magician gets to be "god"

      in theory they want everyone to become "gods"

      this is roundabout attempt to destroy "god"

      same as when they made everyone a king

      freedom of religion: everyone can be pope

      this is par for course for them

      people are the state is a good thing but luciferianism is claim this from "the creator" i.e. deny christ left and right "in god we trust" "one nation under god"

      everyone with an ego thinks it means their "god"

      that "creator" should be rejected, why suck up to people for whom everyone else are disposable?

      in a sense aleister crowley/anton levay/etc. are more honest about worshipping satan aka isis/osiris/horus much better than joe average mason and millions of illuminist dupes

      my disagreement with anna is "the lord" (whom she grudgingly admitted is secular and we all agree on supposedly. trying to unite everyone is recipe for satan IMO)

      i disagree with people claiming rights under genesis or 2nd coming

      it reeks of illuminism like we are supposed to follow the bible except the christ parts

      satan is selling freedom (from god). nothing new.

      rosicrucians flat out admit they created illuminism, disguised as 2nd coming.they are so enlightened, only they know the REAL message of jesus it is their duty to "enlighten" everyone covertly

      standard psycho "social scientists" and their idea of "utopia" using bible as cover

      its pretty simple.they are gods. everyone else is told "freedom of religion" but they dont actually follow that

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You can force the government to give you a non U.S. passport it requires an ammendment statement HIS . ASSOCIATES ministry on u tube will walk you through that and other such going private processes.

    1. Bubbapatric: You failed to publish the FEE, HIS ASSOCIATES MINISTRY on YouTube charges to become a member to be walked through this enlightening process.

      They are providing a service for a fee. Don't make it appear
      that you can go to that site and find the remedy or someone there will walk you miraculously through the process.

      HIS ASSOCIATES MINISTRY most definitely has the correct process as long as you can pay.

      This information must be published somewhere those without an abundance of FRN's can find the remedy too.

      I don't think the family that lost their home and is living in a Tent City can afford to become a member of HIS ASSOCIATES MINISTRY, but they could sure use the assets stolen from them.

      This world is a great place if you can pay!

      Annie McShane On Delaware

    2. Did I say free? You jump to conclusions.
      stats citizen passport .
      It's not required but customary . Do you tip your servents?

    3. The thing that is so pissy is that NONE of us should even be having to be bothered with any of this.

    4. I called the State Dept up a couple of days ago and found out that you can only get "expidited" return if you can prove that you need that passport in a hurry...which means you have to book a hotel room in another country, like Canada, weeks in advance, so they are forced to expedite your return...!! Then , after you get your passport, you can cancel the hotel reservation..!! Make sure you can cancel it without a penalty ...!! The whole thing she told me will cost $260...!! That includes the application fee, the ID CARD , and expedited return..!! Even that's a lot for me...but most of you should be able to swing it...!!

    5. I think you got the name wrong, it is called HISADVOCATES. He says you get passport info for free but there is a catch, what you get is not the instructions on the proper way to do the paperwork and he tells you that "you are going to hit a roadblock" and then it will cost you. Like most he talks a good game to get all the FRN'S he can, you know those FRN that are no good but everyone wants them. All you have to do is listen to this guy, he is all over the place.

    6. James Pansini, I was able to get a passport expedited without proving anything. Just checked expedited box on app and did everything through the post office, all they want is the FRNs.

  4. I think the whole thing about citizenship comes down to their global citizen agenda - it's a campaign for global citizenship
    Read what it says about education - this is why everyone unless you are part of the elite will get the same shit education around the world teaching you how to be a serf
    The Constitution of Interdependence that was signed in 1976 I believe is part of this global agenda
    I could just barf when I read about how the UN is caring for the global community - turning our sewage into the water we drink now, putting everyone off the land, poisoning the food supply, weather warfare all over the dam place and yet these crooks still sitting in the new york harbor living it up
    Starving kids all over the world and then spouting out how they care for the whole is just sickening, a disgrace
    And they have the audacity to refer to us as monsters

    1. Shelby, you have a very sweet heart.
      Thank you for caring about everybody and doing so much research on what these swine and sows are up to.
      We had/have the same thing going on in my metro area, specifically, smart meters, stack and pack urban "flats" with cute little tiny balconies and the streets all filled with potted planters full of flowers,... la-de-da... but along with potting up a few petunias, they also claimed all the WATER and have plans to ENCLOSE all the water!! I'm serious!!! Just what do they think the wildlife and birds are going to do? Buy bottled water? They were also making the urban area of my county a GOOGLE CITY! There were all these google minivans racing around everywhere you went, But something happened and they nixxed that plan. And they claim we are all under international housing policies!!!!!! It just goes on and on. And these barfbags that sell the people out, well you have to wonder what they get out of the deal.

    2. Thank you goodboots
      It's all over the place in Frisco/Plano Texas and these idiots haven't a clue
      Wonder why A T & T built their stadium here with the sell out Jerry Jones

      Texas was one of the first states to roll out 5G in three different locations which is for all of this tracking and tracing not to mention they moving hundreds of thousands of people here into high price HOA's and they all pretty much have to use the toll highway which is lined with cameras every mile on every light pole, every store, hundreds of cameras everywhere

      The Bush family (Gulianni in on it too) set this state up big time as part of the NAFTA Super Highway and people are clueless that it all relates to the UN plan
      1941 plan
      UN Plan
      Non governmental organizations set up all throughout Texas and all the other states and taking orders from the IMF, BIS and the UN - so is everyone in DC and at all levels

      Regionalism and how they working behind the scenes to bring it all about

      Education and regionalism

      All I can do is research and spread the message

      Ever wonder about the tell lie vision show Dallas and JR (John Rockefeller, Jacob Rothchild)
      Dallas and the surrounding cities are full of obelisk

      Hey wink wink check out the Rockefeller Family Secret

      Mind you this is who founded our edjucation system - the board of edjucation and the schools that teach the lies to the teachers to pass it on to our kids

      This foundation also created Resilient Cities a non profit set up to help the victims of their 'planned events' - psychological professionals trained in his damned schools setting up shop in the schools
      See Sandy Hook Promise - a tattle tale school surveillance program by which they train the kids what to look for and to report it back at school
      This Sandy Hook Promise is also a 501c3 non profit who collected millions upon millions of dollars from the public after their planned event so they could start up this group and put the surveillance in the schools

      This is all pre meditated and planned folks there is nothing they won't do

      Sing the song from Laverne and Shirley and you'll get their theme song

      There is nothing Biblical about any of this - calculated criminality

  5. Obama said it clearly in his farewell "the most important Office in a Democracy is Citizen". Office , holding office, employee, agent. master / slave relationship. Registering to vote is your Office of Federal citizen it is your elected franchise to be part of the domestic body politic and also be taxed as such, do realize the 16th and 17 Amendments came in together in 1913 along with the Federal Reserve act, they emphasized who is being taxed and changed the election process from state legislators electing Senators to now the "people" electing Senators. This now put the "people" in direct contact with the Federal process now directly taxable as a Federal franchisee/citizen receiving direct benefits through the election process previously reserved to the States, why it was the States previously directly taxed based on census numbers.
    The MONEY controls the system through the Federal Reserve 1913 the States receiving the new money benefits changed the voting structure so now the taxation was passed on to the "people" new voting franchisees directly voting for their representatives instead of indirectly through the State legislators.
    Obama also mentioned Washington's farewell, a must read! Obama only emphasized the importance of citizenship BUT he didnt mention the warning and Danger Washington emphasized about devolving into a 2 party system, the system we have had now for the longest a private domestic political system everyone elects/registers to join. Why are the Drivers License and Voter registration process connected? Both making you Federal Citizen and State residents
    Municipal Commercial citizens, notice the Passport is total different process realize the "Oath" involved, why would there not be an Oath involved in proving your allegiance to your country to "Vote" in the most important election??? because its a foreign domestic(private) political system outside the United States of America.

    1. I never registered to vote!
      I never gave them my proxy, EVER!
      Absolutely disgraceful, all of it
      Every piece of it is entrapment and extortion

    2. MikeV thanks for explaining how they used the election of federal senators as one of the many ways to falsely claim that we are a franchise/other. Maybe those claims woulda held some lawful sway if they woulda disclosed what they were doing. Too bad for them; now they have to correct everything and give everything the stole back with penalties and "interest" including all gain, increase and enrichment from there unauthorized use of our public and private property including our work and energy /other.

    3. "their", not there.

    4. Mike,

      You hit the nail on the head. Citizen is an office. A Man is never a citizen. He may occupy the office, or act in the capacity of a citizen, but he can never BE a citizen.

  6. I agree with Anna a few articles back: there ARE no 14th amendment citizens!! This article is an example of what gets people confused!!!!! Because, Question1: since there are no 14th amendment citizens then why put out an article discussing 14th amendment citizenship? Question2: likewise with the 1868 "Constitution", and even the other "Constitutions" that Anna has very recently said herself are really just glorified governmental service contracts (I agree). They are NOT *law*, they do not MAKE *law* except within the "contract". They are not laws or law papers for us, the people, to observe..., they are not even written in our native tongue, they are written in B.A.R language, a language that is a foreign to us, the people... so we don't even really understand what they say,... they just set forward the duties (called "powers") that the ones lawfully holding the contract are responsible to our States for fulfilling... The fact that these lawful holders, the contractEES, have criminally misused the contract with our States to claim to have (UNlawfully) converted their service contract with our States into a "legal" instrument for falsely claiming that we, the living people, and our private property and the public property belonging to us are somehown in private commercial/LawMerchant contracts with them and agreed to become THEIR property through these private, corporate/incorporated governmental services contracts with the States AND that we supposedly agreed to make ourSELVES and our loved ones and neighbors subject to imprisonments, torture, experimentation, abuse, theft of our work, energy, family members, AND that we agreed to fund all of that abuse and more with our lives, property, sons and daughters, energy and so forth rather than having them just merely provide us with the beneficial services that they contracted with our States to provide for our benefit use and enjoyment...... needs to be ATTACKED MERCILESSLY FROM A LAW STANDING POINT rather than trying to figure out who can vote in their bankrupt, incompetent, debtor, criminal-from-the-beginning, doppelganger-of-our-true-and-actual-just-government, private corporation's polls they deceptively call "elections"!!! 1. We are american state nationals. Period. End of damn discussion. 2. Anna and team and many others have worked very hard to basically unwind the fraud committed upon us 3. plain and simple: we are going to have to stop acting like what they have done holds any validity for us. It doesn't. They committed multiple frauds upon us. They committed crimes upon us on purpose. It was preplanned. In secret. They got a/their "religious" leader to give them licenses to harm, damage, injure us, trepass upon us, violate us, cause losses to us and to our families and to our private and public property, lie to us (H.R. 3166 subsection (2)(b)(1996)), commit fraud after fraud after fraud upon us without any conscience at all. AND use military force upon us peaceful people withOUT declaration of war. For 150 years. No. They are criminals. They deserve nothing in terms of forgiveness. They did it after plotting it out and taking secret oaths to hurt us while pretending to be our friends so they could get close enough to hurt us and our families even more. And from what it looks like and from what anna has said, they're trying to do it yet again. They're not sorry. They have no remorse. There is no repentance. They dont care if we and our families were hurt. This is all not acceptable. They owe us back everything that has been stolen... We owe them nothing. Not a thing. Not a second chance, not forgiveness, not a tiny sliver of our "pie" that they have been drooling over and planning out how to divide up. I and anyone who cares to join me, call it all back in accord with our true, natural, inherent, rightful state/condition, INCLUDING all of the gain, increase, and enrichment made off of the unauthorized use of our private property. And so it is established.

  7. Who or WHO world health organization has pages on UN website or did anyway explaining improvements or changes in ICD 10 codes from the old ICD 9 codes. Each member citizen as the UN claims is reason for listing alot of things, like drugs that are to be taken. And even a "law" or offer to be ruled exists if signed up on a drug program called "Not taking drugs as ordered" So the codes can get messed up, stuff on there you would not want if you knew even the list is there. Non-disclosure for one. Sneaky silent like modern day attack on the "entire world" as known at this time, Earth peoples and lands. Odd how a few rulers can buffalo and control billions of people.

    1. Saw a commercial yesterday that 40 million Americans qualify for a free drug card and a free cell phone
      This is what they did with The Affordable Care Act to get to people who would have otherwise not had a cell phone or went to their doctors for that matter
      It's all about the data and the mining of that data and getting count of the herd and a medical evaluation of the herd
      AMA was created by non other than the Rockefeller Foundation and the ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes and all procedure codes and anything related to the medical treatment of their herd is being captured for eugenics purposes
      Big pharma and their 'medicines' are all a result of using the after products from the petro chemical industry (Rockefeller again) just like flouride and the aluminum industry it is a waste product that they sell to the cities to put in the water to poison us with to feed the medical industrial complex
      Medical stuff ties back to Medici family
      The Godfather movies were not fiction folks

    2. I've worked personally with inbound eligibility records in the medical industry and I have seen first hand how others are brought here to the United States to work that have yet to be assigned an SSN
      Here in the United States SSN's are assigned within weeks of a babies birth
      Go watch the documentary The Human Face of Big Data came out in 2015 - that's when I knew exactly what they were doing
      IBM in WWII was in charge of marking all the people who went to concentration camps (that is not a coincidence folks)
      Go look up IBM Q which I believe stands for Quantum
      They tell us all it is artificial intelligence but it is not they are using the data from everyone on this planet to create their profile from your DNA test, to the family tree you built on Ancestry, to the food you buy, how much gas you use a week
      They can create a profile on you just based on what your family post or if your accounts are connected to your family in some way
      Job boards like Linked In and many other things all of that data is being captured and stored to create your social profile
      I'm sure they have flags within the data sets to identity enemy combatants to their agenda of which we are probably all flagged for
      Every last bit of it we took hook, line and sinker because they gave it to us for free, free email, free downlaods of apps, gps, etc etc etc - in their fine print that all created contracts all be it that you were none the wiser as to how deep they were getting in to all your personal business
      Every last bit of it is entrapment and it is all being used and will be used to control and or blackmail the masses
      WWIII is what they want and billions of people dead
      Those left standing (hence their show Last Man Standing) will be required to be chipped else you don't buy and sell
      Books in the Bible
      Leviticus - levy taxes (Levi jeans and 501, hmm)
      Deuteronomy - due to our money
      Coincidence, not a chance

    3. ICD-10 codes contained a code for death by beheading
      Rockefeller Foundation created the AMA and they update these codes as per their planned objectives using their medical systems and big pharma
      And if that's not an eye opener check out their SMART technology they had shipped in special from China
      This blogger flat out tells us that they are migrating people from other lands and leading them straight to these camps
      So these demons own the insurance companies and when they execute their creditor they bill the insurance company for it and collect their trust
      Found this video to contain some good information especially about Rot child

  8. King James Bible
    And the chief captain answered, With a great sum obtained I this freedom. And Paul said, But I was free born.
    Douay-Rheims Bible
    And the tribune answered: I obtained the being free of this city with a great sum. And Paul said: But I was born so.
    So many of you are being consumed by your physical birth and what may or may not have happened, we should be of more concern with our second birth, being born again!
    "Citizenship" is not the "Only Issue"
    Sin is the issue!
    "Citizenship" is a distraction game, wordplay.

    1. But a follower, we're told to "come out from among them and be ye separate"... And also that we shouldn't worry if we're not free but if and when our creator gives us a chance to be free we should take it.
      Do you agree that we should leave slavery and serfdom if we have an opportunity to be free men and women?
      Does wanting to be free from oppressive systems and people necessarily diminish the spiritual freedom we are born with?
      Are the two concepts compatible?

  9. Finally, people are starting to get it...!! Good post and excellent answers...!!

  10. What is the difference between American State Nationals and American State Citizens. I got my passport and card this year by working with a guy from NH including sending in paperwork clarifying who you are and how you are filing (as a State Citizen). Now I hear a lot about American State Nationals,so what is the difference?

    1. Mikers, I hope someone who knows this better than I do answers you but in case they don't, my present limited understanding of it is that: 1. Everyone born on the land and soil of one of the States, of one or two parents who are also born on the land and soil of one of the actual States, is an American state national--- that is our natural born "status", and we are self-governing men and women not subject to any government system BUT are under authority of American traditional non-militia common law authority for the people on the land and soil--that is: don't harm anyone or harm or take their property... Very simple and straightforward;
      then, 2. an American state national can give up that status and become a State Citizen, meaning that you have chosen to become involved in your actual land and soil State government and carry out certain responsibilities in addition to your responsibilities to observe American traditional non-militia common law for the people on the land and soil.
      See Annie McShane's 5:03pm July 12 comment on this article...I've read it three times now, she explains the natural "state" that mankind is not only *in*, but that mankind *is*. (That state that she speaks of, IMO, *is* because we are all sovereign due to having freewill.)

    2. Mikers, I hope someone who knows this better than I do answers you but in case they don't, my present limited understanding of it is that: 1. Everyone born on the land and soil of one of the States, of one or two parents who are also born on the land and soil of one of the actual States, is an American state national--- that is our natural born "status", and we are self-governing men and women not subject to any government system BUT are under authority of American traditional non-militia common law authority for the people on the land and soil--that is: don't harm anyone or harm or take their property... Very simple and straightforward;
      then, 2. an American state national can give up that status and become a State Citizen, meaning that you have chosen to become involved in your actual land and soil State government and carry out certain responsibilities in addition to your responsibilities to observe American traditional non-militia common law for the people on the land and soil.
      See Annie McShane's 5:03pm July 12 comment on this article...I've read it three times now, she explains the natural "state" that mankind is not only *in*, but that mankind *is*. (That state that she speaks of, IMO, *is* because we are all sovereign due to having freewill.)

  11. I apologize for the double posts... It looks like they don't get published, so I press publish again and then they have both posted twice...sorry! Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

  12. Billions upon billions of dollars extracted from our labor for this
    NASA is part of the military indistrial complex
    Nasa rearranged using the red tongue spells Satan
    Santa - Satan
    This is not easy pointing this stuff out but this is reality folks and we keep feeding this shit to our kids
    We need to be prepared to fight period because these bastards are prepared to blow up anything in sight and kill billions to get to their end game
    5G, Internet of Things, and we are the things, the herd they are gathering into their SMART (dumb ass) cities
    The whole damn world just needs to stop everything they are doing for a month and do absolutely nothing, no tell lie vision, no work, no phones, no spending, absolutely nothing
    Throw a wrench in this machine so big that it will not recover
    They cannot do it without us
    Just my opinion

  13. gut wrenching speech

  14. A crucial point everyone is missing is that it is legally impossible to be a citizen of a Corporation. The forms you fill out make it certain you will perjure yourself one way or another. You can only be a citizen of a sovereign state on the land.

    1. Excellent point!!! So there we have yet another indisputable example of the corporation entrapping us!! Wonderful! They don't have a chance in hell of lawfully prevailing against our lawful claims.

    2. Condor's comment also works to show lawful proof that they premeditatedly AIDED AND ABETTED us into committing fraud!
      Our actions lack intent to commit fraud.
      Theirs Don't!

  15. thus far trump's "plan" is that if you don't like his definition of "america" you can leave. 18 trillions of stolen credit is the best economy ever. if you don't like corporate psychopaths enslaving everyone else from cradle to grave, you can leave.

    he swears he'll fix health care -- after you vote for him again.

    no, we didnt all "accept" his offer anna. speak for yourself.

    i also reject his "education plan".

    anyone who believes trump gives 2 hoots about "america" has no clue. just more "republicans" dragging their feet.

    same old. just sit and do nothing, and hope people forget you are lying through your teeth.

    "ITS THE DEMOCRATS FAULT". yawn. the 2 "parties" isnt WWF, this is mud wrestling porn stars who always catch one side "cheating" and throws a hissy fit.

    but 5 minutes later they all manage to have an "orgy of speculation" [1] and make up.

    same old filthy bankster satanic corporate psychopath perverts.

    same old illuminism.

    trump was signing bibles. maybe he really will lead the "jews" out of babylon and he is "king cyrus" like the masons say.

    before his "election" (federal citizens only) there were people running around saying how much the freemasons would HATE it if trump won. that should have been a giant red flag.

    china's evil, but ivanka and scaramucci are cool with them.

    the dems are "socialists" but kgb putin and gorbachev and reagan and all the rest of the gang, nothing to see here, move along. pay no attention to the hegelian dialectic behind the curtain. "new lies for old"

    what happened to the "moratorium on mortgages" ? i can hear the psychopaths claim it would throw the markets into confusion. a nation of men, not laws.

    [1] financial term re: 1929 depression being planned, look it up. the court told the financier claiming it was a set up to stop using that term.


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