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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Is this an International Deep State Coup and the End of America?

Found Here:

Please comment. It goes much deeper than this!


  1. It's called programming - preparing the people for what they know is already done - they exist on the screens only
    AG Barr is John Goodman and if you cannot see that then you are blind
    The big Roseanne show blow up was all about putting Barr in front of the blind masses to see if you would notice
    The Apprentice, come on folks you don't know that was all set up
    Trump card, TrumpPence (trumpets)
    Psychological warfare and the tell lie vision is pandora's box
    Same thing with the black box sitting on our desk and being held in your hands and in your cars
    World Wildlife Fund WWF
    Set up to put chips and markers on every animal on the earth
    They even have cameras on them
    Chipped our pets
    CHIPS program for children through state welfare
    How about the tell lie vision show CHIPS, are you getting it yet
    Your bank card - how many times have you been asked if you have a chip?
    Junker car buy back years ago was about getting all the old cars that did not have chips in them from the public - those cars would still run and cannot be controlled via chips or taken over remotely like they demonstrated they could do with Jeeps
    Read in some comments section yesterday that they are now taking peoples homes because they did not pay their water bill
    This is controlled demolition, just like the car industry, steel industry, factories, farms, every last bit of it
    And all your hollywood stars, favorite singers, groups, sports icons, wrestler, baseball player or whatever else you can think of are all in the family
    Agenda 21 or Agenda To One Government (hidden in plain sight)

    1. What you've written here and other places, so well researched that no one can deny these "plans" that "they" have for us, so long in the making, hundreds of years, centuries, maybe more... Planning and winding and winding, trying to "reeling us in" and yet we are still here.
      So it reminded me, (and I take it from some of your previous comments that you're not a fan of the Bible, but this could be taken allegorically,too...)
      Is where the creator is telling Cain what Cain should do to be accepted like his brother Able instead of being jealous of Able and wanting to kill Able...
      and as part of that dialogue, God told Cain a *most* interesting thing in light of all of the plans that you are sharing with us that these "creatures" are planning to do to us: God told Cain that sin is always lying at Cains door desiring him. Crouched/lieth/hiding/spying/watching/peeping/surveilling/stalking/haunt/track:
      Desiring him.
      Sin desires him. Us. We are its focus, it spends its time and energy lying at our door, watching what we do, waiting for us to catch us?
      It's genesis 4:7 "If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? And if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, AND THOU SHALT RULE OVER HIM." They have so many plans for our destruction. How many do they need to get the job done? Is it our well doing before our/my heavenly father that keeps them from obtaining their obvious desire? Us!!! Even when they spend all their time watching and planning our demise? Maybe we are at phase two and are about to begin to RULE OVER "HIM".

  2. Insider trading anyone
    Bilking the public and investors for millions
    All in the family

    1. They do keep telling us, the people, to "enjoy the *SHOW*!!!!!" And for us to "get the popcorn!!!".

      Along time ago alexjones said some things like: whatever they are showing you, you can be sure that is *not* what is going on; and also he talked several times, back in the day, about not thinking in terms of double-crosses or triple crossings, but quadruple crosses and more.

  3. This video really shows how much the "deep state" is dependent on whomping up violence. They can't function in their evil without it. Look at them. They go from one peaceful country and people to the next, forcing peaceful people to defend themselves, their homes, their families, their work and their nations.
    Look at what they do here: take the peoples' sons and daughters; our family members, homes, farms, water, production; send their two-legged dogs to point guns at us and shoot us if we "scare" them; lie about us-- H.R. 3166 subsection 2(b) (1996); use military force without lawful declaration of war. For 150 years. They just never stop, they only get worse. Why? Because they provoke and provoke and provoke and keep provoking, similar to hitting us in the stomach, kick us in the groin, "rape our daughter in front of us", starve our family member, all in front of us, provokeprovokeprovoke and provoke some more,... They HAVE to get us (and anyone else whose stuff they want) into defense mode in order to claim that we are dangerous and "must be contained"--- like they do in the M.E. countries. THEN they can get down to the nitty-gritty of what all that is about and claim all of the nations' and the peoples' private and public property as "Alien" Property, captured in Admiralty/Maritime. THAT'S what they are after, THAT is their endgame. And they do just what they have done to us that Anna and team have exposed: Put all of our property that we own into trusts, deny us access to it and pay themselves to manage it "for" us while stealing it through fraud WHILE claiming that is necessary since we are unpeaceful and dangerous,-- when THEY provoked and provoked and provoked us peaceful people and others to defense by abusing us and them and all of our families. Just go back and look at the Declaration of Independence... That's exactly what they did to our grandfathers and mothers back then; look over the list of usurpations our grandfathers wrote out-- it's practically the same as what they are doing today.
    They are not the least bit sorry. They have fun gaslighting us all while they are carrying all of this out. It's what they do. They are true evil. They are parasites. And we need to be de-wormed. Again. Jmo.

  4. Evil always tells a man/woman of faith they've lost the battle... just before that person wins. In this case it's all of us people of faith fighting together to defeat the darkness. It's evil's age-old tactic. It hasn't worked before and it won't work this time, either.


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