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Thursday, July 11, 2019

States Are Not States-of-States

By Anna Von Reitz

Okay?  Everyone using their eyes here?   

Can you literally see that the word "State" is not the same as "State of State"?  

Wisconsin is not the same as State of Wisconsin, right?  

If you want a definition of what a "state of state" is, you will find it in the definitions section of the Uniform Commercial Code.  For the purposes of our discussion,  it's a commercial corporation chartered by a government organization to transact commercial business activities. 

And what is "commerce"?   

Commerce is business between two incorporated entities --- that is, business between corporations that are chartered by and insured as franchises of government-operated States of States.  

Ralph's Roller Derby, Inc., is a franchise of the Territorial State of Washington, and it can conduct business with SKATE WORLD, INC., a franchise of the Municipal STATE OF WASHINGTON.  Both entities enjoy bankruptcy protection, if they need it. Both can conduct interstate commerce, and if they do, they will be subject to regulation by the Federales. 

Of course, they can also conduct their business in Washington, and not be subject to Federal Regulation under the Interstate Commerce Clause, but, they will still be subject to the rules and "Public Policies" of their sponsors -- the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government, respectively.  

Corporations are legal fictions and they are supposed to be public corporations owned and operated by the people of this country.  They are supposed to be chartered under the auspices of our own States of States, such as The State of Georgia.  

Thanks to the Great Fraud that began with the Civil War, and the fact that Reconstruction of our own States of State has never been completed,  people in America have been forced to charter corporations as foreign, private entities, and to subject them to foreign administrative "law". 

There isn't a judge left in America with a proper Oath of Office, except for the Postal District Judges, and they are serving as volunteers.  All the other judges have all been commissioned to either: (1) serve under Title 5, which is administrative law of the corporations, or, (2) commissioned as Officers acting under the Code of Military Justice.  

To hide this deplorable fact and muddy the water, they deliberately refuse to identify the nature of their office and the nature of the court they are serving.  So not only are we deprived of our identity, they are deprived of theirs.  They only pretend to be civilian judges occupying public offices. 

We are all being forced to play roles according to a foreign script, and nobody is being honest enough about the circumstance to address the problem in a forthright way---- but there it is.  

Do we have recourse?  Yes, but first we have to understand who we are and where we are in terms of law, history, and jurisdiction.  

Our States of the Union are fully competent to function in the international venues and they actually control and/or own all of these entities, directly or indirectly via delegation of powers, so we do in fact have the authority and the power to address this Mess and sort it out. 

That is, we have the ability to make the correction, but only if we educate ourselves and correct our political status records and get organized to do it.  

We have to realize that States are not States of States.  We have to realize that the State of State organizations we are familiar with are all foreign entities and that our own States of States are still moth-balled, awaiting "Reconstruction"--- and finally, we have to figure out that in order to create new Federal States of States, we have to assemble the actual States of the Union to do it.  

Florida has to be organized and functioning in order for it to recharter The State of Florida and complete the Reconstruction still pending since the Civil War. 

That is why we are engaged (and must be engaged) in organizing the actual State, Florida, and not trying to organize any kind of incorporated State of State.  

Without first assembling the actual State and populating it with State Citizens, as we are doing, it is not possible to re-charter a Federal State of State. 

The chicken does have to come before the egg in this case.  

So while all these other organizations are wildly flailing around and trying to form new Territorial or Municipal "States of States" to act as successors to the bankrupt entities we have now, they are missing the whole point.  

If it were as easy as going down to the nearest Corporations Division of the State of Kentucky and dreaming up another corporation to serve Kentuckians, it would have been done long ago.  

Instead, what has to be done is for the People of Kentucky to "come home" to their land and soil jurisdiction, declare their permanent domicile to be the land and soil of Kentucky, and assemble the actual State --- Kentucky.  

And then, finally, the actual State Assembly -- The Kentucky Assembly -- has the power to charter the renewed Federal State of State known as The State of Kentucky. 

The "Missing" Pieces of our intended Federal Government can be set in place again and our State Administration can be American-owned and operated for the Public Good again.  These organizations can be what they should be, and held to the high standards of accountability that we all deserve, but we all must get the information contained in this article firmly in our heads.  

States are a different breed of animal from States of States, just as surely as a horse is different from a cow.  

Our States of the Union are still viable so long as we act in our birthright capacity as the People of our States.  Once we correct our own political status records, we are in position to peaceably assemble our State.  

Once we assemble and organize our State Assemblies, we have the power to conduct all necessary business for our self-governance, including the reconstruction of the Federal States of States, which will put an end to the conundrum caused by the Civil War.  

This can be done peacefully, and in an orderly and lawful fashion.  We simply have to grasp the step-by-step logic of the situation and take the necessary actions in our own behalf.  


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  1. Re: "State of State" Is the following definition the one in the UCC that's being referred to in this article?:
    (77) "State" means a State of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, or any territory or insular possession subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.:

    1. good post, will copy it to show folks the language, short poignant.
      Its the 'The', people, its the 'The'!
      Eyes roll... so what? No, its the 'The'! The 'The' right here IS what is the 'The'....
      Eyes roll.
      What if the 'The' meant access enormous wealth?
      Ohhhh, so the 'The' is what matters, tell us more!

    2. Here's some more! that nobody ever talks about... *we*, the people who are the american state nationals, didn't create ANY of the three or more federated Constitutions at all!! The Constitutions never went to a vote from the people, *us*, whose consent is required; Massachusetts state legislature did not even pass it at all!; not all of the thirteen states were present for its "adoption", only twelve of the thirteen states were present; and of the twelve that were present, only barely over 50% of the votes were in favor of it!... The last lawful organizing paper of our confederation and union that went to a vote by us, the people, (not the People, but the people--the actual, living, breathing (unCAPITALized) people from whose consent all delegated authority is derived) was the articles of confederation and perpetual union; and in those articles it is stipulated that only a certain limited category of issues can be handled by 9 of the 13 states; that in order to CHANGE the actual CONFEDERATION or UNION that was lawfully created by a vote/consent of the actual, living people, that all of those same thirteen states' people who had created it together also had to agree to CHANGE it together!! In other words, it had to be changed by the same method that was used to create it in the first place --: that is, by the state legislatures passing it AFTER it had been put to a vote by the living people who had given their legislatures the delegated authority to change it!!! And all that never, ever happened!! So, anyway you can look at it, none of the "Constitutions" were ever a properly and lawfully executed: because 1. The uncapitalized, living, breathing people did not consent through election 2. All of the state legislatures did not pass it 3. All of the states were not even present to cast a vote 4. Only a mere approximate 50% of those who did "vote" voted for it. This is not exotic information hidden away somewhere; it is all public information that is in the public domain that I looked up myself after hearing other people talk about it. If anyone believes they have proof that what I have just shared is not true would you please share it?

  2. Well worth a listen
    This High Frequency Radio you tube channel does a whole lot to educate
    Just like in one of Anna's videos she mentions Rob Ryder, another who is helping others with this stuff
    We've got to get these together for the benefit of the whole
    These guys are well versed in all of this - will they not join Anna's efforts and become coordinators or lawful representatives
    Everyone off doing their own things - has got to be group efforts across the board
    Just some thoughts is all

  3. Imo, Anna "strikes two death blows" in one paragraph: "Our States of the Union are fully competent to function in the international venues and ("DeathBlow" # 1.) They Actually Control And/Or OWN All Of These Entities!!!!!!, directly or indirectly ("DeathBlow" # 2.) Via DELEGATION Of Powers!!!!!!!..." These two points alone (and there are many, many more) are like taking a baseball bat to any of their "legal arguments" and just beating the whey about of them. If every man and woman can just get ahold of the two points that: A. There IS no "government" unless the actual, living people make the thing up; B. The thing made has no inherent power, it only has power DELEGATED to it by its creator/owner/delegator: then what we would see and what we are seeing is these CRIMINALS facing the facts that they are acting CRIMINALLY upon us and we know it now and we're saying "NO!!!!"; And furthermore, that we never said "yes" and they know we didn't say yes AND that they also knew we would not have said yes if they would have told us, which is exactly why they didn't tell us in the first place. They knew and they know they are acting criminally and THEY DON'T CARE because they are greedy, stupid loser-class men and women who can't get what they want using their own talent and energy, so they steal and lie and murder to get it away from the people they are jealous of and wish they were like, but can never be. So their jealousy just drives them to commit crimes and then they parade around wearing/holding their victims' possessions *as* their own, pretending to be better than the ones whose energy, work, creativity they had to steal!!!!!! They have nothing. They are nothing. They have the talent and means to get NOthing, so they try to steal from, kill and destroy those who actually are what they want to be. It's not working. We are awake. We didn't say "yes". We are not them. We are not theirs. They have nothing. We know this. We are the owners of everything. They know this. We didn't tell them they could use our stuff. We don't need their incompetent, low IQ, debtor, lying, parasitic, loser-class, freeloading, flunky, half-wit criminal CON-t-ACTORS to handle our "estates and names". LOSERS. THIEVES. LIARS. And worse. We not only own everything, we ALSO own ALL of the gain, increase and enrichment made off of the unauthorized usage of our private property!!!! They are in sooooooooooo much wonder were getting sprayed like bugs!!!! It's not going to change anything though, we're demanding they get their grubby, clawed, two-toed paws off of our stuff. NOW!!!

  4. The snotty comments above are my own opinions.

    1. you're hilarious! sprayed like true...killing our little properties... our babies. My dear precious 14 year old daughter who hanged herself because of these weasels. They go on like nothing happened and our lives are ruined forever - until Jesus comes and vengeance is meted out once and for all.

    2. Increase, I am so very sorry to read that your daughter became so distraught and can surely imagine what an innocent 14 year old might have been having to endure to become so despondent. What a comfort for her, and for you to know, that she is with her heavenly father being loved and hugged, and smiled at and doted on.

      I know some people think we're required to forgive everyone, but I don't. One if my favorite scripture is psalm 149:6-9 and especially 9: "to execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints"...
      I always envision a/the pit/lake of fire with jail bars around it about a foot back from the edge of the pit; I have the jail door open and one of these creatures is standing on the edge of the pit inside the jail bars; I lift up my very heavily-booted right foot and plant it squarely into the buttocks of the creaturething and, hanging onto the bars with both hands for strength and balance, I [[[[[[PUSH]]]]]] the creature into the pit as hard as i can, using all my strength with no remorse whatsoever, because I really, really, really understand what they have done to our innocent loved ones.

      I'm sure there are more boots around here somewhere if anyone else would like a pair. :)

      Love and comfort to you. jan

  5. Weather warfare information
    So as people complain about the chemtrails this is how they will ground flights once they get the herds where they want them
    Part of agenda is to get everyone off the coast
    The storms in this video is the I10 along the soutern seaboard and the I95 all along the eastern seaboard all part of the NAFTA Super Highway part of the USMCA deal
    Just informing anyone who is in the affected areas


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