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Monday, July 15, 2019

Are You Ready for This -- 2.0

By Anna Von Reitz

I could have called this "The Problem".

As you have already seen, the concept of "time" is man-made, the concept of "money" is man-made, and even the "names" we give each other, are man-made. 

Indeed, everything outside of the Natural World, is man-made.

The man-made mental constructs, labels, grids, "handy" devices, names, political maps, regions, etc., are all part of "the world", not the Earth.  And the worldly kingdom, by definition, is primarily made of lies called "legal fictions", or, you may think of them as lies we have agreed to use for specific purposes.

We agree to the concept of Time Zones, for example, to accommodate the effect of distance relative to the daily changes from night to day conditions and our own sleep cycles, but Time Zones don't actually exist.

We adopt a "40 hour work week" as a standard, but no such standard actually exists in nature.  It's merely what we have, as a group, decided use as a reasonable amount of time spent working every week before we start charging "Overtime" rates. 

We developed the idea of a "foot" from some idealized average length of a man's foot and that replaced the idea of a "cubit" which was supposedly the length of a man's arm from wrist to elbow.  I suppose they used a worm to develop the standard for an "inch", too, and it's all incredibly arbitrary and lame, but there you are. 

Arbitrary and lame is the order of the day, the foundation upon which the man-made world rests.  Next time you reach for a flat head screwdriver and come up with a Phillips screwdriver instead, remember me saying this --- it's all arbitrary.  

And while you are thinking about how truly ridiculous this is and how much we have accomplished despite it all, give a thought and a tear for those progenitors who discovered that some mushrooms are good to eat.  This is the kind of trial and error, slop and by-gosh, that human progress depends on, because while we are creative ---- we're not The Creator.  

It's all pretty funny once you realize that time doesn't exist and that we are just fooling ourselves and muddling about in the quagmire of our own perceptual reality. 

What we are really parceling out is not time, but our attention and energy applied to tasks that we may or may not find fulfilling, in order to obtain symbolic "payment" --- money or credit --- that we can "spend" in turn to fulfill our other needs.

Okay, so all of this, the entire system, is man-made and essentially all fraudulent, all flawed, all imbued with elements of the silly and/or insane, and all done by a "wink and a nod" agreement to function in this fashion, according to these rules, and yes, its all arbitrary, not mandated by our Creator and effectively separated from our Natural Estate as nameless eternal Beings having no such obligations.

It is, as I said from the first, like a some kind of weird children's game gone wildly astray.

The world is what we mistakenly call "civilization".  The rules of the bizarre game are called "laws".  And we are all stupid enough to believe in this as adults.

Many men have taken note of all this, most famously, Jean-Jacque Rousseau, and they have somewhat impacted our rational sense of what is actually happening in our self-created world that is to our detriment and to the detriment of other people, too.

Unfortunately, this "naturalist" movement was cast in terms of political anarchy instead of reasoned analysis leading to constructive betterment and change, so instead of freeing ourselves from our own chains, we have allowed things to drift into the current morass.

The Problem is that God, the Creator, is responsible for His Creation(s) and we all have a Sacred Contract with our Creator, a Mission, and a Relationship with our Creator --- which has largely been hidden from us by Middlemen seeking to benefit themselves and separate us from our destiny as children of the Living God.

This is where Kurt Kallenbach's research takes us --- to the intersection of the equal-armed World Cross, where a singular Act of God intersects with the plane of the physical world to create one indivisible species-specific unique creation: each one of us, and wherein the Die is Cast: the moment of fertilization.

That is where life as a separate organism enrobed in flesh begins, but it is not the genesis of our Being, which according to scripture pre-dates any such physical incarnation: Jeremiah 1:5: "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb...."

That is, we are truly born in The Kingdom of Heaven, and transported to the Earthly Realm --- our First Birth.  We are made incarnate in the Flesh -- our Second Birth.  And later, nine months on average, we are separated from our mothers, which we mistakenly call "being born" or "our nativity" --- which is a whole different and separate matter.

You can see from this that we are truly born in an invisible realm of energy and thought and expressed as physical beings at the moment of fertilization (formed in the womb), but what we call "birth" is just a physical milepost in which we become visible and more or less functional on Earth as separate unique beings.  It's another handy man-made lie.

Our birth is not our birth.  It is not the beginning of the sequence of our being.

Our actual birth in The Kingdom of Heaven is mysterious and without time. Nobody knows how old any of us actually are, save our Creator, who has known us "before" forming us in the womb. 

Our second "birth" on Earth is also mysterious and un-trackable, as no man can know the exact moment of the fertilization of the egg that morphs into his physical body.

The third "birth" into the air of the earthly realm along with its separation from our Mother is the first observable, certifiable moment when we draw breath, but this is merely physical and mandated by the first two Acts of God.  And it occurs some months AFTER the moment of fertilization.

This may seem of no concern to anyone, as there is clearly an unbroken progression from being known to Our Father before being formed in the womb, to being formed in the womb, to being physically separated from our Mother--- but to the commercial geniuses among us, what this means is that there is a break in the time line, therefore a break in the Sacred Contract between God and Man. 

Where did the missing time in the womb "go"? 

This is the kind of thinking you get from men who worry about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  Or not.

And where have we been between the moment of fertilization and when we are cast out of our watery amniotic environment onto the dry land?  Talk about a sailor being returned from the (internal) sea? 

We now know that the fertilized egg gradually insinuates itself into the uterine wall--- a process known as "conception" in which the fertilized egg acts like a parasite and forms a temporary connection to the Mother's blood stream ("soul" in Biblical terms) and becomes a chimera --- not totally itself and not totally the Mother, either, but a combination of both.  The Mother's mitochondria migrate and become part of the baby's cellular matrix and other exchanges take place that do not fully resolve into the unique framework of the child until they are postpartum.

This time enfolded in the womb is the "missing time" that the creators of this System use and promote as a break in the Sacred Contract between the Creator and Mankind to insinuate the fictional realm of suppositions and material claims into the mix.  

Who does the lost baby belong to?  The Creator?  The Mother?  The Father?
The Government?  The Church? 

They further exacerbate this spurious discussion when the baby is physically born, and both the baby and the afterbirth are expelled together with the umbilical cord and various other membranes related to the amniotic sack.

It will come as a great and disgusting revelation to know that these "waste" materials are gathered up and kept "in reserve" and that the result is a "partial birth delivery".  They don't deliver the entire package to the owner.  The rest of the biological material apart from the baby, but containing the baby's DNA, is kept and categorized as a "foundling" and "infant decedent".  Literally.

We are not considered "whole" by these monsters until we return and claim the rest of the gunk as ours, and we are not eligible to receive our whole inheritance until we do.  

This is, obviously, just an excuse to separate us from our birthright as divine creations and as whole children of God and is used to deny us the benefit of the Sacred Contract between God and Man--- so that they can benefit from it, instead.

As absolutely crazy as this is and as it sounds, too, that's what these renegade Merchants have been spinning ---

"Oh, we don't really know who or what he is.... he just popped out of his Mother's womb by magic.  The stork brought him and dropped him down the chimney.... oh, wait, that was Santa Claus, instead. Some load got dumped down the chimney, ha,ha,ha, well, you know, it was Winter Solstice.  Who knows what happens on Winter Solstice, eh?  Everyone was drunk.... we don't know this Beggar from Adam.  Or Eve.  He's a homeless Pauper.  No relation to God.  And he's only half here.  He's a cripple.  Where's his placenta?   No placenta!  He might not be a man after all.  Maybe he just sprouted like a clump of broccoli...."

Woe be it to them who shall be left with our NAMES as a curse. 


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  1. The moment of incarnation is calculated at about three months before birth. That is when the cranial has developed sufficiently for consciousness to enter it. With this date plus the time when the individual was born a Human Design BodyGraph is generated to show how the nine Human Design centers are configured. In other words the Human Design BodyGraph can be a step toward further wakening of who we are by nature before our entanglement in the world.

    1. This would make the soul (consciousness) separate from the spirit/heart. The bible the luciferians use to make their false claims about us --1611 kjv -- says the spirit and soul are woven together like the bones and marrow and cannot be separated.

    2. The luciferians ALWAYS turn thingsoversidewaysbackwardsmirrorit just ANYthing to changedisruptdestroymarr our creator's order and laws. What goofball losers they are...
      First of all, they can't even feed themselves without lying cheating and stealing -- somebody else's NAME, somebody else's ESTATE, somebody else's IDEAS, somebody else's PRODUCTION. Talk about a bunch if worthless slobs.

    3. No where is the illusion of this world more predominately displayed than in the creation of "money"...!! No one, and I mean no one has the "right", to arbitrarily print and control such an important "control mechanism ....!! I want that right...we all want that right..!!
      Even if we had a lawful govt and lawful money (which is impossible ), it still is in the hands of someone, which makes it evil always...!! Money simply cannot be controlled by man (or woman)..!! We either need a massive quantum computer with a "will", to know everyone's heart and what they need the money for , or we need a new way of conducting business in this 3rd dimensional place of time and space....!!
      And one way to get there is totally eliminate the terrorist agency known as the IRS. .It's way beyond time for them to go...!!

  2. Hi Paul,
    I have been doing extensive research on all of this for a few years and am now in the process of reclaiming my strawman. I have seen numerous different suggested processes so as you can imagine it has taken a lot of time to go through them all to determine what is different between each one and why to save myself some time from doing all the paperwork only to have it rejected for being done wrong. Many of the processes are not very detailed about the "details" also which causes a problem. I filled out the info on Anna's website on July 3rd but never receieved a phone call so I was hoping I could ask a few questions here if you don't mind.

    Question 1:
    In Anna's "steps to take document" it suggests using a 9 digit code from the registred mail receipt to use as the TDA number however the format of the number on my receipt is just 20 numbers so it is not in the correct format. Where else can I find a 9 digit code to use in its place without accidentally using one that is already in use? I am stuck here because I can't even get the A4v stamp I need made without having this first and I need it to put in the paperwork as well of course.

    Question 2:
    On IRS Form 56 there is a box for "Identifying number" in the top row. I suspect this is my social security number however there is another box right after it labeled "Decedent’s social security no." which is also the strawman I would think. Do I put my social security number in both of these? This seems odd. Also is it with or without dashes? The way it is worded it seems like the first would be without dashes and the second with dashes but I want to be sure.

    Question 3:
    If I am accepting the title (birth certificate) as "payment" as the secured party why am I then giving it back to the government via the Secretary? Isn't the whole point of doing this process to take it back from them through this process to put it into my ownership and control as the living man? If I accept it for value from the strawman then sign it over to the secretary don't they own it again now? Even worse don't they own it in a way that I can never retrieve it back (unlike it was originally) by doing this? In a previous explanation of this process I found it doesn't suggest this:

    "Then turn the BC over and on the back anywhere write: Pay to the Order of the United States of America, U.S. Treasury. Without Recourse. And again, write— by: Your Upper and Lower Case Signature, and date it."

    In a different set of instructions I have simply says to stamp it with the A4v stamp in this format:

    By: (my name)
    All Rights Reserved Without Recourse
    Exemption ID: (my ss number no dashes)
    Deposit to US Treasury the same to
    (name and ss number)
    Private Indemnity Bond # AMRI00001 Kentucky
    Registered Treasury Acct. # (number)

    If you help me through this process by answering a few questions about things that were not explained in the original instructions I will write a new document with more exact details to help others avoid these problems in the future to share with everyone. I have a few more questions after this as well but this is good enough to get me to the next stage.

    Thank You,

    1. I think it a great idea to produce dummy documents written up and placed in a shared space to define exactly what each entry on each form should be with examples written in and the whole document displayed for reference
      The thing that bothers me about all of this is that I read somewhere that anything that is written within a box or brackets is not really there, again it is fiction, it is like it is not on the page at all
      So all these forms that you are filling in the boxed in information, are they really valid because according to their rules anything written inside a box is really not there?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Bodhi Mantra: This is from a private email I received from Anna in answer to my questions:
      The PERSON is the PERSON on the BC. ITS address is YOUR MAILING ADDRESS.
      The ID NUMBER is the PERSON'S MASTERFILE NUMBER --- SSN without dashes.
      Decedant's SSN is SSN with dashes.
      Use your Trade Name to sign off, Last, First Middle---- unless you have gone through the process to reclaim your Trade Name via official court action.
      The date the court action took place is the date the BC was filed, typically several days or weeks after your actual birthday. The file date is HER "berth day"---- the day that MUNICIPAL "VESSEL" set sail.
      The "other proceedings" refers to you actual birth and time of birth.

      You can include your instructions however you wish. You can point out your married name as being included in the discharge of debts, etc.

      Here are numbers of Anna's articles I relied on to do the paperwork: 560,573,581,588,609,620,626,627,630,631,639,639,778, 779, 800,806, 820, 823, 1020, 1090.

      See also #1169 re AFV.

      Best wishes!

    4. Shelby I agree and have said this a few times here but never any response...... I have done all these things last year, end results my home and land here in NJ was stolen from us May of this year. The so called courts,attorney and sheriff kept moving until the sheriff and his assault team and a host of others came out with a writ of possession not signed,no court seal, no warrant per the 4 amendment and threaten me into leaving...... No one cared about anything I had done including the Correction of Deed and land patent, and my passport which was done as an American State Citizen which the sheriff was fully aware of.....All of this stuff to do to free yourself sounds good but did not help......What can I do to get my home back.

    5. The beneficiary position being the desirable position in the trust-- being the position of NO liability and the only position that has the right to use, benefits from, and enjoy the contents of the trust-- then, why would we want to give that most beneficial and desirable of positions up in exchange for becoming responsible/ partially responsible for the trust's liabilities by becoming the/a trustee????
      I don't understand!

      I mean the trustee has NO right-to-use of any of the contents in the trust---- which is, by the way, exactly why these thieves and liars are always trying to shift us OUT of the beneficiary position!!: they "assign" us THEIR trustee/debtor position, then they sneakily, under such "legal mechanics" as "SILENT Judicial Notice", slide their own lazy, lyin', thieving selves into OUR beneficiary/creditor/funder position and then THEY collect our bonds/payment vouchers/stuff/payments/what belongs to US.

      They're thieves. Liars.
      This is how they are robbing us: they said they are the trustee of these trusts, then they shift US over to the trustee position while threatening us with jail time or with taking our home/other if we dont pay the fees, taxes, other "charges" when really, in their system, ALL of our (the true and natural beneficiary's) fees/other were ALL PRE-PAID via the birth certificating system!!!
      But its all such fraud because *We* are not even actually IN their system at all in the first place because we, the living people, are not and cannot *be* in Commerce, it's for dead entities/ corporations only!!! Which is why they stealthily "converted" us into corporations via the birth certificates!!!

      See what they've done? They've wrapped fraud over fraud and lie over lie and have their big secret club of people who agreed, essentially, "Yes! I'll lie to my neighbors and throw them in jail and take their house, son, daughter, loved one in exchange for a portion of what we take from them! Sure! No problem! When do we start? How much do I get?"

    6. Mikers, I'm very sorry for your losses
      According to what I have read the homes, cars, even the clothes on your back are not yours because they were bought with fiat currency not to mention if you used the name, of which is not yours, it all reverts back to them by default because they fraudulently converted it

    7. Trying to be free in this evilily contrived system, is like cutting a deal with Hitler and expect him to honor his agreement....come on guys...!!
      As for getting your homes back...forget it...its gone..!! I lost mine too , even though I made it to the county recorders office to file a "default judgement" (administratively) first....meaning I was first in time, and therefore first in one paid any attention to my paperwork and the judge even sent my paperwork back..."REFUSED"..!! The courts work for the BANKS...PERIOD..!!
      They need to kick us out, because they need to create new "promissory notes " , which in the haste to securitize all these subprime loans they forgot to even make a "copy" of the original to match up with the loan agreement (mortgage or feed of trust), which should never be separated, meaning no one even has the right to foreclose anymore because their is no "REAL PARTY OF INTEREST" anymore...FRCP 17a..!! Everyone has to realize there is no more "Rule of Law" anymore because all law enforcement are carrying "lethal weapons" and very well trained on how to use them in order to get REMEDY for the BANKS....just accept it and move on...I don't like saying that but unless we all get together and protest against the IRS , we will never ever get nothing but temporary remedy ...!!

    8. I meant first in time, first in line...!!

    9. Hi thanks for all the responses everyone.

      Hi Angela,
      The cetified mail receipt I got does not have any codes like that (two letters with 9 digits), it is just a 20 digit number which is why I asked where I can find a different number to use. I got the "signed upon recipt" certified mail ones perhaps there are other ones where these kinds of codes but it isn't on the one I got, I guess I will just have to look around at their other products, this is strange as I got the certified mail service and this is what they gave me.

      I don't know what article Anna has for this you are suggesting but I have read several sources about this procedure and they are all very similar in the way they say to prepare the stamp and this is the format they suggested to use. I will try to find the article you are referring to and read it and see what she says about it nearly all the other sources I have consumed in the past said to do it this way oddly. I misspoke anyhow I was referring to the Registered Treasury Acct.# not the TDA, I apologize. But yah same problem the reciept I got for the certified letter only has a 20 digit code on it not in the format I need to use for this.

      >You are THE creditor. Nothing to be secured about.
      The BC is the title to the vessel (your body), so by seperating the live person from the fiction you are taking over this title so you are taking a security interest in it as it is the title to the asset. By taking this title you become the administrator of the trust and take control of its assets without the liability. I don't understand why we would want to then sign it over to the government again we lose control of its assets and the gov just keeps them all (from my understanding if I am incorrect I want an explanation why before I sign it over). This seems akin to signing your car title and sending it to someone in the mail, they can fill in the rest and take control of your car as their asset and you have no way to get that title back once this is done so I am trying to figure out how this process is different before I do something that can't be undone.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to respond, I will try to find these answers in the meantime if I can

    10. >The beneficiary position being the desirable position in the trust-- being the position of NO liability and the only position that has the right to use, benefits from, and enjoy the contents of the trust-- then, why would we want to give that most beneficial and desirable of positions up in exchange for becoming responsible/ partially responsible for the trust's liabilities by becoming the/a trustee????
      I don't understand!

      lol exactly goodbot this is what I am asking about. Why in the hell would I sign over this corporation to the government when I can simply take control of its assets? It has millions of dollars of assets and is a legal buffer to use to do business with it makes no sense to just sign it over to the Treasury imo unless I am missing something here

    11. Mikers you specifically said Shelby, but this may help as background info:
      it is looking like they are doing some/most of what they are doing in a made-up "authority" they call "in rem". There isn't a lot disclosed yet about in rem but what I have uncovered so far, and I believe it is accurate, but do your own research of course, is that it is
      1. Based upon their claim of your "thing"/"res", in this instance, your home, being in *their* territory.
      2. In rem is about the "thing, property or status" not about the "person".
      3. Very often (it appears), the thing/res is "suspected" of being involved in some type of crime-- look at what Anna has said she found on her IRS master file... That they have her down as a rum runner or something criminal like that... She said she suspects/knows they have all of us down as being involved in some type of crime... (If my memory serves me correctly on that...)
      This is also, I suspect, the/a basis that they are using for the seizure of peoples' property in that Civil Asset Forfeiture fraud scheme. rem is/seems to be a part of Maritime law and Admiralty, from which we, the living people, anna says, the american state nationals and State Citizens are exempt.
      5. If they take something "in rem"_ they claim they don't need a contract... Because they suspect the res/thing was being used for a crime AND was in their territory.

      The one thing they walked over is that you corrected your political status and you are a man. They're going to have to watch that. They waded into some deep sh!t. They are dealing with a man. That they are too arrogant or stupid to acknowledge that is where they fell into the pit that they dug for you.
      You told them.
      You showed them.
      They ignored you and did it anyway.
      Now they are going to have to pay you. Three times the amount they put at risk is what the legal fiction jurisdictions demand, so if the value YOU, a free, sovereign and independent, unincorporated man put on your home is $500,000,then you could make your claim for $1,500,000, plus costs/other.

      Your standing is, not *as* a man, not *as* anything, your standing is *being* a man. You do not have a title.
      Your status is private.
      You told them. Probably over and over.
      They should have listened.
      Now they are privately liable.

      Since it involves/likely involves admiralty/maritime, these buffoons are under William Pelham Barr, US Corp Attorney General and have perhaps seriously violated Article 2 Section 1 of the Lieber Code. I think that's it... The part where there is severe military punishment for harming an american to enrich themselves. Anna is starting to mention how they are violating Geneva conventions when they do these crimes.
      Also, I've taken a really good look at the InPowerMovements documents. I'm not using them, per se, because i see a couple of errors and don't feel comfortable with some of the wording but reading them helps explain HOW to hold the men/women holding corporate offices liable for damage they cause to us and our loved ones.
      I believe the state of state corporation/others axe also liable, though our states of the union.

      Maybe Anna and team can disclose more about in rem, especially since they seem claim they don't need a contract... That would *definitely* have to be admiralty/maritime. Andi don't see any lawful public broadly-published present Declaration of War laying around here anywhere, do you?

      Oooooh, these dumbclucks are in soooo much TRrr-ubble. They are/might be trafficking in stolen property. Uuuuuummmm-- look at djts 12/21/2017 EO13818.

      They will repay.

    12. Bodhi...we learned years ago that you can try and revoke all your adhesion contracts, but you can never revoke the original "application " that started the contract in the first social security...once that application is signed , it can never be unsigned, because they keep all original applications...!! They knew and planned for this day of awakening for hundreds of years now....they are not stupid ..!!

    13. Any contract created in fraud can be undone I think you are slightly confused, they still owe the SS benefits but you can leave the status that contract put you in quit easily in numerous ways. They can't get out of it but you can so to speak

    14. Wow, I just lost my comment! Sometimes they post twice and sometimes the system throws them in the black hole? : )

      James, I agree with bodhi.

      You were trying to work in their commercial system where its rigged for Americans to lose. We're the fodder for their theft. Look how far back it goes-- 150 years. More actually.

      We have overwhelming evidence now, together with what is coming out about the apparent additional financing of their system using pefofilia, adrenochrome, the torture and experimentation on the sons and daughters of americans and others, that it's all tied together with the other trafficking, including of people.
      I suspect that we will not ever know how bad all this is but we do know it is financed by stealing or harming our homes and loved ones.
      It's not helping when you tell people to forget about their home! NO, of course they won't forget about it! It was stolen by criminals!!!!
      Yes, they will get it back or be heavily compensated. If somebody bought it, that's too bad, they should have checked out the situation better...
      It was stolen so, the property, of course, never actually changed hands and still belongs to the true owner, even decades later.

    15. goodbots....Our house remained for sale for one year...It went to auction 3 times without a bid, and I went to the county recorders office to see what happened...The loan was through HSBC , but the buyer was B of A, for $120,000...!! But when it finally sold to a private party , they only paid $85,000 to buy it....!! Now why would N of A buy the house for HSBC for $120,000, but sell it to a real buyer for only $85,000...!! I also found out that all fillings on our home ended when we were evicted...!! Somehow the BANKS were able to change the original location of the property by changing the description of the lot, giving it an all new identification as if it was a new house...!! Once a house is listed by lot#, plot so and so, it should always stay that way to see the chain of title of different buyers and sellers , not to mention assignees, transferees, and etc...!!
      We were told by the cops that our whole area is owned by the cartel....!!
      Even if you could get our house back, I would be afraid of retaliation by them...!!
      No matter what, the cops only listen to one thing....a court order, no matter how it was retained, or how much fraud is involved...!!

    16. There was a post a while back on one of these blogs about some findings these woman had found in California and Ohio on a database that deals with real estate? I cannot remember what it's called or the post. I will try and locate and get it on here for you guys.
      Anyway from what these ladies had found out they even have cell phone towers plotted and in these mortgage systems
      They found all kinds of links to the judges
      I will try and find it
      Haven't seen anything from c.johnson posted in a while but I think that is who posted the link

    17. Here is the link
      The real estate database is caller MERS
      Judges involved across the board

    18. There is a reason they call it REAL ESTATE
      Basically what they have done is claim dominion of all the earth and in each cycle they redefine things
      So look at Iraq now I wonder who is claiming all that real estate now of course after they killed off the population that they sold the land to the last time
      This time around they have used all of our skill sets and brains to find where all the fresh water aquifers are located, the gold in the ground, the minerals, etc etc etc and they are now laying claim to all of that and the serfs will have nothing left
      I would lay 100 to 1 odds that old Bush and Babs are living large on their newly acquired land and fresh water aquifer that they stole from Brazil
      The televised funerals were for the masses consumption while the thieves slid off to their new hideaway
      McCain the same thing
      They have to make the masses think that they are getting somewhere hence why they put out information such that they are having tribunals and McCain and Bush were executed
      Funny how someone named Able Danger (get it Cain and Able) puts out this type of information?
      I've listened to Field and he and Anna have/are working together on this stuff but it still makes you wonder now doesn't it
      I mean no disrespect to noone but we have to think just how damaging these tell lie vision boxes have really been to all of us
      Same thing with these black boxes they put on our desk and in our hands
      My Moms grandmother told her when they first brought in tell lie vision that that box was the devil it was possessed and that it was watching - Talmud Vision
      Read about this set up they got going in Argentina - the new ratlines, stealing the water from the people, private airport, read the article it's all relates
      We all keep saying this is the cabal (Kabbala) hidden in plain sight
      It's organized crime across the board

    19. Shelby. .it is truly a criminal syndicate in control...!! Mers(mortgage electronic registration system)is the BANKS private version of our county recorders office and therefore not accessible to the public like the county recorders office...!! It was formed in 1996, without our knowledge or consent...!! What bothers me is they are competing with the public county recorders office and have siffoned off millions of dollars from the CRO ...!! Now what traitor in Congress gave the BANKS the right to compete with a public agency, where we have no access to information...!! It is a totally unlawful agency...the banks always tell us the rightfully assigned the mortgage and "NOTE" to MERS...!! But when they have been dragged into court for foreclosures, they readily admit that they have no "real interest" in the loan..!! They are merely a "nominee "...!! If you guys go to the county recorders office, you will see that not only you, but everyone has MERS listed as a "grantee" on your loan...!! How can we win a foreclosure when we don't even know what they have filed on us...!! And a new tactic has been initiated by the BANKS and attorneys...instead of simply signing their name, they are using the power of email to send in all their paperwork, using only a "stamp" now saying that their signature is being added only for "accomodation" reasons and not as the "liable party"...!! The whole system is involved in RICO...!! The CRO takes absouluty no liability for filing anything and they gladly tell you that up front...!! I bet you could file a "contract killing" with them and they would file it....rebrobates...!!
      Now you know why it is so hard to fight a can never find the "real party of interest"(FRCP17 a)...!!

    20. Did anyone know that the Bank of America used to be called the Bank of Italy
      And as the churches collect 10% of your income find out why SUNday is the day you go to their churches
      Santos Bonacci has been exposing this for years
      In the below video he shows how they have went from nation to nation imposing this maritime admiralty crap (BS) babylonian system

    21. goodboot always type anything you are going to post on webpage into a text document first then copy and paste it to submit to the webpage. If there is some kind of error you will still have the orig text to copy and paste again and re-submit it. This will save you a loot of headache over the years lol :).

    22. Bodhi...what does your comment mean...explain..!!

    23. James, you have their system so well figured out. Thank you so very, very much for sharing all that you have discovered with the rest if us.or
      The info you provide fills in many "holes".

      We really have to have a way to put our heads together and share this info and put together a plan for going forward with our claims.

      I wonder if Anna is working on that already?

      Can Paul's blog be made available somehow for that? He's said he's already up to his eyeballs in work!

      It will be nice if we can keep it together with Anna's work since she deserves credit, always, for the years and years she has spent doing this massive research project. Same with Paul,--the blog is here only because of Paul.

      Otherwise, we will have to get one if those free HD conference call thingies so we can put our heads together and get this process for claiming our stuff from these freekin' theives figured out.

      They can't have our stuff.

      They are going to give it back.

      All of it.


      We're not consenting.

      We want our people who have been put in their prisons for telling the truth let out NOW.

      We're sick of their lies.

      Our truth is superior in the spirit realm to their lies and crimes.

      They are spooks and witches and haunts-- liars, theives, rejects-- losers, hobgoblins, and nobodies who have lost their place.
      Why should creator listen to them? He doesn't. They have to petition creator's loser-competitor and do all kinds of un-light stuff to get its attention!!!
      We, on the other hand, are full if light and light is life.
      It's a spiritual battle being played out in the physical realm.
      We are not cows.
      We are not sentient/purely existing creatures.
      We are, ourselves, spirit beings.
      They've kept us hungry and in scared-cow mode by lying to us and abusing us.
      When in truth we are the head and not the tail, we are above only and not beneath.

      We have to break the cradle-to-grave conditioning, indoctrination, programming and get that firmly replaced our heads by the fact that our stuff has been stolen from us by the people we paid to protect it and they did it by lying to us AND that if we discovered that and didn't shut the hell up, they were given "licenses" to threaten, jail, shoot us.

      Well, none of that has changed the fact that they STOLE it from us.
      It was a CRIME.
      It was a *CRIME*.
      Too bad for them that *they*, in cow-like fashion, themselves, believed the liars who told them they were protected. Because they aren't.
      The liars were lied to by liars.

      They are going to be made to give it all back.

      Watch. Get involved in wherever your heart/spirit is prompting you. Write your info down, share it. Get your papers together. Dust off what you put in the drawer as "done".
      Because when something is stolen, it NEVER changes hands!! It still belongs to the one it was stolen from. Even 30 years or more later. And that goes for "in commerce".

    24. Goodbots and ready....i give you guys nothing but first hand experiences on my own fights with these rebrobates, which is why I seem so negative or hopeless...!! I really don'team to be but most of our govt agencies in place , especially at the top have been placed in there positions because they know that they will do all the bidding of the globalist agenda , and therefore know exactly how to hire subordinates that are entrenched far into dept and will not blink when told to override all the people's rights...!!

      We all need to form a "petion group" who are willing to peacefully protest the IRS right in front of their building, in numbers that get the attention of the MSM...!! Wait until they read some of out signs...!! I just saw a news article on TV that talked about this two brothers that were litterally treated like "drug manufacturers " all because they would deposit all their earnings for the week from their bakery , which were all under $10,000...!! The criminal side of the IRS, showed up in force, saying they were "structuring" all their assets intentionally under the $10,000 limit in order to avoid the structuring laws...Neither one of them ever heard of structuring before that day...!!
      They automatically just "TOOK" their whole bank account of $68,000....they would up hiring an attorney and supposedly won, but after 3 years they still haven't seen one penny...!!

      I've said many times I am willing to protest against that agengy, even willing to go to jail if need be to protect the rest of you, but I need all of you with me, including Anna and Paul...especially if we need front people like Anna to explain why we are there....!! Our paperwork is falling on death ears...!!
      The system they created, makes it imperative that we take action, because words do not hurt them...!! I just don't know how to get all the people in this site, who are knowledgeable to join me....I will look like an idiot if I'm the only one out there protesting....!!
      That domino has to be taken down first if we are ever going to make a difference. ..!! Without constantly looking over our shoulders...!!

  3. Humpt-y Dumpt-y fell from off the uterine wall-x. SON-Y

    1. Cubsphere...clever...!!SON- Y (y, meaning the male chromosome, and x representing the female chromosome..!!

  4. A lullaby in reverse, from the child to the mother, By: Sissel Kyrkjebo

    "Sarah’s Song"
    Mama, how do I begin
    To explain this situation we're in?
    Angels heard the beautiful words that you prayed
    And showed me the way to you

    And they knew you were in love
    So they sent me down from heaven above
    Angels cried and kissed me goodbye, I was long gone
    This is my song to you

    Oh, my song could never be
    As sweet as the song you sing to me
    Oh, my love could never be
    As deep as the love you give to me

    When your fingers touch my skin
    And you kiss my lips and tickle my chin
    I breathe you in, oh Mama, I'm where I belong
    This is my song to you

    Oh, my song could never be
    As sweet as the song you sing to me
    Oh, my love could never be
    As deep as the love you give to me

    Oh, one day I will be grown
    And I know, I'll have a child on my own
    Remember me this way, 'cause some day
    I'll be long gone, singing my song to you

    Oh, my song could never be
    As sweet as the song you sing to me
    Oh, my love could never be
    As deep as the love you give to me

  5. Perhaps covenants aborn, falter, or flee within an immensity of life, not easily addressed communicated or explained? Although I do believe . . . be blessed all.

  6. We could all save ourselves some time by reviewing the volumes at Dr. George Stankov Universal Law. He's already given us this information in much greater detail.

    1. Thank you csmith, will take a look.

  7. And some folks have pulled in quantum mechanics to this discussion. Check out YouTube for an explanation of the dual slit experiment if you want an adventure that should fascinate you.

  8. The sick subliminal messages they pass in the movies and on tell lie vision for your children to consume
    800 FEMA camps all around this country right now being used to house these children and traffic and or adopt them out while we all worry about paperwork and money these freaks owe us
    I get it this work is important but somewhere in this insanity we have to get to these camps and shut them down, all there is to it

    1. Agreed Shelby.
      Awareness is rising fast.
      Lots of info coming pouring out now.
      People are sickened by what we're hearing.
      Thank God its finally being exposed.

    2. I've been troubled recently by thinking about all of the political prisoners.

      With the fraud(s) being pretty well fully exposed now, it seems like it's (past) time to start demanding investigations of the violations perpetrated upon them and for groups of us to lawfully advocate for their release until they are ALL out.

      Is it just me feeling this?

    3. We have millions of people in prison, some have been sitting in there for years and have yet had any charges filed is what I have read
      Again public private partnerships for profit prisons
      Halliburton and Dick Cheney received millions in contracts to set up the FEMA camps which I am sure is how they are trafficking those immigrant group of slaves from other countries through - we just don't know about it, taking the children and depopulating the parents - no different than what they did with the people before us they pimped out their kids killed off their elders put them on reservations - that's exactly what the FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities are except this time they have them all wired up to monitor their herd
      While the other good ole boys are shakin hands and making sweet deals while deindustrializing as they have been doing for the last 5 decades - throw in some predictive programming, Bible prophecy and years of brainwashing and you can steer those sheep right where you want them
      This is serious it is not something to ignore at any level
      Now you have to ask yourself if this is what they are doing in plain sight and not one military man, general, cop, whatever is not freeing anyone or giving up information of any kind
      Just my thoughts is all
      To think that blow hard woman up there acting out her role about immigration and these children, she is not aware or in on the slaughter of innocent people so these psychopaths can move forward with their agenda - every last one of them is either in on it or blind which I think the first choice is the more like it
      While the media who is owned by the same people keeps the circus going
      Their intent is death to 85% of the United States population while they bring in their new stock of children laborers
      It is aboslute madness
      We sat and watched as they destroyed people after people, land after land and did nothing to stop them and now they have come for us
      Not prophecy PLANNED like a script - scribe comes to mind
      Man wrote those books

  9. We aren t fighting just the courts, we are fighting ultimately the entire industrial military complex....anyone have a nuclear weapon on hand...I didn't think so...!!

  10. I just listened to the broadcast from last night about the birth and placenta
    As I have recently been a part of a birth I can tell you that I specifically asked the nurse what they did with the afterbirth material and she told me point blank that it is destroyed if you do not ask for it (they do not tell you that you can have that material)
    She explained that it is our biological property and we have a right to it but they do not reveal that we can have that material or should ask for that material?
    I asked her point blank about the two vaccines that are given about an hour after birth and of course her explanation is what she has been indoctrinated to believe (35 years she has been doing this)
    Vitamin K a blood clotting agent given to a new born now why is that
    blood clotting agent necessary for a new baby? Why are they shooting the newborn up with a blot clotting agent before their blodd has even started to flow within that hour
    Then they give them a hep B vaccine - now what is hep B do we know what it is or do we believe whatever the hell they tell us
    Why would a baby have hep b if the mother does not have it
    What is hep b? Do you know? How aout hep c, do we really know?
    One last point, you try and get a baby out of the hospital without signing that paperwork - it won't happen they will steal that baby right then and there and have the cops on standby because in all reality the Mom herself is subject to their slavery and contracts from her parents the baby is technically not hers anyway
    How about cancer? Do we really know what it is? We believe what they tell us and they collect billions of billions of dollars to fight - another war they created for us
    Alzheimers, dementia - well how about the aluminum and barium they are dumping on our heads every day now - we have new meds and walks for Alzheimers and dementia when they know damned well whats causing it
    Did you know there is aluminum in your deodorant?
    Rockefeller medicine and big pharma who teach the doctors, nurses, staff, etc etc etc
    All of this is sick ass shit period
    As a side note, 7000 colleges nationwide are now advocating climate change with no mention what so ever about why the climate is changing
    weather warfare is why it is changing but they own all the schools so the agenda is being taught in the schools
    Pope and the CO2 summit - climate change and CO2 and anyone who does not beLIEve their lies will be labeled a heritic
    Notice it is a SUMMIT
    'Pope' meets with energy executives on climate change
    ALL PLANNED and groups galore and the corporations all involved in the demise of all of mankind
    Again I say this book is relevant
    And I say this blogger is spot on with what he is saying is happening all round the world

  11. This is a very mild introduction to major concepts. Anna anf Kurtis are two individuals offeeing everyone a way out and change in civilianization(🤣) for a prosperity and abundance. All you need to do is to reboot your brains, to comprehend nature's concepts embedded in highly intelectual fictitious creation of thoughts. Dont you like to fantacise? C'mon, I call it mental masturbation... Just multiply one by billions and thousands of years: you have a product of preselected, structured and organized programs as CD softwares running within each continent, nation, country, family and individual. We are afraid to loose thinking its best- again, somebody keeps saying this on TV... But there are no records or living family members to pass on to you the wisdom. Most everyone is dumb uniformed worker, waiting for christmas or other celebration, self sustained, brainwashed, happy slave. No more believes.
    I filed FOIA with New Buffalo Township, Berrien county, Michigan An answer came:"NONE" for a request of a list of private properties... Everybody, think hard again: "NONE".

  12. Total corruption and subversion of our technology at all levels

  13. Thank you Anna for the 2.0 and the work you do.

  14. A couple of observations for bible-lovers:
    1. Time and man's movements are definitely not connected, per the bible:
    Joshua 10:12,13,14: the sun and moon stood still for a whole day while Joshua and the children of israel continued to carry on in the battle.

    2. It is the WICKED. who get lost in the womb, not us!!! Psalm 58:3: the wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.
    And psalm 139:13-18,: he covered us; we are marvelously, fearfully and wonderfully made;
    Our SUBSTANCE was not hid from him when we were made in secret!!; his eyes saw our substance being yet unperfect!!! And all our members were written in his book when as yet there were none of them!!!
    Don't tell me I got lost in the womb somewhere. Damn liars.
    Pa-leeeeze luciferians, give us a break! Where in the world do they come up with this nonsense?
    Everything they say is a lie.
    We need to just say: oh, a luciferians said it, a witch, an el-ite?... Oh, then we know its a lie spun out if their kuru-riddled brain that looks like swiss cheese. Isaiah 44:25 "(God) frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad..." He makes them crazy!!

    3. We are made whole: body, soul and spirit all together. The lucifs want to fragment us. They are all helter-skelter, they want us to be too.

    They are so jealous of us.

    Look at how hard they work to interrupt our beautifully and wonderfully made system. Look at all the mkultra experiments and China lake and the torture programs. Even the so-called "gangstalking"/organized harassment/stasi/cointelpro/nazi /other programs are suicide programs;
    I just heard the other day that they use Maslow's hierarchy of human needs as a guide to "break the mind of the so-called organized stalking victims".
    Well pfffffft, gee we really don't care what a bunch of sub-"D" student drug addicts think or do!! too bad for them that we learned in grade school how to IGNORE "white trash" loser type bullie wannabees. ; ) yuck.
    It's an honor to be disliked by some people. Look at Mike Flynn. When I heard that B.O. had fired him, I knew then that Mike Flynn was a great guy and loved our country and could be trusted!! :):):):):)
    same with us... The pattern is that people with proven high integrity and excellent character are the ones that they feel the most afraid of and attack.
    They're losers and we need to shove their nasty, lying murdering carcasses back in the pit they flew out of.
    I, for one, am sick of their %$@$+€¥¢£×¶÷π√√•|∆®©℅¢£. :):):)

  15. The Spark of Life - Life Begins at Conception

    Spark of Life - Scientists have captured the moment a human sperm meets an egg on film, and found the union is a ‘fireworks’ show that produces a blast of white light. Specifically, scientists noted that at the exact moment of conception, an explosion of fiery sparks is emitted.

  16. Dean Henderson: Royal Parasites & Black Magicians
    "We live in a world where reality has been subjugated and inverted. The laws of nature have been trampled upon by a clique of parasitic hoarders who have hoodwinked the vast majority of people into accepting a life of hardship and bondage as a result on an inter-generational reign of terror meted out by these well-dressed entitlement-demanding bloodsuckers.

    Surrounded by a cast of uniformed magicians in fuzzy hats who march around reinforcing the terror trance, these “royal” family welfare cases depend on humanity remaining under the illusion that people who live in castles should be respected rather than reviled. This illusion is etched ever deeper into the human psyche via assassinations, terror attacks, coups and the occasional world war.

    The court magician Freemasons are instructed by the Privy Council to obfuscate, confuse, divide and indoctrinate society."

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Directed Energy Weapons used in California

  18. Thank you for sharing this article and website ready. Looks like the clique of parasitic hoarders might be called B.A.R. at-torn-ers/at-torn-eyes.

    Author's concluding concept was (paraphrased): people must break out of the royal-parasite-created artificial reality Terror Simulation.

    Although what they are *doing* is actual, the existence of it is a phony construct set up by them, so we need to, first, be "afraid" of "them", not their constructs. Really got a lot out of that short article.

  19. Weather forecast information - a good source outside of the tell lie vision
    He is on you tube mike morales and
    Listen to where a land owner challenged the weather modifiers and he won - they destroying the land and people on purpose

    1. Shelby thank you for sharing this good news! I feel sure we will be getting much more good news in the very near future! You are a great reporter IMO.

    2. Believe it or not I use to work for a newspaper.
      I was the paste up artist is what it was called.
      Thats back when you put hot glue on the back of the article, cut it out with and exacto knife and actually put the page together by hand. How about that
      Absolutely loved the job
      Last 20 years been a data analyst, today now that I know just what they are doing with the data, I use my skills to find the stuff and push out for others
      Thank you for your nod

    3. goodboots the incident I spoke about I am not sure when it happened may have been years ago - the owner winning over weather modification but it can be used maybe as reference to anyone finding themselves in this situation at this time
      Case reference
      Just read somewhere that Berkely California just banned the use of natural gas!
      Meanwhile Rockefeller set up in the Gulf selling our natural gas to Saudi Arabia
      Looks like Venezuela in on the deal too
      So they destroyed the gulf coast
      Katrina and while they created the storm they blew up the levys, depopulated and prepared for the next one slowly moving everyone out of the way or killing them
      Harvey, gulf oil spill
      See what Bush and IG Farben used in the gulf on that oil spill
      They shipped thousands of body bags to Louisiana weeks before the 'storm'
      Hurricane Andrew first hand account of that event
      They want everyone off the coast except for them and their mansions and yachts hence Mar A Lago does a good job telling people what's going on each city has a plan of what they are to do for the UN sustainable development goals and if that includes flooding you out well it's out on the internet, plausable deniablity

    4. They have climate action plans to follow
      Funny too, Pope just met with energy executives about climate change, CO2 summit held in Illinois to streamline their supply chain and then New York has black out, Berkeley bans the use of natural gas
      Mayor of New York seeks Israels help with New York Infrastructure??
      The gangs all there

  20. Thought this was a relly good video and the banking ponzi scheme they got going all over the world
    And we wonder why they stealing everything in sight

  21. My favorite line in the article:
    "If you rob a liquor store they call you a thief. But if you rob a nation they call you a king."

    1. Give me a gun and I'll rob a bank..! Give me a bank and I'll rob a nation..!

    2. James, I wish I could show this joke but blogger doesn't allow pictures. It's a picture of exactly what you stated.I thought of you right away - too funny. Anyway, here's the link:

    3. Ready...too funny..!! It's amazing how a simple cartoon can say things better than words...!! I'm saving that cartoon...!!

  22. Thank you Anna!
    After this great post and the wonderful yet jaded (rightfully) history recant...It makes a guy wonder...If it's all lies, if society is mostly happy not knowing...whats the actual point here? Legal persons converting back to Lawful Persons I feel is super proper, and excuse me if I am a wet blanket here....but it seems like this is the only real FACT we have! I can hear you....They have laws or statutes or rules in place....or...they have guns! YES, life is scary...should it be?

    Please bear with this ramble, we are wo/man, we originally gave life to corporations per 1776 constitution for a service, they perverted it, we are being criminalized for just trying to live, we are presumed dead so they can claim our assets.... (we all know there is more)

    SOOOOOOOO, our only means of correction, of actual correction! Correction to the point that we the people can live free within our America. A freedom that not only we are owed, but most desperately desire to live within! The freedom we deserve is possible! Anything is possible with enough effort! Let that sink in.
    I see the only true correction arising through the efforts of the Assemblies. The re-establishment of the Grand Jury, the Petite Jury and the increase of American nation state Assembly Members. I feel Anna has been speaking the truth the entire time, mind you it is mixed in with a bunch of opinions...FOR FREE! I for one, deeply appreciate your attempts at educating the sheeple.

    ok, ok, ok, so the entire world we know is owned by?... not us, right? I am not immune to the troubles being caused by our broken system, I just lost my house a month ago. My docs were ignored and the Sheriff threatened to throw me and my possessions out in to the street. I like most People tucked my tail and ran away distraught at the lack of any sort of support.

    I asked the WJA recently this question..."How do you win against a liar?" Its a loaded question of course, but the real answer is....YOU CAN'T! Every time the process is discovered it gets moved? WTF! FINE! FINE!

    I think the only way is to assemble and start this massive chore of self-governance! I offer my skills to a nation state recording office/archive.

    Americans Assemble ! ! !
    Lets all be heroes, together. Here is your chance to help make America Great Again. Let us not take for granted the Americans that came before us, the price they paid just to be ignored.

    Could you, for a second, imagine what kind of world we could have if we all just stood up and said enough is enough. I know, I know...this is too much for most, too scary to do, what will the neighbors say? Imagine the thoughts of "should have" or "could have" you will get when your stuck in a FEMA camp, or better yet, when they position you for a guillotine?

    I can still hear you....And YOU all have a choice to make, it's pretty easy can either FEED the beast or STARVE the beast until it all gets sorted.....the more we FEED it...the longer the journey will take. WARNING starving the beast on average puts people in a position of nothingness, no benefits to be had outside of Corporate Feudalism.

    People, please stop blaming others for what WE can do and should do! Please stop looking in the past for the answers we need today, have we not learned it to be all tied together anyway? Now is a critical time for "out of the box" thinking People.

    Imagine the term, "every cloud has a silver lining"... in this world the cloud itself is evil and the silver lining is the truth. Our world is a cloud that "appears to be" great and wonderful yet is "legally" rotten to the core.

    Please correct me If I am wrong in this summary....they all lie, people are caught in the middle by design, we gave them power, we the People can change or eliminate their legal world, we need only be big enough to be heard to make any of this happen.

    Thanks for reading my opinion
    ...should have called myself "Ramblin Man" ha!

    1. You now should have private claims outside of commerce against the men and women who did this to you.
      I have already contacted the department of justice by registered mail and placed them under demand to show proof of the INITIATING contract they claim their corporation has with me that allowed them to use my private property in commerce.
      There isn't one.
      I also placed them under demand to show proof of lawful declaration of war that allows them to use admiralty/maritime/in rem/ other "jurisdictions" on me, a living woman who has corrected the error to my "political status".
      There isn't one.
      Corporations can't declare war.

      So the crimes against me, if any, will be private crimes by private men and women who take orders from william pelham Barr, the man occupying/holding the office of the Attorney General of the us,inc.

      If he did not order them to act criminally upon me, then he is not a direct participant in their crimes but they claimed to be acting lawfully under color of his office and authority, so he is involved.

      Look at how the InPowerMovement has their claims structured. I'm keeping mine a lot simpler than that, but I get and appreciate the point they are making: that the people at the top are responsible for harm that their corporations' people and policies cause.

  23. The Company of Jesus run by the Jesuits
    Hunting parties - the hunted are children
    This article details how Canada is now trying to cover up the killing of hundreds of children
    Lots of links in the article he has several you tube videos as well
    Families and land in the way of a new pipeline have been murdered to get them off the land
    Sick sick sick sick sick

  24. And have a read at this - lyrics to the song Welcome Back my Friends to the Show that Never Ends;_ylt=AwrEeB36fjBdAGYAZAIPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMDgyYjJiBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?qid=20070123042405AAAyOHF
    Wow is all I can say

  25. Found this to be interesting, new Aquarian age or ecofascist scam
    And excerpt from the article

    NWO psychopaths contrive when they hijack and pervert this proposition? They construct ecofascism as the cover for their program of looting nature and keeping all the spoils for themselves.

    Ecofascism is a kind of false flag attack on nature, blaming humanity for posing a lethal threat to the environment and then demanding that humans pay for the crime of breathing.

    Came from this article

    So they have been brainwashing the people to believe in this new age, teaching it in colleges especially the global citizen, climate change, etc etc etc

    You got the UN agenda to save the earth, 21 sustainable development goals while the NWO gang set it up that way blaming us humans for global warming, the list goes on and one

    So we end up living in a eutopia hell

    Hence why they gave us the song when they did (year it came out 1969)
    This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

    This is exactly why we are seeing what we are seeing they planned it - it was lost knowledge and now it's coming back the true religion of the Bible is astrological?

    PLANNED and using their ecofascist scam

    I thought all of this was facinating and may be true as far as the astrology goes but to deliberately kill off the population and steal the earth for themselves is exactly whats happening here

  26. Yes, in job, creator is asking job in 9:9, 38:31 about the stars and galaxies...he asked job if job could bind the influences of Pleiades or loosen the belt of Orion!!!
    So, Yes indeedy-do, creator most assuredly did have something to do with so-called "astrology" (their word)... He created it!! Look at what he is asking job about Pleiades: can YOU ,
    [A mere man] "bind"/stop/affect the SWEET influences of Pleiades?
    He's saying that there are influences that Pleiades has that he alone controls; and that they are sweet!!!! And that no man can stop the sweetness of the things that he has ordained and created for us! He actually loves us, no matter what some witch or spook or haunt says. :)

    Even the scientists have said they know when their theories are correct, because what is correct and true is always what they call "elegant".

    They are only doing the SAME, one thing they always do, the only thing they can do: claim somebody else's stuff as their own and hope somebody believes them.

  27. Here's an old joke some may not have heard:

    The devil told God, "I can make a man"
    God said, "Go ahead."

    The devil reached down and scooped up some of the earth and began making a man.

    God told the devil, "Go get your own dirt."

  28. Thank you bohdi!!

  29. Bringin us down from within and every last snake across the board is in on it
    Check where you live for nuclear power plants they are all targets
    Part of their plan is denuclearization of power plants not nuclear weapons
    Hurricane Andrew nuclear power plant was in path
    21 goals read number 8
    Has nothing to do with peaceful purposes they going to take out nuclear power stations - Simpsons and nuclear power stations
    Hiding it in plain sight
    Goes along with now they banning use of natural gas
    Berkeley bans the use of natural gas
    Look at the signs these idiots are holding up
    More EMF's all around as they move everything to electricity
    That's what the green new deal is about
    Pope meets with energy executives

  30. Also, EVERYthing I ever have, am or will post/comment on online is my very own private opinions ONLY!!!: Then as now and now for then, from the very beginning.

    We are all forced, by design, to communicate with one another under the burden of all kinds of disinformation.
    Because we have:
    1. H.R. 3166 subsection 2(b) (1996) to stumble over, where the Corporation "legislated" that it's Officers and others can lie in the private corporation's tribunals (that they want to have us regard *as* [if] they were actual courts); and can lie to their own "Congress", and, most importantly, can lie to us, the people, who they are, and have been, taking "substantive"/actual, physical compensations and benefits/more from for decades, under *claim* of contract in international authority with our States of the Union (that seems to have never been ratified, which is of utmost importance unless it is merely a charter for the foreign corporation's by-laws,... which is exactly what I am beginning to suspect more and more that it is): "to wit": exactly how they are to provide beneficial services to us, the very ones they claim are the beneficiaries of the (fictional/pretend) trusts they secretly set up "for" us...that they have been busily, fictionally/pretending to drain into their own fictional/pretend coffers, using fictional/pretend "persons"/strawmen/fictions-at-law, using pretend/fictional "consent" *as* [if] their fiction could actually contain/ *be* containers/vessels for our "substantive"/actual, physical public and private property--- which it cannot-- one is fiction (dead), the other is actual (life) the two cannot be mingled, it is a spiritual abomination. They know this. That is, IMO, why they trick us into doing it *for* them.

    So that the only thing that ISN'T pretend/fictional about their system is the SUBSTANCE: OUR public and private property, that they are stealing; and the torture, abuse, jails they put us Americans in if we dare make a peep about their NOT-at-all fictional/pretend crimes upon us. All The rest of their secret system is pretend/"fiction"/"legal"...
    And even that is just IF and only IF we are even receiving the correct information about all that!!

    2. Repealed the Smith-Mundt Act that did not allow the corp to propagandize, read:"lie to", the American people.

    3. Have allowed the criminal charges that Louis T. McFadden brought against the bankers in 1933 to sit on the Congressional Record for over 85 years--still pending, still active charges as I understand it.

    Everyone is perfectly free to disregard my private opinions, skip them, whatever, regard them as nonsense, move on, or try to interact with me... whatever they choose to do is entirely up to them.

    The sharing of my private opinion, experience, interpretation/other is not in anyway allowed to be deemed to be "practicing legal/legal fiction/fictional 'law'/other" that is usually mistakenly, IMO, called "practicing 'law'"; nope, I am from
    1. natural born right
    2. heritage (family: circa 1730's)
    3. inheritance, through the Declaration of Independence, that pre-dates any and all constitutions
    4. FROM my own desire and election
    under American traditional non-militia common law authority circa 1776, to the extent that it follows after my (agreed) understanding pertaining to the laws of nature and of nature's creator/God: so that i am perfectly free to share my own private thoughts, opinions, present conclusions, ruminations, and so forth, being one of the people, and with the living people, on the land and soil that belongs to us and we do not belong to the land and soil, but being spirit beings, the land and soil belongs to us.

    All of my online and other sharing of information is for fun, entertainment, sharing possible education, food-for-thought only.

    So intended, so declared, so it is established and published, today, by: goodboots.

  31. thats the problem right there, without "time" [*] there is by definition no "constructive betterment and change".

    and this "relativity" is precisely how such fraud is justified and goes on for so long. no absolutes, no right or wrong. at least they aren't literally eating us or tossing/sacrificing us into volcanoes (pyramids, all-seeing eye == sun == alchemy "inner earth" aka hell). just metaphorically.

    [*] "time" as defined as predicated on "requires observance of change" ...ignoring the fact whether "change" might occur whether "observed" or not. the point being, without "time" no "growth" is possible. perpetual childhood.

    as h.g. wells "time machine" called it 4th dimension "duration [of an object/matter/whatever]", as rosicrucians note as well, and also see e.g. re: nikola tesla and what author perceives as a flawed definition of "voltage" based on movement of mass over time being pre-requisites to definition of "work" that set the world back/was a fundamental misunderstanding (arguably on purpose) of tesla's definitions. (claims the author of that site)

    on the other hand, i generally "agree" with "timelessness" to the extent that people who view things as "now" and "then" are lacking historical context/continuity...the default seems to be to see things now as "different" and that we are in another "context" which to me merely shows people's lack of any apparent structure/that they have not the slightest idea, or any guesses, how the world went from point A to point B. just that "now" is "different".

    on the other hand, too many "bible" prophecy-pushers seem intent on fitting past where it doesn't apply (if not questionable, of dubious meaning: what is metaphorical or literal? depends if you are talking physical or "spirit" world. again, something "masons" get right). that is the opposite problem: assuming everything must fit into some previous model.

    just like the planners assume everything must fit into "the future"

    thus, the idea of "timelessness" i find useful to study past and see how it relates to now. those who are ignorant of history condemned to watch everyone repeat it. seems basic common sense to me, one should study other "times".

    however, as a "moral" system it is utterly lacking. it seems to be the "moral system" that the powers that be have chosen for themselves. always looking to the future/progressivism. very 1984-ish. again "2nd coming" many so-called "opposition" has the same blind spot. "blinded by the light"

    1. as a "scientific" system i probably agree with the masons/illuminists/"satanists" on many things, "timelessness" being useful idea for connecting past to present and trying to not make the same mistakes twice.

      but, utterly lacking in any morals, wide open to abuse, it is an F- in "ethics". there is no right or wrong, because nothing is permanent.

      this is the real problem with technocrats and "science" -- it doesn't know when to quit. there is a default implied "all technology is good" unspoken assumption which is all too cliche but all too common (perhaps merely something bankers push for their own benefit, but don't actually believe themselves)

      if "everything is always changing" aka progressivism or hegelian dialectic, to the point of view of an "observer" that is just as much "timelessness" as "no observable change".

      thus, i find "timelessness" as pushed by the powers that be to be a useful illusion (from their point of view) to cover up/disguise the fact that they are trying to revive the past, bury history by putting a new shiny "the future" label on it. it seems to me something they push whenever they want to revive the past.

      their "selling points" seem to always be direct opposite of intended goal. when they are pushing "timelessness" my first thought is they are trying to revive some ancient evil without attracting attention.

    2. "timelessness" is very much used to do evil, i.e. sell people that "now" or "the future" is the same as "the past", i.e. falsely equivocate separate times/contexts that are not the same to brainwash people.

      the powers that be use "timelessness" to push their agenda all the time. falsely equivocating law merchant and corporatism to "america" for example. totally ignorant (or ignorant on purpose) of history. same with "federal citizens only" fake states/elections.

      when one of these people (especially in a "city") starts quoting thomas jefferson, you can feel the "brainwashing" occur and the universe getting dumber.

      and the worst part is, they might not even do it on purpose. ignorance seems to be deeply contagious.

      another good example of "timelessness" is when jamie dimon or someone complains that anti-banker sentiment is "discrimination". as if they don't kidnap everyone into foreign private international law merchant from cradle to grave.

      "timelessness" seems standard operating procedure for brainwashing people. all their crimes never happened. you are imagining it. see also "gaslight" -- another "evil" example of applied timelessness philosophy in action.

    3. "all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands" -- arnold toynbee, re: sovereignty of nations being obsolete.

      essentially "timelessness" means they can tell themselves nothing ever REALLY happened. all their "crimes" never occured. we've always been "federal citizens only" fake "states". there never was any "money" that is just a "barbarous relic" used by savages. we didnt rewrite any constitutions or incorporate everything. there never was a depression. "the seventh seal" movie never happened where "death" always wins at chess. 2nd coming has always been a good thing. christ never came, he never was, never is, and never will be. all this is applied "timelessness" philosophy.

      the CFR has always been in america. cecil rhodes? never happened. andrew carnegie wanting to "merge" with england? that is fiction.

      it seems to me "timelessness" is the ideal "moral system" for psychopaths and that is their unspoken default "philosophy"

    4. All I can say xerces is oh my gosh!! You set up a line of "nails" and hit each one of them on the head ONCE and drove them straight into the "board"!
      I don't specifically agree with you on all spiritual matters... I don't even understand some of what you say, but the parts that I do understand make me laugh, you just wipe away all of their premises, lies and arguments using their own premises, lies and arguments to do it!!
      I have to say it: I "heart" you xerces!!!

    5. For bible-lovers:

      It has occurred to me that, the "mirror"/falsification/imitation/ doppelganger/strawman/ for *create/creation* is construct/construction.

      Of COURSE everything that now *is*, was NOT! Hebrews 11:1-3.
      And the *voice* of creator created what we presently see.

      Lucif, claiming to *be* the creator, has to be able to do what creator does, and more, in order to "prove its claim".
      So the lucifs are constructing...
      Creator created... We are creative, having a soul, gifted to us by creator sharing his breath with us, his people.

      The lucifs, on the other hand, can only mirror creation, they can do no creating because they have no soul to do it with so they do their constructions.
      We, men and women, create using truth to do it.
      They are bound to the opposite, and must use lies for their "constructions". To stay it honor. Its a sacrament.

      So it's creation vs. Construction
      Life vs. Death
      Truth vs. Lies
      Law vs. Legal
      Actual vs. Fiction
      Landandsoil dirt vs. Waterandair h2o
      Living man vs. Straw man
      Steward vs. Trustee
      Son or daughter vs. Foundling
      Mother vs. Mother-land
      Born vs. Birthed/berthed
      Heavenly father vs. Lawgiver
      Forgiven vs. Cursed
      Restored vs. Castaway
      KingofKings family vs orphan
      Paid in full vs. Debtor
      Unlimited substance vs. Pauper
      Care giver vs. Cremator of care
      Being a *living* sacrifice vs. Offering the living up for a sacrifice?
      The list is endless!
      It's all just them mirroring using constructions that imitate true creation.

      Again, One of the very, the most interesting things that the man they call Jesus ever said is:
      To Peter: "who do men say I am?"
      Peter answered.
      Then the man asked Peter, [well] who do *you* say I am [peter]?

      So, we get to decide.
      Is he a nobody? Fine.
      Is the the son of the living god? Fine.
      *you* say.
      Then he is that.
      IESOUS: Is that jesus or isis?
      You say.
      We always have a choice.
      Is the world evil or good?
      You say. And it is that for you.
      Did creator create time so that we would know the times and the seasons, to keep order and plenty, giving us the springtime and harvest?
      Or is "time" a false "construct" constructed by men to confuse and control us?
      Are both concepts...TRUE?... depending upon what we SAY, what we choose?
      I believe that that is the entire foundation of our American traditional common law system that our/others' grandfathers set up for us using the common law trust known to be the "Declaration of Independence": *you* say, are you a man or a slave/property?

  32. The World Bank and the One Planet SUMMIT
    Mayors sign covenant
    Climate Action Plans
    Resilient Cities was a start up of the Rockefeller Foundation to deal with the aftermath of their 'events' whether terror or weather or whatever other evil shit they can think of
    As per there UN plan 70% of worlds populations will be in cities (by design)
    21 goals of the planners - read number 7 (references the Pol Pot Regime)
    Sick of this cat and mouse game - time, constitutions, birth certificates, you name it they throwing it at us
    This crap means nothing to these psychopaths

  33. They are "stirring the pot" for sure,...they have to do SOMEthing to get people to defend themselves to shore up their false claims that we are "dangerous" and must be "contained" as their excuse for their crimes upon us, past, present and future--- oops! I forgot, there's no time according to them??... its all just one big swirl, whizzing by us as we observe it passing by??

    they are really straining to get something going IMO...:
    Gateway pundit articles: "miss Michigan"? Has her "title" revoked because she won't wear a h!j@b
    and anti def league is ignoring calls for discrim from musl and focusing instead on tearing down "conservatism".

    They're getting panicky. PANIC... I keep reading that Jeffrey E. Is naming names..

    Xerces smacked the issue with a hammer: (my paraphrase in accord with my understanding): if there is no time then nuttin' happened.

  34. One big ass mafia con
    Epstein is a damned fraud too
    They own all the media it is to keep everyone engaged while they rip the rest of the world off
    You may not agree with his finding but I'm telling you they are all full of BS while they bilk the public for billions of dollars and the worlds natural resources and we get stuck in shit cities being monitored 24 hours a day working it all through their chosen ones
    And it is not God's will either
    Bunch of no good, lying, thieving, mafia crooks is what they all are
    I've said it before this blogger here says they are a bunch of actors on the world stage
    While this actor in Brazil kept the sheep busy there, ole Bush and his clan bought the land that the largest fresh water aquifer sits on
    Same thing the Bush clan and The Carlile group doing here in the United States - flooding out the mid west farmers to steal the land and complete their NAFTA Super Highway
    See that swath of land they just flooded the hell out of well look no further than the Bush clan and Gulianni in on it too
    And wow guess who was the mayor of new york on 9 1 1
    Sick of their bullshit
    Nothing they report is true absolutely nothing it is for the consumer to consume one shit show after another while they plunder the planet and usher in their age of aquarius, golden age bullshit ecofascism UN Agenda 21 One Planet BULLSHIT (BS, Babylonion System)

  35. Jenna Bush
    Traveled in an official capacity as a UNICEF ambassador, with an escort of 10 U.S. bodyguards, on the pretext of visiting social projects.
    They bought up the largest fresh water aquifer in the world
    And like I said I will go 100-1 odds that Bush Sr nor Babs is dead they are livin large on their newly acquired 100,000 acre plus paradise
    He was not executed via a tribunal of any sort, lies lies and more lies
    They had to get them off the scenes and what better way to do it than fake their own damned deaths in illuminazi fashion
    Time is an illusion, money is an illusion but it sure as hell works for them when they go buy up land now doesn't it?
    What are they buying the land with, gold? The FRN? Where is their title? Do they own their names? Is that their names at all?
    And these are the bastards that were working to have every American mentally evaluated by their 'professionals'?
    Article is old but you can bet your ass they've got the bill ready to pass any day now for us tin foil hat wearing folk
    And that includes mentally evaluating your 3 year old
    But don't worry folks their public ejucation indoctrination camps and the Sandy Hook Promise will help with that yet another 501c3 non profit who cares so much about your kids

  36. Whoaa-ah!! Somebody just cussed Paul out on Paul's new post. F-bombed. Called Paul an FBI informant!!! Paul, are you an FBI informant?
    Don't they have enough unlawfully collected, contraband, private and public property unlawfully in their possession from collecting ALL of our communications for decades withOUT lawful authority already?... Gathering, storing, sifting through, categorizing, indexing the very "evidence" for us that we are going to use FOIA and other mechanisms to obtain to use for our private claims that will bring down the private men and women who have acted upon us unlawfully?...

    Don't forget about the quadruple and quintuple crosses... The people who *think* they are participating in getting rid of the good people are the ones who are going down!!
    They got set up. Jmo.

    Look at the Templars in times past, THEY are the ones the kings 'took out'.
    Why would a king want criminals? Kings aren't stupid or they wouldn't be kings.

    Look at the past... Can a king survive long with criminals who will hurt the innocent? No. Kings know that people with blud-lust are going to come after them, the king, next... People who steal stuff want the kings stuff too!

    Nope, even evil kings don't want a nation full of evil people. Who will protect the king? No, a king has to have good people or he won't survive. They know this.

    I'm guessing that the FEMA camps have never been meant for good people even tho a lot of good people have been hurt along the way.
    Gulianni? Look how people have gotten put in place in the public eye and then removed under embarrassing circumstances. We all realize that it would have been impossible for guilianni to NOT to have known.

    I'm going by the bible that I know a lot of people don't like, but history does show that kings USE evil people and protect good people... That is if they want to be king for very long.
    Also the bible says that evil people build their OWN traps... That they think they are building them for the unsuspecting, but that "the pit that they dug for another is the trap that they fall into".

    I'm sticking with the bible and history... I think we're going to see the people who built the prisons for us being put in those prisons themselves.
    What better octuple cross to play on greedy, evil, stupid fools...?

    1. Not the first time someone has posted about Paul? No comment under that post now, in fact you can't make comments at all?
      You have to ask yourself something here, if the so called powers that be control all the gold and silver then where is the gold and silver coming from to mint all these coins?
      If they removed all the gold from the people way back when why would they bring it back for the people to buy now?
      I have read that people are buying gold only to find out that it is not gold it is some other substance under a gold layer?
      How about crypto juu and crypto currency? Hmmm
      Oh I forgot, money doesn't exist in any fashion, it's just a figment of our imagination. They print it out of thin air and make us use it only to find out we aren't suppose to use the company script and if we do that makes us part of the company
      And round and round it goes
      But get that gold and silver now before they take away the company script so they can come around to everyone in America and collect it all right back again because you aren't supposed to have that, it's the law
      Meanwhile back at the Bush ranch in Texas it's open borders for all who want to work for $1 a day while Americans go to a go fund me page that some Joe schmo started to get the wall built and you betcha a public private partnership was there waiting to collect those funds and build that prison wall all around us
      Mr Gorbachev, tear down that wall
      Funny, Gorbachev is now living large on the shores of California and planning with the likes of Oprah and Ted Turner for the depopulation and disarmament of all people of the earth
      And read about the Nancy Pelosi connection in the above article and then read the one below
      Pelosi worked on the base plans for UN Agenda 21
      The Gorbachev Foundation? Really?
      Oprah doing her part to bring about gun control, her family is too
      How about Kirk Douglas and family, they too are doing their part to bring about gun control and world peace
      How about some Ass tro nots
      Oh but don't worry. I s r a e l is working to get back to the moon because America is to dumb to get back there
      But they crashed so they need another $100 million to try again
      BS, Babylonian System

    2. The gold and silver will/can be used for exchange for commodities....pears, butter, grain.

      New video out where they released part of Jeffreys "list" and "elizabeth", Ivana trump (x-wife), Alan Dershowitz, henry kissinger are on the list.

      Another video showing they used/plausibly used submarines for trafficking the sacrifice and experiment victims to the island and China lake through under water/ground system of tunnels!!!?

      They have said we don't know a fraction of what has gone on and what we find out is going to continue to get worse. A lot of people will not be able to handle what we're about to find out, they're saying.

      Pertaining to the articles about time, how would this fit in? Anybody know? Would the premise be that it is all relative to our perception, whether what they have been doing to the sons and daughters and others is evil or not? I feel I am still missing the point.

    3. Doesn't matter if anyone is on the list they will never tell us the truth period they will tell us these people are in jail or been executed like ole Bush was supposed to have been like McCain but is it true? Did we see it? Nope only know what the liars are telling us
      You mean this Ivana
      Not buying it
      Kind of like SerialBrain coming on the scene on you tube telling everyone that they are now spraying healing chemtrails
      Referring to Trump as the Miestro - what a crock of shit
      Dumping chemtrails all over around my house today for sure storm headed this way
      His storm is coming and his space force shit while they knock off the worlds populations and destroy the worlds food supply
      I'm sure it will be a green new deal for someone somewhere but definitely not the people
      Maybe the free trade with China (COSTCO) China Off Shore Company will stop shipping food to the sheep, hmm trade war with China
      Sams Club, oh that's WalMart another one that they created so they can start the food crisis for the sheep
      But you know it's Bible phophecy for weather to kill and to die of famine so it's God's will and it's ok for these fuc^& to kill us all off - and wow what luck all the areas they want cleared off of people and what luck they just happened to buy 150,000 acres of land that has the worlds largest fresh water aquifer, wow they have to be the luckiest bastards on this planet for God to do such miraculous things for them clearing this path for their UN plan - amazing how that works isn't it
      Part of Gorbachevs orders are to disable our military bases hmm China Lake is a military base
      Read it
      Alien Troops to Police U.S.A

      World Troop Map19, Adopted in 1952 by the World Association of World Parliamentarians for World Government

      Notes on the World Troop Map20

      Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC)21

      Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (BRAC)22

      Economic Development Administration - Defense Conversion23

      Mikhail Gorbachev - 1993

      "Friday, he inaugurated the Gorbachev Foundation, USA, which is moving into new headquarters in the Presidio in San Francisco.

      In his speech in San Francisco, Gorbachev announced that the foundation is creating a national task force on U.S. Military base closings. It will be co-chaired by former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery and former Democratic Rep. Mel Levine of Southern California.

      The Group will call for a national conference of the 36 U.S. communities that the base closings affect." 24
      It is controlled demolition is exactly what it is

    4. Ex Soviet leader in charge of closing down US military bases????
      Oprah, Pelosi and Ted Turner working with Gorby
      Rumor has it that Nancy Pelosi is actually Jane Fonda
      Annette Benning is Elizabeth Warren get it her hubby is Warren Beatty
      How about the Warren Commission the ones that investigated watergate - Warren Beatty played the role of Richard Nixon

      Like this blogger says a world stage of actors to get them to their goal of global slavery for all

    5. The real civil war and who was responsible for it
      It's All in the Family
      As Anna says it was a war but it was a war fought so these same families who still own all the shit today could take over the tobacco farms
      I may have been wrong about names above but I tell you they are lying their asses off to the American people and to all people around the world

    6. No, you're definitely onto some and pointing out some important patterns.
      Yes, clones, doubles, actors, etc. Definitely looks like several djts to me. Weather warfare. Just heard today GreatValue brand -- walmart-- canned veggies are already in short supply from the flooding in the Midwest.

      You've spent so much time researching and sharing this information... What is your hope that those of us who read it will do with it? What do you hope happens as a result of all your work?

    7. Good question - I would say that I want to wake people up but who the hell wants to wake up to this nightmare - it's not a great awakening as they have dished out
      I would share this information far and wide but to be honest I would say that there are many people who cannot handle this and that they could very well be committing suicide over it
      I believe that many of our veterans are committing suicide for that very reason - they were sent to war and suffered greatly for lies
      I share it here and maybe a couple of other places but my conscience tells me that this information could lead to deaths of which I do not wish to be responsible for
      That's what they are after, depopulation and I will not give that to them
      Revelations in the Bible is about revealing their scam but most people aren't getting it - they still waiting to be saved or raptured when in reality they have far more nafaious plans for the sheep
      My hope is to support those that I can however I can
      Should come as no surprise that the monopoly WALMART that they own, will start withholding food from the sheep
      All of this is connected to the eclipses' - the X marks the spot across the United States when the next eclipse comes (2024) which by the way are seven (7) years apart
      I believe this is the 7 year tribulation as written people just don't realize it
      UN agenda 21 or 2021 is the year they will introduce their antichrist and it is planned for after the sheep 'vote' in their next so called leader in 2020 - Sept 2020 marks around the 4 year mark - isn't it said that the anti christ will have around 3 1/2 years which would take us to the 2024 mark and the eclipse?
      They plan things years in advance hence their 1941 map that no one seems to have known about - it's the new story line they put out to go along with UN plan (that by the way coincides with the Bible) and in parallel they running their ecofascism scam and each generation they indoctrinate accordingly
      7000 colleges are now teaching climate change? Why do you think that is? Because it is how they justify their claim of dominance
      No coincidence that the triple crown winnner this past year was named Justify
      Triple Crown would mean Vatican, Crown, DC
      This guy here may seem off his rocker but I think he has put some good pieces together
      And when you read this book
      It would appear that they hiding additional millions of acres of land of which is where these so called 'elite' 13 families and their inbred selves are actually hid out while the juus usher in the end times in the underworld
      Vatican connections
      There is more on those pages from the two links above but this is a long plan they have been carrying out for decades
      I've said it before they do not own this earth they tell people they own it century after century - they kill off the populations and rewrite the history for the terrorized children that get left behind or kidnapped out of the destruction
      All I can do is report what I find in hopes of helping

    8. Did you ever visit a planetarium when you were in school?
      Remember the Truman show where the controller could shut off the sun etc etc etc - I never watched it pesonally but seems funny that they can control the weather now and the destruction we are seeing with such percision
      What is it that we have really been born in to
      Remember the biosphere project out in Arizona put people in it to see if they could live in it without ever going outside for anything?
      Go take a look at some pictures - it is built like a pyramid minus the capstone
      My analytical mind wonders if we are not truly living in a controlled biospehere - Under the Dome comes to mind
      Again when you read this book everything is based on Rome and it's architecture
      What used to be Roman things were converted to mosque or synagogues? Making it appear there was no more Roman Empire they just repurposed the buildings and created the new religions to go with them
      Read the tab in the book about religions
      Again if they own all the media, publish the books, put all the stuff on the internet, they can make people believe whatever they tell us or write down or teach us
      Like the coming Aquarian age, golden age - ecofascism planned
      UN Agenda 21 sustainable development, green new deal while they take all the rest of the good stuff for themselves and we get left living in their orweillan hell - George Orwells book that they strategically put out for that very purpose
      In a planetarium you can move those stars just how you want them to appear same thing with the sun and the moon
      I know it sounds far fetched but it's how my beautiful mind works and I'm glad it does, they haven't killed it yet
      Anyway just some points to ponder

    9. And just to point out one obvious thing here, this DNA stuff, well if they keep your DNA material at birth, they already have your DNA from that material
      But wait a minute, did we not evolve from monkeys?
      Where is the monkey DNA?
      Go back and watch the Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston, statue of liberty is below the sand except for the torch and the head and the rays
      If you remember ole Heston played the role of one of the ass tro nots too
      It is my summation they are going to bury the East coast - Geostorm comes to mind, didn't watch it either but you can bet if they can do what they did to the coast of Indonesia they can bury new york harbor
      Mind you this is exactly where the UN building sits
      First was the League of Nations, then after WWII came the United Nations, then comes the One Planet
      Social engineering at it's finest - read the comments section of this video - this is their ecofascism at work folks
      I have read that they have already moved everything to Colorado where Iron Mountain is - not a coincidence either
      Iron Mountain is where they keep all of the films and stuff from this era just like how they hide all the other stuff at the Vatican
      Have a look at this map
      How many people could you take out as well as the financial, UN and the so called capitol with one event
      And have a look at who is being tapped to assist in 'fixing' new york infrastructure
      I've often wondered why Texas is called the Lone Star state as well
      Lots of business' been moving here for the last several years bringing hundreds of thousands from California and every other part of the country
      Lone Star, hmmm
      The tell lie vision series Dallas, JR (John Rockefeller, Jacob Rothchild) huge oil found in west Texas is what I have heard hence they will be moving people off the land in west Texas too right in to the Texas Triangle
      I have read from another source that AT & T, he interpreted that this logo is a double cross - AT & T stadium is in Texas as well
      Bush set Texas up big time so did Gulianni with the NAFTA Super Highway and their free trade crap
      I feel compelled to tell people these things on this blog as those who comment here are more aware than others
      All any of us can do is try and find truth and share our findings

    10. And more recently they have a new business in the SMART city Plano Texas called Alkami
      And get this - it is the gold standard in digital banking
      Now there is not a chance that this is all coincidence and just happens to line up with the things I have been pointing out
      So I have listened to this woman a couple of times and she is teaching alkami, hmm
      We are all just celestial beings traveling through space, must find our chakras and how the enemy is within us
      Kinda like the teachings when it comes to the acquarian age
      So in other words what they are painting is the end of the Bible using the Bible as the script, on the back end it will become the acquarian age and utopia when in reality they working to destroy it all to usher in this utopia which by the way they not telling anyone will be like living in george orwells book
      All the while it fits their narrative that we must reduce our footprints and the overloards must monitor everything that we do to save the earth
      But don't worry your soul journeys on these are only our meat suits
      Now if that's not some heavy brainwashing I don't know what is
      Getting you too accept your death and destruction while they gather up all their ill gotten gain
      Well I don't see these schmucks wanting to give up their meat suits
      Wrote it in the book though this is only our flesh, we are not from here we must concern ourselves with our souls not our meat suits - we will move to a higher dimension - who says - anyone know of that new demention? Who sang the song Dawning of Aquarius, hmm the 5th Deminsions?
      What is your soul? Anyone, who came up with the word, the concept?
      When you really dig deep enough you can see their plan unfolding and don't anyone try and tell me that this is some kind, all seeing. all knowing loving God that would allow his inhabitants to be slaughtered over and over and over again
      Or that mother earth is shaking us off like fleas because we are ruining her - see these are the story lines - this also fits with Aquarius, new dimentions, new earth crap all to get us to accept and excuse the fact that they are in the works of killing us off
      But don't worry the illuminated are here to save us
      Talk about some seeing
      What twisted webs they weave

    11. Shelby...what is really sad is that China is already "George Orwells " 1984...!! A billion Asians could care less that everywhere they go, they are being watched by "big brother" on every single street corner and they their phones , etc..!! Same with the rest of the countries...They just announced on talk radio that Sweden is now implementing an "RFID " chip , and everyone is just going along with it...!! It seems that America is the last holdout for implementing that "chip"...!!
      Very soon, people will be asking why isn't America complying with these world "rules"...!! Who do they think they are...??

      Your great at researching these things Shelby, but too much truth can be a "Buzz kill"...!! I'm joking but you make it very clear that fighting this system of control is futile....!!

    12. No one has the right to chip any of us period
      I'm telling you The United States of America and the North American Union is their capstone
      Here in Texas they actually have a real estate company named Capstone Commercial or something like that selling all kinds of land in and around Frisco/Plano which by the way already has huge SMART city sign on display
      Lots of old money in Texas too and a bunch of it - if you call the dollar money - people who think they are rich have no clue they holding company script. The paper itself is worth more than the face value of the actual company script
      I'm sorry that I go off on tangents but like I said I put out what I find so that we know their tactics
      Didn't mean to kill your buzz, lol

    13. Remember they own all the media - is Swedens really getting chipped - telling us that so that the useful idiots will say well heck Sweden is doing it I heard it on the radio so it must be ok, or selling it as a safety measure?
      Or how about for health reasons?
      They have multiple applications they working on/ selling it as a feature and for your health safety that we can identiy you via electronic means quickly - especially target the seniors, for safety reason we can identity your kid to keep them safe from pedophiles - see how that works - it is for their safety and your piece of mind
      Medically vulnerable like a kid with asthma so they can detect a bout before it happens, or how about demintia, alzheimers patients - this is their game

    14. Epstein shit is to sell this kind of feature to a parent just like they sold it to us for our pets
      Just like they sell you identity fraud detection services when they already stole your identity
      DNA kits when they stole your DNA at birth and are using that information to determine how much damage has been done to your DNA when you send them your spit
      They actually have people shitting in boxes and sending it out through the mail to be tested for cancer
      Their plans go deep and they do not make a move that it is not calculated including Epstein
      I believe in the schools they already have the parents giving their childrens fingerprints and so on selling it as a great service to the parents when in reality they capturing the childs biometrics, this goes along with the DNA they already have, the SSN they assigned at birth, etc etc etc
      Parents are trustung what the Rockefeller education system is offering in their public schools not knowing the underlying lack of integrity or ethics or morals
      Criminal across the board considering all that we know, that most don't

    15. The Human Face of Big Data - if you can find it go watch it
      I saw it in 2015 which is when I believe it aired on their very own British Broadcasting Company

    16. Selling the 'citizens' services is exactly what they are doing

  37. And if no one thinks these bastards have gone way beyond psycho then all you need to do is watch this

  38. And check this out - was San Francisco what we have really been told
    Found this facinating - so did they plunder all these things move them about arond the world to create yet another story line?
    For instance how they say that someone bought the london bridge and moved it to Lake Havasu Arizona?

  39. This is a sad commentary of our public school system....this was on Jay lenos jaywalking segment on citizenship...!!
    These are the people we are trying to wake up....SAD...!!

    1. Ahh Jay Leno, bet he's one of the family from his mothers side?
      You see they used the tell lie vison to condition us to accept the world as they displayed it
      Laverne and Shirley - worked in a brewery in Wisconsin, destroyed that state - Cindy McCain sold Budweiser and took those jobs away
      Roseanne show (Illinois) taught us to be poor white trash barely getting by on their sheckels - destiryed that state
      Jim Carey Show (Ohio) destriyed that state
      Tim Taylor, Home Imrpovement, destroyed that state, wore a different college shirt every scene to sell college, tools, home improvemnet (hence why you got Lowes now, even the same logo) and hotrods, and MORE POWER - bet he's one of the family from his mothers side too
      Funny how he is now on the show Last Man Standing positioned in Colorado selling survival gear - opposite his Michigan days he now has 3 girls not boys
      The kalergi Plan in action is what this is
      The juu world order crew wrote books about how their new world would be brown people
      Exactly why you see shows like Blackish, a black Annie, etc etc etc
      You see they changing the colors that's exactly why they migrating others in to white nations
      Look at the stupid show Life in Pieces - all whites, stupid show
      How about Man with a Plan with stupid Joey from Friends
      Making fun of the white folk they have enslaved and fooled in to this American dream
      How about One Day at a Time (Indiana)
      All the shows from that era they were wiping them out right under our noses while they kept us entertained and mentally in that mind frame
      Pandoras box
      Here's one for ya The Beverly Hillbillies
      Guess what real estate agent here in Texas Berkshire Hathaway, remember Mr Hathaway from the bank on the hillbillies
      How about how many time did Jeanie call Major Nelson MASTER
      How about Green Acres sending everyone out of the cities to farms - we farmed the mand, found the oil and minerals and they came in a capitalized on it NOW THEY WANT IT ALL FOR THEMSELVES
      How about the movie La La Land that is an in your face title
      We all living in la la land that they provided for us
      Anyway you get the picture

    2. It was the Drew Carey show not Jim but again, they destoyed Ohio industry as well - that is why all those states are now rust belt states
      Well Drew I am sure is family from his mothers side as well
      Now he host The Price is Right
      Everyone knows that the blood line comes from the father not the mother - hidden in plain sight that is why they display Mary Magdelin the whore of Babylon in the Vatican
      Their blood line is of the mother not the father or so they would have us all brainwashed to believe
      Just my perception is all no offense to anyone

  40. I say they are all one in the same
    Now they working to screw up the whole world to collect all their ill gotten gains and destroy everyone else on the planet
    Big Bang Theory - sing the song or watch the beginning of the show, the pictures they flash in front as the sing math, science, history, unraveling the mystery, we built a wall, it all started with a big bang
    Yea a big bang they got rigged all over the place
    It is my belief that 5G is running through the electricity companies and that the wireless industry has been putting up towers for weather manipualtion and GPS not cell service at all
    Hidden in plain sight
    The game Monopoly was given to us for a reason but we just thought it was a game, how about the Game of Life or Clue
    They want to monopolize everything and I mean everything in to their chosen peoples hands all based on lies from the very start

    1. And while they are doing it they selling us gematria sacred math, the hermetica aquarian age live with less live in community hovels only eat vegetables and bugs, while they gather up all the fresh water, land, minerals, etc etc etc and they have their heaven on earth
      One big band of thieves from start to finish
      To go along with the state stuff I mentioned above look at their city state conquest plans
      Public private partnerships for those in the gang, those who are not of their mother need not apply
      Again I think this too is just a story carried out in their true lying fashion that goes with the story of the bible
      Now they got everyone thinking this jupiter, venus conjunction will bring a new age after of course lots of deaths and famine which by the way that book says that is what will happen you just need to sit back and wait for it to, don't worry you will be saved if not your meat suits at least your soul will
      Sick sick sick sick is what they all are
      They all know including humty dumpty on the stage and all the others on the representative stage speaking for and looking out for their flock of sheep they brain washed
      This article here explains how they can create just the type of scenario they need to usher in their planned ecofascism scheme
      Have all your ducks in a row people because unless we can stop something of this magnitude they will do these things after all the military industrial comlex they created was forjust these purposes had nothing to do with safety of anyone or any nation it was built up so they could tear things down now they are working to move that power to their second homeland and working on going to the other 'nations' now to repeat the plunder
      Cern is the world wide web in my opinion not some black hole finder or anything of the such
      Hidden in plain sight in their first homeland
      So are they knight templars or something else - not who they say they are


    1. In one of the sections of the above linked article it states the following
      District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871

      For payment of the seventh annual instalment of the proportion con- Scheldt dues. tributed by the United States toward the capitalization of the Scheldt Vol. xiii. p. 649. dues, fifty-five thousand five hundred and eighty-four dollars; and for such further sum, not exceeding five thousand dollars, as may be necessary to carry out the stipulations of the treaty between the United States and Belgium.

      May be some very important information in here - Rothchild is a puppet too for the higher up families of which we hear nothing about


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