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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Are You Ready For This?

By Anna Von Reitz

The latest news and research from Kurt Kallenbach has me stunned, and I have seen, investigated, and thought about a lot of arcane stuff in my life, including ancient religions and mathematics.  I know a lot of weird stuff. And even I am stunned. 

He has, I believe, discovered and documented the Ultimate Fraud which the modern day acolytes of the Babylonian Slave System have used to excuse their abuse of mankind. 

Kurt, as many of you will remember, is -- like me -- from the Midwest, where he pioneered his research. His search took him back to St. Thomas Aquinas and the Summa Theologica and to Medieval superstitions about the nature of the Afterbirth material that follows each one of us into this world.  It also led to the development of his Paramount Claim. 

The Paramount Claim establishes a claim upon our life and DNA and unique identity back to the embryonic zygote--- the fertilized egg that gave rise to our physical body. 

Now, following the track down the same rabbit hole, but going even deeper and wider ranging, he has discovered FDR's mysterious "Holy Cause" which was mentioned in Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inauguration Speech, the true meaning of the World Cross used as an emblem by the Templars, the Knights of Malta, and the Swiss Red Cross, and also the meaning and function of the Federal Reserve. 

All of this is beyond stunning, hidden in plain sight, and requires us all to think about things that most people literally never think about and history that we are never taught. 

So get ready and begin to shift your gears. 

The first topic you will need to think about is the nature of time. 

Time does not exist. 

Time is another handy fraud --a "legal fiction" -- that allows us to keep track of when something happened relative to when something else happened, by counting days and months and years.  

This counting system is arbitrary and was originally developed by the Ancient Builders to expedite the practice of usury and collection of debts based on usury. 

Calendars were developed as a means of telling when debts were accrued and scheduling out their repayment.

Not surprisingly, many such calendars have been developed over the millennia, and the calendars used in the western world the last couple thousand years, the Julian and Gregorian Calendars, are only two examples of calendars developed for usury, shipping schedules, and other purposes. 

At the Vatican Observatory and on the grounds of Vatican City you still see the "keyholes" and ley line markers that were used to establish these calendar systems.  You can also observe as Russell-J: Gould did, that the keyholes upon which these calendars are based no longer line up. 

The Precession of the constellations has moved on, and the basis of the calendar systems has shifted until everything is out of alignment and invalidated. 

This led to Russell-J: Gould's observation and formal declaration that this is all bogus and that the only time that actually exists is the eternal moment we call "now". 

This is not a new or unique observation. Australian Aboriginals have maintained the same knowledge and viewpoint for endless generations, as have many other indigenous people worldwide.

So, not only is "time" unreal, an arbitrary mental construct imposed like a grid overlaying a map of the physical world,  the entire basis used to establish the grid and calculate "a" time, is mutable, too.

This is confirmed by advanced physics and mathematics, too, but the consequences of this realization that time does not exist is so threatening to the established world powers that it has been suppressed and the careers of many brilliant men and women have been torpedoed simply because they realized that the entire concept of time is intrinsically fraudulent and arbitrary. 

As handy as time is as a device, it is still a device-- and time is an arbitrary, changeable device, too, altered by one's assumptions and starting points. 

The search to develop an accurate, defensible, "true standard" of time measurement has been sought for centuries and has led to such developments as the so-called Atomic Clock and UCT and UMT standards--- but we are still attempting to measure something that does not exist. 

Try to wrap your mind around how crazy that really is: we are refining ways to measure something that literally does not exist.

This is all going to come as a great shock to many people. We have been encouraged to think of time as something that is actual and factual, dependable -- "you can set your watch by it!" -- but it's not.

Understanding this is similar to knowing that your name is not you. 

Time is a fictional device in the same way that your name is a fictional device.  Both of these devices are "legal fictions" that are imposed upon us or voluntarily adopted to make it easier to accomplish tasks. 

Not only is a time standard necessary to keep track of interest payments, it is necessary to track shipments of goods, schedule work crews, figure out payrolls, and calculate taxes.

And still, at the end of the day, we are dealing with illusions-- with things that don't exist. 

When a Paymaster calls out a name like "John Michael Doe" and pays "him" for working "40 hours" we all think we know what is going on, but in fact, what we are witnessing is a magic show-- an illusion that results in delusion. 

Most people equate the name used to identify a man with the man himself, even though we also know that there may be more than one guy named "Joel Carl Black" or even two or more fellows bearing the name "Raymond Fitzgerald Peabody". 

Most people also accept time as being something real. 

And this gives rise to still more delusional concepts. 

That same Paymaster is paying "John Michael Doe" for fictional hours using fictional money. 

And if the Paymaster is a Banker, he has cause to know just how arbitrary and fictional all of this is, because he is manufacturing all this "money" that he is paying "John" for "hours worked" ---as a commodity, simply by entering keystrokes on a computer ledger. 

So what kind of Commodity is this "money"? 

A fictional one. 

So we have in fact a fictional man (an arbitrary name) being paid for an amount of a fictional commodity (time) in exchange for another fictional commodity (fiat money). 

It is in truth and in fact an entire system, a kingdom, built on fiction -- that is, on lies and delusions. 

And who is the Father of All Lies? 

How is this kingdom of a wannabe god - literally a false god-- to be converted to the kingdom of our Creator? 

Stop for a moment and take in the view: your name is a fiction, time is a fiction, and the money in your pocket is a fiction, too. 

Was there ever a place on Earth where this was not the case? 


Do you know where it was? 

Do you know how to get back there? 


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  1. Welcome to quantum physics, there are many good books on the subject. Something everybody should study.

    1. LOL none of the above has anything to do with quantum anything but man controlling reality and then controlling mankind. Man-made parallel timelines just by changing a calendar like the Jesuits with the Gregorian adding 13 days new calendar new reality new control system.

    2. true for the society of jesus you have julien, moor, hebrew and on and on endless haha

    3. Hebrews 11:1-3 shows how this works: what we see was not made by those things which do appear. What we see was spoken. Yes, it is their so-called "quantum"... But its also known as creation/miracles/ finding a way where there is no way... The interaction between the natural and the supernatural. Bringing things into existence that were not there before... Calling those things that are not as though they were... Only the creator and mankind can do this.

    4. Mankind's common law authority works in sort of "quantum"/creation/"callings" too:
      It is just three steps:
      1. Desire/elect/INTEND it
      2. TELL/publish/broadcast it
      3. *DO* it in accord with what you intended and told your neighbors.

      The man called Jesus said the same thing concerning those who wanted to follow him:
      1. Want to
      2. Make your desire public
      3. Then do it: follow him.

      When we do those three things, we have made the law concerning ourselves. When we tell it to our neighbors, we are telling them, "this is how I desire for you to regard me".
      If what you desire/intend and tell them doesn't infringe on another man or woman or on their property, rights, "statuses"/other, then the neighbors are duty bound to respect your declaration.
      It's common law!
      We make the law.
      It's what is known as being self-governing. Free. Sovereign. Independent. Unincorporated. It is bounded in by morals and ethics concerning not harming another man or woman or what belongs to them. Otherwise mankind's true and natural, inherent, rightful state/condition/ " status"/"estate" allows for the pursuit of happiness anyway one chooses.

      This is why understanding the Declaration of Independence is so important. This is also why the cabal doesn't want us to "get it" (imo); we do not realize that it is a common law trust that our grandfathers set up for us!!!!
      It's principles are ancient.
      They put our rights, property and statuses (among other things) into that common law trust!!! Only *we* can lawfully take them out. For anyone else to take them out is criminal, a crime...Which is what all the cabal's sneakin' n peepin' and lyin' n pro-PAGAN-dizing is all about.

      They try to fill our heads full of nonsense and promises and double-speak and dreams and fictions and figments of truth and keep us in a dreamlike state with will-o-the-wisp fakery and their "medicine" instead of clean fresh nutrient-dense beautiful food and sparkling clean water and herbs and spices and saturate our bodies and minds instead with unnatural energy patterns and with chem trails and their endless "additives", along with their cradle-to-grave indoctrination into us regarding our own thoughts as being inferior to their "experts" so that we end up listening to what some *other* man/other wants to use our mind and body and energy for....


      We're awake now despite the attempts to degrade and disable us. Some of us can still think straight! And our numbers are beginning to increase exponentially. AND we're the stronger than ever.

      So INTENDED, so DECLARED and so it is all ESTABLISHED, this the 15th day of July in the year 2019. by: "goodboots", the living woman and soul. :)

    5. I agree with you 100% Goodboots peace

    6. Excellent analogy...I'm with you 100%...can't want to you figure out how we can get it back and exhale ;-) I'm drowning over here...

    7. It gets much deeper than this :)
      What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe

    8. Maybe the movie "The Matrix" was a documentary rather then just entertainment. Sure seems like it sometimes!

  2. Re: "That same Paymaster is paying 'John Michael Doe' for fictional hours using fictional money." If George Carlin was still doing performances here on earth he would have a field day with this material!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Very true, but our Constitution has not been effect for over 200 years. We are being ruled by clever 'people' that have no conscience.

    2. Our constitution? If 'we' didn't sign it, it doesn't belong to us!
      If you are being ruled, it is by your consent.

    3. more importantly the constitution is just a current version of the articles of incorporation and so on and so on; its metamorphosis over have unalienable Rights not civil rights...

    4. Exactly! Our unalienable rights are superior to and super-cede any and all (other) claims upon us and/or upon what belongs to us... Including upon our States, that belong to us... And the land and soil we were natural-born upon, that belongs to us too... Along with all of our work, energy, family, production: the fruit of our labor and the fruit of our bodies and other.
      All are SUBSTANCE or are "from" the living and cannot lawfully be claimed to belong to a corp/corps/corpse/thing of death/dead entity. Period.

      The "cabal" needs to take a hike.

      Or a long walk off a very short pier... And take all of their half-witted goblins with them.
      They know verrry well that the living and the dead cannot be mingled. There is a great gulf fixed between the two. They know this. It was established long ago.

    5. "Land does not belong to man, man belongs to land". ~ Chief Seattle ~ This makes plenty of sense to me. Although it has just been suggested that "time" is an illusion, or a tool used to manage and control mankind. I don't necessarily feel as though time is a fake tool, but rather used as a manipulative tool by fake people. I can think of different meanings regarding Chief Seattle's quote for instance, the earth (land) was here before mankind, so it is natural and honorable to respect the earth and humble ourselves in regards to its deserving of proper stewardship. Also the earth can teach us many valuable things about the nature of life for those who choose to be acknowledge such. And finally, I believe he was also trying to bring to light the greed and egotistical nature of many unenlightened souls who were/are bent on exploiting mother nature for their own selfish motives and desires.We could rewrite language but eventually would have a need to describe events that are actually beneficial to our survival for example the need to know which season is ripe for growing, and harvesting food. I find it very interesting and totally unnecessary that we should be relegated to having our human status restored by the very robber barons who took it upon themselves to create the illusion that we were their chattel in the first place. Its synonymous with the expression "Thinking outside the box".They can only have power over you if you think you are still in their socially engineered box. I like what Marcus de la houssaye said, "If you didn't sign the constitution, then it doesn't belong to you". It was the controllers that created the constitution in an attempt to manage the behavior of others. I'm not saying that the constitutional doesn't serve an important role in our society, but I question whether it will stand the test of time. Spiritual enlightenment caused by a paradigm shift will render the constitution pointless. We shouldn't have to work like the slaves we unknowingly allowed them us, to acknowledge our own birthright, that we all came to this planet with. "Only Time will tell" !

    6. "I find it very interesting and totally unnecessary that we should be relegated to having our human status restored by the very robber barons who took it upon themselves to create the illusion that we were their chattel in the first place."
      = truer words were never spoken thalrandallman.

    7. An interesting thing is that "belonging" to the land and soil is part of the basis upon which we, the living people, are being claimed as chattel.

      To the Two-Legged Snakes, if we belong to the land and soil, then we are part and parcel of it: "inhabiting" it; and are "inhabitants"; having our "habitat"; on and of the land and soil.
      And, by *belonging* to it, and being considered to be part of it, *we* can be bought and sold right along with it, like the peach tree and the bird's nest in the backyard goes along with your house; that's how these criminals think about us.

      The indigenous chiefs, no doubt, have known that better than the rest of us...Until now. I'm sure they didn't realize it when they were making treaties with the Snakes though or they wouldn't have entered into them.

      When I claim my position, (if i do), believing i have a creative soul that allow me to do things that other living things in creation cannot do: write, plan activities for next month, use consonants in my speech, do math, paint a sunset, write a symphony, build a car or wagon, make a sweater, bake a cake, start a winery, then that sets me apart from the inhabitants inhabiting the land and soil and situates me into a position of creator/inventor/care taker/steward, overseeing creation,having beneficent dominion over creation, an appointee, an attendant, a supervisor, if I accept those positions.
      I do not have to though.
      I can be an inhabitant. Nothing wrong with that if that's what i want... Just have to be careful that I'm not treated as if I were a sentient creature/property that can be owned, claimed and bought and sold with the land I say I belong to. Jmo.

  4. The further we understand tesla and his transmitter .
    longitudel.waves also called scaler or torsional waves they are superluminal. (Faster than light ) ten to the ninth times faster than light.
    in other words information travels from one end of the universe to the other instentiously.
    there is no time in nature .

  5. The World we live in is fictional - not real. The real world is where we still reside, but have had a 'dream' experience here. We have never really left the Real World of Love and Light, where Almighty God rules.

    1. Now that REALLY sounds like "The Matrix"! And you may be exactly correct. I mean, who really "knows".

  6. Eden..?

    Unconditional love and forgiveness?

  7. Fiction created by the senses, waves in various forms with ordinary physical limits making things appear to be what the senses are designed to do. About as real as a dream gets but dependent on the senses and last but not least our interaction with the experience as we are here always. Like even if all events are still in existence in some kind or order like a recording and we accessed them somehow it happens here.
    The steeples on churches point to the Zodiac and the time I think allegedly grew along more and more with India contributing seconds.
    Guess once bankers started using the mass public tool seems time at least of laborers "became" money = time. Yet another tool that indeed has been of good use tainted, food supply, air supply, water, social, near everything that is possibly a good tool put to bad use by power mongers hell bent on empire building and collapses and violent takeovers.

  8. No such thing as time !?!?!? Thats funny, I wished someone would tell my aging tired aching body to shape up cuz Im not getting older cuz there isnt any such thing as time. Is my aging process then my imagination? How about the birth of my children and grandchidren and the life events that witness the time as it goes by they grow and mature!! I dont have a clue as to what she means, I am willing to learn but how do you say there is no time when we see evidence of it in the rotation of the earth, the seasons, the crop cycles etc. I just dont understand!

    1. I sense more installments coming. Anna didn't reveal all that was in the preamble. But I'm with you. Whatever it is I that I count as passing by, I got a limited amount and it's running out faster every day. We are free to philosophize about time any way we fancy. But God made lights in the heavens to divide day from night, and for signs, seasons, and days and years. His covenant with the heavens stands to this day.

    2. Mark A and Gumm, Agreed. 100%. After reading everyone's comments, I'm guessing that what is being referred to is the "incrementalization" of the days, weeks, years???? Hopefully, more info to come.

    3. Reply from Anna Von Reitz:

      What you are talking about is perception of change-- your own and everything else's. But change is not a result of anything external.

      Another way to put it is that physical change creates the illusion of time.

      We perceive life cycles-- we begin, we grow, we live, we die. The process affects rocks the same way. But this process is not "time" it is merely an orderly process taking place in perceptible and to an extent, predictable, sequences.

      The life cycles of the Earth lead to the perception of "time passing", but in truth, there is nothing external to the process.

      Ever been in an automated car wash where the big wands come in and encircle your car? You are stopped dead still, parked, but because the wands and other implements are moving around you, it can easily give you the (false) perception that you are moving.

      It is the same with our perception of "time".

      Empirically, factually, mathematically, time doesn't exist. It only appears to exist based on the orderly change of the world within and around us.

      It is the orderliness of change from birth to death and beginning to end that entrains our brains and that we then perceive as "time" passing or as "progress" being made --or lost.

      But calendars and other devices like clocks designed to monitor the process of change are simply that--manmade devices like a locational grid -- to help us define "a" particular point in the process.

      It is actually more correct to describe what we think of as a time --like May 12, 1802-- as a place: a location on an arbitrarily constructed grid that maps a particular circumstance and point in our world's development.

      The ancient people were not deluded about the spatial order giving rise to the false perception of time, and they observed that as everything else has a birth, growth, death order to its existence, they surmised that the Earth and the Solar System and everything else has a similar cycle.

      Thus, they reasoned that just as the Earth had a beginning, it must have an ending-- because that is what our own perceptual neural net constantly observes: beginning, middle, and end.

    4. Genesis breaks down the dark from the light; and he made day and night, and set the lights in the heavens for times and seasons... making it seem to me like mankind isn't the one who thought up measuring "time" or progress.
      But, mankind *be-ing* a spirit being in our essential nature, and the creator knowing the end from the (very) beginning then, yes, everything would already be created when the creator thought of it... Including our life-process: like when Jesus told Peter, you'll deny me three times before the rooster crows and like God telling us that Christ was crucified before the foundation of the world was laid.
      But I don't see myself just being static with things moving around me/ upon me. I have freewill. Freewill is sovereignty. Consent is necessary or a crime has been committed.

    5. A few of us who are still using our natural gray matter, can easily see Anna has been toking 'something' that has affected her good ole common sense, LOL.
      Folks, be careful of ''wolves in sheeps clothing''.

  9. Just as we have our given names/corporate names. Land based nation/government Inc. We also have the fictional calendar based time, and the time God gives us as his gift. The midday sun shining down upon us, and the changing seasons marking the important moments of our real time existence.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Ain't nobody got time for dat. :) [there, corrected the idiom]

  12. Anna, please tell us about Kurt's findings on FDR's Holy Cause and the meaning of the World Cross.

  13. what time is it...on the moon!

  14. Was there ever a place on Earth where this was not the case?


    Do you know where it was?

    Do you know how to get back there?

    we wait for Him 'His timing' 'His timeline' with His patience, until then we strive to stand in the Truth, fearing no man nor what mankind may do or threaten to do to us.
    We pray for our enemies and give thanks for His much needed mercies. we do our best as guided by Him to reveal the delusion.

  15. Yes there was a place, it was called Eden, we in essence traded Eden the real world, for a fictional one.

    1. The world is a real place with real people that do matter. Becoming set-apart does not mean the world is fictional.
      We did not trade eden we wee banished for a time. His time.

  16. I am patiently awaiting Anna's next post. I personally have lived with two concepts of time. Spring happens when spring happens, winter happens when winter happens etc. I had to adapt to the clock and calendar because I was forced to. I know the sun rises and sets, that makes it a day. We have a full moon every 28 days approximately and that is the same time frame as the human female menstrual cycle. The baby will arrive when the baby is ready to be born, not by the doctor's guess. My question was always "How does the doctor know when conception actually took place if Mother can't be specific?". Most indigenous peoples used the moon as a reference I suspect as a result of these two anomalies. When I was programming computers for business, we had to determine if a company was using the 12 or 13 month measuring stick for their fiscal year. The 13 month system created 4 equal quarters of the 52 weeks. While not 100% in tune with the moon it was much closer to measuring a time reference. The clock and calendar are just a tool devised around money and jobs.

    1. Dan good points.
      Just as an FYI, I told my dock(tor) the exact day my daughter would be born and he laughed at me - I did not seek dock(tors) care until around 8 months, perfectly healthy baby
      Guess what she was born on the exact day I told him and get this her birthday is September 24th
      The revelation 12 sign
      I went in to labor on the 23rd at couple minutes until midnight and she was born on the 24th
      And get this my intitials are MM (middle, surname)
      I keep referencing this book to people it has sections in it that describe how the romans changed everything including the calendar from 13 month to 12 month to mess with everything and throw everyone off track
      You might find this book of some interest

    2. Always think about that movie Fools Rush In where he makes the statement 'there are signs everywhere'
      Pouring down rain, baby girl is born in the road at the center of the hoover dam - he throws a coin off the dam
      This is also the area where the four corners is;_ylt=AwrCmuOUryxdfisAKAcPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=hoover+dam+and+four+corners+colorado&fr=yhs-dcola-001&hspart=dcola&hsimp=yhs-001
      Others have done videos about the symbols and things on the Hoover Dam not to mention the hoover dam is all over the place when it comes to it's issues
      Could this be a sign of where the birthing will happen?
      Lots to dig through
      As Anna said lots of resistance in Colorado to a new state assembly and that is also where iron mountain is
      One you tuber has indicated that Hoovers real last name was Huber and he was an agent or freemason or whatever the hell they are
      Anyway some things to look at
      I was thinking the other night that this is like the game of Clue? Curious George who swallowed the puzzle piece and we have to find the piece?
      Being from an information technology background but not a programmer, my thought process is there are keys hidden somewhere in the IBM Q code
      Almost like the two keys that are required when sending data files via software like AS2 - encryption keys
      Papal keys - one gold, one silver
      The keys to unlock the door of our prison planet?
      Another thought that crossed my mind is SS = Social Security = Snake Skin - shed your snake skin?
      How about programming languages such a Python, Pearl, Java, C++, Cobol, RPG and I know of one called MUMPS (very old one)
      One application Lotus notes brings to mind the lotus flower
      This stuff is deep
      Python is very revealing to say the least
      Remember the movie where the kid did that thing on the computer where is asked 'Shall We Play a Game'?
      I know enough about propramming to see these connections

    3. I in no way have any capability to dig in to this code at any level so if the powers that be target me for these comments everyone will know why
      They keep telling us the Mission is Impossible hence the multitude of movies with the very same title
      Never watched any of them, watched the old tell lie vision series though
      It's like world wide espionage, 007, Truman Show in real (reel) time
      I personally think this is a real shame that we have such a beautiful/wonderful place like earth and it is controlled as it is

    4. It's said that Hillary Clinton holds the encryption keys to all the systems worldwide
      And that Elizabeth of England holds the golden purse
      .....or something like those two things.

      I don't know exactly what it might mean, but seems to perhaps indicate that Hillary has access to all the info about everyone in the world and that eliz has claimed to own everything..
      if true, I say:
      Hillary, mind your own damn beeswax and
      Liz, stop lying saying you own everybody else's "stuff".

    5. Avery good movie, not just because Morgan Freeman is in it, is called Lucy starring Scarlet Johansen. A real eye opener if you know what I mean!!

  17. Does anybody really know what time it is? Robert Lamm got it.

    1. We really need to put the jeannie back in the bottle and cap it off forever
      Makes sense now why they put JR with jeannie and made him an ass tro not now doesn't it
      Fed us that nasa BS (babylonian system) in plain sight and have been doing it for years
      NASA creating space on the ground
      Hidden in plain sight and bilking tax payers billions upon billions of dollars every year
      Now they claiming Israel and India going to the moon too bilking those nations of billions too
      Bog Bang Theory - Fun with Flags
      In our faces that they are all on the same team they just gave us flags and split it all up like they did to bilk the masses
      BRICS deal is all about the upper crust getting the deals while the common man gets screwed
      Rockefeller again
      The family secret
      And I believe this book is relevant

  18. If time is money and love of money is the root of all evil, is love of time also the root of all evil?

    1. Yes, if one loves time because it furnishs one with opportunity to greedily grab more money... Especially if the money grabbed belongs to someone else.

  19. Barr holding a SUMMIT on anti semitism - now if that don't take the cake
    William Barr is John Goodman an act whore on the stage getting paid sheckels to push the narrative
    While they shuffle all of our high technology out to their mother land
    and take control of all of our infrastructure
    Scroll down the page on the below link and see who Epstein really is
    All media owned by the same families, ratings, ratings ratings and keeping the sheep glued to their pandora boxes
    May not agree with the below video but has some good points

    1. a word of caution shelby; i followed that ed chiarini for over 7 yrs and thought he was correct all the time too! he is NOT CORRECT all the time and because of that he is NOT CREDIBLE ! william barr is not john goodman ! ed also said that e. stewart rhodes was todd kiel of DHS !!! totally false and i got egg all over my face when i sent that info to paul because paul personally knows stewart rhodes . because of that i did my own investigation and ed chiarini that owns was TOTALLY WRONG. didn't even use 'biometrics' for the comparison !!! just sayin !!

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. One wonders *why* he would concern himself with telling the corporation's subjects what religious groups they can like. Not everyone has to like any group.

    Roseanne recently said her cousin is wm Barr!!
    she also said in times past that she us a witch or something.
    Also that her Jewish father raped her growing up, I think... I think that was it... Not 100% sure,
    but then I think she took it back and said he didn't...
    I seem to recall that her family may have disowned her for saying her father raped her.
    Seems like she was also going through a type of breakdown.
    I really didn't commit it to memory, but was so glad when she seemed to have worked through it all... You could absolutely tell that something was troubling to her. And Now were finding out all of the horrible things that might actually have happened to people that sounded soooo far-fetched a few years ago.

    Now they are saying JFK is jimmy carter, too!!

    They must be running out of viable constructs/lies to use on us... Or maybe they're just "showing" us how "stupid cowish" we are... Or maybe something else...
    The thing that they may not be getting, perhaps, is that no matter what they do or don't do, including stalling, delays, "shows" for us to watch, gallons of popcorn, *this* one "acting *as*" that one, gaslighting, if any: they STILL OWE US BACK AAAAAAALL THAT WAS TAKEN that does NOT belong to them!!!

    THAT'S their problem.

  22. One wonders *why* he would concern himself with telling the corporation's subjects what religious groups they can like. Not everyone has to like any group.

    Roseanne recently said her cousin is wm Barr!!
    she also said in times past that she us a witch or something.
    Also that her Jewish father raped her growing up, I think... I think that was it... Not 100% sure,
    but then I think she took it back and said he didn't...
    I seem to recall that her family may have disowned her for saying her father raped her.
    Seems like she was also going through a type of breakdown.
    I really didn't commit it to memory, but was so glad when she seemed to have worked through it all... You could absolutely tell that something was troubling to her. And Now were finding out all of the horrible things that might actually have happened to people that sounded soooo far-fetched a few years ago.

    Now they are saying JFK is jimmy carter, too!!

    They must be running out of viable constructs/lies to use on us... Or maybe they're just "showing" us how "stupid cowish" we are... Or maybe something else...
    The thing that they may not be getting, perhaps, is that no matter what they do or don't do, including stalling, delays, "shows" for us to watch, gallons of popcorn, *this* one "acting *as*" that one, gaslighting, if any: they STILL OWE US BACK AAAAAAALL THAT WAS TAKEN that does NOT belong to them!!!

    THAT'S their problem.

    1. Sorry for the double post again! Comments aren't showing that they were published. Help anyone?

    2. Remember the song Welcome to the Jungle I believe it was White Snake who sang it? Maybe wrong on that
      You think AMAZON was just created out of thin air?
      Not a chance
      Their aim is for this to be their jungle and we are to be their monkeys - hence they taught us all that we evolved from monkeys
      You know only the illuminazi's have real blood lines, not us
      The show Survivor on for years, how about Naked and Afraid or Two Fat Guys in the Woods
      It is my belief that they intend to hunt us like game - they are already doing it
      And I don't believe for one second anything Roseanne has to say she is illuminati (n a z i, j e w i s h, whatever)
      Remember she said Valerie Jarret was like a monkey or something?
      It was all subliminal messaging and programming - they are working to start a race or civil war so we kill each other
      How about The CONners the spin off show after her show was axed?
      You get it the CONS
      It's all scripted every bit of it
      An audience reduced to cattle as this blogger states and they are working to take it all away and slavery for all
      Lord Rothchild sound familiar folks - lord of the juus
      They are not going to pay us back a single cent hence why their man Lincoln is on the penny
      From Lincoln to Obama
      Hence why ole humpty dumpty did his little fourth of july shit in front of Lincoln memorial
      Trump card anyone
      And this has not a thing to do with Satan, God, Fallen Angels or anything else other than down right psychopathy and greed
      They wrote the books
      You think they have the Illuminati First Testament for nothin
      Notice the I am at the end
      Anyone in their right mind should realize that no caring, compassionate, loving Supreme Creator of this earth and the people that have lived on it would ever subject his creations to this madness over and over and over again
      It's BULLSHIT

    3. I say we file some papers to go have a look see who is actually in these graves especially the one under the eternal flame
      The flame like the Olympions
      Funny the guy in this book refers to the folks sitting on top of the world in Antarctica/Greenland ZION on Mount Olympus, hence the olympics and the passing of the torch are the Romans
      I don't have all the answers nor do I claim to but there is stuff in this book that cannot be denied
      China Lake earthquake just happens to have happened on a military base? Hmm
      Read this article about hurricane Sandy
      Weather making ships, oil platforms, nasa installations
      One of these videos he explains in detail how populations have been moved out of the coastal areas on purpose and by force while they set it all up on the back end to buy their homes in reverse mortgages and other such stuff
      Same thing they are doing today, people who live on coast lines are being denied insurance therefore they will be not permitted to live in their homes nor sell them either - guess what they own the insurance companies too
      This is sick sick sick period and anyone who knows about this and goes along with it is psychotic period - acting or no acting -blackmail or not

  23. @ Paul Stramer,
    I understand when you delete my comment about time travel.
    It was also my reaction when I heard this the first time.
    Please, take the time for this 11 minutes and think again.
    By the way, it underpins Annas statement that time does not exist.

    If you decide that this is nonsense and you delete my comment,
    it is ok.

  24. ATTENTION ALL PEOPLE AN ANNA.This link to nassim haramien resonance science foundation.
    his published papers.
    The Unified Spacememory Network: from cosmogenesis to consciousness.Scroll to find this paper/he shows that our memories we think of are stored in the vacume (either)not in our brains.BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE NO MEMORIES YOU WOULD NOT HAVE A CONCEPT OF TIME.OUR MEMORIES ARE STORED IN THE FORM OF A SCALER WAVE THAT LAST FOR EVER.THIS ALSO PROVES THAT THERE ARE NO (SECRETS) BUT TO SOME ONE OR SOMETHING THAT HAS THE TOOLS TO READ THEM (OUR LORD THE ALIEN).ALSO MIND CONTROL WORKS WITH SCALER WAVES FROM THE OUT SIDE OF YOUR HEAD.EEG MACHINE.Also heres a link to a video that show the old calanders were used to keep track of interest on loans in the old days.not to keep track of the days.

  25. A most beautifully delivered comment about time, by the worlds greatest "cross over soprano" Sissel Kyrkjebo, singing an old sweedish folk song:

    There is stillness and silence, as the ground is coloured white
    From the safe, old church the song is flowing out
    I have paused at the road to rest for a while
    And was caught by the borderland that unites night and day

    And a ray of light behind the arched window frame
    Has united those spirits that are here in time with us
    And I know that those who have left us have understood that we are
    Like flickering flames as long as we are here

    And there among twinkling stars that fade one by one
    Life comes really close, like a glimpse of truth
    We are prisoners in time, like a palmprint
    On a frosty old window given mercy by the passing of time

    For a second I am eternal and then I know nothing more
    Only this, that I live as fully as any other
    I am here and in the middle of a frozen road there is still warmt
    Even as the snow starts falling and the sky turns grey

    There is stillness and silence as the hymn fades out
    But I carry the old words in my heart just as before
    And I sing to the heavens, maybe someone else listens
    "Hosianna in the highest," then I start to walk

    And I go to the others, I want to feel Cristmas peace
    I want to believe that He was born and exists with us in time
    It is Christmas and there is a child in me that wants to think that it happened,
    And that lights a candle every Advent Sunday

  26. Kurts full explanation
    The birth certificate is not yours
    The first 18 minutes says it all
    No contract

  27. Agree. Its all a fabrication. Am not getting why its such a shock, tho, so am thinking am missing something.
    Also Federal= Fee due El.
    And Mauro Bigilino on interpretation of books not allowed to be published by Vatiscam. Some vids have English voice-over or closed captioned.
    Yes! This is a spiritual war.

    1. Fomenko's mathematically & astrologically corrected timeline exposing rat-fink jew Scaliger, whose fraudulent timeline we follow today & he added 1000 yrs to this timeline. Fomenko indicates rat-fink jew Scaliger wrote himself into the past as jew Flavius Josephus! Most all characters & events are fictional exaggerations of people, events divided & rubber-stamped on a false timeline. He too is Italian & some vids are English voice-over or closed captioned.
      Here's a closed-captioned Fomenko vid on his process, quite fascinating:
      New Chronology By Fomenko 52:11

  28. Wow! Great research. Thank you for all you do and for sharing the truth.

  29. onajourney shares ----

  30. Wow, you guys sure know how to waste your lives digging and delving into stuff that really does not matter one hoot. You ever stop to think....what makes the difference what Time is or isnt? Thinking people already know that the clocks and calendars work just fine, they help us to know when to come home for dinner and to be ON Time.
    So what difference would it make even if it was a ''delusion''? We all know what Time is and we all get along very well with it.
    Even Jesus and God talked about Time, constantly. It was He who said ''in the last days...........people will be all messed up'. Well he didnt say it like that, but it is Written everywhere thruout scripture, lol.

    Time examples God gave us: Moses took the people to the Promised Land and it took 40 years. Noah took 120 years to build the Ark. Methuselah lived about 900 years. He spoke of evening and morning. Hmmm. He spoke of various days of the week.
    So Anna, Im afraid you are out of step and have been ''sent a strong delusion'.........and now you are trying to get everybody else on board with your 'there aint no such thang as Time'.
    Well, we are not ALL that gullible.

  31. What do you care if people are wasting their time?
    How does that affect you?
    What business of yours is it?

    I don't recall anywhere where Jesus insulted the people who were trying to find the truth.
    You throw his name around as your presumed authority and yet you do not act like him at all.
    I've been watching this blog for over a year and in nearly every single one of your comments you follow the same pattern:
    1. You insult everyone else.
    2. You insult someone by name.
    3. You establish your imagined authority by using the name of Jesus.
    4. You slip into Sunday School teacher mode and quote a smattering of scriptures that "we" all "know" or that "we" have been "shown", usually out of context to the topic being discussed.
    For these reasons, it seems, no one cares what you say or think. Nobody is taking the scriptures to heart that you write.
    As a matter of fact, you may have catapulted yourself into the category of being the type of Christian that that king was referring to when he said something like "but for Christians, I would become one."

    You don't need to waste YOUR time writing a quippy, snippy comment full of "lol"s back because *I* won't be wasting *my* time reading it if you do.

    You make some excellent, necessary points occasionally (not often), so your input *could* actually be of value but, for me, i see your name and had begun to just skip your comments before Paul blocked you from commenting on his blog.
    From all of the past comments and all of the fighting and arguing and insulting you've done to some very nice, helpful people in the past, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you to start actually acting like a Christian or at least stop quoting scripture and setting "jesus" up as your imaginary authority to impose your imagined superiority on the rest of us-- Nobody seems to be buyin' it. And it was nice to be able to read ALL the comments on the blog. Jmo.

    1. Well Goodboots, I dont know what your problem is, but its obvious you do not know what 'Time' this world is in, that you find so many complaints about my very informative comments.
      So I will clarify for you: I am saying that people are wasting their time and wringing their hands with their thinking that ''they'' are gonna do all these things and 'fix this world'......which they all fail to realize it is beyond fixing. The overall montra here is like ''gee the world has cancer, now how about we all get our heads together and try to come up with a cure AFTER discovering this is stage-5 Cancer''.
      I just happen to have spent a lot of forethought of the entire scenario and have come to see y'all going about fixing what you have failed to realize is the ROOT of the problem. And whether you like it or not, the root of all that has made this world 'terminally ill'' is..........SIN.
      And whether y'all like it or not, you cannot fix sin by doing paperwork or coming up with all these wild outlandish ''fixers''.

      Now that is some of the best info you will ever find in all of Netland, but if you choose to ignore it, thats your loss. And if you choose to continue thinking you can fix spiritual problems by using carnal minds and carnal means......then have at it.

      And P.S. The bible quotes I give are not my quotes. They are a relaying of God's own Words. So if they bother you, then you need to go whine and complain and throw a fit, to Him. Let us know how that works for you.

    2. Dont believe it? Well here's the scriptural proof:
      2 Chron. 7:14 IF my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, AND TURN from their Wicked Ways, THEN (you) would hear from heaven and (then He) would forgive their Sins and (then He would) heal their Land.

    3. I started to respect you and read your full comment hoping that someone, me, actually *telling* you in plain language what an embarrassment you are to yourself might wake you up to the fact that you are being rejected by people because no one cares what you think because people don't respect the opinion of someone who obviously can't process information and concepts other people present to them for their consideration, but revert instead, for their own need, to turning opportunities to share information with others into an opportunity to tell the other sharers that they have a problem, are wrong, or to infer that other people's conclusions, ideas, discoveries etc are inferior to the *corrector's*... In this instances, yours....

      ....Since I imagine that the paragraph I wrote above is too complicated for you to understand, i'll put it in other, simpler, words: you are a boor. A yawn. An eye roll.

      I would probably not have even written the first comment above but you seem to be grasping so hard onto making quoting Jesus your claim to authority and superiority. He never treated people the way you do. Except the Pharisees. So, _
      "why, oh, why would someone", I ask myself, "drag Jesus into being backup for their snotty, snide, conceptually-pointless comments...?".
      My conclusion is, rightly or wrongly, that YOU need to be on this blog assaulting people because nobody in your actual life or family will listen to your senseless prattle; that they all try to get away from you, that they have things against you...So, you hop on here (now it seems maybe you're slipping on here later at night so your comments are up overnight when Paul isn't watching??) and spew your insults and imaginary superiority on people, using Jesus as your authority of course, because even you seem to realize that your comments are often so inane that they carry no authority of their own, based on their own merit, so you have to attach jesus to your comments to try to give them any credibility!!!

      After a year or two of reading your incessantly repeated comments that nearly always starting with an insult about people using this blog, and because you very, very rarely actually add any viable, usable, credible information to the topic being discussed, it *seems* then that you are only still creeping on this blog because you need to abuse people, psychologically or emotionally. To make yourself feel better. Just my opinion; I consider your comment to me, to be abusive: telling me to go whine and cry to God???? Exactly which god are you suggesting i approach that way? Yours? The God in the bible didn't tell anyone to approach him that way... So now what? you move from using him to give credibility to your mocking people into blaspheming his nature and character and his intent for us....? That sounds to me like the type of comment abusers make.
      You seem phony to me, especially your use of Jesus and the bible and religion to support your mocking and blasphemous-type comments; in my opinion you are perhaps continuing to misuse this blog??

  32. EXTREMELY well said, Goodboots!

    This is SO MUCH better than any of the posts I've composed in my mind so many times after stumbling onto another spreading-crap-all-over-the-place-I'm-so-much-better-and-holier-than-everyone post by Abby.

    I wish Abby would go away and find peace and happiness.

  33. I join you in all three of your wishes for Abby, genevieve.

  34. while i disagree with abby on "bible" topics, he or she just understands people are wicked by default. i find that very refreshing.

    re: shelby IMO the "key" to Social Security is that "social" is their slang for "unite everyone, everything public, nothing private [*], merge all nations/religions/society into one, psuedo democracy"

    in actuality, "private" people behind the scnes up top, justifying their looting as "serving the public". in actuality, they hate "democracy" as much a "republic". vast majority of corporate structures hierarchy/titles (just like feudalism/nobility)

    see "perestroika deception" "new lies for old" edward jay epstein "deception" "red symphony"

    "to eliminate the opiate" re: how orthodox jews did not want to "integrate" and rightfully saw the illuminist/"communist" plan of levelling as an attack on their religion (along the lines, if the "jews" leave their schools, however persecuted they might be, and "integrate" into public schools "society" etc., who will teach the "jewish" "religion" ?

    whether people "agree" with that rabbi or not, that marx/etc. were "anti-jews", or whatever one's thoughts on various "jewish" religions, point being the illuminist definition of "society" is to overturn all society. "communism" and "socialism" are just manifestations/other names for illuminism.

    "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism" also interesting.

    the only "key" people need is to read "red symphony" over and over to see how these people think. always a hidden meaning, and another explanation for the public.

    see also william bill cooper mystery babylon 40 or so 1-hour broadcasts, has it.

    when you understand hegelian dialectic "synthesis of opposites" then "social security" and many other things make perfect sense. they want to "integrate" everyone as a "human resource" etc. merger of all society into one, the world over.

    social security is global. the "u.s." i dont believe was even the first to sign on.

    it's all about image/perception. their "philosophy" everything is relative, anything can be merged at any time if it serves their cause. very 1984-ish.

    hence, you will never find any one "key" IMO. but "philosophy" is useful to see their "codewords" as they shift. almost always the goal is direct opposite of what is sold to public.

    e.g. public/private partnerships. destroys them both, by merging them together. more merging of all society into one. a lot like "federal citizens only fake states".

    once that "merging" has taken place sufficiently in their opinion, then they don't want any further mergers or "conflict". like welding. they heat up, forge into place, then hold solid.

    at that point, they switch to "absolute" philosophy re: that parrticular point, and any disruption/dissent against the "merger" is now a mortal sin.

    same thing as "brainwashing". conflict, throw people off guard with a war/crisis/trauma/what have you, then sweoop in with a solution. after that, they don't want any more war/crisis/trauma that would disrupt their new "changes" and "merger".

    in that sense, people are wrong to say they thrive on "order out of chaos". only to a point. only temporarily, tactically (in words of "red symphony").

    theres no "code" they're just psychopaths. any "code" or no code at any time to serve their needs.

    they define "society" or any other word to mean whatever they say it means at any given time. all other definitions are disallowed.

    1. re: more definitions of "social" see also king camp gilette plans for single giant corporation owning everything (this was thought more "Efficient"), see also "looking backwards" book edward bellamy, project gutenberg has free copy. mentioned by stanley monteith "brotherhood of darkness" video and book ( and youtube should have them, unsure if book is still for sale, author is deceased, no idea who gets "royalties")

      this was not uncommon that "socialists" circa 1900 envisioned one giant corporation would eventually own anything anyways, it was "inevitable" the "capitalists" are just that, better to speed up the process intentionally, at least e.g. get on board of directors or run for office so you can be in controlling positions. if you can't beat them join them i suppose.

      point being, this was more "social" "merging of all society into one". same reason they put everything under UCC for "uniformity".

      all of that is more brainwashing of course. one system for all, if we accept that might be a good thing, the real question is whose system/philosophy gets to be the all-powerful omnipresent one? "uniformity" of a broken/bad ideas does noone any good.

      that is one giant flaw, even if we allow "socialism" not being inherently diabolical/false presumptions. the idea that all "mergers" are somehow good. that any group can be "assimilated" and the whole will turn out better for it (rather than drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator of the worst "group" since we must all "tolerate" them to be "social")

      thomas watson of ibm called employees "family" (this is still done by various business people as sales tactic). world peace for world trade. he sat on carnege endowment board. this was used to justify trading with hitler.

      see also re: "synthesis":

      see also g. edward griffin transcript of interview with norman dodd. more "synthesis"

    2. CORRECTION: world trade for world peace. see "ibm and the holocaust". again, private "capitalists" helping along "national socialism" in secret, even during "war". supposedly "enemies" but monopoly capitalism is best friends with "social" programs. because you get a government-enforced and guaranteed monopoly "captive market" see also antony sutton.

      but you sell it to the public as "social". it has been said "communism" is the most bloody, violent, inefficient means from capitalism to capitalism (the idea being it eventually "fails" wasted effort)

      again, one message for public. really, "socialism" is just "supercapitalism" "extra greedy capitalists on top". two sides of the same rigged usury creditism. again, see "red symphony" and also "the struggle for world power" . should be like $5 used. see also eustace mullins "the curse of canaan" IIRC, re: if usury capitalism is allowed to proceed on its way, "socialism" is inevitable. again, see "red symphony"

      anti-social inflation, used to justify more "spending"/inflation. "socialism" accomplished gradually via intentionally-crooked "finances".

      all that is to say, anti-social usury "capitalism" (really creditism) used to push along "socialism".

      again, see "red symphony".

      "left wing communism, an infantile disorder" as mentioned in "new lies for old" also very applicable.

      "new lies for old" "perestroika deception" are very important "keys". also re: fake "conservative" movements.

      fake "debates" amongst phony "parties" that are all "party-controlled" in reality. all very applicable to modern world, whether people agree with premise of "staged collapse" or not.

      i personally side with "staged collapse" because once you know all the "western" financing from 1917 "soviet russia" through vietnam,etc. it is hard to not wonder "why pull the plug now? why not just swoop in with foreign financing like the previous 7 decades?"

      again, see also antony sutton.


      compare "the lady of all nations" to
      more "synthesis" (hijacking of original message, to serve 2nd coming rosicrucianism). "co-opt" "infiltrate" what have you.

      again, see "left wing communism: an infantile disorder".

      eliphas levi (alias) perhaps also a good study of what "social" means. witchcraft. how to re-engineer society.

      remold nearer to our hearts desire (g edward griffin quoting fabian stained glass window quoting omar khayyim). more "synthesis" and "forging".

    3. shelby: see also alchemy. getty alchemy collection has 52 english books . compare to "68th convocation of the rosy cross order, fundamental laws, 1918" has 2 copies. see also "secret doctrine of the rosicrucians"

      they very much have a "scientific socialism" philosophy. "scientific soul-building".

      they flat out claimed they invented "illuminism"

      (paraphrase from the process of training upstanding luciferians (that is, people who pose as pillars of society, dont drink, dont smoke, are always polite, but pushing illuminist philosophy on to the masses, "role models" sold to the public as people to emulate)

      again, more "merging". "left wing communism, an infantile disorder"

      "mastery learning" is a code word. see "total quality management" "total quality mormons"

      like "mastery learning" when too many people catch on, they change their "codes". ever-shifting code words.

      eustace mullins also noted this. see "an afternoon with eustace mullins" interview with jeff rense.

      when too many people catch on, they set up something else/change the "keys". they just reform under a new name, and continue doing the same thing everyone was upset about.

      it is all about image/perception to them. they dont stop what they are doing, they just put on a new mask/disguise and commit the same crimes.

  35. goodboots...I do believe what your saying that we are co-creators and living beneficiaries of all that is created by our father and mother in heaven above!Anything else can usually play into the thieves hands as we are just here temporarily passing through time and space on our journey back to the source! As the Indians proclaimed, we do not own the land, we are the beneficiaries and users of what has been provided to us for our existence.

  36. Hi Steve, thanks for your comment and sharing your perspective with me/all reading it.
    It is my present understanding that we all have/own/manage/steward/hold beneficial entitlement to the use of, enjoyment of and benefit from a more or less equal share or portion of the whole.

    Example: the fresh water in the place where you live, "belongs" to the people, animals, plants that are there... Meaning no corp or NGO can come in and claim private use of it, or enclose it, or siphon it off into tankers and ship it somewhere else. (Like they are trying to do in my area.)
    It seems to be a big problem. Apparently it is the new "black gold".

    Do you think that is, spiritually,an accurate account of our responsibilities concerning our gifts? Do you know what the first nations' people believed about stewarding the natural gifts? Did they withhold from some and allow others to take more?


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