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Friday, July 19, 2019

Something happened at Mint Builder in my downline you need to know about.

Who is Paul Stramer
By Paul Stramer

We started in Mint Builder in November of 2017.

I personally introduced 567 people who joined Mint Builder since then. If you are one of the people who are in Mint Builder in my downline this could benefit you greatly if you are in the right placement.

Here is what happened.  A while back someone in the upper levels of Mint Builder stopped doing the business and left their downline orphaned. In other words, for whatever reason, the guys at the top had to place that downline somewhere in the company under someone else, I think partly to help guide them, or maybe it was just a structural decision that had many reasons behind it.

The good news is that the whole dowline of well over 1000 members was placed on my right leg, which now gives me 365  members on my left side, and 1618 members on my right side for a total of 2007 members as of this morning, July 19th, 2019.

The placement of this downline was down the right leg quite a bit, so if you were in Mint Builder before 2019 some of these people might show up in your downline as well.

I just don't want any of you to leave money laying on the table, and depending on what you do here, that might be the case.

To find out if this move has benefited you or has the potential to do so, you need to log in to your dashboard and look under "My Team" and click on your "My Binary (Tree #1).  If you see a very lopsided count under your Organization that is heavy to the right side then you need to call me and we will figure out how you can get the benefit of that.

Here is the link to the login page.

You will need your member ID number. If you don't have that, email me at and I will look it up for you.  You will also need your password. If you don't know it, you can get it by clicking on Forgot Password under the login button.

I have been very pleased with Mint Builder, and now with their partner company Quick Silver. This same thing has happened in Quick Silver because when they started it up the whole downline was transferred from Mint Builder to Quick Silver in the back office to give Mint Builder members the first opportunity to join or activate a Quick Silver membership. Many did and so if you did activate your Quick Silver membership you should also check in that back office and look for the same lopsided downline.

Here is the Quick Silver login page.

You will notice that both companies use the same software and it works similarly. Use the same logon and password as you did for Mint Builder.

If you have any questions get me on the phone at 406 889 3183 and I will walk you through it.

Best time to catch me is mornings after 8 AM weekdays, and up till 2 PM. Then I am out until about 4 PM and back in the office until about 8PM.  We are in the Mountain time zone.l

Like every business we have to pay attention to make money. That especially applies to an online business. What this has done for us, if you understand their compensation plan, is that it has built half of our business on our right side so far ahead that we may never catch up with them. They have done well over half of the work for us. All we have to do is build the other side and get paid.

When you look at the figures on your dashboard you will see what I mean.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183

If you are not in either of these Silver and Gold opportunities yet here are my links. Go take a look.

Mint Builder

Quick Silver


Paul Stramer    ID: 296110